My name is Kudo Shinji, I am a 5 year old boy living in America. I have an identical twin sister called Kudo Akiran. We are very alike, not only on the outside but also in the inner side. Akiran wants to be a great detective just like me, we have the same blood type, the same taste, the same dream of wanting to become a detective. My mother-Ran Mouri is a successful mystery novel author, she is also a great journalist. She is the most beautiful women in the world (To me and Akiran). When Akiran and I was small, we knew we are the erratic child out of all kids.

We have no father.

We have never ever seen our father before, not even once. We were very curious about father, when we are small, we keep on asking mother questions of him. Mother never said anything about him, her happiness would suddenly turn into sadness for no reason. Once, she even cried in front of us because we asked too many questions about father. After that, we never have courage to asked mother any other questions of father again because we don't want to make mother sad. Mother often pretended to be very happy in front of us, I can always tell by her expressions. We are often very concerned about mother when she is sad, we will do anything to make her happy. So mother pretended to be happy because she doesn't want us to be worried. We often saw mother often cried secretly in her room by herself, late in the night. She was always, hugging a photo tightly when she cried. Akiran said the photo was the reason of making mother sad, she said it's best to find out what's on the photo. The next day up, we went to mother's room and searched for the mysterious photo.

It disappeared.

We look though everywhere and find no sign of the photo. We knew one thing for sure, mother does not want us to see the photo. If mother is desperately hiding the photo from us, we desperately want to see what's on the photo. From that day on, we have never stopped searching for the sign of the mysterious photo or anything relevant to do with it.

We had found nothing.

One day, my grandparents in Japan suddenly phoned us. We don't why they phoned us so suddenly because they never had. They never phoned us on special occasions, not even giving us a visit. In normal families, grandparents will at least give grandchild a visit even though they lived over seas. But not even once. We only knew the looks of our grandparents by looking at the photo of them in my mother's room. Mother and them talked about half an hour, mother had never asked us to talk with grandma and grandpa. Isn't it strange? In normal families, grandparents will at least talked with you even though they don't visit you and

See, this is why we are erratic.

When we finally can't control our curiosity anymore, we went back to another phone and turned its speaker on. Then suddenly, we heard grandma shouting voice, she was shouting at mother.

"Ran, you have to face the truth, we have to face the truth." Grandma said. "You are a single mother and it cannot be changed at least you.."

At that moment, our courage and curiosity all faded. We have no courage to continue, what scared us are not grandma's morbid laugh and her irony voice. What it really scared us was that we finally knew the truth, the brutal truth.

We are single Childs, our mother is still single. No wonder we have no father.

The phone continued and we could hear mother's wailing. She tried to keep the voice down but she failed. When mother cried, Akiran also cried. She hugged me tightly and keeps on repeating the words. "Why? Why this is happening to us?" Another hour past and Akiran soon fell asleep because she was tired, tired of crying. I hoped I could be her, sleeping and forgetting about the brutal truth that is now facing us. Mother came into my room after the phoning grandma, she smiled gently as usual. I knew she had pretended to be happy for not worrying us. Why? God. Why is this happening on my mother? My tender and beautiful mother. She does not deserve to be like this.

"Shiji, go to bed now. It's late." Mother smiled gently.

After seeing mother's tender smile, tears came down from my face. I cried into mother's warm shoulders and hugged her tightly. On the next day, mother told us that we are all going back to Japan, to visit my grandparents. She seemed to be happy but maybe it's another scene she pretended to be. My thoughts of being a single child changed after discovering a big secret even my grandparents doesn't know about. In one of mother's photo album she had on her disk, a half burned old sheet fall out. It's a marriage certificate! My mother is not single! An unknown happiness suddenly filled my whole body when discover the truth of my mother. Akiran was very happy after I told her this. We scanned carefully though the certificate, we could see mother's name but we couldn't find out fathers. His name is burned with the other half of the certificate, we only knew that his surname is Kudo. Duh, of cause we knew that because our surname is also Kudo. Akiran said we could maybe, found out who our father is and why mother and father are separated on this trip to Japan.

I can't wait to find my father on my trip to Japan.