Crazu trouble with love part 8
Alliance of Amazons and Izuku

Series: Boku no Hero Academia


Izuku was walking down the street, class had just finished and his mother had texted him to pick up some food from the market before coming home. He turned the corner with the list in hand before walking into the store. He walked towards the meat section as he began to look over items that were on sale. As he picked up a half off piece of steak he heard a loud thud coming from the ceiling. He looked up with confusion before shrugging. 'They must be doing some reconstruction.'

As he began to walk away with the steak he heard another thump. 'They must be really busy up there.'

He followed the list and put them in the basket while he kept hearing the thumps. 'They're pretty loud, I wonder what kind of construction they're doing?' He looked at the list and noted there was just the milk left and noted he had a coupon. 'Neat, I can get it half price, that will make mom happy.' He thought as he walked towards the milk aisle before a large fist came out of the ceiling right in front of him. "WAH!"

"Ah ha!" Came a female's voice as the fist moved back in with an eye peering through. "I made a way out girls!"

"Great, then let's get the fuck out o- augh, get this shit off of me!"

"None of you are leaving!" Came a male's voice before the sounds of screaming was heard with the eye moving away with Izuku himself blinking in shock.

"Hey, that sounded like Mt. Lady." He muttered just as an employee rushed over.

"Sir are you ok?"

"Y-Yeah, but it's Mt. Lady!" He got up quickly.

"What do you mean?"

"There! She's up there!" He pointed at the hole with the employee looking at it before smiling at him.

"I believe you're mistaken sir, you see we've been dealing with a bit of a racoon issue, not to worry though our boss is taking care of it."\

"The holes fifteen feet wide, that isn't a raccoon!"

"As you can see, it is quite the raccoon." Said the employee as he kept smiling, secretly pulling a taser out of his back pocket. "Are you done with your purchases? I could ring you up."

"No!" He spoke looking at the hole with concern. "I know it was Mt. Lady, and she sounds like she's in trouble!"

"Sir, I must assure you that's not the case." He said with a smile as he took a step closer. "May I please ring up your purchase?"

"No, I need to go get he-augh!" He cried as the employee quickly shoved the taser into his chest, shocking the young UA student. He fell down while dropping his basket and twitched as the employee shook his head.

"Oh dear, seems like someone's gotten hurt. Don't worry sir, you'll be ok." He smiled as Izuku groaned before pulling out a walkie talkie. "Boss? We have a problem." He said as Izuku's vision began to fade. "Yes, I'll bring him up sir and put cones around the hole sir."


"-ake up, wake up!"

"Ugh…." Groaned Izuku slowly waking up.

"Come on kid, wake up." Muttered a females voice before something slapped him across his face, waking him up to see a frowning Midnight.

"Huh?" He blinked while groaning and touched the spot where he was tased. "Midnight? What happened?"

"I'm guessing you saw Mt. Lady attempt to break out so the jackass decided to make sure you didn't tell anyone." She muttered with a frown. "'re in my class, aren't you?"

He gave a nod and tried to sit up while noting there was a collar around his neck with chains around his legs and he was in a room and heard grunting making him turn and saw Mt. Lady currently bound in chains all over her body. "Why are you guys here? Wait….is this where you've been for the past two days Midnight?" He asked as she nodded.

"Yeah, I came in here to grab some drinks for a fun night with Present Mic and Eraser head and the next think I know I'm tazed and chained here with the others."

"Others?" He questioned before seeing other women there, all of them chained up and went wide eyed. "Oh my god."

"Gah! I'm gonna strangle that midget bastard!" Growled the rabbit hero Mirko who had cement slabs around her legs while tugging on the chains on her arms. "When my legs are free I'm gonna shove them right up his ass!"

"This is ridiculous, what does he think he's going to accomplish here?!" Groaned Bubble Girl who was stuck in a straight jacket. "Sir Nighteye is not going to be pleased with this."

"Isn't it obvious? Chances are he's a fan who couldn't be bothered to wait like so many others, I've seen plenty around." Spoke the snake hero Uwabami with her snakes having the mouths tied shut while her wrists and legs were tied up tight with rope.

"This is quite unusual behavior, even for a diehard fan." Said the dragon hero Ryukyu who's head stuck out of what looked like a very small sarcophagus with multiple chains wrapped around it, restricting all her movement. "I highly suspect that he is a villain."

"Of course he is!" Yelled Mt. Lady trying to grow, but she had a collar just like Izuku, along with the other women. "Damn it, private photo shoot my ass!"

"You seriously followed a strange guy in here thinking it was a private photo shoot? You really are desperate for attention." Chuckled Midnight with a grin.

"Oh bite me old lady." She growled making Midnight frown while Izuku tried standing up and touched his collar.

"Don't try to remove it, otherwise you'll get shocked." Spoke up Bubble Girl with a sigh. "We all learned it the hard way."

"How long have you all been here? Who is holding you, is it the league of villains?"

"No, we were all taken around the last few days or so." Spoke Uwabami with a sigh. "I was told there was going to be a special opening and they wanted a celebrity there to get it some hype, and I fell for it."

"I was told Sir Nighteye was having a new tickle torture machine developed and I could destroy the plans for it here." Said Bubble Girl with a small blush.

"That bastard tricked me by saying there was a bunch of villains hiding out here." Growled Mirko.

"I was told there was a sale on scale polish and when he offered me a free sample it was drugged and I passed out." Said Ryukuru as she shook her head.

"How did you get caught? Did he trick you into coming here too?" Asked Midnight.

"Uh...well actually, I saw Mt. Lady break a hole in the wall and got knocked out." He chuckled nervously. "When a store employee approached me I tried to go get help but they denied her existence before tazing me."

"So you were brought here to keep them from getting caught." Spoke Ryukuru with a sigh. "I should have been on guard, but I lowered it and could have gotten us out of here if I could transform."

"Yeah, but then they put this stupid collar on like the rest of us."

"It makes sense why they would, these are the models the police use to restrict quirks in prisoners." Midnight said with a frown.

"Which means either they have someone on the inside to provide them, or they managed to get them through the black market." Spoke Bubble Girl.

"Damn, so we can't get out of here with quirks." Said Mt. Lady with a frown.

"So who is this guy anyway, who caught you all and why, and how did Mt. Lady get free?" Izuku asked curiously.

"Well she managed to use her quirk for a moment when the collar shorted out momentarily, but then it went back on and we were all showed." Spoke Uwabami sighing while leaning against the wall. "As for who? If he's not a fan he must be someone who had a good reason for capturing so many female pro heroes, and something tells me it's something we're all thinking."

"And now that he's risked being exposed he's probably going to speed up his plan and probably just deal with us instead of trying to get any more heroines, so odds are what he's going to do he will tonight." Said Bubble Girl with a frown.

"Which is why we need to bust out!" Roared Mirko grunting as she struggled while Izuku tapped his chin.

'If I could use just a little bit of my quirk, I could at least break one of the other collars, but it would alert the villain we're getting freed. If these things were made to cancel out quirks then chances are they're well built and too durable to just smash.' He thought as he racked his brain. 'I also run the risk of harming the heros, shards of the collar could cut into their necks, killing them if we can't stabilize them.'

That's when they all heard the door to the room open and turned with the women glaring while Izuku was clueless what to expect.

"Well well well, so it seems one of you ladies decided to be a bad girl and almost escaped and harmed an innocent student." Called a condescending voice. "What would the public think if they had seen something so...villainous?"

"Big talk from the jackass who kidnapped us!" Called Mirko as the figure stepped forward to show a three foot tall man with a long mustache and a black suit. "If I could move I'd stamp you into the ground and rip that stupid lip hair right off!"

"Now now is that any behavior from a bunny girl?" He asked with a chuckle. "If you keep talking like that I'll have to gag you."

"I'd like to see you try you midget bastard!" She growled.

"Oh keep it, but I know you will be changing your tune in a few minutes, in fact I think you all will, except for the boy, I don't really have a use for you yet." He remarked looking at Izuku with a wave. "After my plan is finished, I will begin to claim this city as mine!"

"What are you going to do, kick people in the shins until they submit?" Mocked Mirko with a grin.

"Actually no." he frowned while walking back and forth in front of them. "You see my dear ladies, and extra baggage, I've had to endure a cruel and harsh life. Constant insults and mocking for my size, my everlasting dream when I grew up, and my quirk which is rather minor and not suited for most villainous plots."

"And what sort of dream is that?" Asked Bubble Girl.

"Simple! A dream every man craves, a dream a man or woman would kill for, a dream that's made humanity in general yearn for a perfect world for just one second of it!" He declared raising his fist into the air. "A completely devoted following of women as part of a harem!"

"...WHAT?!" They cried out with wide eyes.

"That's right! For years I have dreamt of the day I could obtain that which every man, whether they know it or not, has been desperately wanting, and today is the day when it will finally come true!"

"Like hell it is! I am not joining a damn harem!" Cried Mt. Lady in anger. "That's why you kidnapped me?!"

"Of course! Who better than a pro hero who goes around actually showing off her ass? You're one of the biggest things to look at on the internet. Why I wouldn't be surprised if this little brat did it, he looks like he spends most of his time in front of the computer at night."

"I-I don't, I really don't!" He cried with a blush.

"Look, I'm flattered and all, but I'm afraid I'm not in any condition to be in a relationship let alone a harem." Said Uwabami who tried to hide her disgust.

"I'm touched you would think of me like that, but I'm not worth all the effort." Spoke Ryukuru.

"I'm too busy for anything like, that, a-and I don't want to be in a harem!" Cried Bubble Girl as she looked away.

"I'd rather date a dog then your pipsqueak ass!" Shouted Midnight with a frown. "Now you better let me out of here before I kill you!"

"Ladies, ladies, I think you're mistaken, I never said I was asking you to join, my quirk will MAKE you join." He smirked with a cackle. "For you see, my quirk is known as Glamor! A special little trick where I can make anyone of the opposite gender look at me with ten times the amount of affection based on all the good points about me! All it takes is one good thing and it'll be intensified."

"I-If it's that effective, why haven't you used it before?" Asked Izuku cutting off the mad man's cackle. "I mean, if what you say is true, then why wait till now? Why not use it sooner?"

"Because boy, there's a little side effect to this beauty. You see the longer I go without using it, the stronger the power behind it. I tried it several times over and over, but it was so minor the effects wore off far too fast. That's why for the last twenty years, I've had to keep back from using it, and now that I have some of the best female pro heroes here, not only will I start my criminal empire, but by the time I use it again, I'll have such a huge selection of other female heroes to choose from, that I will go down in history as the man with the greatest harem ever! Ahahahahaha!" He laughed maniacally. "Once I use it now the effect should be permanent you hear me, permanent! And sign it works on itself it will just make them fall for me more and more every day!" He cried as the heroines began to feel nervous.

"No way! There's no way I'm gonna be some fuck toy for you!" Yelled Mt. Lady tugging as hard as possible.

"Oh please, like I'd go right to that." He scoffed before smiling widely. "At first I'll take things slow, you know cuddling, hand holding, and maybe some walks, but after about a year or two, I will feel ready to do things that I've been seeing on the internet for the past twenty years! And trust me, your large ass doesn't even begin to describe the special toys I have in store for Midnight here, or shall I call you by your new name Doggy?"


"You won't be saying that anymore." He chuckled spreading his arms out as his arms glowed. "Now behold my slaves, it's time for your new life!"

"No no no no no!" Cried Bubble Girl as she closed her eyes.

"No!" Cried out Izuku tugging on his chains as hard as he could as the man fired out a pink beam that hit all the ladies making his eyes widen. "Stop it!"

"Never, I've waited twenty years for this!" He cried as the beam ended. "Whoo, that felt good, I still feel like I have enough energy left to do that a hundred times over!"

"No, no no no." Spoke Izuku looking at the women who all stopped moving and had their eyes closed.

"Now then ladies, who do you love?!" He called with a grin as he held open his arms.

"I….don't feel any different?" Said Bubble Girl as she slowly opened her eyes.

"Yeah, what was that?" Asked Uwabami looking herself over while the man and Izuku were stunned.

"W...W...What?" the villain let out in a choke. "This...this shouldn't be happening, my power, why?"

"Well….you said it amplifies the good points about you on the opposite gender, right? Well, you did kidnap them and restrain them, talk about forcing them into your harem, and about doing things to Midnight, I don't think they saw any good points about you that could be amplified." Spoke Izuku making the man shake his head.

"That can't be! Even if there's something it would affect them! Look at me! I have good clothes, good posture, I even grew out a fancy mustache for god sake!"

"It looks like a dirty drowned worm, now let us go you creep." Said Midnight with a frown.

"Aw come on! You can't tell me you all don't find something about me that's noticeably great! I mean...there's gotta be SOMETHING, right?"

"You said my new name would be doggy and you have a bunch of toys for me so no, there is nothing that could possibly make me like you creep."

" no no, I refuse to accept this! Alright brat, it seems you get to be useful after all!" He turned to Izuku who felt nervous.

"W-What do you mean?"

"I can use this on others as well, so I'm gonna see if it's just me or if this stupid quirk is broken!" He shouted as he walked over and grabbed him. "Now hold still, if it works for you then these women are useless and I'll just have to dispose of you all and start again!" He shouted as his hands began to glow before the beam shot through Izuku and hit all the women once more.

"WAAAH!" Screamed out Izuku closing his eyes.

"Shut up, it'll only sting for a minute, and don't move, I'm almost done." He said before the door to the room burst open.

"Police! Put your hands in the air!" Yelled an officer with a gun while two others flanked him.

"No!" Cried the villain as he finished with the beam. "No no no, I was so close!"

"Take him!" Yelled the leader before an officer ran and tackled the villain while him and the third officer ran over to Izuku who opened his eyes. "You alright there kid?"

"Y-Yeah, I think so." He said as the officers searched the man before finding a set of keys.

"Alright, let's get you all out of here...though it might take longer for some of you." Said one officer as he looked at the cement blocks. "I better call in HQ for some jackhammers."

"You better, and get this pervert out of here before I do something to him that will get me arrested." Growled the rabbit hero with a frown.

"Don't worry ma'am, you can all tell us what happened at the station while we take him away."

"I-I think I might be able to help with the blocks." Said Izuku as the collar was taken off of him. "But it might get dusty in here real fast."

"It's fine kid, I can live with dusty." He nodded while Izuku moved over near them.

"Alright, I'll be careful." He spoke to Mirko before focusing the power in his fingers and making sure it wasn't too much before moving them down, turned his head, and flicked, causing the cement block to break and kick dust up around the room.

"Whoa, that's quite the punch kid." Said Mirko with a grin before feeling her heart skip a beat. 'Whoa, what was that?'

"Now for the other." He flicked his fingers on the other making the dust get thicker and cause the others to cough. "Um… we might need a vacuum in here."


"Oh Izuku I'm so glad you're safe!" Spoke his mom hugging him tightly when he got home. "When the police called me I was worried something awful happened."

"I'm fine mom, really." He said with a blush. "I'm sorry that I couldn't get the groceries though." He said as she sighed and shook her head.

"Don't worry kid, I don't think the store will mind, seeing how it was a front for the whole harem thing." Said Midnight with a smile, having insisted on seeing him get home safe. "I'd worry be more concerned with classes tomorrow, dealing with a nutcase pervert like that is no reason to slack off, especially in my class."

"O-Of course, I would never do that!" He cried as he nodded quickly, making her chuckle.

'So eager to turns me on.' She thought as she shook her head before her heart skipped a beat. "Well then I'll see you tomorrow, till then." She turn and left as the door closed behind her.

"Well, she was nice, so she's one of your teachers?" Inko asked as she began to walk towards the kitchen as he followed.

"Yeah, Midnight is in charge of telling us modern hero art history."

"Well, maybe she'll give you extra credit for trying to help." She chuckled with a smile.

"Yeah, maybe." He chuckled back while going to help his mom while we cut over to Bubble Girl.

"-and that's why I haven't been at work for the past couple of days sir." She finished as Sir Nighteye looked at her with a frown. She bowed several times. "I'm so sorry! Please don't fire me!"

"...I won't fire you, but I think you need to learn not to fall for such obvious ploys." He said as he stood up. "We better fix that behavior immediately."

"Yes sir." She nodded in relief.

"Good, and since you were so eager to destroy possible plans of the machine, I think you need to take another session on it."

"Eep!" She cried as he dragged her to the tickle machine as we cut to Mt. Lady who was relaxing in her apartment.

"Ahhh, it feels good to be back in my own home instead of a tiny room." She sighed in relief. "No being forced in a harem, no creepy midget droning on about my fine ass, things are good~"

She turned to the TV and turned it on while seeing it was a news report about what happened.

"-And the hostages, six pro heros and one student were rescued today by police from a madman who had forced quirk restrainment collars on them along with various other means of restrainment." Said a reporter as a picture of Mt. Lady, the other heroes and Izuku popped up.

"I thought I saw that kid before, he's one of the students in class 1-A." She said as she rubbed her chin. "I swear I've seen him before though… oh well, at least he tried to help a bit." She said with a shrug. 'Not half bad looking either.'

We then cut over to Ryukuru who came back home and stretched out while yawning. 'Ah, it's good to be home and to be able to really stretch my arms.' She thought as she walked towards her bed. 'Now to get some sleep and be ready for tomorrow when I go on patrol.' She thought as she lied down. 'It'll be good to stretch my wings again, I'll have to thank that kid for getting me out the restraints so fast.'

Mirko sighed while showering in her own home and popping her back into place. "Damn, this feels way much better." She chuckled with a grin. "Good food, training equipment, and no ugly pervert." She chuckled as she walked over to a punching bag near a wall and began to kick at it. "That kid sure had some kick to his fingers, usually it takes the whole fist to smash cement that quick." She grinned as her kicking pace began to speed up. "I'm gonna have to corner him and make him tell me how he did that, it could be pretty damn useful in the future."

We then cut over to Midnight who was dressed in her bathrobe and sighed while sitting on her bed with a smile. "Feels so good to get a hot bath out of the way." She said as she picked up a tablet and began to read a story about her capture and rescue. 'Damn, I wouldn't be surprised if we all get a bunch of shit for this and going down a couple of ranks, but at least I'm not being called 'doggy', so that's a plus.'

That's when she recalled how she'd see Izuku tomorrow in class and smiled.

"Maybe I'll give him a big thanks tomorrow, especially one that'll make him the talk of the school." She chuckled. 'Plus he's cute when he gets all flustered….where did that thought come from?'


"You got kidnapped Izuku?!" Cried Urakara as they walked into the classroom.

"Yeah, I kinda feel silly for letting it happen." He admitted scratching his cheek. "I should have realized something was wrong when he tried to blame the giant hole on a raccoon."

"I heard a little bit on what happened, is it true Midnight and Mt. Lady were part of the other hostages?"

"Yeah, along with several others." Said Izuku as Mineta heard them.

"You were with Mt. Lady and Midnight?!"

"Yeah, some villain was trying to make them part of a harem or something, really creepy."

"H-H-Harem!?" He blushed while steaming a little imagining the two.

"Yeah, it was them along with Mirko the rabbit hero, Ryukuru the dragon hero, Bubble Girl and finally Uwabami." He said as he counted them off, Mineta's eyes going wider and wider with each name.

"So hot!" He declared turning more red imagining each of the heroes and fell back with steam coming off his head.

"Alright class, sit down, sit down." Called Midnight as she walked into the room with a grin.

All the students took their spots as she cleared her throat.

"Now as you might know, yesterday an incident happened which involved me and a few others get kidnapped by a villain."

'And the ultimate dream was almost realized!' Thought Mineta with a large perverted grin.

"But luckily, one of our own students arrived and lent a hand in getting us out, Izuku Midoriya." She said as she pointed at the student who scratched the back of his head blushing a bit from the attention. "If he didn't show up me and the others might not have been able to get out in one piece, let's give him a round of applause." She said as he blushed harder as the class began to clap, making her grin. 'He gets so flustered when turns me on!' She thought as her heart began to race.

"Heh heh, thanks, really." He spoke with a small wave before seeing Midnight walking over making all of them turn with confusion.

"But let me give my own personal thanks." She leaned down and pekced him on the forehead, making all the students go wide eyed, most of the guys blush, and Izuku? Well his face was empty and looked like his head was steaming. "Thanks for the save Izuku, keep it up, alright~?" She chuckled as she began to walk to the front of the class, making sure to sway her hips with every step.

And like that, Izuku popped a nosebleed and felt his face hit the desk with Mineta shaking his fist up with gritted teeth.

'It's not fair, life just isn't fair!' He cried mentally as we cut away to Ryukuru sitting in front of the principal.

"So, what do I owe the pleasure of this visit?" He asked with a smile as he poured them both a cup of tea.

"I know you have more important stuff to focus on besides a sudden visit, but I came here to ask about one of your students."

"Let me guess, young Midoriya?" He asked with a knowing smile as she nodded her head. "I had a feeling you or one of the others would show up, what would you like to know?"

"Well I know this is a bit sudden to ask, you think he might be interested in a sidekick position? I mean I'm sure he's been asked before due to his personality and quirk from what I've heard."

"Hmmm, well I think he was considering Sir Nighteye's agency, but nothing has been finalized yet." He said as he scratched his chin. "Though if you wanted to apply for him to come to your agency during the internship why come all the way here?"

"Sorry, I just felt like I had to come in person to speed the process since I know how paperwork tends to drag on and make it feel longer than it should." She said with a shrug. "Plus I didn't get to see much of him or his power during the incident so I was hoping you could answer some of my questions."

"Well I'd be happy to answer all of them." He said with a smile.

"Thank you, could you please tell me about his quirk, is it a type of strength enhancer?" She asked before there was a loud bang on the office door.

"Hold that thought. Who is it?" He called out.

"Open up, it's me, Mirko!"

"Oh! Hello Miss Mirko, I didn't expect you." He smiled getting up and walked over before opening the door. "This is quite the surprise."

"Yeah, I just wanted to come over and make sure that kid who tried to help yesterday comes to my agency for an internship before anyone else tries to snatch him up." She said as she walked in before seeing Ryukuru. "Hey, what are you doing here?"

"Well this is quite the situation. Come inside and sit down." The principal said as he tried to stifle a chuckle. 'I wonder how they'll both react to the fact Mt. Lady already called earlier?'

She walked in and sat down while frowning while Ryukuru sipped from her cup and the principal took his spot again.

"So, both of you want young Midoriya to intern at your agencies in a few days, is that right?"

"Wait, you what?" Mirko looked at the dragoon hero who nodded.

"Yes, I came here because he interested me."

"Well kindly fuck off, I call dibs."

"Hey, you just got here, you can't call dibs after that." She frowned.

"Like hell I can't, I'm higher in the ranks so I have superiority!"

"Ladies ladies, let's all be calm. We're all adults here after all." Said Nezu as he sipped his tea. "Besides, I don't quite know how I feel about you fighting over one of my students like he's a prize, maybe I should allow Mt. Lady to take him as an intern, she did call before either of you arrived."

"What?!" They spoke up with wide eyes.

"I was actually going to mention it with Miss Ryukuru here before you arrived." He said with a chuckle. "Now then, are you all ready to discuss this like rational adults?"

"That giant fat ass got here before first?" Growled Mirko clenching her hand. "I should have known she'd try something like that."

"If you mean go through proper channels and file a request for internship rather than barge into my office and asking herself then yes, she is guilty of that." He nodded without losing his smile. "Now Miss Ryukuru had questions for me which I'd be happy to answer, and after that we can go over a possible solution."

"Yes, well, I was hoping you could tell me how his quirk works, from what I remember he broke his fingers during the sports festival using his quirk, but when he freed us he was fine."

"Well you see young Midoriya's quirk is of exceptional power and strength, one that he needed time to adjust to. Over time he's gone from using his whole arm to managing to control his power with his fingers and legs without injuring himself in the process. If he had kept on using all his power in his whole arm, it could have potentially damaged it to where he couldn't use it fully again." Said Nezu, making their eyes widen. "According to the class reports from his home room teacher he has made great strides in learning control and using his legs, apparently the maximum amount of his power he can use without serious harm is 20%."

"Wait, if he's that strong now, then how tough is he supposed to get when he gets all the way up?" Asked Mirko.

"Well, I'll let you in on a secret, their final exam was to defeat a teacher and the one he was assigned was All Might… and he passed." He said as their eyes widened.

"No way." Spoke Ryukuru.

"Yes, though he was heavily injured he did manage to beat back All Might long enough to pass the exam, since then he's been undergoing heavy training to be able to better control his quirk." Nezu said as he sipped his tea.

"You said he's training with his legs, right? Well then I'd be perfect to train him." Said Mirko with a grin. "My legs are the toughest around and I could have him crushing boulders in no time flat."

"I could help him with control, I had to learn how to use my strength outside of my dragon form so that might be beneficial for him to learn how to harness his power better." Spoke Ryukuru quickly making Mirko glare.

"You do remember that at the end of the day it is the home room teacher's choice, I can only suggest ones and approve them, the students will make their requests and if he wants to go to an agency that is none of yours then so be it." Interjected Nezu, making them shut up. He sipped his tea and put it down. "Now here's what I suggest. Perhaps young Midoriya can get experience from all of you. Now some might see this as showing favorites, but pro heroes are allowed to make these requests too any students they wish, it's just a matter of whether they get accepted which matters. And it's obvious the more higher ranked ones would get more notice and therefore more talk along with endorsement deals along with other privileges, am I right?"

"Right, the more attention your students get the more your school does as well." Said Mirko with a smile. "The higher rank the more companies will endorse your school, remember your students and make it more likely their hero career gets off to a good start."

"I actually meant it's normal for certain students to peak others attention for various reasons, which is why I'm going to allow young Midoriya to spend some time with each of you at your intern agencies." Said Nezu, surprising them. "I'll be sending you notifications later if the plan is approved and who you'll be sharing him with, I'm sure you'll all be able to work out a plan like reasonable adults, correct?"

"Wait, share? With her?" Mirko pointed to Ryukuru.

"I'm just as surprised, but if he thinks it will work, then we should be open minded and give it a chance."

"If you would rather not accept this idea I can have someone else apply to be your intern, we have many eager students."

"Grrr, fine, we'll share." Huffed Mirko.

"Good, I'll inform you if anyone else applies, due to this odd circumstances I'll have to allow anyone else who wants him to share to avoid favoritism."

"Well I'm sure we can wait after Mt. Lady is done, right Mirko?"

"Fine, I guess I can share with the attention hog." She muttered as Nezu's phone began to buzz.

"Glad to see we could find a middle ground." He said as he looked at it before his eyes widened a bit in surprise. 'Requests from both Sir Nighteye, Uwabami, and Midnight? This is a surprise.'

"Who is it?"

"Some more agencies asking for young Midoriya, this will be quite the internship for him." He chuckled as the two pro heroes groaned.

"Just tell us how long it's gonna take till he's done with that giant blowhard." Spoke Mirko.

"Now now, we have plenty of time to figure things out, but if you're so impatient I could let you all decide the schuedles yourselves, maybe have him switch agencies every other day?" He offered before answering the call. "Hello?"

"Hi, I was wondering when the internship starts and when the kids going to be sent to me?" Mt. Lady said as the others frowned.

"Yes, about that, there's been a change of plans." Nezu said as we cut to Izuku who's lesson was ending.

"And that class is-" Midnight was cut off from the bell ringing. "Alright, that's it for today, just remember to finish up the notes on the board and you can go." She said as some of the students got up and began to leave. 'Alright, that went well, and Izuku woke up halfway through and got most of the notes down.'

She saw said boy move to the door and briefly glance at her before moving out quick with a blush making her smile. 'I wonder if I should follow and have lunch with, no, I was just thanking him for his help, that was all.'

'Oh man, s-s-she kissed me!' Thought Izuku trying to keep from letting his mind drift as he walked to class. 'I can't believe that really happened… I guess she is just like that to everyone who helps her?' He thought as his face stays red, lost in thought about the kiss. 'W-Why am I freaking out over this, i-it was just a kiss on the forehead, nothing else!'

"Izuku? Izuku!"

"Huh, what?" He said as he shook his head.

"Are you alright?" Asked Urakara.

"Y-Yeah, I'm fine, just lost in thought." He chuckled nervously.

"Probably about the kiss." Spoke Tsuyu bluntly behind them making Izuku stiffen in panic.

"Yes, that was quite unprofessional behavior from a teacher, she should be properly disciplined!" Iida said as he waved his arms stiffly.

"I don't think telling her that will change." Spoke Sero with a smile. "Besides, she was just giving thanks for what happened, if you wanna report her on something, I'm pretty sure her hero costume is something bigger than a small kiss."

"Yeah, and besides, it's not like she made out with him, it was just a peck on the forehead." Ashido said with a grin. "Though judging from his reaction I'm gonna guess it was his first kiss from another woman, right Izuku~?"

"W-W-W-What?!" He blushed while she chuckled with his hands up. "I-I-It's not like that!"

"Oh, so you have kissed other girls before? Izuku I never knew you were a player~" She teased with a grin.

He tried to stop from blushing while shaking his head while Bakugo grumbled to himself with Mineta muttering to himself with a gloomy spot over his head.

"No fair… Midnight….why does Izuku get all the babes?"

"Quit annoying me with that, it was one time." He said as he shook his head. "It was a one time thing, I doubt anything like that will be happening again."

"What would you know?! You've never gotten a kiss from a beautiful lady!"

"I helped her out once, she was just thanking me, I highly doubt something like that will happen again." He said as they reached Aizawa's class.

"It better not." Grumbled Mineta with envy.

"Alright, everyone sit down." Said the tired teacher. "Today you're going to be applying for internships at hero agencies, some of you like Todoroki and Bakugo were remembered from the sports festival and have gotten recommendations from specific agencies, I highly recommend you choose wisely, have it done by the end of class, there should be a paper on your assigned desk containing any information you need and/or a list of agencies that have recommended you or ones to choose from."

All of them looked down at the agencies with Izuku surprised.

'Wow, Mt. Lady is interested? Maybe she wants to see what I can do after yesterday, I just hope I can make a better impression than just getting caught.' He thought as he kept reading. 'Is she really the only one who wants me? Well, I guess that makes it easier for me to chose.'


"Alright, I'll be sending you all emails with your new schedules and agencies, make sure to do your best out there and don't do anything stupid." Advised Aizawa as the finale bell rang. "Good luck to you all." He said as the class began to disperse. 'This better end well, I don't think the school can take anymore bad publicity.'

Izuku looked at the address and made a fist. 'Alright Izuku, you can do this.' He thought as he left the school. 'You're on your way to be a hero, you can handle being around a beautiful woman without making a fool of yourself.'

That thought however made him briefly imagine Mt. Lady smiling at him with a wink making him blush. 'I-I am a hero, I will not be distracted!'

He headed downtown while rereading the address and found himself at a nice looking apartment complex. 'Is this really her agency? Huh, I guess I've never really seen one besides in pictures of the top hero ones, and Gran Torino was in a rundown apartment, maybe this isn't so strange?'

He gave the door a loud knock and waited while making sure he looked decent. 'Should I have worn my hero outfit? Damn it, have I already messed up, why didn't I grab it when I left school, should I just go now?!'

The door opened to show Mt. Lady standing there with a smile. "Glad you could show up."

"T-Thank you for wanting me to intern at your agency!" He stuttered nervously as he bowed. "It's a great honor and pleasure to be here!"

"Oh calm down, no need to be so formal." She chuckled as she shook her head. "And it was no problem, it was the least I could do for trying to help, plus I had a feeling you wouldn't be a creep like the last guy." She moved aside. "Come right inside, but take your shoes off."

"S-Sure thing." He said as he did what she asked. 'I can't believe it, I'm actually here!'

'Huh, I thought he'd be coming tomorrow when he got his assignment, oh well, I guess more time for me.' She thought with a grin. 'I guess he decided he wanted to intern at just my agency, take that bitches!'

Izuku saw her walk over and sit down on her couch while he briefly glanced around the place. 'Wow, this place is pretty nice, as expected of a pro heroes agency… but it also looks a lot like a regular apartment.'

"So, now that you're here, it means I'll be showing you the ropes on an important aspect to being a hero."

"Alright, so what should we do first? Figure out the fastest way to respond to a distress call, figure out how to mitigate collateral damage?" Asked Izuku eagerly.

"Actually, we're going to be finding out ways to pass the time before getting called out to danger." She said with a grin as Izuku's enthusiasm deflated a bit.

"Oh….ok, that's pretty important, how do we do that?" Izuku asked as he pulled out a pencil and notebook.

"It's simple, just find something you enjoy when not working yourself on the clock."

"Ok… and then what?" He asked as she chuckled.

"You wait kid, heroics aren't just fighting every villain around 24/7." She laid herself on the couch while grabbing a magazine. "If you stress yourself out when nothing's happening you'll look bad and get stress marks for when people come and watch you fight the bad guys."

"Oh…. ok, so what do we do once that is done, do we go over how to deal with hostage situations, figuring out how to properly interact with the police?"

"Well usually the police can handle keeping the hostages safe while we heroes try to take out the baddies before they can make their move. For me I'm better at open space fights since I'm not that good with stealth since if I grow too big inside, it'll cause property damage. That's something to keep in mind, especially since they can take the cost out of repairs from your paycheck."

"Ok….so we're just waiting for crime then?" He asked as she nodded. "Then… why did you request me, it seems like I'm not really serving any purpose."

"That's where you're wrong. You see you strike me as the kind of kid who works real hard to be the best he can at being a hero, but you also strike me as the kind who needs to know when to wait and relax too when not heading out, that's why I'm gonna help you just relax and learn to wait." She said as she patted the couch. "Now come on, just sit down and try to relax, sometimes life is easier if you stop worrying about every single detail."

He looked at her before putting away his pencil and notebook, walked over, and sat down on the spot.

"There you go, so Izuku, how's school going? I bet you're at the top of your class...hey, can I ask you something?" Mt. Lady asked as he looked at her and nodded.

"Sure, anything."

"Why did you try to help us, you could have easily decided that we were fine on our own and left us to that jackass, but you tried your best to help us, even going out of your way to free us once you were free, why?"

"Because I had to!" he spoke up right away with a firm expression. "I couldn't just turn my back when someone was in trouble, if I did that then how could I ever hope to be a real hero like All Might? No matter who it is or what they need, I need to be willing to help them as best as I can."

"Heh, that's pretty admirable kid." She said as she looked at him with a smile, feeling a warm feeling in her chest. 'He said it right away without even thinking about it.' She thought as she leaned back. 'I definitely made the right call requesting him.'

Izuku went silent and had his hands on his lap while it became awkward for him. 'How do I relax, I've been so busy with All Might, school, researching heroes that I haven't really had time to really relax.'

Mt. Lady yawned and leaned back against her couch while putting her foots on her coffee table. 'This is the life, nice and stress free with a cute guy next to you… though he seems a bit stiff right now.' She turned to him. "Come on now, it's that hard, just lean back and stick your feet up."

"R-Right, sorry." He said as he tried to copy her. "Like this?"

"Yeah, just try to clear your mind and relax, ok?"She said as she put an arm around his shoulder, making him blush. "Just empty your mind and let your body unwind."

"O-Ok, if you say so…" He said as he closed his eyes and tried to do as she said. 'Oh man, my first time having a woman's arm around me who wasn't my mom!'

'He's so cute when he gets flustered!' She thought with a grin. 'A bit younger than me, but that just means he's got a lot to learn when he gets older.' She thought as she scooted closer. 'I wonder if I could get him to pass out just by snuggling, he looks innocent enough that it might work.'

Izuku blushed brighter feeling Mt. Lady moving closer and started to sweat nervously. 'K-K-Keep it together Izuku, don't lose it!'

'Come on, show me some fun Izuku~' She thought as she made sure to press her breasts against his arm. She felt him straighten up and fall back against the arm, before she saw his eyes rolled into his head with a stiff smile and huge blush. "Hehe, looks like I still got it, take that Midnight!" She patted Izuku on the cheek before closing her eyes to take a nap. Unknown to her she began to glow faintly pink along with Izuku as they slept.


'Mmmm...huh? What? Where am I? Did I black out?' Came Izuku's thoughts with him half awake and half asleep. He felt something warm, soft and kind of heavy on top of him. 'Did I fall asleep studying in bed again? Ugh, how did my pillows get on top of my head?'


'Huh? Is that a voice? Did I leave my computer on to a video?' He thought as he tried to sit up only for something to push him down in protest. 'Huh? What's going on? Wait...this doesn't feel like my bed.' he thought trying to raise his arm up and grabbed something smooth. 'It's not a pillow, it's firm, but still smooth to the touch.' He thought as he felt around only to discover another smooth object identical to the first right next to it. 'Two of them, what are these? They kind of feel like Mineta's sticky balls, but they aren't sticky.' He gave it a squeeze and felt some movement on top of him with his eyes opening up. 'T-T-These aren't balls, t-t-t-they're breasts, a woman is sleeping on me!'

"Mmmm…." Came the voice as he slowly saw the shape and color and looked up to see Mt. Lady right on top of him. "That feels nice….keep it up….wait, this isn't my bed….Izuku?!"

"I-I-I didn't mean to do anything!" He let out as she sat up and he noticed that she was nearly straddling him, causing his face to turn bright red while popping a nosebleed.

"Huh? What happened...huh, I guess we got a bit TOO comfortable." She chuckled with a blush of her own. She moved off him while Izuku looked at his hand.

'I...I just felt a was...soft.'

"Wow, we were out for awhile, do you think you'll be able to get home ok kid?" She asked looking outside to see it was getting dark.

"I think so, I'm pretty tough, what time should I come by tomorrow?"

"You can come in anytime you're available." She said with a grin. "See you tomorrow~"

"Y-Yeah, bye." He said as he left the apartment. 'I better make sure moms not worri- wait, I got an email from the school?' He thought as he saw the alert on his phone. 'I wonder what that's about.' He thought as he opened it. 'Dear Izuku Midoriya, we are happy to tell you that your apprenticeship starts tomorrow, your agency will pick you up from your house in the morning, also since we noticed your costume was still at school it has been mailed to your home, make sure you are wearing it when you are picked up.' He read as he looked at it in confusion. "Agency? But I just started." He said before shrugging. "Oh well, I guess it's just a mistake, at least they sent me my hero outfit."


'I wonder where Mt. Lady is, I'm waiting in front of my house like the email said.' Thought Izuku who was wearing his costume. Looked around while deciding to try and whistle the time away. 'I wonder if she'll have me just relax again? Should I go grab a book?'

"Hey, over here!" Called a voice down the street.

"Huh, me?" Said Izuku as he looked over to see Bubble Girl standing there with a smile. "Bubble Girl? What are you doing here?"

"I came here to pick you up of course." She answered while pointing to a parked car. "I was gonna drive you to the agency to save on time."

"Huh? But I thought I was interned at Mt. Lady's agency?" He asked in confusion.

"But didn't you get the email notifying you? I thought it was sent yesterday."

"I got it, but it didn't specify, and I was at Mt. Ladies agency yesterday and she said that I was interned at her agency."

"Oh well that must have been a mistake. I can explain everything at the office if you come with."

"Alright, if you say so." He said as he walked towards her. 'Oh man, this is kind of embarrassing, did I already mess up my internship? Or is this because of a miscommunication from the school?'

Both got in the car before she drove them downtown with Bubble Girl relaxing. 'Alright, I got there first, good, good, last thing I want his for one of the others to try and take him before he can meet Sir Nighteye.'

Eventually they reached the agency with Izuku breaking in a nervous sweat as he saw Sir Nighteye himself looking at him from his desk with a serious expression.

"So… you're the one who's inherited All for one, aren't you?"

"W-What?!" He went wide eyed.

"It's obvious and clear as day." He said as he stood up. "I personally think it was a mistake, you shouldn't have been given the power to begin with."

"Huh?" He answered, caught off guard and confused.

"The power should have gone to Lemillion, unlike you he's been training relentlessly to handle it without destroying himself, unlike you, a random boy who inspired All Might." He said as he frowned at Izuku. "What is it about yourself that made All Might think you were a good choice?"

"He...he said I had a heroes spirit….and I respect his choice." he said as he tried to steel himself.

Sir Nighteye adjusted his glasses and stood up while crossing his arms. "Tell me, how well do you know my reputation?"

"I uh… I do know you were once All Might's sidekick, but that's about it."

"You're close. I USE to be his sidekick, but there's more to it then that. From what I've heard of you you're an avid fan of All Might, one of the biggest, and that's similar to me. Before I was an avid fan myself, I could remember some of his best heroic deeds and watched all his videos. He even tried to help me see what makes a good hero, but before I tell you, I'm going to see if you can pass my test."

"All right… what's the test?" He asked, starting to become nervous.

"You have one minute to make me laugh. If you fail to do that, then you leave."

"Make… you laugh?" He asked in confusion.

"Yes, now you better hurry, your time has already started." He remarked with Izuku stiffening up.

'Oh no, how do I make him laugh?! Come on, think of something, hurry!'

'Oh no, Sir Nighteye might make him fail!' Thought Bubble Girl in panic. 'I don't want him to leave, should I help him?'

"!" Izuku moved his hands across his face in a fast blur before giving off a smile while trying to imitate All Might. "How do I look?"

"...are you making fun of me?" He asked with a cold tone and harsher glare.

"W-what? No, I was trying to make you laugh." He said nervously. 'Did I do it wrong?'

"I'm not laughing, now am I?" He asked while Izuku finally noted the posters of All Might around the room, leading to him to realize what went wrong.

"A-Ah, I see, you think I'm trying to imitate All Might in his most recent form, I was trying to imitate him after the incident with the vinegar a few years ago."

Sir Nighteye raised an eyebrow and pointed at him. "You can tell the difference?"

"Yes, I remember watching the interview on tv and laughing when I saw it, I thought a fan like yourself would appreciate it too."

" know, in my line of work I've met people claiming to be All Might's biggest fans, but only a true fan could be able to notice that small detail that many would overlook." He nodded. "But while you were explaining, your minute ended." He said, making Izuku freeze and change his face back to normal. "And as you can see, I'm not laughing."

'Oh no!' Thought Bubble Girl with Izuku looking down hearing that.

"But even if you ran out of time, I'll tell you what it was All Might told me. He told me he envisioned me as a hero who could instill fear in villains through power and hope in the hearts of civilians through good humor. It's why I try to have my own sidekick make sure to understand the importance." He pointed to Bubble Girl.

"Wait, that's why you put me in the tickle machine if my report doesn't have enough humor?!"

"No, because you don't show enough of it." He remarked bluntly before looking at it and at Izuku. "Hmm…"

"So, I failed then." Spoke Izuku before turning to the door. "Sorry for wasting your time, it was an honor to meet you Sir Nighteye."

"Same, but your work isn't done yet, you should go on patrol with Bubble Girl in a few minutes."

"Huh?!" He and said girl let out turning to him in surprise.

"You might not have made me laugh, but I think you may have potential." He nodded. "Besides, I didn't say you couldn't get a second chance if you failed, just that you had a minute to make me laugh."

"R-Really? Thank you!" He said with a smile as he quickly bowed.

"Good, now you better go, and just do everything Bubble Girl says."

"Yes sir." He nodded before he followed Bubble Girl out of the office while sighing in relief. "Whew, that was so nerve racking!"

"Yeah, I really thought he was going to send you packing!"

"I honestly felt like a clown when I tried imitating All Might."

"Yeah, but it was kind of funny." She chuckled with a smile. "You managed to pull it off so well actually."

"Thanks, I am a bit of a nerd." He said with chuckle. "So, you ready to get to work?"

"Yup, but we'll just be keeping our eyes peeled for about a few blocks. Sir Nighteye said it's important not to go too far from the office since other pro heroes patrol around at the same time in other places." She said with a smile. "It also helps keeping us from conflicting with other agencies when they encounter a villain, but close enough that we can provide backup if they call it in."

"What should we do if we encounter some trouble? Do we take care of it or call Sir Nighteye?"

"We take care of it then we carefully document it so we can carefully process the paperwork." She answered with a smile. "If it seems like it's too out of hand, THEN we call Sir Nighteye."

"Alright, so, where should we go first?" He asked as she smile and took his hand.

"Just stay with me, I'll take you everywhere we need to go~" She smiled before leading him down the street with a change in her tone, but that's not what Izuku focused on.

'I-I-I'm holding a girl's hand!' He thought with a blush.

"If you see anything suspicious don't hesitate to tell me." She said as he nodded as his face kept turning red. "And don't worry, I'll keep us both safe no matter what."

"G-G-Good to hear." He let out while a few people who saw them assumed the two to be a couple.

"Ah, young love, remember when we were life that dear?"

"I never forgot." Said the old woman, making Izuku blush even more.

'D-Do we really look like a couple?' He thought while Bubble Girl was blushing herself.

'Wow, I guess we kind of do look like a couple like this...and why does that make me feel happy?' She wondered without letting go of the hand and felt her chest feel warm. 'In fact...this feels pretty nice.' She thought before Izuku's phone began to ring.

"Oh, sorry, I better take this." He said as he pulled out his phone and answered it. "Hello?"

"Izuku, is that you? Where are you, weren't you supposed to come to my agency later today?" Mt. Lady's voice came over the phone, making him chuckle nervously.

"Well it's kind of a funny story." He said as he scratched the back of his head. "I got an email from the school yesterday saying that the agency I was interning at would pick me up at my house, and Bubble Girl showed up and said I was interning at Sir Nighteye's agency."

"...Bullshit!" She yelled making him hold his phone away. "Your internship is with me!"

"T-The school said that my agency would pick me up, and I got the email after I left your agency, maybe there was a mixup?" He said as Bubble Girl frowned.

"Izuku, who's that?"

"It's Mt. Lady, I was at her agency yesterday because I thought I was interning with her."

"There must have been a mistake." She said as she shook her head. "Don't worry about it, tell her she was just confused, nothing more, nothing less, ok?"

"Hey, who's that?" Asked Mt. Lady who heard the voice.

"It's Bubble Girl, she's a sidekick in the hero agency that took me as an intern." He said as Mt. Lady growled.

"That bitch, she stole you!"

"Wait what?" He asked before Bubble Girl hit the end button.

"She must be having a rough day and is getting snappy, we don't need distractions like that while we're on duty." She said as she took his phone. "Now come on, we have to get back to patrol, all right?"

"Um...ok, if you say so, I guess I can call her later." He said as she grinned.

"Good, now let's go." She said as she took his hand again. She lead him on faster with Izuku turning red again.

We cut to Mt. Lady who was cursing at the phone and glaring at it. "That damn bitch!" She cursed as she crushed her phone. "Augh, how could she just steal him from me, I called ahead, I made sure that I would get him!" She tossed her phone away and marched out of her apartment. "I'm gonna get to the bottom of this."


"Alright, that should be everything, you can head home now Izuku."

"Thanks Bubble Girl, I'll see you and Sir Nighteye tomorrow." Said Izuku as he walked out of the building.

"Alright, get a goods night sleep!" She called, both unaware of the figure watching Izuku from the roof. 'Wow, with just the two of us out there holding hands, it was almost like a….' She was cut off as a figure jumped down, landing right in front of Izuku, surprising them both before he was grabbed. "Hey!"

"There you are kid, do you have any idea how hard it is to find you?" Asked a cocky voice as the streetlights turned on to show Mirko holding Izuku.

"M-Mirko?" He blinked before finding her jumping up and carrying him away. "Waah!"

"Come on kid, we got work to do! You weren't at your house so I had to look, luckily I work mostly at night!" She chuckled while landing on a nearby rooftop with Bubble Girl frowning.

"Hey! Put that student down!"

"He ain't no student, he's my intern, see you later bubble butt!" She laughed before jumping a long ways making Izuku cry out in surprise.

"W-What did you mean by intern, I'm not your intern, I'm Sir Nighteye's!"

"Of course you're my intern, just ask your principal."

"B-But I- wha, I'm confused!" he cried as she kept jumping before stopping on top of a large roof that had several mats and exercise equipment under a large glass canopy.

"Relax, after you're done learning from me you'll turn into one of the best heroes around, maybe even make it to the number one spot." She said with a grin. "Now then, let's see what you got, I want you to attack me."

"What?" He said as he tried to figure out was going on, still coming to terms that he had been essentially kidnapped.

"I want you to attack me, I heard your attack style is focusing more on kicking as of late, so it's pretty similar to mine, so let me see what I got to work with."

"I-I don't know, I mean it's getting late and I should probably be heading home."

"Nonsense, you can rest here after you collapse, now come on, attack me or I'll attack you." She urged patting her chest. "Don't hold anything back."

"Um….ok, if you say so…" He said hesitantly before he started to run towards her. His legs began to glow from the quirk's power before he jumped up into the air and swung his leg towards her.

She grinned as she jumped over the leg and over him before slapping him on the butt, making his eyes widen. "Too slow~"

"Ah!" He let out when he landed and blushed while turning to her. "D-Did you just slap my butt?!"

"Maybe, but don't worry about that, come at me again." She said as she gestured for him to come at her again. 'Nice and firm, nice~'

Izuku gulped and shook his head before he charged at her again. He tried to fake a kick at her before trying to punch her, only for her to chuckle and quickly dodge him.

"Nice try, but I wasn't born yesterday." She chuckled as he landed behind her. "Now come on, again." 'I didn't get to touch that fine ass, this time for sure.'

'If I can get her to jump up, I should have an opening.' He thought as he narrowed his eyes. 'I'll hit her this time for sure!'

She turned and grinned before propelling herself at him with her legs. "Come on, where's that strength I saw before, that strategy I saw in the sports festival, huh?"

"Right here!" He spoke with his arm reeled back.

"Another punch? Too easy!" She laughed as she jumped up.

"If that's what it was." He smirked before bending his legs and jumped up into the air right in front of her.

"Alright, a new tactic!" She laughed as she crossed her arms as his leg made contact with them. She went flying back while Izuku went dropping back down on the roof. "Oof, that kick has some juice behind it, that's what I'm talking about!"

"Can we pick this up tomorrow when we're both more awake?"

"Nah, listen here kid, when you're a hero you never know when you'll have to work late, or when you have to chase a criminal long into the night! So come on, let's keep it up, and when you need to sleep I can pull out a cot." She smirked while cracking her knuckles. "You gotta build up enough stamina because no villain is gonna give you a lunch break."

"But I need sleep, and I need rest for my internship if I'm going to perform at 100%."

"But I AM your internship, and you look fine by me." She remarked before lunging at him and swung her leg out.

"But I was interning at Sir Nighteye, he confirmed it!"

"A mistake!" She called as she knocked him down before slapping his ass again.

"Yipe!" He let out with a brighter blush. "W-Why do you keep doing that?!"

"Because seeing you yelp is hilarious~" She chuckled with a grin. "Think of it as incentive to do better~"

'That's just distracting me!' He thought as he stood back up.

"Alright, come on, let's keep it up!" She grinned with Izuku gulping.

'I hope we can wrap this up fast.'


"Come on, once more!"

"I… I can't…" panted Izuku who was on his knees and looked ragged.

"Oh come on, it's only been four hours!" She groaned. "You sure you're too tired to continue?"


"Fine, then let's get you inside, it won't do you any good to pass out on the roof." She said as made her way towards him. "It's too late to send you home." She picked him up and carried him over to the cots.

"Alright...hey, why is there only one cot?" He asked as she grinned.

"I usually train alone here, never needed more than one." She remarked casually before setting him down. "It might feel a bit snug."

"W-What?" He said with a blush as she laid down next to him, wrapping her arms around him so they could both fit comfortably. 'Oh my god! It's like with Mt. Lady, but bigger!'

"Now don't try anything funny, ok?" She asked with a chuckle. 'But feel free to take a squeeze or two~'

That made him turn bright red while feeling her chest touch his. 'I-Is this really happening? It can't be, I must have hit my head especially hard during training.'

"Night." She said as her eyes began to close.



'Oh god, if I breath too much I might make her move closer!' Thought Izuku who was wide awake and just about to be smothered by a very sleepy and clingy Mirko's bosom. 'T-They feel almost like Mt. Lady's! Maybe bigger!'

"...carrots…..zzzz…." She lightly snored, making him blush.

'She sounds more like a rabbit when she's asleep!' He thought while feeling her legs drape around his own. 'I-I should wake her up now...but what if it makes her hold me tighter?'

"Mmm….yum…" She mumbled as she pulled him tighter. "Carrot~...mine~"

'Please oh please don't let her-'

"Wanna...taste~…." She opened her mouth before biting on his cheek making him jump with a yelp.

"Mirko-san, wake up, I'm not food!" He shouted as her eyes snapped open.

She blinked and moved back while noting how close they were and how red Izuku's face was. "...shit, what did I do when I was out?"

"Y-Y-You tried to….e-e-eat me." He got out with a gulp.

"Ah, sorry about that, I was having a dream about a cute green carrot and well, I guess I got to carried away, huh?" She remarked before moving off him much to his relief and looked around. "Huh, guess it's the next day, better get you home."

"Y-Yeah, thanks for letting me sleep on the cot…" He said with a blush as she chuckled.

"No problem, and I gotta say, you're pretty damn comfortable kid." She complimented while standing up. "You should rent yourself out as a bed." She joked.

"W-what? Don't say stuff like that!" He cried with a blush, making her chuckle.

"I'm telling it like it is, no need to get embarrassed so much." She said as she shook her head. 'Damn, he gets embarrassed way too easily.'

'Easier said than done.' He thought before finding himself picked up by Mirko again.

"Alright, let's get you home, same time tonight?"

"But I-"

"Great, I'll pick you up, now you rest those leg muscles, later I'll show you good ways to help relax your legs after a nice long workout." She grinned before jumping from the roof making him yell out at the sudden move. "Don't worry, I know what I'm doing kid."


"Ugh…" He groaned entering his house as quiet as possible and went to his bedroom where he plopped down on his bed. 'That was intense, I've never been so nervous and scared in my life.'

"Izuku, are you up there honey?" His mother called from the kitchen.

"Yeah, I just got home, sorry for being out so late, my internship went long."

"Well come down when you're ready for you can get breakfast."

"Alright." He called as he began to make his way downstairs. 'What is up with this internship, why is the school messing up so much?'

His mom hummed while making eggs while Izuku just realized how hungry he was with his stomach growling loudly.

"Hey honey, how was your internship, did it work up an appetite?" She asked with a smile.

"Yeah, a pretty big one." He said as he sat down. "The internships have been...interesting, the school's been a bit weird with my assignment, I think they messed up."

"What do you mean?"

"Well, first I went to Mt. Lady, then I met Bubble Girl and went to Sir Nighteye's agency, and then I ran into Mirko who said I was to be an intern under her, and it's all so confusing." He said as he scratched his head. "They all claim I'm interning with them, but that's impossible, right?"

"Well, maybe your principal forgot to tell you or there was a mix up in the forms. Why don't you give him a call?"

"Ah, that might work, thanks mom." He said as he pulled out his phone right as there was a knock on the door.

"Now who could that be this early?" His mother asked as she lifted the frying pan of eggs and gave some to Izuku before making her way to the door.

Knock knock

"I'm coming, I'm coming." She called as she reached the door and opened it only to gasp in surprise.

"Sorry for the intrusion, but is Izuku Midoriya here?" Asked Uwabami with a smile.

"Y-Yes, he's eating breakfast right now, why do you ask?" She asked, still amazed that THE Uwabami was at her front door.

"Well you see I wanted to let him know to meet me at this address later on when he's ready." She held out a card showing an address, phone number, and brand name.

"O-ok, right away...w-would you like to come in?"

"Sorry, I have an appointment with my stylist I'm almost late for, bye." She waved before walking back to the long black limo with a suited man opening it for her.

"Wow….so elegant." Said Inko in amazement before closing the door. "Izuku, Uwabami just stopped by, she wants to see you after you finish eating!"

"Say what?" He asked through a mouthful of eggs.

"She left us a card, she want you to meet her here as soon as you can." She replied handing Izuku it while swallowing the eggs.

"Huh, I wonder why she wants me to come there? Well, it is on the way to Mirko and Sir Nighteyes agencies so I guess I can stop there quickly." He remarked looking at the card. "But why?"

"I don't know, but maybe she heard about you along with yours friends and wants to meet you again, especially as a way of saying thank you."

"I guess, I just really hope this isn't another surprise internship." He said, getting a bad feeling about this.


Izuku looked down at the card and then at the studio he was standing in front of. 'This is the place, so do I just walk in?'

With no other option, he walked towards the doors and headed inside and went to the front desk. "Um, excuse me? I'm here to see Uwabami?"

"Sorry kid, we don't do tours now beat it."

"I'm not here for a tour, I came here to see her." He replied holding up the card. "She gave me this and told me to come by later for something."

"Wait, you're THAT kid?! C-Come right this way, she's been expecting you." Spoke the receptionist getting up and walked around before leading Izuku to a door. "Right through here, just make sure to do everything she says, alright?"

"But I don't even know why she wanted me to come here in the first place." He said before the receptionist pushed him through the door and closed it quickly behind him. "Hey!" He turned and tried opening the door, but it was locked.

"Ah, Izuku, I was wondering when you were going to show up~" Chuckled a voice behind him.

He turned and saw the snake hero herself standing there with her hands on her hips with a smile. "U-Uwabami?"

"For a second I was worried you wouldn't be able to come by." She chuckled as she shook her head. "But I knew you'd come eventually, I'm just glad no one else swiped you from me first."

"What do you mean?"

"Well it seems like the school told other agencies on accident that you were their intern, completely crazy, isn't it? I'm sure you've had others stealing you from other agencies, right?" She said as he remembered Mirko stealing him from Bubble Girl.

"Well yeah, I was actually gonna talk to the principal and find out what happened."

"No need, I know what to do, follow me." She said as she began to walk away, her voice leaving no room for disagreement.

"Uh...ok." He said as he followed her as she led him into a dressing room where a large stack of papers and a pen were resting on one of the tables.

"Alright, I'm just going to need you to sign these papers and you won't have to worry about anything, ok?"

"What are they?"

"Just a few contracts, once you sign then we can get started." She said as she sat down with a smile.

"Contracts? For what?" He asked with caution. "I mean, signing one without reading it seems kind of dangerous."

"Oh don't worry, they're fine." She said as he walked over and picked one up and began to read.

"This contract hereby states that I agree to the terms and conditions set forth, those being that I am to be an intern learning exclusively under Uwabami and that any affiliation with other internships will result in penalties." Read Izuku to himself. "What does this mean by penalties? I don't think I can sign this, I still need to figure things out with the school."

"Well this is just some paperwork to help settle all this confusion. This is more formal and to the point so you won't need to worry about some other agency wasting your time, especially when you can learn a lot of important skills just from my agency itself." She said with a smile. "Besides, wouldn't you rather work for me than some other random agency?"

"Well, I don't know, I already made a commitment to Nighteye's agency, plus I still don't know what 'penalties' are on this contract, I was kind of kidnapped by Mirko last night, would I be held responsible if that happened again?"

"Well no, that would actually be held against her since taking another's intern for their own would be breaking the law. It applies to you if you willing to go to other agencies while learning under me. My lawyers just put that in their for formalities, but it's really there as a warning, which can still happen if I choose."

"Um….can I wait until I figure out what's going on with the school before I sign?" He asked, feeling like a mouse frozen in front of a giant snake. "I mean, with all that's happened I wanna see what the principal has to say or has an idea how this all got so confusing and mixed up. I mean I wanna learn from a real pro-hero, really, but I just wanna make sure there's not a huge hassle in the end because of some mistake." He said as he scratched the back of his head.

"Fine, I guess you can sign that one later, but I'm going to have to insist you sign the other ones at least."

"What are they?"

"Just a few safety contracts, one saying that if you appear in any commercials or work that I do that we don't have to give you credit, and so on, I make all interns sign them, like your friend from the sports festival, Momo Yaoyorozu."

"Oh, ok I can do that." He said as he began to sign them quickly. 'I wonder why she was so insistent on me signing the first one?'

"Now, I'm sure you're well aware of how some people have said how heroes can't have jobs, but let me get that out of the way and say it's not true. You can still be a hero and hold down a job, it's more of trying to juggle both jobs, which falls on a personal level." She said with a smile. "The more popular the hero the bigger the opportunities they have to cash in on that popularity, so most take advantage of that, take All Might for example, he has his face plastered everywhere and he is getting paid handsomely for it."

"But he spends all his time saving the day." Izuku pointed out.

"This is true, but you don't need to be in commercials to get paid, some heroes are fine with getting paid by royalties from the sales of their brand. He manages to make a living while letting his fans pay the bills, but that doesn't mean he's a sell out. One thing to keep in mind is everyone needs a form of income to keep living, if we could live in a world where you didn't, chances are some heroes might not be heroes since some of them view it as easy money."

"That does make sense, he did spend most of his time patrolling and helping those he could, plus with his current condition that money is going to really help him pay off any medical bills he has." Izuku muttered as his mind raced.

"Exactly, that's why you should know that it isn't bad to get paid for your looks and popularity, it's just common sense." She smiled. "Look at me for instance, I've been in commercials, movies, tv cameos, and a few grand openings, but that doesn't mean I don't go out on patrol and help out other heroes, my quirk just isn't as big and flashy as some of them."

"Yeah, that makes sense." He said as he nodded his head. "So are you going to teach me how to juggle a hero's life with that of a celebrities?"

"Actually, I'm gonna help show you what it's like with my line of work. We're gonna get you to experience what it feels to get dolled up for a commercial, and you're in luck since my agent has one for men's wear ready and waiting to get started."

"Wait, what?" He said in confusion before several people entered the room.

"Don't worry, everything will be fine Izuku." She said as they made him sit down.


"Alright, I think this suit should do just nicely as the opening wardrobe."

"O-ok, wait, how did you have one my size ready?" Izuku asked, feeling a bit overwhelmed.

"We have extra copies of all sizes in case of emergencies kid, this isn't the first time we've done this."

" what am I doing exactly in this commercial?" He asked as he began to put the suit on.

"You just gotta stand there and look good, don't worry kid, it's pretty standard stuff." Spoke the agent while a girl powdered his face. "See how this goes is first we show off the suit, then cut and get you in another shirt, and this goes on a few times, and then it's just a matter of letting the tech guys piece it all together and bam."

"Yep, also we have a line of mens underwear, how comfortable are you with wearing just those for one shoot?"

"U-Underwear?" He blushed.

"Of course, though if you'd rather not that's fine, we understand."

"Maybe we skip that." He said as his face turned red. 'Oh god, in my underwear?!'

"Alright, what about swimming trunks?"

"O-ok, that's a little bit better…" He said nervously. 'Ok, it can't be that bad, It'll just be like wearing a pair of shorts.'

"Alright, and he's good to go sir."

"Good get him and Miss Uwabami to the set immediately."

The workers got Izuku up and lead him over to a set. "Allright kid, just stay here as she wraps her arms around you, we're trying to project the image of a guy who has it all, looks, suit and a beautiful woman."

"Wait what?" He blushed. "B-But I thought I was just showing off clothes."

"And you are, but these ads are all about subconscious messages, when the viewers see you with her hands all over you and they get the idea that if they wear the suit the same will happen to them." Said the producer as they reached a white set. "It's all gonna happen with each outfit, and all you gotta do is try and look cool while smiling, think you can do that?"

"I-I think so…"

"Alright, and keep a straight face, do not blush or get flustered, alright?"

He gulped and nodded slowly.

"Great, where's Miss Uwabami at?"

"I'm right here, just finishing up my makeup." She said as she walked towards them with a smile. "You ready for this Izuku~?"

He nodded while the others moved away and he looked out to see cameras getting in place while feeling nervous. 'Crap, I might start sweating or mess up when we start.'

"Just be calm Izuku, I know you can do this." She said with a smile.

"Alright Miss Uwabami, we're ready to start."

"Right." She said as she walked towards Izuku before kneeling down and wrapping her arms loosely around his neck. "Go ahead and put an arm on my waist and they'll do the rest."

"O-Ok." He said as he tried his best to keep a straight face. He put a hand on her waist and looked at the camera.

"Alright, and….action!"

"Mr. Suit's suits, the finest, most elegant suits in japan, feel that soft, silk stitching." Called a man's voice as Uwabami's hands began to roam his chest.

'Alright, just stay calm, don't blush, and just smile Izuku.' He thought as he tried not to think so hard about it. 'Ok, just keep calm, keep calm!'

"Perfectly threaded for the young gentlemen of today." The voice said Uwabami resting her chin on his shoulder.

"And ready to be worn at a reasonable price that'll change the way you see clothing for the future." Said the voice as Izuku kept trying to ignore her as he felt her breasts press against his back.

"Get yours today as soon as you can."

"And cut! Good work." Smiled the director as Izuku sighed in relief and let out the breath he was holding while Uwabami patted his back.

"Good job Izuku, VERY good job, almost as good as a professional actor."

"T-T-Thank you." He spoke while blushing and gulped. 'Oh man, I'm feeling breasts in these last two days left and right! Is this all some dream or is it real?'

"Alright, take the jacket off, we need to get ready for the next one."

"W-Wait, how many are we doing?"

"A lot, we got a whole wardrobe to do buddy." Said the director as Izuku groaned. "Just keep a straight face through it all and you should be good."

"Don't worry Izuku, I know you'll do just fine." Smiled Uwabami with a wink.

"I-I hope so…" He said nervously. 'I should be fine, she won't be pressing against me for all of them...will she?'

'He looked pretty dashing in that suit, I wonder if he'll do just fine when we get to the swimsuit part.' Thought Uwabami as her heart skipped a beat. 'I wonder if I should see if he'll join my agency once he goes pro?'


"Alright, that should be good people!" Called the Director as a bikini clad Uwabami let go of a beet red Izuku. "Great work there kid, I thought you weren't gonna make it, but you proved me wrong."

"T-Thanks, w-where are my regular clothes?" He asked with a blush.

"Right here." Spoke one man holding out the folded clothes as Izuku took them and started getting dressed. "You can keep the swimming trunks, along with the other clothes you tried on."

"T-Thank you." He said as he took the clothes.

"I'm impressed Izuku, I'd say you have a talent for this." Smiled Uwabami while an assistant came and handed her own clothes.

"I-I just tried my best." he said as he began to head to the changing room.

"Hold on Izuku."

"Huh? What is it?"

"We still have to talk about that contract, remember?"

"Huh? Didn't I sign all of the- oh, right… that one."

"Of course, I made sure to keep it in mind throughout the whole shoot."

"W-Well, I didn't have time to check with the school because of the shoot." He said as he rubbed the back of his head.

"Well you give him a call and I'll go get it."

"U-um, ok…" He said as he pulled out his phone and began to dial the number. He heard it ring a few times while Uwabami walked away before hearing it pick up. "Hello? Mr. Aizawa? Is that you?"

"Well hello Izuku, I'm afraid he's a bit indisposed right now~" Chuckled Midnight's voice.

"Huh? Midnight?" He blinked in surprise. "Oh, sorry, I was calling to see if I could get him to get the principal, I don't have the number that goes directly to him."

"The principal, what for?" She asked in confusion.

"Well, I'm at Uwabami's agency and she wants me to sign a contract saying that I will only intern at her agency, but three others have already claimed that I'm interning at theirs, what do I do?"

"Hmm, well I know just the thing. Listen, come over here to the school, I should be able to help get all this fixed up." She said as she grinned from the other end. "Also, don't sign anything, those contracts are full of hidden rules."

"Um...I may have signed eight already?"

"Oh good god." She grumbled. "Just ignore them for now, and come over here right now, immediately."

"O-Ok, I'll go right now, see you soon." He said as he ended the call right as Uwabami came back with the contract.

"Here we go, now it just needs your signature to be complete."

"Um, I have to leave right now, and the school said not to sign anything until this is all sorted out." He said as she began to frown.

'What? Oh you have to be kidding me.' She mentally groaned. "Izuku, did Nezu say that?"

"Um, no, I didn't have his number so I tried to call Aizawa but Midnight answered, she wants me to go meet with her to figure this out."

'Oh I should have guessed it'd be her.' She thought as she shook her head. "Izuku, I think this is quite silly, you've already spent the day here and you had fun, so just sign the contract, no need to inconvenience Midnight, right?"

"Well she told me to come over to the school right away."

"Well then how about I come with you and we can get this all sorted out, alright?"

"Well, it would make sense, especially since I did learn some important facts from you Uwabami, oh! Thank you very much." He bowed quickly as a sign of respect.

She chuckled as she shook her head. "Oh it's no problem, look I'll go tell them to get the limo, you stay here, allright?"

"Ok." He said with a nod as she left. "Great, this is finally going to be dealt with and I can resume my internship without getting kidnapped every other day."


"Ah, this is going to be a breeze." Smiled Midnight sitting at her desk. 'I wonder if I should bring out my, not yet, I just need to gain his trust, THEN the kinky stuff~' She thought as she heard a knock on the door. "Come in!"

Izuku opened it with a smile. "Hi Midnight, we're here."

"That's great, come i- wait, what do you mean we?" She asked as he walked in before seeing Uwabami appear with a hand on her hip making her frown. "What are you doing here?"

"He was interning at my agency and he said that he needed to check with the school before doing anything, so I volunteered to take him here so we could get this all sorted out of course."

"I see." She remarked bluntly with a frown. 'This is going to be hard now.'

"So, let's get this sorted out, I got an email saying Izuku was interning at my agency, so he's my intern, correct?"

"Well it's not that simple." She remarked in a business tone. "You see, when we were going through internship requests, his file got mixed up with several others."

"Wait, really? Is that why so many people keep saying I'm their intern?"

"Yes, a simple mess up is all." She nodded. "That's why I wanted to talk to just you in private." She glanced at Uwabami.

"I don't see why this has to be private, he's my intern so it makes sense that I stay."

"Well at the moment he's not really anyone's intern because without a proper form to make it official, he's in danger of going from one agency to the next because of this slip up, which is why I'm going to fix it."

"Great, then just make him mine, what's the problem?"

"Yes, about that….I'm not so sure." She remarked making Uwabami frown and Izuku confused.

"Huh? What do you mean?" Izuku asked in confusion.

"Well you see Izuku, Uwabami might be a pro hero, but I feel like you could learn much more from a hero that isn't distracted with their celebrity status."

"I am not distracted by celebrity status!" She shouted as she stood up in indignation with her snakes hissing. "Who would you rather he intern with?!"

"Well, this is just off the tip of my head, but I suppose I could do the job."

"WHAT?! You're not qualified, you left your agency to teach here! You're a glorified teacher!"

"Yes, which is my job to TEACH, as in help them be prepared for the future." She huffed before smiling at Izuku. "I can help you after school hours, think of it like extra credit in a sense."

"That...does sound nice, but I was hoping to get some real experience in a hero agency…" He said nervously. "N-Not that you wouldn't be good!" He spoke up quickly.

"Now now, I know you might be hesitant, but this is the best option, trust me, I only have your best interests at heart." she smiled with Uwabami rolling her eyes making her frown. "How long are you going to eavesdrop? Don't you have a commercial to do?"

"No, we finished for the day, I was going to take Izuku on a patrol."

"You mean take him to go sign autographs?"

"N-No!" She glared while clenching her hands.

"Really now?" Midnight raised an eyebrow. "Then tell me, just what part of the city were you going to go to?"

"Downtown, why?" She growled with a frown.

"So a place where plenty of people can see and flock to you for autographs or pictures, interesting." Midnight remarked casually making the celebrity narrow her eyes.

"No, a place full of potential uggers, car thieves and what not, now tell him who his REAL internship is, you and I both know that he can't intern with you."

"Oh please, people get internships with teachers all the time."

"Oh really, name one time in the last ten years a student interned with a teacher." She said as she crossed her arms.


"Exactly, besides it will look bad on his resume if he had to do his interview with a teacher, it will make agencies think he wasn't good enough, that no other agency would take him." Uwabami pointed out with a smirk. "That and others might think he's getting special treatment, and I don't think Izuku is the kind who would want that, isn't that right Izuku?"

"N-no, not at all!"

"See? So if you care at all about him you will make my agency the only one he's interning at, ok?"

Midnight frowned seeing Uwabami's smirk and crossed her arms. "Oh? Then you won't mind telling that to the other heroes he's met, why don't I give them a call?"

"...that's not necessary, we don't want to bother them, they're probably busy." She said quickly, making Midnight grin.

"Oh I think it is, it wouldn't be fair if I just gave him to you, what about everyone else?"


"Great, I'll just call them and get this all sorted out." She grinned. 'If I can't have him then neither can you bitch!'

'Crap! That crafty dominatrix is gonna ruin everything!' She thought as she glared at her. 'I need to do something! I will not lose him when I'm so close!'

Izuku saw Midnight pull out her phone before seeing Uwabami 'trip' and wind up falling over the desk and onto the teacher with a crash.

"Augh, what the hell is your problem?!" Shouted Midnight with a frown. "Get off of me!"

"Oh I'm so sorry, I slipped." Spoke Uwabami with a smirk which Izuku couldn't see while she knocked Midnight's phone from her hand. "Oh no! I'm really sorry, that doesn't happen much."

"It's fine, just get off already!" What are you doing, and how did you trip when you weren't moving?!"

"Accidents happen, just let me-oops!" She let out 'accidentally' dropping down on Midnight again when she reached for her phone. "Wow, this floor sure is slippery."

"This is ridiculous, what are you trying to do?!"

"It's pretty obvious." She hissed silently with Izuku blinking.

"Uh, do you need any help?"

"No, I'm fine, I can do this, just give me a second."

"Get her off me!"

"O-Ok." He said as he walked forward and tried to help Uwabami up.

"Oh, why thank you Izuku." She smiled with Midnight frowning, only to ACTUALLY end up tripping backwards due to a crack in the floor, leading to her pulling Izuku back and him crashing on the two ladies with a grunt. "Oh, sorry Izuku, here, let me get u- hey, get off of you old hag!"

"You get off! You keep falling on me like a clutz!"


"Attention hog!"

"C-Can I please get u-mmmpp!" He cried out only to wind up in between them with his head against their chests making his eyes widen. 'S-S-S-S-S-S-S-SOFT!'

"Get off bitch, you're traumatizing Izuku!"

"You're one to talk with a costume like that, I'll bet you use it to make the students stare instead of getting any work done."

"Lies! At least I take my job seriously, you spend more times in advertisements then you do on 'patrol' you fake hero!"

"That's it!" Uwabami started grabbing at Midnight's cheeks to stretch out with her snakes hissing while Midnight grabbing at her hair and yanked. "OW!"

"You wanna go bitch?! Let's go!"

"Mmmmph!" Izuku let out as the two starred clawing at the other which made his head rub between the breasts with him popping a nosebleed and stunned. 'What's going on….everything is so warm and soft….it's almost like I'm being smothered in clouds…'


"So...we good now?" Panted Midnight who's costume was torn in several places.

"Yeah, we're good." Spoke Uwabami with her dress the same, along with her snakes looking a bit scratched up too. "You good Izuku?"

"I...what was that, what just happened?" Asked a dazed Izuku who was as red as a tomato.

"Just a minor scuffle, that's all." Said Midnight as she shook her head. "Look, Izuku just….don't sign anything she gives you, I'm going to talk to Nezu and get this whole thing sorted out."

"I'd still be a great hero to learn from." Muttered Uwabami.

"Not another word or I get the whip." Snapped Midnight. "I'll call you tomorrow just… go to any agency that says you're theirs until then, ok?"

"Okie dokie." He gave a thumbs up while getting up and left while looking down leaving the two women alone.

"You know...he got a good feel of my girls." Smirked Midnight.

"Shut up, he got a better feel for mine, he definitely liked mine more." Remarked Uwabami as her snakes nodded. "Besides, I got a chance to see him in swimming trunks, and he saw me in a bikini."

"What?! No fair! Damn it…" She muttered with a frown. 'I need to step up my game, I will not lose to this bitch!' but that's when it clicked. 'I gotta see if that made it in a commercial.'


"Wow...just wow." Muttered Izuku outside and sitting on a bench while splashing some water on his face. "That didn't just happen."

"What didn't?" Asked a voice behind him, making him turn to see Ryukuru.

"Ryukuru? What are you doing here?"

"I was passing through while on patrol and saw you, why haven't you been by for your internship yet?"

He blinked and turned bright red recalling the memory and coughed. "S-S-S-Sorry! I...I was...busy."

"Oh, then would you like to join me on patrol? The days still young."

"W-Wait! You said my internship, right?"

"Yes, why?"

"T-This will be my fifth one, what is going on?!" he cried as she looked at him in confusion.

"Did...did no one tell you? When I called the others they said that a plan had been made and that you would be around." She asked as she tilted her head.

"Plan? What plan?"

"...Izuku, we all applied for you to join our agencies, I even went to Nezu personally, and he said that an exception would be made and that we would have to share you, did no one tell you this?"

He looked at her with wide eyes and slack jaw before giving a slow shake of his head. "W-W-Wait! So then what's been going on might have been a lack of communication…" He muttered to himself.

"It shouldn't have been, the email we all got said that we would be sharing you, I tried to call them about making a schedule where we would get you for one day of the week and alternate weekends, but I never got a response."

"I was just told there was a big mix up, I've been going around to different heroes in the last two day!" He spoke while letting out a sigh and sat down. "It all feels so exhausting, I never imagined this could even be possible."

"It is a bit odd, but isn't completely unusual when two competing agencies share an intern, but we should have been talking to each other." She said as she sat down next to him. She saw him rubbing his face and patted his back. "Will you be ok?"

"I...I don't know, I'm kind of exhausted, I've barely gotten a break since this started." He said as she frowned.

"Well, my patrol is almost over, do you want to come back to my agency and get some sleep?"

"That...actually that sounds kinda nice." He said as she smiled.

"Alright, come on, I'll take you there." She said as she grabbed him as two wings popped out of her back. She flew them up into the air while shifting into her dragon form while Izuku managed to keep from screaming in surprise. "Sorry about this, but it's the only way to get to my agency quickly." She said as she held him in her claws.

"It's alright!" He called out over the wind before she turned and took off towards the city.

"Izuku, can you come here, we need to ta- Izuku? Hey, where is he?" Said Midnight as she opened the door only to see no sign of the green haired boy. She looked down the halls and stepped out followed by Uwabami. "He's gone."

"Gone?! What do you mean gone?!"

" seems he's been kidnapped by a dragon." She growled as she looked up. 'I knew this would happen when I took my eyes off him!'

"What?! Oh come on! Now I have to go get him back." She grumbled with a frown.

"No, I have to get him back, you can go back modeling hair spray or something."

"No, he is still technically interning with me and I have to secure the safety of my workers."

"Well as his teacher it's up to me to make sure MY student is safe and sound."

"I'll text you if he's fine after I get him." She growled as she began to make her way to the limo.

"I'm coming with."

"Hell no, get your own ride there!"

"What's wrong? Miss high and mighty is too cheap to lend a ride?"

"No, I'm just sure a teacher of UA doesn't need to bum a ride when it suits her, right?" Smirked Uwabami before getting inside and shut the door. "Driver, take me to Ryukuru's agency office, now."

"And step on it." Said Midnight as she opened the door and got in. "And by the way, it's not bumming a ride, it's using resources available to me."

"Hey get out!" Frowned the snake hero as the driver started the limo.

"You can make me, but I can't guarantee you and your pets won't walk away without more scratches, and I doubt your fans would wanna see you without underwear." Smirked Midnight holding out her whip. "Then again maybe they would, you do flaunt your body everywhere so maybe it wouldn't be to much of a shock, huh?"

"You bitch!" She shouted as the driver began to drive away, ignoring the screaming in the back.

With Ryukuru, she landed near a office downtown and changed back with people noticing the sudden appearance, along with the boy she lead inside who yawned. "Come on, I have a comfortable couch you can crash on for now in my office, do you need anything, maybe some food?"

"No, I already had breakfast, thank you though." He said as she led him into the building which looked like a medieval castle on the inside. "Wow, this is pretty cool, did they do this because of your quirk?"

"Yeah, they thought it would be a good promotional stunt." She nodded while leading him to the back with fake torches set up and inside it had a treasure chest with shiny items inside. "Every few weeks we have kids over for an 'adventure' and they have to slay the mighty dragon to get the 'treasure', the kids love it and it helps with my reputation in the community."

"Wow, that sounds really nice." He smiled making her blush.

"It's no big deal, I'm sure other heroes have done much better."

"Maybe, but you're helping kids have a good role model and have fun, what's not to like about that?"

"Well most people are all for All Might, so I feel like I could do better."

"Well that's not a fair comparison, he was the number one hero for decades, you're doing great on your own, really." He said with a smile as she led him up a flight of stone stairs.

"I know I am, but I'm not one to get a big head and like to give the chance for other heroes to shine before me."

"Wow, that's really humble and nice." He said as they reached a large wooden door.

"This is my office." She opened it up which looked a little dark inside. "Sorry about this, the lights went out and one of my sidekicks went to go pick up some light bulbs, but she hasn't returned yet."

"It's alright, I can still see, a little." He remarked as they walked inside before he felt his leg bump something and reached down to feel cotton sheets. "I think I found a bed."

"Yeah, I sometimes sleep here after pulling an all nighter." She remarked as he moved down to sit down on it. "I'll be outside working on some paperwork, you just call me if you need anything."

"Alright, thanks again for letting me rest here." He said as he lied down.

"No problem." She turned and walked away while inwardly pumping her fist. 'Yes, I have him, he's here in my agency/home! Take that, all I had to do was treat him like an actual human being and not a piece of meat!'

While that went on, Mt. Lady was giving Bubble Girl hell."

"WHERE IS HE, WHERE IS HE YOU BITCH?!" She yelled shaking the girl who was trying to kick her away.

"Get off me!"

"No, you stole him from me damn it, he chose my agency!"

"You're more hard headed than usual!" She bit down on Mt. Lady's thumb making her yelp and drop her. "He's not your intern, he's Sir Nighteye's."

"Lies! He came to my agency, I got the fucking email afterwords, he is mine!"

"No you didn't, I got it!"

"Oi, Bubble Girl, where the fuck is Izuku?!" Called another voice as they looked up to see Mirko jumping down towards them. "He wasn't at his house and I wanna know if he's here."

"No, I haven't seen him since you kidnapped him!"

"Wait, you did what?!"

"I didn't kidnap him, I took him back to the right hero who's teaching him."

"You kidnapped him in the night as he was heading home!"

"You kidnapped my intern you damn rabbit?!" Growled Mt. Lady making Mirko glare.

"No, I took MY intern and began to train him until we went to sleep!"

"He's not your intern." Spoke up Bubble Girl. "He's interning here with Sir Nighteye."

"Bullshit! I got the email, I requested him, he's mine!" She growled before they began to hear some shouting coming from a limo waiting at a stoplight. "What the hell's that?"

"Let go of me bitch, Izuku is mine, not yours, you're just a teacher!"

"And you're just an overblown hussy who could give Mt. Lady a run for her money!"

"Hey, what was that?!" Cried said hero as she marched over with a frown. She looked outside and saw a black limo which seemed to shake a little which she walked over and knocked on the window. "Hey, open up bitches, do you have Izuku in there?"

It slid down to show Midnight and Uwabami who frowned.

"No, what makes you think that?"

"You shouted his name while in a limo, so either he's in there with you or you know where he is and going there to get him, right?" Said Bubble Girl as she walked over.

"Speak up you two, or else." Growled Mirko.

"Oh well when you put it like that, of course." Smiled Uwabami before looking to the front. "Floor it!"

"Yes ma'am." Said the driver as the light turned green.

"Oh no you don't!" Mt. Lady cried as she dove into the open window before it could be closed.

"Hey!" Called Mirko as she and Bubble Girl saw Mt. Lady's legs kick around. "Get back here!"

"After them!" Cried Bubble girl as she jumped on Mirko's back right as she began to hop after them.

"Hey, get off of me!"

"Forget it, there's no way I'm letting you four get ahead of me, now just keep jumping."

"Ugh, if I wasn't in a rush I'd kick your ass!"

"Duly noted, now hurry up!"

Any citizen nearby were confused seeing Mirko carrying Bubble Girl, and Mt. Lady's legs sticking out of a limo which was speeding through red lights. As they kept going we cut to Ryukuru who was sitting in front of the door to the room Izuku was sleeping in when one of her sidekicks ran up to her.

"Miss Ryukuru!"

"Yes? Is something the matter?"

"Well, we don't know, several pro heroes and a limo have been racing through the streets and their destination seems to be our agency, do you know what this is about?"

"Hmm...nope, can't say I do." She said as she glanced at the door with a frown. 'So they saw me leave with Izuku, how unfortunate.'

"What should I do if they come in?"

"Tell them that they should calm down and I'll be down shortly to deal with them."

"Yes ma'am." He nodded before leaving.

'So, it seems I have to defend what's mine, very well, bring it on!' She thought as the limo reached the agency.

"Get me out of this window!" Shouted Mt. Lady as the door was opened as Midnight and Uwabami jumped out.

"No, it's your own damn fault for jumping in!" frowned Uwabami as Midnight rushed to the agency and headed inside just as Mirko landed with Bubble Girl smirking.

"Thanks." She jumped off with a few bubbles getting sent near Mirko's face.

"Augh, what is that, it smells terrible!" She cried as she clutched her nose.

Midnight rushed to the desk where the sidekick was. "You, where is Ryukuru at?"

"Um, ma'am, I'm going to have to ask you to please calm down, she'll be down shortly."

"I am calm." She remarked just as Uwabami came rushing in.

"Where is she?!"

"Ma'am, please calm down, she'll be down in a moment, what is the nature of your business here?"

"I'm here to get my intern back, he was kidnapped."

"Same, she stole my student from UA grounds, that means I need him back right now!"

"Get her right now!" Both spoke with their faces next to each other making the sidekick reel back with a gulp.

'I don't get paid enough to deal with this!' he thought before seeing Mt. Lady, Bubble Girl and Mirko running in. 'Oh thank god, more heroes, they'll help me deal with these two.'

"Where is he?" Asked Bubble Girl.

"Where's Izuku?" Said Mirko with a frown.

'Oh fuck me.' Thought the sidekick with a groan. "I'll go get her just….stay here, please?"

The women watched the man walk away before turning to each other with frowns.

" bitches are after Izuku too, aren't you?" Mirko asked with a frown.

"Yes, to make sure he's safe of course." Remarked Midnight with her own frown. "Especially when he gets kidnapped by supposed heroes."

"Like this one." Spoke Mt. Lady pointing to Bubble Girl.

"I did not kidnap him! I just went to pick him up for his internship, he went willingly, unlike a certain rabbit hero!"

"Hey! I can help him way more unlike all of you. He's got some good strength in his body, and who here can be a better match up to help him control it? Me, that's who."

"There's more to this job then punching people, I was going to show him the business side, he was going to sign a contract!"

"He's too young for that!"

"Right, he is too young for any of you and he is exhausted, what have you been doing to him?!" Called a new voice as Ryukuru appeared at the top of the stairs. She walked down and frowned at them. "I'm letting him rest up because apparently you're running him ragged and I wanna know just what's been going on, especially when we all should have known about the plan, remember?"

"Screw the plan, he just needs one of us, screw all of you!" Shouted Mt. Lady.

"You are all idiots, why did none of you tell him the fact that we were supposed to share him?! You've been fighting over this poor kid like he's a toy!" Growled Ryukuru and slammed her hands on the desk. "Start talking! What. Did. You. Do?"

"We didn't do anything! We just took him when we had a chance and tried our best to show him why our agency was the best!" Shouted Mirko.

"I was just teaching him how to spend time when not doing hero work." Spoke Mt. Lady. "Really we were taking it easy and even had a little nap."

"I trained him with his legs before sharing a cot with him." Mirko said with a grin.

"W-Well unlike that, I actually took him out on patrol." Blushed Bubble Girl with a glare.

"I took him to my studio and had him help with a line of mens wear ending with him in a swimsuit~" Uwabami said proudly. "He even got to keep everything he wore, so he has a closetful of high end clothing thanks to me."

"So you were using an excuse to ogle a minors body, that's a jailable offense." remarked Midnight while turning to Mirko. "And sleeping with him too? Even worse."

"Oh calm down, we just slept."

"And you're no better! Calling him to the school, trying to get him to 'internship' with you, you wanted him too!"

"As his teacher, I'm just trying to make sure he isn't taught faulty ideas."

"Like what, how to do business in the hero world?!"

"No, how to keep from being seduced." She answered getting looks from all of them. "What?"

"Out of all of us, you have no leeway to say that." Remarked Bubble Girl.

"Yeah, you're literally the 18+ hero, corrupting people is kind of your thing." Said Mt. Lady with a frown.

"And you DID threaten to give me scars with a whip." Spoke Uwabami.

"I also heard you asking the cops if you could have the 'toys' that perv who trapped us had prepared for you too." Bubble Girl said with a shudder.

Midnight blushed red with Ryukuru sighing.

"Look, right now he needs sleep and we need to fix this."

"Fix, what do you mean fix?" Said Mirko with a frown.

"I mean fix this so we each have equal time for him and so we don't end up scaring the poor kid or worse, getting in trouble because Nezu found out about all the shit that's been going on and having him transferred to a different agency, all right?" She said as the others paled. "Can we all agreed that's a bad ending?"

"Yeah….what do you suggest?" Uwabami asked as Ryukuru smiled.

"Well, it's a pretty simple solution, we each get him for one day of the week with him getting sundays off, alright? That sounds fair, doesn't it?" She said as they began to nod. "Think of it as a truce, an alliance to keep us from screwing each other over."

"If it's like an alliance, maybe we need a name." Joked Mirko. "Like we call ourselves The Alliance of Amazons."

"Now that actually doesn't sound like to bad a name, sounds badass." Said Midnight with a grin. "And sexy~"

"With me being the main face for it." Smiled Mt. Lady.

"I think we should focus more on the real matter." Sweatdropped Bubble Girl.

"Mmm, I suppose." Spoke Midnight. "But if we go with that, we sign a contract, one made by the principal himself." She looked at Uwabami with a frown.

"What kind of contrat to be exact, that we won't try to steal him from each other anymore?"


"Ok….I guess that could work." Mumbled Mt. Lady with a pout.

"Good, now I'm going to give him a call and explain it to him." Said Ryukuru as she pulled out her phone. 'Hopefully once this is all over we don't have to deal with anymore of this insanity.'


Izuku yawned as he sat up in the bed. "Ah, I feel refreshed and better than before."

"Glad to see you're awake Izuku, we need to talk." Called a voice behind him as he turned to see Ryukuru.

"Sure thing, what is it?" He asked standing up.

"It's about your internship, I have good news, it's all been sorted out, here is your new schedule." she handed him a paper while using a flashlight to let him see it more clearly.

" this right? It says I'm working at five agencies and extra tutoring time with Midnight?"

"Yes, we talked it over with your principal, and he wants to see how this works out for you due to the requests and see if it's something that might actually better the chance of all students being better pro heroes than the previous generation."

" now I'm just….interning at five agencies?" He asked once more, still trying to wrap his head around the idea. "That is kind of strange….but why am I studying with Midnight?"

"She said that you could use some work in restraining villains without shattering your bones."

"But isn't working with Mirko to help me control my strength taking care of that?"

"No, she's helping you learn how to fight and decimate your opponents, Midnight will show you how to use various techniques of restraining offenders and those who try to escape arrest." She said with a frown. 'Wait a second….damn that shifty dominatrix!'

"Oh! Well that makes more sense."

"Yes...just...try not to let her get to into it, trust me." Spoke Ryukuru with a blush, confusing Izuku. "Come on, I think we better get you back home."

"Right, if you say so." He said as he shined the flashlight around in an attempt to find the door. When they made their way out they headed back down to the lower floor where he saw the other women sitting in wait, which caught him off guard. "Huh? What are you all doing here?" He asked, catching their attention.

"Ah Izuku, glad to see you're safe." Smiled Midnight standing up. "Yes, we're all here to settle the matter with your internship, which you've already been told about."

"Yeah, that I'm interning with you all?" He asked as he scratched his head.

"Bingo." Spoke Mirko with a smirk.

"T-This is kind of crazy… why me? Is it because I tried to help once?"

"Of course, you'd be surprised how much it says about a person when they try to help in a situation we were in." Spoke Bubble Girl.

"I-I was just trying to be a hero, and I couldn't even do much, all I did was get hit by that weird pink ray."

"Still, willing to put yourself in harms way when danger is shown is a quality trait to have." Said Uwabami with a smile. "That's more than enough reason for us to want you as an intern, right?"

"Well, I suppose so, I just figured Kacchan would be getting a lot more requests than me."

"Well, he did get some, but none from us." Bubble Girl chuckled with a smile. "He's a bit to violent, a powerful quirk is nice and all, but it's no good if you act more like a villain."

"Plus he seems too high strung for me to watch." Remarked Mt. Lady.

"I doubt he would stay still to model for me, I got a bad reference about him from Best Jeanist." Said Uwabami with a frown.

"He might have guts to speak his mind, but I'd be too much for him." Smirked Mirko.

"He doesn't need any more help with his quirk or techniques, and if I did offer he would just say something like 'die die die, blow up!' or something like that." Midnight said as Izuku sweatdropped.

'They're not wrong…' He thought. "So I'll be learning from everyone of you?"

"Yep, also you have the day off to rest tomorrow, but you're mine after that~" Mirko chuckled with a grin.

Izuku shuddered hearing that with the girls frowning at the double meaning.

"Don't worry Izuku, after her you can relax with me like we did last time, ok?" Mt. Lady said with a smile, making him blush.

"S-S-Sure." He spoke with a red face, making the other women look at the hero with suspicion.

'What kind of nap did they take?'

"Well good thing you're rested up because after her you get to spend the day with me learning all about restraining techniques~" Midnight chuckled, making him feel nervous for some reason.

'I better stop by to make sure it doesn't get TOO restraining.' Thought the other women.

"Well, after her I'll be taking you to Sir Nighteye's agency." Said Bubble Girl with a warm smile.

'Wow, her smile kinda reminds me of Urakara.' Thought Izuku without realizing it.

"Alright, after that you'll be interning with me, which reminds me you never took home the clothes from the shoot." Uwabami said as her snakes hissed happily.

"Oh! Sorry, my bad." He chuckled embarrassed.

"No problem, I have them in the trunk of the limo, I can drop them and you at your house after this."

"After her will be me." Spoke up Ryukuru. "Now you should head home and rest, and good luck with the internships." She said as she patted his head.

"Thanks." He smiled before walking to the door as all of them, minus Ryukuru, followed.

'And now all I have to do is work on making him mine~' They all thought with grins.