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Chapter 1: The Beginning

"Yuya!" Yelled a black and purple haired boy, "are you packed yet?" He yelled up to the second floor of their house.

"Al... most...!" Yelled back Yuya, who was busy cramming a massive amount of belongings into a red luggage. "Are you sure you don't need help?" Said another boy who walked into the room, his hair was blue and yellow, he wore a white suit with a yellow tie.

"I'm fine... Yugo...!" He said, now zipping up his luggage, his red and green hair sticking out more than usual. "Oh come on Yuya!" Said the black haired boy, coming upstairs in a black suit with a purple tie, "I told you to get rid of the bedhead spikes!" He said shaking his head.

"Oh like you're one to talk Yuto..." Said a purple and pink haired boy, wearing a purple suit with a pink tie. "Oh shut up Yuri..." Said Yuto.

"Alright! Done!" Said Yuya, finally managing to close his luggage, which was nearly bursting. "I'm good to go!" He said, smiling, Yuto groaned, "At least comb it down a little bit!" He said, taking out a comb and fixing Yuya's hair, it was still spiky, but all of them had spiky hair, Yuya's just needed less of the bedhead spikes.

"Come on you four!" Yelled a voice from downstairs, "The bus is here!" Yelled the voice. "Coming Dad!" They all said in unison, dragging their luggage down the stairs.

They all scrambled down the stairs, lining up side by side, in front of them was their father, Yusho Sakaki.

He smiled at them, "Well, today's the big day, isnt it?" He said smiling widely, "Off to United Duelists, I'm proud of you all." He said, the boys smiled back. "Yuto..." Yusho said to the boy, "As the oldest, I expect you to be the responsible one, okay?" He said to him, "Try and keep your brothers out of trouble, okay?" He said, Yuto nodded.

"Yuri..." Yusho said, "Please, actually try not to get in trouble, okay?" He said, though he still grinned, Yuri grinned back, "No promises..." He said mischieviously.

"Yugo," Yusho said, "Work hard at school, okay?" He said, "You know you can do it, so knock em out." He said, Yugo smiled widely.

"Yuya," Yusho said, finally making his way to the youngest, "Always remember to smile, you can do anything if you can just do that." He said, Yuya grinned, "Of course!" He said, smiling as widely as his father, Yusho laughed, "The same goes for the rest of you!" He said looking at the four brothers, "Always remember to smile." He said, his grin lighting up the room.

Yusho stood outside as he watched the four brothers step onto a fancy looking bus, stopped in front of their home, he waved goodbye and they waved back.

He knew that they would do great at their new school.


The trip to United Duelists Academy was, complicated to say the least. So an explanation is deserved.

United Duelists Academy is the top Duelist-Training Facility in the world, a boarding school for those who wished to become Duelists. It was a giant, high-tech facility situated on a large island in the middle of the ocean.

The process of getting there was simple, UDA (United Duelists Academy) would have offical buses pick up the students, they would then be taken to airplanes which would fly them to the school grounds, all set up so that the students would arrive about 2 days before the Start-of-the-year Ceremony. For the Yu-Boys, they would have a 3 hour flight along with other students in their area.

Oh, you should probably know about what a Duelist is as well.

A Duelist is a person with a special power, some are born with it, others train to develope it, but either way, they are still all the same.

They all have the ability to transform.

What makes a Duelist well, a Duelist, is that special power to transform into powerful creatures, some duelists would become protectors, helping police, catching villains, all of that stuff. Some were simply Duelists because they could, and others, like their father, did it to entertain people.

Yes, their father, Yusho Sakaki, was a Duelist, an Entertainment Duelist to be exact. He performed acts as a duelist, trying to put smiles on people's faces, Yuya could still remember the feelings he had when he first saw his father transform into Sky Magician.

"This is your captain speaking," Said a voice over the intercom, Yuya shook himself awake, "We are approaching our destination, if you look out the right windows, you will see the island where you will be staying at." He said over the intercom, Yuya had been given the window seat, he peered out of it, Yuto looked with him while Yuri and Yugo griped about how they were on the left side of the plane and were unable to see it.

"Wow..." Yuya said, "You can say that again..." Said Yuto.

The island was huge, and was a perfect fusion of nature and technology, you could see different facilities on the island, blending almost perfectly with the greenery. "Are those where we'll have our classes?" He asked, Yuto shrugged. There was also a large castle sort of building at the top of a mountain in the center of the island.

"Hey, IS THAT A D-WHEEL HIGHWAY!?" Yelled Yugo, who had gotten out of his seat (despite Yuri's protests) to look out the window, his face glimmered with excitement as their attention was turned to a highway that also went around the island, as well as through the mountain. "Well, D-Wheels are a big part of being a Duelist" Yuya pointed out, "I'm hoping to learn to use one as well..." He said, imagining himself riding one. Yugo was ecstatic, "Just you wait, i'm gonna learn how to make D-Wheels, and i'll make all of us one!" He said, grinning like an idiot.

"Oh relax already," Said Yuri, dragging him back to his seat, "We're about to land, stay in your seat damn it..." He said, Yugo grumbled.


Yuya groaned as he got out of the plane, "Agh... my foot's asleep..." He groaned, kneeling while his leg experienced the painful sensation of pins and needles. "Hey, are you okay?" Said a feminine voice above him.

Yuya looked up, "Yeah i'm... fine..." He said, trailing off, his voice suddenly stopped working.

Above him was a girl dressed in what looked like a school uniform, it had a short pink skirt and she had two blue hairpins keeping her hair as short twin tails, she had bright blue eyes and bright pink hair, she gave him a worried look.

Yuya was silent as he looked at her, she gave him a puzzled look.

"Yuzu! Let's go!" Yelled another feminine voice, they looked over and saw three girls waving at the pinkette above him, similarly to him and his brothers, the four girls all had faces that looked almost completely identical.

"O-Oh, right!" She said, helping Yuya up, before running over to them. "W-Wait!" Yuya yelled after her, she turned around, "Huh?" She said, looking at him.

"U-Uh, my names Y-Yuya!" He said, extending a hand, the girl, her name presumeably Yuzu smiled, and extended her own hand. "My name's Yuzu! Nice to meet you!" She said, shaking his hand, Yuya's heart fluttered when her hand touched his.

She quickly ran off to join the other three girls, presumeably her sisters considering their uncanny resemblance. Yuya didn't notice how red his face was.

"Oh? What's this?" Said a voice behind him, Yuya groaned, "Does my little brother have a crush already?" Said the voice, revealed to be Yuri. "Wait, seriously?" Yuto said, appearing out of nowhere, a smile on his face, "Oh come on!" Yuya said exasperately, already expecting the teasing. "Well well well!" Said a voice belonging to Yugo, Yuya groaned even more, "Don't worry little bro, you can trust me to be your wingman!" He said, throwing an arm over his shoulder.

"You? His wingman? Please, you'll end up making the girl hate him." Said Yuri.

"Shut up Yuri" Said Yugo.

"Shut up Fusion" Said Yuri.


"Sorry Yugo, we all know how well the girls at our last school liked you." Said Yuto.

"Hey! I was popular!" Said Yugo.

"No you werent."

"Yeah, no."

"Definitely not."

"You guys suck!" Yugo said, pouting while they walked towards a bus that would take them to their dorms.


"Whoa!" Yelled Yugo, "This is where we're staying!?" He exclaimed, looking at the giant mansion in front of them. "No, idiot." Said Yuri, "We're just hear to feel inferior to whoever lives here, of course we live here Yugo!" He said, smacking him in the back of the head. "But... all to ourselves?" Yuya said nervously.

"Of course not..." Yuto said, "we got this place because Dad happens to be good friends with the two headmasters, but we're sharing with another 4-person group." Yuto said, handing out keys to each of the boys, each of them with a keychain of a single color for each of them.

"Purple is Yuri's, White is Yugo's, Black is mine..." He said, handing his brothers a key, "And Yuya gets red." He said, handing Yuya his keys.

"Seriously? Such a high-tech facility, and we get in through keys?" He said, twirling the key on his finger. "Well, there's also the retinal scan." Said Yuto, walking up to the door. "Wait, seriously?" Said Yugo, running up to him. "mmhm, that's why I gave you specific colors." He said, "The key doesnt unlock the door, it activates the scan, and it then specifically scans for the person the key should belong to." He said, explaining the function.

"So for me, I stick the key in, twist it..." He said, following his own instructions, he twisted the key and it glowed black, suddenly a hatch opened above the keyhole and a camera appeared in front of him. "Then, because it was MY key that was inserted in, it scans specifically for ME, Yuto Sakaki." He said, as the camera began to glow, searching for a person to scan.

"Ooh! What happens if it isn't the right person?" Yugo asked, running up to the camera and putting himself in front of it, the camera locked it's sights on Yugo and began scanning.


Suddenly, the camera shot a red beam at the boy, sending him flying a few feet away from the door. "Gah!" Yugo yelled out as he flew backwards.

"That, that is what happens." Yuto said while Yuya helped the groaning boy up, "It's not lethal, it's basically just knocking you away from the door." He said casually, Yugo groaned, Yuri grinned mischieviously, and Yuya sighed.

Yuto inserted the key again, this time letting the camera scan him instead of Yugo.

*Beep Beep!*

The door made a humming noise before it gave a little "Click!", Yuto opened the door allowing them to enter.

The place was AMAZING.

A large chandelier hung from the ceiling, it was a two-floor facility with a big kitchen, a game room with a big TV, as well as a large living room, they immediately began exploring.

"Whoa..." Yuri said, entering the bathroom, "This thing is as big as my room back home..." He said, looking around at the clean room before him, the shower was huge with about ten different areas for water to come out, the bath was as big as his bed, and the toilet seat had gold lining, GOLD. LINING.

Even the toilet paper was neatly folded into a little triangle at the end.

Yuri dashed out of the bathroom and into another one, it was pretty much the same.

"Are... are all of the bathrooms this good?" He asked himself, bewildered.

Yuto entered the kitchen, "Oh my god..." He said as he opened drawers at maximum speed, "This place has everything..." He said, picking up some kitchen appliances. "This is the best day of my life..." He said, gazing lovingly at the kitchen around him.

Yugo went to the back of the house, where he saw a huge backyard, "Wow..." He said, whistling. "He looked around at the game room, "What did we do to deserve this?" He said, smiling widely.

Yuya went upstairs, he saw eight doors around the area, He saw one labeled "Yuya" on it, he tried to open it, only to find it locked.

He also saw a keyhole just like the one outside.

He inserted his key into the keyhole, a camera popped out, giving him a little suprise. It scanned him before receding back into its compartment, the door clicked open.

"Whoa..." He said, looking around, the room was about twice the size of his room at home, and there was a private bathroom and everything, Yuri appeared behind him. "Oh good, you found a bedroom," Yuri said, his eyes wide, "I need to see the personal bathrooms..." He said, dashing into Yuya's.

"OH MY GOD THEY'RE ALL HUGE!" He yelled from the bathroom. Yuya chuckled. Yuto entered his room, he whistled, "Wow... are we getting spoiled or what?" He said, looking around. "No kidding..." Yuya said, wide-eyed.

Suddenly Yugo entered the room, "Guys!" He said in what seemed to be a whisper, except it was way too loud. "I hear some other people in here, other than us!" He whisper yelled, "Hm?" Yuri said, poking his head out of the bathroom, "must be our roommates," He said to him, "Lets go introduce ourselves." Said Yuto, walking out of the room with Yugo and Yuri, Yuya still gaping at the size of his room.

"Listen, you can hear them!" Yugo whispered as they approached a door, it was slightly open by just a crack. "Wow, you're ri-oi, what are you doing?" Yuto said as Yugo crept up to the door, "I'm gonna suprise em!" He said, Yuto sighed, "Come on Yugo, that's childish..." He said, though Yugo still didn't listen.

Yuri, who was listening to the voices carefully, suddenly panicked. "Wait Yugo! Those are femini-"

It was too late, Yugo threw open the door and yelled "SUPRISE!"

It was met with four banshee-screeches, Yugo's face went a bright red, "W-WAIT WH-" He was cut off by suddenly being hit by a chair, thrown at him with considerable force.

"...Feminine voices... those were feminine voices..." He said, placing a hand on his forehead.

"Hey! What's wrong?" Yelled Yuya, popping his head out of his room at the same time that a pink haired girl dashed out of the room holding a paper fan in one hand and a towel in the other, the latter being used to cover a body that was likely only in underwear.

"Why you...!" Yelled the pinkette.

"Get him Yuzu!" Yelled another voice from inside.

Then their eyes met, Yuya's and the girl's.

Yuzu's face was bright red, Yuya was still processing what was going on.

Yuto and Yuri quickly averted their eyes from the can of worms Yugo had just opened up.

"W-Wait what the he-"



Everyone, now fully dressed, sat around a round table in the living room, four of the people were girls, the other were boys.

The girls happened to be glaring directly at Yugo, who was now holding an ice pack over his swollen eye.

The guys just felt nervous, as well as bad for Yugo.

"Ahem..." Said Yuri, breaking the ice. "I'd like to start off our first group meeting with this..." He said, clearing his throat. "It's all Yugo's fault, I tried to stop him, he didn't listen, and he's also an idiot." He said bluntly, "Hey!" Said Yugo angrily, "I can't believe im saying this, but i'm taking Yuri's side here, Yugo." Said Yuto, despite Yugo's protests.

"I-I was just in my room, then I heard a crash..." Said Yuya, who's face now had a bright-red hand mark on it. "I didn't know what was happening..." He said, the pink-haired girl, or rather, Yuzu was still glaring at him, but she looked like she felt a little bad about her reaction when her eyes drifted to the red mark she had placed on his face.

"I thought you were guys!" Yugo said, desperately trying to defend himself. "I didn't think that it would be well... girls, you know?" He said, one of the girls slammed her hands on the table, "Even then, learn some tact will you?" Said a green-haired girl, "You could have knocked first you know!" She yelled at him.

"But I was planning to suprise y-"

"You don't do that! It's simple manners!" She exclaimed, starting to nag the boy, "Okay okay! I get it!" He said, the girl sat down with a "hmph".

"Well, ignoring that for now..." Yuya said, trying to change the topic, "I think we should actually introduce ourselves, how's that?" He said, Yuto nodded, "I'll start, My name is Yuto Sakaki." He said, standing up. "Hi, the name's Yugo Sakaki," He said, still holding the ice pack. "My name's Yuri, Yuri Sakaki." Said Yuri, "Alright, and my name is Yuya Sakaki!" Yuya said, smiling.

The girls sighed, before doing the same, "Hello, my name's Serena Kurosaki..." Said a blue haired girl, she had her hair tied up into a ponytail with a yellow ribbon, she seemed tomboyish. "Hi, my name's Rin Kurosaki, it's nice to meet you all..." Said the green haired girl, though she gave a quick glare at Yugo as she said "All".

"Hi! My name is Ruri! Ruri Kurosaki!" Said a purple-haired girl, she seemed to be the more forgiving out of them all, though it was clear that her first impression of Yugo had her a little upset. Yuya could have sworn he saw Yuto blush a little bit when he saw her, but he quickly dismissed it as his imagination. "Hello, I'm Yuzu Kurosaki..." Said the pinkette, "Sorry about slapping you, Yuya..." She said, apologizing. "Oh don't worry about it, it's fine!" Yuya said quickly.

"Well, now that we've all introduced ourselves..." Yuto said, "I hope that, despite our first meeting, we can all get along well." He said, "Also, one thing you should know, don't trust Yuri with anything important like say, your keys." He said, giving Yuri a look, Yuri whistled. "Trust me, you will regret it." He said calmly.

And so, the first meeting ended up going well.

Two days later.

"YUYA COME ON!" Yelled Yugo in a panic, "WE'RE GONNA BE LATE FOR THE OPENING CEREMONY!" He yelled, Yuya burst out the door, he was wearing his usual clothing, a red T-Shirt along with his white jacket, except he had the jacket closed rather than flowing behind him like a cape, as well as green cargo pants. "I KNOW!" He yelled, pushing Yugo out of the way, carrying a green duffle bag carrying his school supplies on one shoulder, and a paper with his schedule on it in his other hand.

"Geez you guys!" Said Yuto as Yuya and Yugo burst out of the door, "Even if you guys suck at getting up, I expected you guys would have been excited about this!" He said as they began running. "The girls have already gone ahead of us you know..." Said Yuri who ran next to Yuya, "I thought you wanted to go with your little pink crush..." He teased, "Oh shut up Yuri!" Yuya yelled while everyone else laughed.

"There they are!" Yelled Yugo as the station came into view, as well as the girls they had been sharing a home with for the past two days.

"Geez, where were you guys!" Said Rin, pulling Yugo's ear, "Ow! Sorry!" He yelled out, "We made it r-OW!" He exclaimed as Rin continued to pull his ear, despite how they first met, they seemed to get along well, provided that you saw Rin constantly trying to make sure Yugo stops messing up all the time as "getting along well."

"Oh hush you two..." Said Serena, who had walked over to the wall and pressed a big red button. Suddenly, a series of what seemed to be portals opened up against the wall. Rin and Yugo froze in suprise when they saw a giant purple wormhole open in front of them.

They were even more suprised when Yuri appeared behind them and shoved them through it. "Y-Yuri!?" Yugo yelled as he and Rin fell through a portal with words above it labeling it "Auditorium"

Everyone else gave him a concerned look, except for Serena, she seemed impressed. "What?" He said, "I actually read the guidebook we were given and know how to operate these things." He said smugly, "Guidebook... wait, you had it!?" Yuto yelled, "I was looking for that everywhere!" He said angrily, "Well maybe you should have asked Blue-hair over there," He said, pointing at the girl, "She read it as well." He said, grinning, Serena grinned back.

"Basically, you go through a portal to get to somewhere in the school," Yuri explained, "they lead to stations just like these in different areas depending on which one you go through." He said.

"The one he pushed Rin and Yugo through was set to take them to the Auditorium station," Serena continued, "we needed to head there anyways, it tells you which station will take you closest to your classes on your schedule." She explained.

"One thing I'm disappointed about though..." Yuri Said, "If you want to go to one of the Dorm Stations like this one, you need a key to that specific dorm." He said.

"What, disappointed you can't TP the other dorms without making an impossible trek through the island?" Yuya joked.

"Hit the nail right on the head little brother," Yuri Said, grinning. Yuya couldn't help but feel uneasy.

"Wait, why are we standing around!?" Yelled Yuto, "We actually ARE late now! Go!" He yelled, dashing through the portal, everyone else did the same. Only to see Rin attempting to strangle Yugo, her face was bright red.

"You perv! Ass! Scum of the earth!" She yelled, "I-It was an accident, I didn't mean to!" Yugo yelled back, "Whoa, what's going on?" Yuya asked, Yuto looked anxious to start running again. "H-H-He g-grabbed m-my chest!" She yelled, her face bright red, Yugo immediately defended himself, "SHE FELL ON TOP OF ME IT WASNT ON PURPOSE!" He yelled.

They didn't get to continue the arguement, Yuto had grabbed both of them and was now dragging them to a building in the distance. "Yell at eachother later, we are LATE" He yelled as they made their way to the auditorium.


"Hoo... we made it just in time..." Yuto said, melting into his chair, "What would we do without you, Yuto..." Yuya said, unzipping his jacket and adjusting it to be more "cape" than "jacket", "It's too hot to be wearing a jacket normally..." He groaned, Yuzu took notice of his necklace as he laid back. "Hey Yuya, what's that?" She asked, pointing at the pendant.

"Oh this?" He said, holding it up, "It's a pendulum, to me it's a good luck charm." He said, he swayed it a little, causing it to swing back and forth. "Wow... that's neat..." She said, watching it swing.

"I hope Rin forgives Yugo..." Yuya said, looking at the two, they had unfortunately ended up sitting next to eachother, and were shooting daggers at eachother through their eyes. "Oh them?" Ruri piped in, "Don't worry, Rin'll forgive Yugo soon, she knows it was accidental," She said, "It's just because of her first impression of Yugo that she's going off on him so much." She said. Serena joined the conversation as well, "I bet she likes him..." She said, grinning. "Huh? Why's that?" Yuya asked, Serena shrugged, "Just a hunch." She said before she leaned back into her seat.

They didn't get to pursue the conversation any longer, as the lights suddenly cut out, leaving everyone in the darkness.

A few people yelped, until suddenly a spotlight came onto the stage, though nobody was in it. Suddenly, words boomed out through the room, "Please welcome, the two headmasters!" It boomed, a few people clapped, some stayed quiet though, sitting in suspense.

The sound of footsteps filled the room as a shadow slowly came into visibility, two shadows actually, one was significantly taller than the other.

They stepped into the light, one was wearing a blue uniform, buttoned up nicely, he looked fairly young, though his hair was completely insane, sticking out in about 5 different directions, with a shade of dark-red, as well as yellow spikes hanging down.

The other looked almost identical, except he seemed tougher, much more serious than the other, and taller as well, his hair was the same except the yellow spikes went up instead of down. He seemed to exude power, whereas the other exuded kindness.

"Greetings everyone..." Said the taller one, his voice commanded respect almost instantly. "My name is Atem"

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Order of Age (Yu-Boys)

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