Chapter 10: Origins of a Leader

[No.20's POV]

Master Hand opened his palm, and reached out to me.

I hopped onto him, accepting his kind offer.

"I see you're ready to hear what I'm about to say Falco-san..."

I nodded, "Yes..."

With that, Master Hand started to float up, taking me with him in his palm.

We floated for what seemed like an eternity, finally, he tossed me up hard, and surprisingly, I eas floating!

I looked around at my surroundings, the place seemed very familiar...

Wait...Is this...?!

"The void...!", I muttered in shock, with bits of fear, "No, no, no! I thought I've gotten out of here, these past days ago!"

Master Hand sighed, before looming beside me, "I know this may seem horrifying at first, but you have to knkw why I brought you here."

He floated closer to the ball of light which is now in the center of the void.

In an intant, he snapped his fingers, making the light seperate into smaller glowing balls, before changing it's color.

They circled around me, before changing into different colors.

One yellow...

One green...

And one, blue...

"You see Falco-san...", Master Hand started, "I didn't expect my little puffball friend, Kirby Sakurai, to have survived Galeem's attack."

The glowing lights opened one-by-one, revealing me and my close friends, Lucas and Luigi.

"Because of this thought of mine, by using all the rebelling power I still had within me, I used it to save you and your fellow friends, Lu-chan and Luigi-san..."

The chibi glowing Lucas floated into my own palm, before smiling and giggling cutely and happily.

He sounded so...alive...

And here I am, filled with despair.

Tears started to stream down my feathery face, slowly and quietly, before dripping down to the dark flickering void.

"You and Lu-chan truly care about each other, huh...?"

I looked at Master Hand, and held chibi Lucas into a tight hug, sobbing as if a mother who just reunited with their child.

Master Hand looked at me with a concern "look" (since he's just a floating hand), "You know, I'm just glad you have a kind relationship with Lucas...", he summoned a few more glowing lights, "Unlike me and Crazy-chan, who had an abusive relationship with out father, Galeem...!"

I froze in shock, before looking up at our Hand leader, "Wh-What?!"

He looked away, having "tears" in his palm, before shooking himself off to relieve himself.

"It was a terrible experience for both me and my twin sister, Crazy-chan. And as the older brother, I convince her to flee to this world to create our own peaceful world."

Now knowing about Master Hand's true origins, I couldn't help but feel deep sorrow and more despair.

"I can relate to that...", I said in a sad yet calm manner, "You know, I've always knew that...", I looked at you, the reader, before looking back at Master Hand, "That we, alongside with you and Crazy-sama, are just toys of Kirby's 'father', a kind yet stressed out man, who just wants the best for us, yet others whom aren't part of our world may think otherwise toxic thoughts..."

Master Hand looked at me, before carressing my head gently, "So you do know, do you..."

I nodded...

I continue to talk my part, "This Galeem, he's not just your neglecting father, but is born from all of the toxins and stress coming from Kirby's 'father'...I asumed that with all of his love for his son, Kirby, he was able to set him free...And as for me, Lucas, and Luigi, we were just chosen cause we were Rose's close friends and relatable characters..."

Out of everything from my speech, I just spoken my true words, knowing what I'm saying is true.

Master Hand acknowledged my thoughts, and saw through what I've meant from the speech of reality.

"Falco-san...", he said calmly.

"Deep down within me, I'm just one of the inner hopes and dreams of Rose the Jigglypuff, and I hope to help her again..."

Master Hand nodded calmly, before floating away slowly into the distance in the unnamed.

"We'll talk in your dreams again, Falco-san, but for now, I must leave my spirit to rest, and I hope to meet you and your fellow team once again..."

When he faded away, I slowly snapped back into reality.

I can feel the sound of my own heartbeat...

But all I know is that, light will guide me on my way to the ultimate fight!