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The pitter-patter of rain against the windows of the Ashe family home was a constant reminder of how suddenly things have changed within the last few days; and not for the better. It had started the day when thirteen-year-old Lacy had gotten injured in gym class and her mother, Crystal. A nurse had to go and pick her up. She was only two blocks away from the school when a car, going three times the speed limit, blew through the stop sign and t-boning her mother's car. It rolls and, unfortunately, the seat belt malfunctions, and she's ejected. She is killed instantly.

During this time Lacy still hadn't gone to see the doctor because her father, Martin, was angry at her for 'killing her mother. Limping over to her desk and sitting down, Lacy tried her best to focus on her homework and not on the throbbing pain that wracked her through ankle, though her attention was immediately brought to the sounds of the door to her room being slammed open and hitting against the wall. Martin steps in and stomps over towards her. Her nose wrinkles as the strong alcoholic scent from her father's breath wafted up her nose.

She gasps as Martin grabs her by the collar of her shirt and throws her across the room, groaning when she hits the wall. Lacy does her best to keep her eyes open as she watches him approaching her once more, this time, he takes off his belt.

"You are the reason that my wife is dead!" Martin yells, using full force as he hit Lacy with the belt. "You are nothing more than a miserable daughter who had her mother killed! You deserve to suffer for what you've done!"

"Why does dad keep hurting Lacy?" Four-year-old Damien asks his six-year-old sister Ellie as they both dropped their toys when they started to hear Lacy scream in pain. Ellie immediately takes his hand and lead him over to the closet, shutting the door behind them.

"I don't know." She whispers, "but we need to be quiet."

Lacy had eventually passed out from the pain that Martin had inflicted upon her, but he didn't care, as far as he was concerned, she had learned her lesson. He smiles before heading back down the stairs, grabbing a cold can of beer, and then goes into the living room to continue watching his favorite program as he sat down on the sofa.

Some time had passed before Lacy opened her eyes slowly, and with great difficulty, got to her feet and limping to the bathroom to find the first aid kit and attempted to clean her injuries. She soon returned to her room and changed into some clean clothes and putting on a rain poncho.

She grabbed her emergency kit and headed down the hall to where her younger siblings' room was and groaning when she is hit with a dizzy spell.

When it finally passes, she heads over to the closet, "Ellie? Damion?" She calls out, "It's okay. You can come out now."

The hinges of the door squeak open, revealing both Ellie and Damion. Immediately, they run out and tackles Lacy, wrapping their little arms around her. Lacy winces as pain shoots through her body, but ignores it as she gives her siblings a bear hug.

It was Ellie that pulled away first, "I thought daddy loved you, sissy?"

"Why is he hurting you?" Damion adds on.

Lacy swallows, looking down at the worried gazes of her little brother and sister before she answers. "Daddy blames me for what happened to mommy and why she is in heaven now."

Ellie shakes her little head, "But…it isn't your fault that mommy was hit by a car. It is 'cause of the other person."

Lacy could only nod then told both of them to grab their emergency kits as well as their raincoats and told them that they needed to find a new home. They reluctantly, they let go of her and did so without question, going over to the box next to their toys and pick up their kits and placing them on their backs.

Lacy grits her teeth as she grabs the fire escape and places it next to her as she goes to the window, careful to not make so much noise that it alerts their father to what she may be doing. At the same time though, she was confident that he might too drunk to know what even HE was doing. Once the window was open fully and the screen removed, she places it onto the window sill.

"You two are going first, alright?" Lacy says as she helps them to climb down the ladder.

Quickly, she glances behind her, letting out a long sigh before climbing down herself.