FAGE 11: Are You In…?

Title: Perfect for Me

Written for: OnlyInValhalla

Written By: mama4dukes

Rating: M

Genre: NC (non canon); AH (all human); Romance; AU (alternate universe); OOC (out of character)

Please note: I've fiddled with the ages a bit in this story. Some characters are older than in the original series while others are younger.

Thank you to Aunt Bell (FFn = Bell 1) for her excellent beta skills, FallingStars for the banging job on the banner & the GIF-wars, and Sparkling Fae for allowing me to tap her fountain of information on Texas.

Prompt used: A combination of three of the prompts given (no motorcycle), plus a shot of 'When It Rains, It Pours' by Luke Combs. Listen to the song first before reading.

Summary: After his socialite fiancée dumps him, Jasper Whitlock realizes just how superficial his love life had been. When he meets the intelligent and quirky Bella Swan, she just might be the making of him. Is she the one who is perfect for him? NC/AU/OOC/AH

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Perfect For Me



Sunday morning… erm, Sunday afternoon…

Jasper's eyes popped open as a sharp, keening noise woke him from a deep slumber. He began to rise and discover the cause, but quickly decided to remain horizontal when the bed, no, the room, started spinning. He tried to block out the annoying sound by placing a pillow on his head, but it was rudely whipped away from him.

"Do you realize how embarrassed I was? My parents and I stood in front of the church waiting for you, my fiancé, to arrive, but you didn't even have the decency to show up! We were humiliated in front of the entire congregation!

"My mother says she can't show her face in the neighborhood again. And I come to your house to find you and your no-good friends crashed out all over the house sleeping off a hangover! How dare you?"

Jasper started opening his mouth to reply to her, but instead, he emitted a long, deep belch — most likely from all the beer he consumed the previous night. He looked up to see his fiancé's appalled face, which twisted and contorted as she opened her mouth again.

"You know what? I am done! I am so done with you! I don't have time for your frat boy antics anymore! Grow the hell up, Jasper!" She grabbed a bag from the closet and filled it with the few items she kept at his house. Taking her engagement ring off, she threw it at his forehead before leaving. Soon the slamming of the front door with a resounding thud that rang through the house.

In response, Jasper simply rolled over and closed his eyes again so he could sleep off his hangover.

Later in the afternoon…

A few hours later, Jasper finally managed to crawl out of bed to survey the damage caused by last night's raucous party. Well, hell, at least he was the first one awake. Everyone was still sleeping off the party within various parts of his house.

He walked into the bathroom to take a piss. After flushing the toilet, he turned the shower on to heat up the water and heard a yelp. "Hey! I'm trying to sleep."

"In my bathtub?" he asked. "Who the hell are you, anyway?"

"I'm Jake. My sister is Paul's wife. I just got here from Washington."

"Oh, yeah, have a nice sleep."

"Nah, I'm already up. I might as well take a shower." When Jasper stood rooted to the spot looking confused, Jake added, "Do you mind?"

Jasper scratched his head and shut the door behind him. Just whose house was this anyway? He made his way into the living room. It was a disaster. There were empty bottles and cans strewn all over the place, chip bags and half-eaten food everywhere, and his buddies were sleeping on every available space in the house. As he was heading poolside, he tripped and fell over a piece of furniture… scratch that… he tripped and fell over Sam.

"Mornin'," Sam greeted, mumbling sleepily.

"Holy shit," Jasper groaned as he surveyed the pool area. It was just as disastrous as his living room. "Is that my grill in the pool?"

"Dude, what the hell is Emmett doing on the roof sitting on your recliner?"

"Damn! How did he get it up there?"

"I'd put my money on Paul. Where is he, anyway?"

"He's knocked out on the sofa, and Pete is sleeping on the dining table."

"No, kidding?" Sam let out a big yawn. "Well, we should start cleaning this crap up, don't you think?"

"Nah, Alice will do it later."

"Dude, Alice broke up with you this morning. She stormed into the house, screaming like a banshee, about how you missed church and all. She interrupted our rest." Paul informed him. Where the heck did he come from?

"I thought you were still sleeping?"

"Nah, Pete let loose with his beer farts. I wasn't about to stay in the house anymore."

"So, Alice really broke up with me?"

"She sure did. You're better off without the witch anyway."

"No, kidding? I thought we had something good going, you know? We've been together since senior year of college. Where the hell is her loyalty?"

"Jasper, there's only so much loyalty she can put up with. If I partied like this every weekend, Rachel would kill me."

"You do party like this every weekend, Paul."

"At your house. If I did this weekly at our house, she would divorce me in a hurry."

"So, it's okay to party like this at my house and not at yours? Is my relationship with Alice less important than yours with Rachel, or Sam's with Leah?"

"Hell, yes, it's less important! Rachel and Leah aren't snippy bitches. They can put up with a little partying, and they're secure enough to give us bro time when we need it. Same goes with Pete and Char. Alice, on the other hand, is a clingy bitch who wants to change you. Seriously, dude, she tries to change you to suit her needs. Plus, she hates all of us for some reason.

"I mean, Jasper, whenever she's around us, she huffs and puffs as if we mean nothing to you, and she acts as if she's too good for us. Trust me, Jasper, you're better off without her. She's a downer. And you don't need someone like that in your life."

"Besides, it seems to me as if you're not sweating the break up that much," Sam noted.

"I guess I just got used to having her around, but you guys are right, I'm probably better off without her and her battle axe mother. Dang it, you guys are going to have to help me clean this mess all up."

"Don't worry, bro, we've got your back." Paul sighed and gave his friend's shoulder a squeeze. "Come on, let's wake up the rest of the troop."

Jasper chuckled. Paul and Sam were good guys. They had been friends since their freshman year in college when they, along with Emmett, were assigned to the same dorm room. Those were great days, four bumbling freshmen in an overcrowded dorm room, trying to fit in at college and assert their independence for the first time.

Eventually, they met Peter, who was trying to start a Dungeons & Dragons club. The four roommates were the only ones who showed up — so the five of them became the club. Of course, by their senior year in college, the D & D club had evolved into brewing craft beer in the basement of their rented house. Three of them stuck it out for two more years to earn their master's degrees. Emmett and Paul took a year longer because they were working towards their professional degrees.

After graduation, rather than part ways, they decided to stick together and move to Houston together. Peter and Sam found jobs immediately as engineers at separate companies. Emmett was a chiropractor, Paul was a lawyer, and Jasper… well, Jasper was working for his daddy, who was a big time oil executive at a company owned by his grandfather in Houston. He paid well, but was bored out of his skull.

Seriously bored.

All Jasper did was sit in his office, crunch numbers all day long, show up at meetings, and bring Alice to business functions. Daddy approved of Alice Brandon because she would make a great society wife. She was the daughter of a wealthy businessman, who's society wife was from Houston, a southern belle, and – when Jasper really thought about it — a self-centered bitch.

Well, she broke up with him. And he wasn't taking her back. Things were going to change for the better. It's time he started living life for himself.