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We are nearly there, outside the door of the forbidden room in the kudo Mansion. I wondered, what kind of secret does this room contain? Why is it forbidden? Our heart hangs like a cliff as I slowly approach the door handle that will open us to the forbidden room.

"Are you ready? Akiran?" I asked, Akiran is just as nervous as I am, her face is pale white.

"Ni-san, I am not sure we should do this………."Akiran want to back off, but I won't let her, how could we give up when we are so close to find out who our father is.

"No! I won't give up until I know who our real father is, Akiran, we are so close!" I hold her hand tightly, not letting her go; this is our only chance to find out!

"Alright, Ni-san, but you have to make a promise for me"

"What promise?" Akiran seems weird now, before she is all excited about visting the forbidden room, but now she seems, depressed………

"I want you to make a promise that no matter what you find out, you will never leave me and mother." Her face seems depressed but yet determined, I am bit worried now, what happened to Akiran? Did she find out something that I didn't know?

"Ni-san! Please!" Akiran bowed her head and begged me furiously, how can I reject my twin sister? I would never want to do anything that makes her sad.

"I promise you, Akiran that I would not leave you and mother." I cross my heart with my finger, to show her the sign of my faith to keep to my promises.

"Ok then, we can now go into the room." Akiran seemed relieved after I made my promises; she quickly pulled the handle that leads us to the room.

We were lead to a enormous room, filled with nothing but portraits. Portraits of a women, Our mother! I cannot believe what I am seeing, it is a room filled with portraits of our mother- Ran Mouri! Every portrait is our mother, with different expressions, doing different things. Her sadness, happiness, anger, depression are all captured into each canvas.

"This can't be it, it is our mother!"

"It could also be the twin's mother we just met as they looked so much like us." Akiran tries to explain, but I don't think this was the reason.

"Why would Kudo Shichini paint portraits of other married women?" I turned around to look at Akiran. "He could marry her if he really wants to because he is really wealthy!"

"But, it could be other women that look like our mother…" Akiran seem reluctant to accept the truth of the canvas

"It is not! Look at this." I pointed toward a flower on the canvas, this kind of flower appears almost in every painting, it is the "Ran" flower that made up of our mother's name.

"But, we never know, it might be a coincident." Akiran seems really weird today, she is rejecting the truth, and she never does this, what's wrong with her?

"You are right, we have to look for more evidence to find out" I said quickly, heading toward a door in the room that might lead us to another forbidden room.

I opened the door and yes, it does lead us to another forbidden room. It is a room with many photographs on the wall; the wall is so filled with photographs that we can't even see the colour of the wall. The subject of the photograph is the same as the painting-our mother.

"Look at this; I am certain she is our mother." I said to Akiran, pointing toward a photograph with our mother holding a certificate and on it, it shows her name-Ran Mouri.

"Shinji-Nisan……….." Akiran is wordless, she seems to quite accept the truth but in her eyes, I can see that she want me to reject the truth with her.

"Look at this!" I pointed toward a Multi-media system in the room, a sofa is placed in front of it. We sit on the sofa and played the tape that was in the VHS machine. What we see nearly shocked us. Our mother was running on the field and turning back toward the video, calling Kudo Shinichi.

"You cannot catch me!" she laughed, she seemed so happy.

"Yes I can!" It's Kudo Shinichi's voice, just as the voice we heard before.

The video gets closer and closer to mother and suddenly, Kudo Shinichi appears infront of the video screen. He looks…..exactly like me! Every feature of he's face seems like the copied version of my face! Wait, no, my face is the copied version of he's face…

They kissed in front of the video screen and laughed, they seemed very blissful. But what happened to them if he was really my father? Why did they separate when he still loves our mother?

So many question is troubling me, I felt my head is going to blow up any second from now. So I rushed out of the room, rushed out down stairs to the crowded party. Even though Akiran calls me to stop, but I can't stop. When I come down stairs, I saw Kudo shinichi standing beside my mother!

"Mother? ………….Father?"

To be continued

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Ran's name in Chinese is a kind of flower, and I didn't really know what name it is in English so I just used Ran's name.

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