"This is our objective people. Sanjeino operates directly from this strip club on East Rise. Our contact informs us that a shipment of mecathilis is being delivered there at twelve twenty. Now, I don't need to remind everyone of the importance of this sting. We have been tracking Sanjeino for eleven years and this is the closest we've been to him. This is so important that the NSA and CIA have each given us an agent to aid us. They are also working on a case of theirs which connects it to ours and they have some things to say," the police/narcotics officer said and motioned towards the two figures near the door.

            Both figures wore their personal shields around their necks as the man nudged the woman next to him. Pushing away from the wall that she was leaning against, she walked to the front of the crowd and looked at all the faces.

            "I am Agent Hillside and my companion is Agent Cage. The captain informed you that Sanjeino is awaiting a shipment of mecathilis, or also known as meca on the streets. This stuff is very potent and lethal officers. It is light blue in color and can be used as a drug by being both inhaled and injected. Everyone be sure to wear your gas mask at all time. You do not want this shit in your system," Shelly said, stressing the importance.

            "What's so important about this shit?"

            Xander pushed away from the wall and walked towards Shelly. From under his arm, he pulled out a file and pulled out some photos before passing the photos out.

            "A few of the agents here have interacted with meca and others have not, so I'll go over the basis of this drug for the ones that don't know the damage it can do. Mecathilis is classified as a stimulant and is one of the extreme ones. To date it has killed 2,624 teens and young adults; it has been on the streets only a year and a half. Most died from overdose and others died from bad deals. The high that these kids get from this is beyond anything else they have ever tried. It's better than ecstasy, cocaine, PCP, heroine or anything else out there. There is a very fine line between getting enough for the high before they overdose and once they cross that line there is no going back. Once the person crosses that line, this drug is like no other. Before the person passes out, they experience spine breaking seizures, and come very close to cardiac failure. If cardiac failure does not occur then the heart pumps the blood faster than any other drug known. It's so fierce that some blood vessels can be destroyed and the entire body cavity is filled with blood. The pictures being passed around are some of the ODs that died from this drug. Those pictures are the better ones of what we've got so you can imagine of what a bad one looks like," Xander said as the narcotic officers passed around the photos.

            Even though most of the officers were experienced and far from being rookies, a few of them turned a slight shade of green. Xander had to admit that the pictures were disturbing to say the least. It probably would have originally made him sick but it seemed that lately nothing affected him anymore. He could easily believe that he didn't feel emotion anymore. The only time his emotions were released was when her name came up. A memory flickering across his memory would evoke a small smile, evidence to the few people that were lucky enough to see it. Shelly could easily see the difference in him just as Gibbons could.

            It had been two years since Samine's death and Xander still missed her. When he got back from his small hiatus, he immediately dove into another case, in hopes of blocking out the remaining pain. Shelly had gotten temporary leave from the CIA and was working with Xander under Gibbons' orders and jurisdiction. They worked on cases together and Xander saw first hand why Samine had trusted Shelly so much. There had been a few times when Shelly saved his ass a few times and even took a bullet for him. Well, actually, it was a beebee pellet but neither of them knew it at the time. When they weren't working, they were exchanging memories about Samine and her antics.

            Xander felt a sudden nudge at his elbow which jerked him from his memories. Looking around, he realized that the room was empty and only Shelly and he was left. Looking at his nudger, Shelly sighed when she saw the confused look on the agent's face.

            "You zoned out on me again. You sure you're okay enough to go on this sting?" she asked as he leaned against the table and rubbed his face.

            "Yeah, I just got caught up in memories again," he sighed before looking at Shelly. "Will it ever stop?"

            "Do you really want them to stop Xander?"

            Xander sighed again as Shelly sat on the table next to him. Over the past two years, Xander and Shelly had grown close as friends could ever become. Xander didn't think that Shelly realized how important their friendship was to him. When the memories of Samine became too much, Shelly was there to pull him back.

            "I hate that you know me so well."

            "Well, enough of this bonding. Let's go and do this sting," she said as she slipped off the table and slapped Xander on the shoulder.

            "You sure you won't screw up like last time?" Xander teased as Shelly groaned.

            "That wasn't my fault. How was I to know that the floor was weak?"

            "But you fell through the floor and we lost our element of surprise."

            "And that was my fault how?" she asked exasperated.

            Xander laughed as Shelly and he walked down the hallway. A few hours later a black van filled with narcotics officers was moving down a busy Miami city street. The van stopped in a small alley a block down from the strip club and everyone converged before they hit the club.

            "Everyone keep their masks on at all times and watch your backs. These guys mean business and aren't afraid to prove it. We get in, disarm them, and get everyone in cuffs before they can even blink. Everyone clear on what you have to do?" Xander asked as everyone checked their equipment.

            The group split up with half going towards the front entrance and the other half going towards the rear entrance. Shelly went with the front entrance group and Xander went with the rear group. While Xander waited for confirmation of positions he rechecked his gun. It was Samine's Sig Sauer instead of his normal weapon. He knew he was holding onto a memory but it was the only and last connection he had to her. A few issues still bothered him but once he got over those he would put away Samine's gun and close that part of his life.

            The confirmation came as he glanced at the gun one more time before signaling the others. Taking a deep breath, he kicked the door open and they all flooded into the kitchen and dressing room area. Xander barely saw the women in different states of dress as he hurried by them and into the main room. He heard some gun shots and Shelly screaming orders at someone as he pushed patrons to the ground. His eyes focused on a movement to his left and he turned to see one of the club's henchmen come around the corner. Almost with out feeling, Xander shot his and watched him fall.

            "Xander! Behind you!"

            Xander spun at Shelly's scream and looked at the figure behind him. Ice water suddenly raced through his veins and prevented any movement. He wasn't looking at the gun, but at the person holding the gun. His arms couldn't lift his weapon or prove that the image his eyes were seeing was real. With a gasp of shock, he stumbled back as gunfire ripped through the building. Xander tripped over a fallen chair and fell onto his back as the woman in front of him jerked from the bullets' impact. Before she fell, she looked at him in the eyes and he felt a violent tremor race up his spine. His gaze followed her as she collapsed on the floor and blood slowly pooled under her body. Shelly suddenly appeared in his line of sight and he easily recognized the worry on her face. Her lips moved but he heard nothing of what she said. Staring at her blankly, he was startled when she slapped him suddenly. He stared at her in shock as his hearing ability suddenly returned.

            "Are you with me now?" she asked quietly, hoping to keep his attention on her.

            "Yeah, I think I'm okay. I need…I need to get out of here though," he said and glanced around the strip club.

            Without questioning him, Shelly helped him to his feet and glanced around quickly. She gave a few orders to the officers working with Sanjeino and the shipment of mecathilis before helping Xander out of the strip club. The two of them walked into the alley next to the strip club and Shelly gently lowered Xander to the ground to lean against the wall.

            "Did you see her Shelly? She looked almost exactly like-"

            "-Samine. I know; I saw her too," Shelly murmured and rubbed Xander's shoulder.

            "I thought I was passed all of this but then I saw her and I just froze. Is it wrong for me to hope it was her?"

            "No Xander, it wasn't wrong. Samine and you had something special together and anyone would miss it. They'd be crazy not to."

            Xander sighed and looked down at his hands where he still held the Sig Sauer. Even though he hated to admit it and do it, he knew he had to. Slowly, he turned the gun over in his hands and released the clip and the bullet in the chamber. Without a pause, he handed the gun to Shelly and looked at her calmly.

            "It's over. Samine belongs in the past and I'm moving towards the future. I can't stay hung up on this and on her; two years has been long enough," he said firmly as Shelly smiled sadly.

            "I'm happy for you X. Now let's go and wrap up this sting," she said as she stood up and offered him a hand.

            Without grasping the offered hand, Xander stood up and came up to his full height. He pulled his shoulders back and took a deep breath before looking at Shelly. She stepped to the side and swept her arm to the side as he walked past her. With a grin, she followed him into the club and towards one of the side rooms. Walking in, the two agents stood next to the head narcotics officer and waited for him to finish with another officer.

            "What did we get?" Xander asked as the officer led them farther into the room.

            "Some 250 packets of meca; all packaged very similar to cocaine. And about two million dollars in total."

            "Well shit, that's a good chunk of change," Shelly said as her eyes widened a bit.

            "It is really. A little bit more than we normally see. This must be a good batch of meca for it to get this price," the officer said as Xander looked to the bundled money.

            "What's going to happen now?" Xander asked, looking to the drugs and money.

            "The drugs and money will be brought to the station to be tagged, weighed, and counted. We'll use it all as evidence at the trail."

            "Could we get a sample of the meca to put in our database?" Shelly asked as the other officers started to carry everything out of the building.

            "Sure, but you'll have to wait till we weigh all of it. Then you'll have to sigh it out."

            "That'll be great."

            Xander and Shelly waited while the officers finished everything and closed down the strip club. They rode to the police station in Xander's GTO and followed the officer in charge when they entered the building. While the drugs were being weighed, Shelly found her way into the firing range and the gun room. She gave the officer behind the desk the Sig Sauer and its clip. Shelly watched as the officer took down the make, model and serial number of the Sig Sauer and put it with the other pistols. Casting one more look at the weapon, Shelly turned and walked back to the narcotics offices. Xander looked at her when she returned and saw that she no longer carried the Sig Sauer in her hands. He nodded to her slightly and showed her his thanks for what she did.

            Shelly stood back while one of the officers prepared a small bag of meca for her office. The paperwork was laid out for Xander to sign as he read through them.

            "Paperwork is such a pain in the ass," he mumbled as Shelly chuckled behind him.

            "If you think paperwork is your biggest worry then you ain't seen nothing yet."

            Everyone looked to the officer that stood in the doorway. In his hands were a sheet of paper and a fifty dollar bill.

            "What's the new problem?"

            He waved the fifty dollar bill in the air as he answered. "All the money that was brought in from your sting? It's counterfeit; all two million of it."


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