Chapter 9: Blinded by Light and Despair

[Normal POV]

"Thank you Lucas-kun...", Isabelle said, now with a not-so-nervous look on her face.

Lucas meowed sweetly, "It's not a problem Isa-chan nya! We're just glad to help!"

Isabelle looked at him with confusion, "We?"

"Of course!", the blonde psychic chuckled, "You're my friend! And besides, Toadette, Driblee, and Roll helped us out too!"

The puppy chuckled along, but she meant it more then just a friend, but she herself wasn't ready to tell her new friend the truth about her true causes.

"I'm glad too Lucas!"

Both Smashers and their spirit friends walked their way back to Heion Town, thankful that it's almost dawn.

"Hey, Lukey!"

Lucas cutely looked at Isabelle, "Nya?"

"Roll and I must be heading back! Maybe we can continue again later the following night!"

The blonde psychic smiled and nodded, "It's a date!"

Isabelle blushed, before she and Roll gave a nice farewell hug before joining her own team in the Temple of Light.

[No.20's POV]

I slowly opened my eyes, waking up from the seemingly peaceful sleep.

When my eyes opened up, all I saw was brightness!

"Wh-What the?!", I shouted.

Strangly, I was slightly levitating off the ground, seeing below me that there wasn't a single piece of land under me.

I don't feel so good...

Then, I saw a small light flickering through the void.

Out of curiousity, I quietly floated towards the gleaming light, which was twinddling from sight.

Fear and despair struck into my already tainted heart, now slowly hearing cries and screams of agony coming from the light.

My heart felt tainted already due to all of the despair consuming my body...

The only thing that kept me happy during these past days were...

"Hello...?", I asked quietly, "Are you alright there?"

No response.

I sighed deeply, knowing that just talking to it won't work.

Then, I looked up to see the gleaming ball of light slowly floating up.

And before I knew it, I saw glowing orange and blue wings of light coming towards the ball of light, revealing the light to be Galeem...!

"You...!", my eyes were widened and filled with complete fear and despair.

There I was, face-to-face with the one who destroyed our prescious world...

My eyes turned from fear with despair, to determination and anger.

Ready to 'fend this son of a light off!

{Ready? Go!}

I quickly charge attack Galeem, attacking him using bits of my fire alchemy.

Flames coming from my hands were coming out, hitting bits and pieces of Galeem's "heart"!

Then, Galeem attempted to throw out bits of his cestial beams.

Fear struck in my tainted heart once again!

Memories of that day, when the sky fell away through my very eyes!

In attempts, I manage to dodge the beams, lucky shot, I suppose...

I quickly snapped my fingers, and more flames surrounded the area, however, Galeem manage to dodge the attack.

He charged up another beam, this time without warning, now feeling the beam hit the tips of my feathery tail!


I screamed in pain, and rolled onto the ground, quickly trying to get up.

My tail tips were completely burned off, to my scarred fear, now seeing some bones of my once feathery tail tips.

I can't loose! I just CAN'T!

My attempts of defeating Galeem were flailing like chickens, as my fire attacks slowly became weaker and weaker...!

I became knocked down onto the floor from all the pain that was inflicted to me, tears slowly streaming down my face.

Slowly and painfully, I looked up at Galeem, blinded by light, yet blinded by despair.

Galeem proceeded to chain me with his sharp edged wings, each holding my limbs down like they were nothing.

In a painful yet slow way, he obliterated my left leg, followed by my right arm.

I couldn't handle the pain anymore.

All I can feel, was pain and despair...


I was dropped to the now invisible floor, seeing all my blood spewing out of where some of my limbs used to be.

No one was around to help me, nor come save me.

I became blinded by light and despair, with no escape or greater fate to be made...

Then I did the unlikely, "P-Please...", I begged, "Just end my suffering...! Take my arm! Take my leg! Just take my damn life and my suffering!"

Galeem did just that, but instead of feeling more pain, I felt nothing.

Is it over...?

I slowly opened my eyes, now finding myself in a pitch-black room.

Followed by that, I heard a surprisingly calm voice.

"I'm sorry it had to end that way for you..."

A huge gloved hand floated down in front of me.

It was Master Hand, our missing leader...

Tears of blood were streaming down my face.

I can't keep it to myself any more!

I cried, and cried, and cried!

Master Hand didn't hurt me, but instead came to comfort me, snapping his fingers which healed the damage that was done, including undoing the work that Galeem had just did on me.

"You truly are filled with despair...", Master Hand calmly said, "Just like me, back when I was captured by Galeem too..."

I looked at Master Hand, with confusion, "Wh-What...?!"

He sighed deeply, "I guess I need to explain everything to you..."