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Chapter 1: Lucas and Toadette, Partners in Light

[[No.37's POV]]

VETERAN: No.37 - ルーカス/Lucas


Psychic Prince from Nowhere

Cute on the Outside

"Ugh... What happened nya...?"

My head feels fuzzy...

Everything happened very quickly!

What had caused this?

Oh yeah! I remember!

Everyone of us were shot by a celestial beam by our new enemy, Galeem!

And, before I was shot, Luigi risked his life to come save me!

But, puff... It failed...

Where am I now, I wonder nya~?

I started to feel my surroundings...

It felt cold, painful, and empty...

I can also feel bits of light glowing around me...

"I don't feel so good...", I muttered under my breath.

When I looked at what was glowing, it was something that was wrapped around my skin!

I was chained up in strong light-blue chains, standing on a pedestal.

Any chained parts touched my bare skin, making me feel the cold and painful feel on me, and I can't do anything about it...!

I started to panic deep down in my heart, but I know no one can hear me.

"Hello nya...?", I whispered.

No response.

I sighed, knowing that calling out again won't do anything.

For the next plan, I turned my head, which isn't chain up (but is chocking the rest of my body), and started to look at my surroundings.

Beside me, was Ness, and on the others side was Red!

They were both unconscious but also in the same condition as me, and I fear that they won't be able to hear me, unfortunately.

There were many balls of light floating around, the sparks of the other people flickering through the prison-like void.

Many other Smashers were being poured with some strange liquid that is cloning them, making the balls of light possess the clone, now desperate to cling on to life.

I was putting up a struggle to get free of the chains, but all I heard was nothing despite my efforts.

There was something that felt strange, just by looking at all of the unconscious but still chained up Smashers.

How come nothing else is happening to me?

Is it because I'm conscious?

I closed my eyes for a few minutes, but I felt nothing again.

I looked up to see nothing but darkness surrounding me, unlike the others whom have lights shined above them.


My head perked up!

Someone's awake!

"Hey, listen!"

I quickly looked around, but I couldn't see someone.

But what I saw instead, was someone, who's a spirit.

It was a friend of mine, Toadette Kinoko. I talk to her sometimes, and even have the same interests, kinda like a sister.

Unknowingly, she was a spirit, and she floated towards me.

"Lu-chan?", she said.

"Toadette-chan!", I replied, trying to sound "okay".

"Where are we?"

I shrug with splits of inflicted pain coming from the chains. I flinched at the pain.

"Lu-chan! You're hurting yourself!"

I shook my head, "I'm fine Toadette-chan nya~ Just got trapped by Galeem..."

This made my mushroom friend raise an eyebrow. "Ga-leem?"

I nodded.

"Hmm..." Toadette floated around, but saw nothing like I did. "Maybe he's the reason why I became a spirit, and why you became a, uh, toy."

I meowed *nya~* from the idea of being a toy, but stopped because this is not the way I want to be one.

"You know Toadette", I complimented, "I feel much better when you're around me. Seeing all the others in an unconscious and chained up state, I couldn't help but feel thankful that you're still here, and conscious."

Toadette giggled at the compliment, "Arigato!"

For a few minutes we've talked about our plans before Galeem's attack had started.

For me, I was planning to play with the other children, such as Ness, Toon Link, my brother Claus, and everyone else.

Meanwhile for Toadette, she was planning to help out Peach when hosting an upcoming celebration for the newcomers and returning members.

Most of it was fun, being entertained by each other's interests and stuff.

"Lu-chan?", Toadette asked, "Can I ask you something?"

"Yeah!", I replied with a cute smile, "What is it nya?"

"If someone finds us here, let's promise each other that we'll protect and help one another!"

I paused for a moment.

Toadette and I tried to keep everything normal, that is until she brought up the fact that we're still trapped in a room of darkness.

But, knowing Toadette, I smiled, agreeing authority-like from her idea. "As long as we're keeping each other safe, then I'm fine with that!"

Suddenly, there was bits of shaking under on my pedastal.

My eyes widened in fear, as Toadette tried to free me, but she wasn't able to, as she was now a spirit.

Finally, before I could react, the pedastal and chains fell off me, letting me fall down hitting the floor, feet first, very hard.

"Oww nya...!", I muttered, rubbing my sore legs.

"Lu-chan! Lu-chan!" Toadette quickly flew down to where I fell.

She surprisingly held my hand, which is weird cause she's a spirit.

When she touched my hand, a light-blue broken chain was magically put onto my right wrist, with it feeling like a soft wristband rather then a cold chain.

"How...", I questioned, "How did that happen?"

"I'm not sure.", Toadette replied. "But...", she hugged me sweetly, "As long as we're both safe, then we'll be okay!"

I smiled cutely at her, and hugged back gently.

That's when we were teleported out of the flickerless void.

[[[Time Skip]]]

I felt myself in something very fluffy, it felt like a bed.

There was no pain when I woke up, and I was no longer in the void anymore.

Instead, I was in a room that is part of the Heion Town's Inn, the most peaceful place in the Smash World.

I took a peek on my right wrist, the chain was still there.

"So, it wasn't a dream...", I muttered.


I heard Toadette's voice.


She was still a spirit, but I could see her normal color before Galeem's attack happened, except it was covered with light-blue indicating that she's a spirit.

I got out of the soft bed, and looked outside with Toadette.

"There seems to be lots of puppets outside!", she said.

"Why do I get a bad feeling that they're going to be hostile?", I asked myself out loud.

"It'll be okay Lu-chan!"

I nodded with a cute smile. "We'll bring justice to the spirits!", I proceeded to say, "And we'll do this together!"

Toadette giggled again, "That's what I like to hear coming out from a cutie like you!"

"Nya~!", I meowed cutely.

She giggled again, "Even in tough situations, no one can defeat your cuteness!"