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Toshiko groggily woke up as she always did. 5 am on the dot. It was a schedule her body had gotten used to during her earlier life, before the wound throbbing on her waist had made the action not only unnecessary, but also immensely annoying.

She blinked, her eyes still feeling a little off from yesterday's test. Honestly, she was just happy the ringing in her ears was gone.

She hummed softly, smiling as she turned over, looking at the other body sharing the bed with her: Inko Midoriya.

In the back of her mind, she decided it was worth waking up at the crack of dawn just to see the smaller woman breathing softly, sleeping soundly next to her. It made her heart feel full, something she had lacked for so many years now.

Toshiko hummed softly, drinking in the sight of the pre-dawn light casting shadows over their forms with a smile of contentment. The hours of just laying there and watching it all felt like they were giving her years back.

Something in her peripheral got her attention, eyes hazily registering that her phone was blinking with the notification light. She had just checked everything, or rather, marked all the spam mail from UA about the latest update on the food menu, last night.

Her curiosity mounted as she unlocked the device, clicking through to get to the source of the popup, her personal email.

Her heart thumped a bit louder for a moment, part of her hoping… but her hopes were dashed when she saw that it wasn't from Nighteye.

Toshiko looked at the sender, not recognizing the email that had sent it. She was about to delete it as spam before she took note of the domain that the email belonged to I-Academy?

"As in I-Island academy?" she mumbled out softly, before clicking to open the email, eyes already glued to the topic line even before her brain could start to process it.

Her shock from the content of the email was only rivaled by how they had butchered the senders' name in the email address.

Why the hell did they shorten Melissa's name to 'mshie'?

Mei huffed and slowly stirred awake. Nothing really compared to waking up in Izuku's bed...

But waking up in Momo's was a close second.

The pinkette hummed gently, eyes barely focusing on the sleeping form of the black-haired woman. She had learned — or rather heard in the chatter during her support classes — that sharing a man with multiple people was unusual, even if it was getting more and more common with…

There was no other way she could think of it other than 'shortage'.

But that's when she had tuned out the rest of her class entirely. She had decided, months ago, that she was ok with sharing Izuku, especially with people like Momo.

Mei's feelings towards her were infinitesimal compared to what she felt for Izuku, but as she idly studied Momo's features while the taller woman slept, she knew she felt more than mere camaraderie.

Mei leaned in slowly, keeping her movements minimal to not to wake up her 'co-lover' and left a gentle kiss on the taller woman's cheek. She had to suppress her urge to giggle when the calm and relaxed expression on Momo's face twitched and turned into a soft smile, snuggling into her pillows a little deeper.

Yeah, it was official. She shared Izuku's taste in women. That probably meant he also had a thing for that punk-ish girl that was in his class. Her mouth twitched into a manic smile slowly. Now, her quirk was gonna require even more babies than the rest.

Not to mention the invisible girl… she blinked, slowly slipping out of Momo's gigantic bed. Just how many people can we have in this thing again?

She shrugged to herself, grabbing her phone from the bedside and checking the time. The entirety of Class 1-A could probably slide into the relationship and she'd still be comfortable, if she was being honest with herself.

Or so she thought anyway, it wasn't like she could foresee the future. The pro hero Momo had interned with though, she could. Maybe Mei could exchange some support gear for a quick peek at Izuku's life after this…

She shrugged again, slipping out of Momo's room and walking the five steps to Izuku's. She got how the first time was special, and allowed herself to be 'deal-ed' into sleeping in Momo's bed together. But she really wanted to see if Izuku was alright after the finals, if any of what the invisible girl had said about their final was accurate.

Plus, she would get to ask him if the combat hologram was useful.

So Mei slowly opened the door to his room with practiced fluidity, smiling to herself when she saw the slumbering form of her favorite person in the world. She tip-toed her way to Izuku's side, hoping that if Miruko was there, she wasn't a light sleeper.

Her hopes were dashed when Miruko suddenly shot up to a sitting position, tired eyes glaring at her while her ears were trembling, pointed right at her. The motion didn't even wake Izuku, the inventor and the number five top hero looking at each other.

Mei looked slightly down, noting that Rumi was wearing one of Izuku's shirts that was around five times too big for her. The pro seemed to take note of that in the same moment, pulling at the hem of the shirt to read what was on it, then back at Mei.

Rumi's tired, and probably recovering, mind seemed to fully boot up as recognition filled her crimson eyes. "So, you were dating him too?"

Mei's chest puffed up with pride, her own stolen shirt fluttering a bit at the motion. Some mischief filtered into her smile too. This was just the perfect time to pressure her about her promise all the way back during the sports festival. "So you do remember me. What happened to that support gear invitation?"

Rumi's cheeks flushed instantly, probably remembering something lovey-dovey, if her experience with all the other girls were any indication. "I- I had my mind full…"

Mei didn't respond, staring down the Pro with crossed arms.

Izuku readjusted in his sleep, rolling over as one of his hands grabbed at Rumi's waist, earning a soft 'eep' from the pro that Mei didn't miss.

Rumi looked like she wanted to snuggle back to the warm contact, but was keeping herself back due to the guest in the room. Mei feigned ignorance while her boyfriend's power over the rabbit hero had gone straight to her ego.

"...is the offer still on the table?" Rumi finally asked, unable to handle not flopping against the man any moment longer.

Mei's manic smile grew wider as she pulled up a pdf on her phone. "Sign this, and I'll start working on it immediately~"

She was surprised by how fast the pro could sign.

Finally, Rumi let herself listen to her instincts and flop down beside the man, letting his strong and thick arms pull her into a hug she could get addicted to.

She was curious when they had even gotten to his dorm room, only worrying about if they'd had another round that her mind couldn't recall. If it was anything close to what they had the first time around, she would physically pull her brains out and kick it to orbit.

Or, her mind offered, you could get another round for a refresher. Her ears twitched at the prospect. It was very tempting.

Besides, knowing the curriculum of UA, they had the weekend completely off after this, sans a small meeting about the summer camp on Sunday. They could spend the better half of those two days messing around. Hell, her body would've preferred that, but she knew he had other things—and people—he probably would need to tend to. Honestly, she was in the same boat when it came to things she should probably look into.

But that was all the more reason to snuggle and cherish the moment they were sharing.

God, he really did make her feel like a teenager in love.

And she loved every second of it.

She managed to push and prod her arm under his frame, wrapping both around him and squishing her entire body against his with a happy mewl.

Izuku grunted in return, hugging her deeper in his sleep, one eye slowly cracking open and taking in the room behind her. At this point, they were hugging too tightly for him to even see her from his position.

"Mornin'~" she cooed against his neck, her senses and instincts savoring the masculine scent that was leftover from the previous day's 'activities'.

Izuku responded to that by flipping to the other side with her in his arms, chuckling softly.

Rumi was glad to know she could feel pure happiness without pushing her body to the limits in that instance, giggling in his arms in response, pushing back and straddling his chest. "Are you really that happy?"

"You have no idea," Izuku finally growled, his voice sounding deeper than it had any right to this early in the morning. "What about you?"

Her ears flopped down, her eyes focused onto one corner away from his face, and her cheeks burned. "Maybe a little."

She hated how shy he got her, even after the sheer intimacy they were sharing and the primal behavior they had done together last night.

His hand cupping her cheek brought her back to reality, Miruko leaning into the contact heavily, almost resting her head against his hand.

"You don't regret it, do you?"

She laughed, nuzzling his hand a little bit more. "I'm gonna kick your ass if you ever say that again."

His smile turned a bit predatory, eyes full of that hunger for battle she too felt in her soul. Rumi licked her lips at the sight. "I wouldn't mind going for another round."

Her fighting spirit flared, and her thighs twitched, her foot trying to tap on something with excitement. Then her brain caught another implication Izuku could probably be going for.

Hell, what she hoped he was going for, at this point.

She moved her head slightly, capturing his thumb in her mouth, hoping he would get the implication and she wouldn't have to beg for it out loud.

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As if a system was rebooting, Miruko snapped awake next to him, shooting up to a sitting position urgently before she hissed, clenching her lower stomach. "-god I feel like I got a week's worth of ab-work out."

Izuku laughed, rolling to a seated position next to her, gently running a hand up and down her back at that. "I mean, it's basically what we did, isn't it?"

His heart soared when she flopped against his frame, ears twitching as she looked up to him with love in her eyes. "Mhmn. Aches just right like it, too."

Then she stiffened and started blushing as if figuring something out just a minute too late.

Nana groaned, piping up from the depths of his brain again, ghosting a hand over the back of his head. "A̩r͔e̞ ̫yͅoͅu ̗go͍nnḁ ͓d͈o̝ ͔thͅe ̭wh͈ol̘e̹ ̬son͇g ̼a̱n̠d̘ da̗nc̠e̩ ab͔ou̧t thẹ ͓c͓on͢tr̖o͚ll͍e̼d s͔terility͇ t̟hi͟n̺g?"

"Shit, I need so much birth control," the rabbit hero mumbled to her horror, placing her hand over the slight bump on her stomach, where her womb would be.

Looks like it. "You don't need to worry about that," he hummed, nuzzling against her softly. "Quirk lets me be- you know…"

"Sterile?" she offered, relaxing again. "Should've guessed with how freely- you know~"

"When you asked like that, how could I not?" he offered, even as his cheeks grew warmer.

The effect seemed to be mutual as Rumi's ears flopped, the pro hiding her face against his shoulder. "Shut up before you make me want more- I doubt my legs could take it."

"Fair," he hummed out, smiling lightly. "Can't feel my hip anyway." That got her to chuckle softly.

"Now what?"

"I guess brunch?" he offered, turning around to look at his clock. "Unless you need to go- or wanna hide this " he suggested, gesturing to her leaning on him.

She giggled lightly, crawling onto his lap and nuzzling his chin with her head. "Nope. Feeling too cuddly now, and not about to hide it."

Izuku didn't think he would ever learn something about Miruko as adorable as her being a cuddle-bug after some rounds of intimacy. But he never thought he would ever be in the position to learn that in the first place. So he just wrapped his arms around her and gave her a soft and assuring squeeze. The happy hum he got in response was all he needed to hear to know he was doing it right. Even with Nana trying to back-seat drive him.

"So how's this going to work?" he asked after a moment, starting to regret the eventuality that he would need to let go of her soon.

"We'll figure something out, I'm sure," she hummed, no doubt in her voice. "Like what you did with your other girlfr-" she chortled softly. "God, that sounds weird to say. You got other names for that?"

"Haven't really thought about it, if I'm being honest. It just kinda happened, y'know?" he offered with a shrug. "You should meet them sometime, though."

"That's gonna be awkwar-" she flinched again. "God, your mom- it's gonna be so weird to see her again."

"Again?" he questioned before his door burst open, All Might striding through the doorway, pushing her way past Mecha-Might.

"Young Midoriya, I've been trying to reach you, why didn't you pick up your phooo-" her train of thought fizzled as she took in the room, brain stuck in a loop as she stretched out the word while trying to process what was going on.

Miruko looked up to Japan's top hero, and All Might looked down to her green-haired successor and the fellow pro-hero cuddling in his bed.


A beat passed, and the door slammed shut, leaving the two alone in the room again as a very muffled apology echoed from the other side.

Rumi made a choking sound as Izuku's palm met his forehead.

"...this is gonna be a long day."