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(Asta PoV)

Those upstart bandits we were supposed to go for first were a lot worse than their reputation spoke for. The only reason they presented a tiny bit of a challenge was that the other fight tired Lezli out a bit. Her mushroom magic is SO COOL though. I mean really her mushrooms completely ruined those three people. I hope those two black bull members are fine after all that though.

Still though we beat up those dumbasses and got home. It was a great success knowing that Lezli only knocked us unconscious once on the way back. I'm so proud of my partner. 'They grow up so fast.' I think to myself as I wipe away a tear. I'm currently heading to meet with Captain Charlotte to train with my sword more. I wish I got more time with Fanzell during our time together. If he trained me better I wouldn't be shouting "NOT YET!" and instead I'd be getting praise for how awesome I am from the Captain. 'Damn you Fanzell. Why didn't you make me such a badass with a sword. Even if people wanted you dead. I need to be badass so Sol respects me even though I'm a "stupid male". At least Lezli finds me cool… even if she teases me about my attack names. I don't care I think they're awesome!' I think to myself with a pout adorning my face.

As I pass through the walls I look over and spot Jerry. He looks over at me and smiles. "Hey Asta how did the missions with the bandits go? I heard you also got a bit sidetracked out there?"

I chuckle at him and recount the story back to him. "Yeah it was pretty insane. Those ice guys are crazy strong. If they ever break out I'd be so pumped up to fight them again. This time I'll beat them in under a minute. I'll be the Wizard King for sure if I can beat them in under a minute next time!" I yell excitedly as I see Jerry rub the back of his head and and lightly chuckles. "Well that sounds like a blast kid. Though remember you'll have to become the Captain here first if you want to be the Wizard King. Captain Roselei won't give you that position easily kid."

At the thought of fighting the Captain for the position I pale slightly. 'Captain is waaay too strong for me. I'm dumb, but I'm not dumb enough to fight her for the position now… I also don't want to fight for the position really. I want to become the Wizard King so I'll just give her back her position after I become the Wizard King. Easy! I'm the smartest plan maker to ever exist!' I say in my mind with a determined smile. I then hear something that frightens me to the core.

"Hey Asta… don't you usually train with the Captain around Noon? It's 12:30." Jerry says as he holds up his watch.

My eyes widen and I yell out bye to him to my now up and coming beating for being late.


Bruises… so many bruises. Everything hurtsssssss. "Owwwwwwwwwwww. Captain WHY?!" I say loudly with my voice lined with pain. I look up at her to see her glare intensify.

"Because you were late Asta… again! You need to stop getting side tracked from looking at Sol and Lezli you pervert!" I turn beat red at this and yell out "WHAAAAAT?!"

I don't look at them like anything. That is crazy talk. Besides Lezli and Sol are like family.(A/N Alabama considers family to be little closer don't worry Asta) Even if Lez was cute and Sol was good looking they wouldn't touch him.

Lezli is way too shy to even think of holding hands or hugging without the risk of detonation.

Sol would literally beat him to death if he tried anything.

"Captain I'd never look at them like that. Even if I did those relations would be too dangerous. I actually like living Captain." Her glare lightens when I say this and I see a small laugh. When I think we're about to start fighting again instead she takes her hand off her wooden sword and pushes a small leather bag in my face.

"Good job with the mission. I'll forgive you for being late for now Flock kid, but if you're late again I'll bust out my real sword and you won't even get close to cutting my magic to pieces before I destroy you got it?" She says sweetly with an obvious hint of venom.

I pale slightly and start nodding my head while saying thank you quickly over and over while bowing. I don't see it, but anyone else would have easily seen her smile.

"Well Asta I think we should end our training for today. I'm sure you'd like to enjoy your first bit of income as a Magic Knight."

As I bow I slowly freeze up. "Income?" I whisper quietly. I look up to her and see her raising an eyebrow and looking at me weirdly. "Yes… you do know you get paid for being a Magic Knight right Asta?"

'Oooooooh yeah we do get paid… WAIT WE GET PAID?!' "WHAT?!" I watch as the Captain face palms and hands me an average sized brown pouch.

"Yes Asta… you get paid. Now could you bring Sol and Lezli here. They have yet to receive pay as well. Since you're all in a group now I may as well pay you all."


(Sol PoV)

'I love payday! I can go out and find Sis a nice pretty dress and tease her about it… maybe I should find Flock kid one. Forcing him into a dress sounds like a fun pass time. I'll get Lezli to knock him out as well!' I think with a devious smile on my face and hear footsteps behind me. I look back to see Asta.

"Hey Sol wanna come shopping with Lezli and I-AAA" Oh yeah I didn't get out of my devious face… 'am I really that scary?' I think to myself with a frown as I notice how pale he got with wide eyes. "What's with the scared face Asta. You aren't scared of pretty girls are you?" I say teasingly as I bend over to look into his eyes with a smirk. His pale face then turns red and I start to laugh my ass off.

"I-I am n-not scared of w-women! Not ever w-would I b-be scared like that." I made Asta stutter in embarrassment… today really will be a good day. "Sure sure Flock kid. Though I'm fine with going shopping. Lezli is coming with I presume?"

Asta nods excitedly and turns towards the exit. "Jerry is going to teleport us to the city. I can't wait to explore it all. I also need to get to a post office to send most my money back to my home!"

For being a male I still can't help, but like Jerry. He's a dependable guy even though he tries to act like a side character… 'Wait what was that about sending most of his money back to his home?! I never really asked where Asta has come from have I? I actually haven't tried to get to know him at all… why does that make me feel so bad? Well I won't go and mope about it. I'll just get to know him better as a person. I'll take his friendship by force if I have to!' I think to renewed energy as I start to run after Asta who is nearing Jerry and Lezli. I see a bright blue portal open up once again as he waves to both Lezli and Asta as they jump through with smiles on their faces while Asta lets out a giant "YAHOO!"

As I walk through Jerry stops me for a moment. "Oh yeah Jerry? What do you need?" I say as I look over at him. He smiles as he hands me a pouch and I feel the coins inside it clink around. I raise an eyebrow at him when he hands me his cash.

"Hey sorry, but can I ask you for a favor? I would of asked Asta or Lezli, but Lezli is a new recruit and Asta is Asta so you're the only person I can trust here." I snort a bit at the part making fun of Asta and smile at him. "Sure. You'll owe me one, but what do you need? Also why can't you go do it?"

"Finral and I are going to a mixer in an hour so I have to get ready as soon as I close this portal. Finral and I feel lucky this time so I don't have time to go to the black market. I know that's bad and all, but I need to get a magic focus for portal themed Magic. Missions have been coming more frequently and I need something to make my job a bit easier. All the money needed should be in there."

I stare at him blankly and sigh. The black market isn't always the best place, but magic knights go there often for items when need be. It's just best not to get caught and you'll be fine. I might as well show the newbies the place for later use.

"Fine… but you owe me two now since I'm shopping with the two of them and have to bring them with me." He looks at me with a raised eyebrow. "Couldn't you just let them go off while you do this-" "Up up up… You owe me two. Take it or leave it." I look at him smugly knowing I've won.

He sighs and puts his palm to his face then looks at me tiredly. "Fine… I owe you two."

I put on a bright smile and give him a one arm hug. "Aww thanks Jerry I knew you were the best. I'll see you later to help with MY chores. Hahahaha! Also good luck with the ladies Jerry lord knows you'll need it" I laugh evilly as I see the color drain from his face and come back in a second of red faced anger as I walk through the portal.

I feel the portal close behind me and see Lezli and Asta looking around at all the different places.

"Hey you two!" I call out to them as I walk up to them. They both turn to me with smiles on their faces. "Jerry asked me for a favor so he can go pick up chicks with Finral so we need to go someplace to get an item for him. You guys might find something cool there as well."

"Sure let's go. I hope they some cool swords to look at or food. Actually I hope they have food… though I still should save it till I send money home first…"

Lezli just pats his shoulder and smiles at him "We'll do this quick then so you can send money home Asta." His smile brightens and he hugs Lezli causing her to eep, but thankfully not activate Natural Defense. I laugh at the now bright red faced Lezli and start walking to the black market with the other two in tow.


(Asta PoV)

"Wow the black market sounded so much cooler earlier huh Lezli?" I say to her while I hold my arms behind my head while we start to leave since we've bought Jerry's item.

Lezli looks around with a scared look in her eye. "I d-don't k-know what you m-mean A-Asta. For any m-moment s-someone c-could jump us." She says with fear lacing her words as Sol just sighs.

"Lezy you remember we're Magic Knights right?" At this Lezli stops walking and comes to this realization once again and looks down in shame. I put my hand on her head and shake her fair to make her look up to me as I smile at her. "Hey hey don't worry Lezy. If something does happen I'll make sure to protect you. Oh… I'll protect Sol too."

I see her gain a small smile of her own and Sol on the other hand go up red. I then feel a giant bump on my head, but having talked to Sol for more than a week my head has started to build up a resistance. "Ow." I say dryly as I look at the searing glare I'm getting from Sol.

"That was quite rude Flock Kid. I'm going to punish you when we get back-" "THIEF"

I look over to a man stealing a pouch from an old women. I don't hesitate as I start to give chase. "GET BACK HERE WITH THAT PURSE BASTARD!" I yell as I race after him. Luckily I didn't skip leg day or I would've never been able to keep up with him at all.

While running I hear a familiar "Bah-hah" nearby, but I'm more focused on the thief. "You'll never be able to catch me kid. Even if you're stubborn." As he says this he knocks on a nearby window. If this was during the entrance exam I would of hit that window, luckily learning to dodge Sol's strikes and the training with Captain Roselei has honed my reactions at least a little bit.

I roll under the window and instantly get back to running after him. I see him slowly start to reach the roofs so I jump off of two nearby walls and start wall running up to the roof of the building and give chase once more.

I can't actually hit him or catch up to him while he's on that cloud… 'WAIT! I'll JUST THROW MY SWORD AT THAT BASTARD! I'M SUCH A GENIUS! I bet Captain Roselei will be so proud of me!' "RAAAAAAAGH!" I yell out as I throw my sword at the cloud thief. "Hah kid. A sword won't do shit to my clou-Woooaaaaaghh" He screams as he starts to fall down to the ground. My aim was true and I quickly grab my sword and go for a downward slash at the guy.

He quickly rolls out of the way and start to run and before I can give chase agai. I hear a "Bah-hah" As I see the guy I beat during the entrance exam run him over before he can escape "WOAH SO COOL!" I yell out with stars in my eyes.

"Bah-hah you never lasted a chance against the mighty Sekke Bronzazza fool!" I run up to him and he looks over at me with a surprised face.

"Well thanks for your help Asta, but you should of just left it to someone as awesome as me!" He says with confidence as I miss the sweat rolling down his forehead from such an obvious lie.

I look down at the evil doer and see him pull out a knife and I instantly kick it aside and knock him out.

I see a surprised face on the thief and Sekke and I kneel down to start tying up the thief. "Ey Sekke we made a pretty good team nonetheless. Besides you were really cool!" I say with awe in my voice as I tie up the thief.

While talking to Sekke I notice Sol and Lezli arrive with the old woman and I just see Sol smile and Lezli jump for joy at the scene.

"Hey guys I got the thief." I say as I pick up the money and head over to them while Sekke keeps watch of the thief while laughing to himself about how great he is.

I hand the money to the grandmother and smile. "Here you go granny. Try to be a bit more careful with all these earnings though. Us Magic Knights may not always be around." I try to say heroically only to be met with a chuckle from the old lady while Sol starts laughing while calling my hero voice stupid. Lezli just looked at me with a smile and patted my shoulder. I slumped down, but getting that money back helps out a lot.

"Well thanks deary. You're such a great help. The Blue Rose Squad is always a pleasure to see." The granny says this and waves at us as she leaves around a corner.

"Well Flock Kid I have to say good job on stopping that thief. Even if your hero speech was funny I'll give you that. Now… don't you have some money to give away?" As she says that my eyes widen. "OH RIGHT!" I yell as I run off into another random direction to look for a post office as the now surprised Lezli and Sol try to catch up to me leading Sol to have to use her magic to catch up while carrying Lezli. All in all. It was a really nice day.

(Fun fact. Sol actually found it cute, but she'd die before saying it to anyone.)

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