I cannot, for the life of me, attempt to make conversation. It's been so long since I've ever touched this will happen eventually but I don't know when, I haven't thought this out enough, whoops. I'll try what I can... :)

The moment he stepped out of the room and into the deep dark, he felt the breeze pick up. It felt relieving to be in the open air and Clara seemed to also appreciate it as well. He looked out into the stars and then back at her, but her eyes were looking back at him. Her piercing gaze, the deep unsettling way her eyes seemed to speak volumes and nothing at the same time- this is what Missy wanted him to work with.


"Well," She pauses, as though she didn't want to say what she really was thinking, "I was thinking about your music."

"How so?" He prodded gently. He prepared himself for any sort of jab at his music. His music was an acquired taste but modern enough to where people were able to vibe with it at this age.

"I listened to some of your tracks. You sing beautifully, but you started your career late. Why?" What a direct question. He wasn't sure what kind of answer he should offer. He came out on a whim. Left everything he did to do this. If he was going to die eventually, he might as well attempt to live life to the fullest. Being a rockstar was on the list, even for a brief moment. He was just lucky that Missy was at the gig he had chosen to do to get it off the bucket list or else he wouldn't have gotten any further.

"I didn't even want to truly be a rockstar. Yeah, I liked the greats, enjoyed their music and dabbled ever since I was young, but I knew it wasn't going to keep me afloat. It took me a long time to realize that the being mundane just wasn't for me and I just jumped to the first plane I could get to go to London, met my manager, and the rest is history. Was it a mistake? Maybe, but I wasn't going to die without trying. If I failed in my music career, I'd just go back to the mundane."

"That's what I had in mind too." Clara murmured and John looked at her in surprise.

"You didn't chose to be a songwriter?" She was so young to have made a turn decision like that. Usually most people who were bright would just go straight to college and hope for the best that they'll get their career in traction.

"On the contrary, I wanted to be a rockstar too, but the stage isn't for me. The label I'm under liked my voice, but I couldn't sign on." Clara clarified, "Always had stage fright at a young age, but I did have a knack for writing, so the label wanted me to stay. if this whole songwriter business didn't work out, I am qualified to be an English teacher, but that's a bit on the boring side too."

"I guess we're both adventurous, aren't we?" He said, earning him a giggle.

"Yes, I suppose so." An easy and welcome silence enveloped the two as they looked on ahead. John wasn't one to understand women, but he seemed to understand Clara fairly enough to the point where he felt comfortable. Even in Missy's care, he didn't feel comfortable at all. Mainly annoyed and frustrated, but that wasn't the point. They continued chatting about more idle topics until Clara's mobile this time, rang and interrupted the calm tranquility.

"Sorry. Oh, it's Amy." She took her phone from her purse and answered it. "Hello? Amy, I'm outside. Oh, alright. No. I'm with- Amy!" He stuffed his hands into his pockets as he waited patiently for Clara to finish her conversation. In the lamplight, he could see Clara's cheeks tint the slightest pink at what Amy seemed to be saying, "It's not- okay, fine. Okay." She hung up on Amy quite bitterly and looked back to John.

"I have to go, my ride is a bit impatient." She glared annoyingly at her phone before she placed it back in her purse, "Catch up with you another time?"

"I think this is the part where I have to ask for your number first, Clara. It would be impossible to even catch you without one." He murmured, quietly enough that he had wondered if she even heard it, but she did.

"There's such a thing as too keen, John. I did just meet you." Her comment caught him off guard, bringing John to stammer. He knew his cheeks were a tinge of pink, but in the lighting, it was difficult to tell.

"i-" She laughed at him. She pulled out a pen from her purse and wrote down her number on his palm. It tingled with each number she wrote.

"Contact me." Clara walked off, leaving John bubbling with a mixture of emotions. He felt like a schoolboy yet again, getting the number of the cutest girl in class. Pull yourself together! You're not in secondary school. Despite his thoughts, he still smiled at the number and knew that this was a new phase of his life- an addition to his rockstar beginning. Something more, if he dare say it.

Clara sighed heavily as she got to Amy's car without a word after her conversation with John. Judging by Amy's smirk, she was already assuming things. Things Clara didn't want to hear because it would just be a whole load of teasing.


"So, how was he?" Amy said, starting the car and driving away from the party. "I'm sure you had some fun."

"It was fine Amy. He was a nice guy. That's pretty much it."

"You talked with him for at least an hour. That's longer than the attention you give anybody that is a male preying on you, hell it's longer than the attention you give anybody as a whole." Amy said, "I know I sprung it onto you a little too fast, but work with him. He's a wonderful guy, as Missy puts it. At least you tolerate him and it's going to help both of you, popularity for him and money for you." Clara was also short of change but she didn't really want to admit it. Being stronger than she looked, Clara just didn't like the idea of being strapped for money. She had been looking for a job in teaching but she knew she had a chance with the label. Her song with Chris Rea was marginally successful on the album, but all of that wouldn't be enough, regardless, unless she did something. "Did you ask him?"

"No, not yet. I gave him my number though."

"Thank god. You know how hard it is to invite someone like him sometimes? He's lucky he made some traction or he just wouldn't have been there in the first place."

"Amy, I'm not going to be blunt with him and say that I want to make a song or a few with him because I'm run down on money."

"Yes, yes, I get it, but Clara, he's your best bet. It's a mutually beneficial decision." When Amy was right, she was right. Clara knew she was talking via experience, as she herself was a beginner and had to claw her way up with mutually beneficial agreements. She thought about him, his shy demeanor towards her for the first bit of their conversation and how he felt easy to talk to, at least when she didn't have to force answers out of his throat. It was strange, as though he was a young man in an older body, with a twinkle in his eye when he talked about space in one point of their conversation. He got all philosophical with her during that conversation and didn't realize she was just smiling until he glanced at her face again.

Amy stopped in the front of Clara's flat and Clara responded with some forms of pleasantries before leaving the car and walking to her front door. Her phone dinged yet again and she found herself looking at a text from an unknown number.

'It's John. Just wanted to make sure this worked.'

She typed out her reply, 'You couldn't even wait until tomorrow to contact me or is technology too advanced?'

She fished her keys as she watched another reply come in, 'I might smudge the handwriting and end up calling someone else.'

'I'm sure your voice would be a surprise to the unsuspecting.'

'I think I've heard worse. I recall a time when I called the wrong number and someone said, "Hello, Beef" to me.'

'You'll have to tell me about it.'

'Over coffee?' She just barely got in her flat as he typed such a thing.

'Is this meant to be a date?' He didn't respond as fast as she had anticipated.

She just managed to get in her pajamas when he responded. Took him a bit, perhaps she was being too forward now.

'I don't know. Is that what having coffee with someone is called now?'

'Har, har, very funny. You're avoiding the question.' Clara fell onto her bed, phone in hand, anticipating responses. She wondered if she terrified him. Judging by the fact he was alone, he probably didn't really associate himself with women. If his manager was the only woman he really knew, then there were issues there.

'Whatever you want it to be.'

'Well, I'm not busy next week. We could at that time, but don't ask me about where yet because I can either be writing in a studio a few ways away from my flat or at some other location.'

'You are very adventurous. I'll keep that in mind.' She bit her lip, unsure of what to say next, but John beat her to it. 'I shall see you next week then.'

'Of course. Good night, John.'

'Good night, Clara.'