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Sakura figured it had been a bit naive to think just because the mission had been boringly easy that she wouldn't go through her usual set of nightmares on her first night back. Granted, they were somehow milder in comparison to what it had been a few years ago but no less jarring.

She dreamt of blood and loss and she woke up knowing with utmost certainty that she was trapped and in need of escape. Her fight or flight response kicked in, her mind somehow rationalising that there would surely be no other reason for her to be caged in between a wall and somebody other than she was being attacked.

Sakura scrambled against her captive's hold, her fingers trying to find purchase beneath her as she choked off a scream. This wasn't the finesse she showed on the battlefield, it wasn't calculated moves down to the millimetre, careful chakra control and strategies.

This was pure panic, tightening her throat that felt raw from screaming, her eyesight blurry and uncontrolled breaths as she tried to survive.

Sakura's fingers closed around the familiar hold of a kunai, comforting even through the haze of panic and desperation clouding her senses. She vaguely recognised the sound of her name being called but her body was on autopilot as she quickly turned to slash with her miraculously found kunai at the throat of the person trying to hold her down.

It was the smell of blood that brought her back to her senses, feeling so real beneath her unconsciously enhanced olfactory senses that it jarred her back to reality, the utter familiarity of it bringing her to a halt better than the warm hands around her wrists.

Sakura realised with dawning horror that she had slashed at Kakashi's throat. They were both half sitting up half lying down turned to the other as he held both her wrists in his hands. Sakura immediately dropped the kunai, iryo-ninjutsu already gathered at the palm of her hands as she frantically tried to get to his injury. It took her a while to realise he had been speaking.

"—kay, Sakura, I'm okay. It's just a scratch, come on, it's okay, calm down."

Sakura took a shuddering breath, trying to calm herself not because he had asked her to but because in her panic her chakra was having a hard time responding to her and her hands were going from violently green to normal chakra-blue at odd intervals.

"I'm so sorry," Sakura stuttered, her chakra finally answering her properly so she could heal the cut on his throat. "Kakashi, I'm so, I'm so sorry, p-please. Kakashi."

They were almost completely sitting up then, Sakura practically on his lap as one hand shook over the torn skin on his throat and the other held his tightly. Now that she had calmed down a bit, she could see that it really wasn't as bad as she had imagined. The cut was deep enough so that blood had begun sliding down his throat towards his sternum but it was still shallow and not threatening in the least.

Sakura still felt tears gathering in her eyes at the prospect of what could have happened. She tried to close her eyes to stop them from falling but it was no use, they burned hot paths on her cheeks as she kept her hand over the healed skin of his throat.

Kakashi squeezed her hand tightly and suddenly his other one was sliding through her hair on the back of her head. His thumb worked circles on top of her hand for a few seconds as Sakura tried to keep her sobs from escalating and then Kakashi tilted her head back so he could look at her face.

His Sharingan was open again and he was looking at her with such care and compassion Sakura couldn't hold back another sob. She fell forward, pressing her forehead to his shoulder as she counted her breaths, trying to slow down her frantically beating heart.

They stayed like that for a while, Sakura slumped over him and Kakashi holding on tight to her as if she was going to disappear at any moment before Sakura finally found the strength to pull back and check his wound again. Her tears had dried but more were threatening to spill as she brushed her thumb over his throat.

"Sakura," Kakashi muttered and she felt the sound vibrating beneath her fingertips.

She frowned slightly, her fingers sliding against the still fresh blood. In the moonlit planes of Kakashi's room, she could see the blood running down his throat contrasting against his skin even with the darkness. There wasn't a lot of it, nothing that Sakura would have been concerned about in the field, only this time she had been the one to inflict that injury.

She slowly moved her fingers from his throat to the side of his neck, immediately finding the pulse there and focusing on it. Kakashi's heart beat strongly and sure, alive, and Sakura could finally breathe again. The wave of relief that hit her then was so strong she was afraid she would pass out from its intensity but feeling Kakashi beneath her fingertips, his hand warm on her own and on the back of her head, kept her from spiralling.

Slowly but not hesitantly, Sakura followed the path of his throat with her eyes, up towards the mark on his chin towards his mouth, past his straight nose until she met his own mismatched eyes. She couldn't see clearly with how dark it was but she felt his heartbeat speed up beneath her fingertips when their eyes met.

It felt inevitable, really, that they would eventually end up like this. Sakura felt like she was standing on a precipice, on the verge of taking a step that would change everything and that she wouldn't be able to take back. She also knew from the way his muscles were tightly coiled even as his fingers tightened where they held her that she would have to be the one to take that step.

In the end it was the easiest thing she'd ever done, closing the distance between their lips in the darkness of his room in the safety of their village.

She pressed against him slowly, giving him time to back away but knowing that he wouldn't. Kakashi had wanted and yearned for this as much as she had, she knew, and she didn't think anything short of a natural catastrophe would be able to stop them from getting what they wanted.

That first kiss was chaste and it would have been almost sweet if her hand hadn't been smeared with his blood and their hearts weren't beating frantically with anxiety and leftover adrenaline. Sakura stayed as close to him as she could for those first few seconds, breathing him in and trying to make the moment last forever.

Then Kakashi's fingers tightened where he was holding her and all thoughts of staying still left her. Sakura leaned forward, biting his lower lip before soothing it with her tongue, the small grunt he let out making her press closer, deeper into his hold. The wave of arousal that hit her then was surprising in its intensity, the adrenaline in her system vamping it up and the sheer need to feel him alive against her was almost suffocating.

Sakura breathed a tiny moan as she scrambled to get on top of him. She was being completely driven by her need to have him closer but even though Sakura wasn't smooth as she usually was, Kakashi accepted her on his lap readily, the hand that had been holding hers letting go to grab at her exposed thigh before sliding up beneath her borrowed sweater to hold her hip while the other tightened its hold on her hair. He was bringing her closer still, like he was echoing Sakura's need to merge into one and he couldn't wait to have her pressing against him.

Kakashi took control of the kiss, sliding his tongue against hers and drawing another breathy sound out of her, making Sakura roll her hips unconsciously on his lap. The angle wasn't right for her to grind against the bulge in his pants so she pressed closer, urged by the hand that had slid back down to grab her ass.

Between the worn material of his sleep pants and the soft cotton of her underwear, there was barely anything at all between them and the feeling of his hardening cock pressing between her thighs made Sakura break the kiss to breathe a ragged sigh. Kakashi tightened his hold on her hair and pulled it back slightly so he could expose her throat, making a shiver run down her spine. Her sigh turned into a choked moan when Kakashi closed sharp canines on her neck, his tongue hot and wet against her skin.

Sakura pressed down harder, completely unable to control her movements, unusually overwhelmed by how hot it was. Kakashi worked on her neck, biting and sucking, while his hands slid beneath her sweater, bringing it up as he slid them higher. His thumbs had just brushed the underside of her breasts when Sakura found the will to push away from him so she could take the whole thing off. She threw it somewhere behind her and moved both hands to Kakashi's still short hair to pull him back to her.

This kiss was even more intense than the last one and it progressed quickly when Kakashi grabbed her ass with both hands to pull her even closer. Sakura broke the kiss to pant against his jaw as she grinded down on him, his erection hardening further and making a breathy moan slip from her lips as she scratched at his scalp.

Kakashi moved again to her neck and this time Sakura let her hands wander, sliding from his hair to his neck and shoulder, feeling him warm and solid and slightly scratching him when he found a particularly sensitive spot beneath her ear.

Sakura had wanted to keep things slow when she had first considered going further with this, but there she was, still slightly drunk and surrounded by everything Kakashi and she found her self-control lacking. All she wanted was to be closer, crawl deep inside his ribcage and surround herself with him. Sakura continued with her exploration of his chest with hurried hands, unable to decide if she wanted to grab at his neck and put him on his back or pull him further up to kiss her.

She ended up sliding them down his torso until she reached the waistband of his pants. Sakura had to squeeze her hands between them because he didn't let her pull back to get some space but she didn't care. Sakura opened the hidden button of the old model of the shinobi uniform with practised fingers and then moved to work on the zipper.

Kakashi groaned when she finally managed to slip one hand inside, even though she only managed to get his pants open and hadn't even started working on his underwear.

"Fuck," Kakashi said into the already abused skin of her neck, his breath washing over goosebumps even as she had never felt as overheated.

Finally deciding to help her, Kakashi lifted his hips slightly so she could slide his pants a bit down and then work on his underwear. He brought both of his hands to her jaw suddenly, moving to kiss her deeply and desperately. Sakura managed to get enough space now that his arms weren't caging her and tried to keep up with the kiss as her hands made quick work of getting his cock free from his boxers.

She wrapped her hand around him and smirked when Kakashi released a heavy breath through his nose. She fought the urge to groan at how hot and heavy he felt in her hands. She inhaled deeply, his scent completely enveloping her and kissed him harder. Kakashi's sharp canines dug into her bottom lip and Sakura pumped her hand slowly around him, bringing her thumb to smear the bead of precum on his slit.

The smell of blood and sex was already heavy with the closed windows and it only made everything headier but it also brought her back a bit to the present.

"I got blood all over you," she panted after she broke the kiss, her forehead pressing against his even as her hand didn't stop working him.

"I don't care," Kakashi rasped, releasing her jaw to slide his hands down her back and bring her closer again. This time when he reached her ass, he squeezed roughly and used his hand to lift her to her knees so her chest was level with his face.

Sakura was forced to release him and before she even knew what was happening, Kakashi had closed his mouth around her nipple. Her jaw hung loose as she looked at him, her hands coming instinctively up to grab a hold of his hair. Kakashi looked up at her as his tongue pressed flatly against the tip and then he closed his lips more firmly around her and sucked, and Sakura thought she might have died.

The sight of him, looking up at her with one eye dark and the other shining red as his cheeks hollowed was sinful and she figured she might die a happy kunoichi if this was the last thing she ever saw.

Sakura moaned, impatient to get him closer still even if he was working wonders on one breast and then the other.

"Kakashi, please," she begged, not caring that it sounded needy. Contrary to what her sober and centered mind had told her, she didn't want to take this slowly. Not anymore. She wanted to be consumed by him and she wanted it now.

Kakashi seemed to read her mind, and quickly grabbed her closer so he could flip them over and cover her with his body. In their haste they seemed to have forgotten about the kunai she had dropped between them, though, and Sakura only remembered it when she fell on top of it.

She must have cut herself on it but the sharp sting of a cut was barely noticeable when Kakashi went back to kissing her and it only seemed to heighten her pleasure. Still, Sakura hissed into the kiss and arched her back so she could grab the fucking thing with one hand and hurl it blindly across the room. The sound of it embedding on the wall echoed around the room but neither of them stopped.

"You okay?" Kakashi pulled back slightly to ask her but Sakura didn't let him get far and hummed her confirmation into the next kiss. It felt like once she properly got a taste of him, completely loose and driven by desire and not a mission objective, she couldn't get enough.

Sakura moaned when he sucked on her tongue and impatiently brought her legs around him to pull him completely flush against her. His cock nestled between her legs and she rolled her hips down to feel it better, wishing there was nothing more between them.

"Fuck," Kakashi hissed, breaking their kiss and pushing a bit away so he could look between them. He sat back fully and even though Sakura tightened her legs around him, not particularly wanting him to leave, he pressed against her thighs until she released him enough so he could get some distance between them.

Sakura grunted in response but her frown disappeared as he moved his hands to her underwear and almost ripped it off her in his haste to get it out. Sakura huffed in amusement at the completely focused look on his face, wondering if there was a blush on his face because her own cheeks sure felt hot.

But then all rational thought left Sakura as Kakashi pushed his boxers and pants a bit further down and lined himself with her entrance. He teased her slowly, sliding between her folds and feeling how wet she truly was before angling back down and then grinding up into her again. He felt so hot and hard against her, she thought she would lose her mind if he wasn't inside her within the next second.

Sakura whined in a mix of anticipation and pleasure when the head of his cock slid against her clit and quickly brought her hand down to wrap around him. Her other hand grabbed at the back of his neck to bring him closer, fingers sliding through the short hair there as she locked eyes with him.

For a second it seemed that the whole world had narrowed down to the two of them as they stared at each other, completely in sync despite the hurried and unfinessed way they had pawed at each other. Kakashi fell to his elbows, his forehead pressing against hers as she guided him to her entrance.

Sakura released a shaky breath between them when he pressed forward, sliding a bit into her. It felt good, really good, and Sakura only tilted her hips to slide more of him into her, a broken sigh escaping her. Kakashi pressed a grunt against her lips as Sakura brought her legs back around him and then rolled his hips forward so he could finally bottom out.

He stopped there, the two of them panting into each other's mouths and Sakura thought for a terrifying moment that he would actually stop. She slid her hands around his back, sliding easily with the mix of sweat and blood and whined high in her throat, not at all above begging.

It hurt. It wasn't something nice and choreographed like her subconscious came up with whenever she tried to relieve some of the tension alone at night. Despite the fact that she had been drenched, the lack of foreplay and the impressive girth of his cock made it sting but Sakura didn't really care. It was somehow even better, how raw she felt, exposed and true in the best of ways.

"Please, don't stop," she whispered against his lips, rolling her hips up into him and tightening her inner muscles around him until he grunted.

Kakashi granted her wishes, pulling back slowly and then burying himself inside her until his pelvic bone was hitting hers, setting a slow but hard pace that had her dizzy and breathless, wanting more.

The heat between them was incredible, setting her alight and making her feel more alive than ever before. Sakura pressed forward to kiss him, needing to taste him as he kept the deliciously controlled pace he had found. His tongue was hot and his teeth sharp on her lips, making Sakura moan by how complete and full she felt. She had gradually gotten used to his size and all traces of the pain were gone, not that it had deterred her in any way before.

She brought her legs up, inviting him deeper, wanting to feel him all around her. Kakashi grunted with the change in angle and Sakura couldn't help the moan that escaped her when he reached the sweet spot inside of her from this position. She couldn't help much with the way she had her legs so high up around him but that didn't seem to stop Kakashi.

He sped up his pace further, taking the breath out of her lungs with it. Every time he brushed against that sensitive spot, Sakura released a breathy sound, clutching at his biceps and back, everywhere she could reach really, to get him closer, get him to go deeper, faster, harder.

Sakura felt the familiar crest of pleasure that would take her over the edge but while it built and filled her, it didn't go any further. She had been so overwhelmed with anxiety, fear and adrenaline just a short while ago and she didn't really think she could finish. She didn't even actively want to, if she was being honest, this wasn't about getting off. This was about him and them and feeling him alive and safe inside her arms, his heart beating against hers.

With a needy sound, she brought him closer still and this time he fell forward, his sweat-slicked chest sliding against hers as his thrusts slowed but became more powerful. Sakura could feel the sweat on his forehead mingling with hers, she was breathing the same air as him and if she focused, she could feel his heart beating, hear it with her enhanced senses. She had never felt this close to anyone else and she distantly worried she'd never be the same again.

Kakashi's small grunts and the way his breath went ragged were undeniably arousing. Sakura wished the moment would never end so she could appreciate this part of him further, see him in a way that was closely resembling how he was on the battlefield but still differed from anything she'd ever seen on his face. That thought alone was enough to make her moan, her eyes closing for the moment, her eyebrows creasing in the middle.

She raked her hands down his back and then felt him shudder, breathing a small sound on the back of his throat that sounded close to a growl. Kakashi brought one hand to her face then, the other sliding beneath the pillow and bringing him further down on top of her. She revelled in the feeling of having his weight pressing her further into the mattress, his thumb caressing her jaw impossibly softly.

"Look at me," Kakashi rasped, his voice impossibly low and rumbly, shooting a surge of pleasure straight to her core like a lightning bolt. Sakura moaned again, the sound bursting forth without her consent. "Sakura. Look at me."

Sakura opened her eyes at the commanding sound of his voice, immediately getting sucked in by the intensity behind his mismatched eyes. He was staring deep into her soul, it seemed, the tomoe in his Sharingan spinning dizzyingly and his charcoal grey eye so dark it was almost black. Sakura shuddered beneath him, her inner muscles contracting around him and drawing a wrecked sound from the back of his throat.

Kakashi's thrusts were beginning to get more frantic, the rhythm of it lost as his brows drew further together. It was with a weird sort of clarity that Sakura realised he was about to come, and it only took her a half second to decide she would be trying to see this side of him as much as she possibly could in the future.

He groaned a broken sound, his hips snapping frantically against hers once, twice before he stilled. Sakura could feel him swelling and pulsing inside her as she watched the way an almost snarl pulled his upper lip back so the sharp points of his canines glinted in the moonlight. A breathy, content sigh left her without her consent and she pulled him further into her, not letting him pull out before she kissed him again.

This kiss was languid and slow, like Kakashi was still coming back to himself and needed the extra time to move. He exhaled sharply through his nose, the tension in his back leaving completely as he dropped further on top of her. If Sakura had been a civilian she would probably be suffocating at the moment but she simply sighed again, enjoying his weight on top of her.

"Sakura…" Kakashi whispered against her lips, trying to pull back now that he had caught his breath. Sakura simply shushed him and tightened her hold so he wouldn't be able to go away. He chuckled slightly, more carefree than she had ever heard him before. "Let me make you come."

It was a question but it was posed as a command and the steel behind his voice made her breath stutter in her chest and her inner muscles clench unexpectedly around his softening cock. He slipped out of her then, forcing her to release her hold slightly on him so he could pull back enough to see her.

"I'm okay," she tried to assure him but was quickly silenced by the intense look on his face. Her cheeks felt hot again when she could properly look at him, looking thoroughly fucked and satisfied but with a stubborn tilt of his jaw that said she would not be going to sleep without coming at least once.

Sakura sighed, knowing she probably wouldn't be able to do it even if he tried his best and smiled gently at him. She carted her hands through his messy hair, pulling slightly on the strands so he would come back down to kiss her again. It felt dangerously addictive, his kisses, and Sakura felt reluctant in admitting even to herself that she couldn't possibly see herself ever going without them again.

"Kakashi," she whispered against his soft lips, satisfied when he pressed down on her again, his lower torso sliding wetly between her thighs. "I don't think I can tonight."

He hummed into the kiss, sounding disbelieving and dismissive as he kissed her slowly, softly but deeply. He kissed her for a long while, enough that Sakura could feel how swollen and bruised her lips were, and then he pulled back to look at her. His face was still intense but it held a softness to it that made Sakura's heart clench painfully in her chest. Fuck.

Kakashi angled his head so he could kiss the tip of her nose, her lips then moving to slightly peck both of her cheeks, the rhombus on her forehead, her temples and chin. Sakura breathed a soft incredulous laugh and felt his smile when he kissed his way down her neck.

Her heart rate was mostly back to normal then and she could enjoy how hot and heavy he felt above her, the hard planes of his lower torso sliding deliciously against her wet and sensitive centre. Sakura sighed, feeling slightly exasperated that he felt he had to prove something, it seemed, but knowing it wasn't exactly that even as the thought came to mind.

"I want to make you feel good," he murmured against the valley of her breasts, licking at the sweat beaded there. "You're so fucking perfect, fuck."

Sakura felt goosebumps erupt on her skin from his words spoken hotly against her breast. He took one nipple back between his lips, sucked lightly on it before taking the hardened tip of it between his teeth and grazing it softly. Sakura exhaled sharply, her hands tightening on his hair.

Kakashi slid one hand between them then, his fingers finding her dripping wet with his own release and her arousal, open for him. There was an obscene squelching sound when he slid a finger inside her, making her cheeks burn even as she moaned weakly. His finger slid easily inside of her, and he inserted another before long.

He kept kissing, biting and sucking her breasts while his fingers set a smooth and slow pace, curled slightly to hit the best spot inside of her. Sakura panted softly, unable to keep a groan from bursting forth when the palm of his hand slid deliberately across her clit.

"Kakashi," she sighed, arching against him, becoming surprisingly aroused to the point she had started to doubt her certainty about not being able to come at all. She had certainly underestimated Kakashi's dedication.

He released her right breast with an obscene pop that had Sakura gasping and increased the speed of his fingers while coming up to press his lips to hers again. The kiss was filthy, hot and with just enough desperation behind it to make Sakura moan. He sucked on her bottom lip and took his fingers briefly from inside her to roll tight little circles around her clit, taking her breath away.

Sakura whined when he sped up slightly before going back to press inside her, his palm taking over once again in stimulating her clit. Sakura broke the kiss then, unable to focus on it now that heat was building so deliciously once again. This time she felt the wave coming and cresting and she was undeniably aware that she was going to come and soon.

"That's it, let go," Kakashi pressed hot kisses on her neck, sucked harshly on the skin beneath her ear, his voice hot and low, commanding even while he kept his tone relatively soft. "Let me see you come, Sakura. C'mon, you're doing so well, you're so fucking good."

Sakura gasped, grinding down on his hand harshly, completely unprepared to what his words were stirring inside her. She whined again, begged him to speed up with her hips, trying to ride his hand faster. Kakashi in return pulled back slightly so he could keep the constant and intense rhythm he had set. Sakura grunted in protest, feeling frantic in a whole different way now and needing him to fuck her hard and fast and deep with his fingers. Kakashi slowed down.

"It's okay, Sakura," he whispered, pressing his lips back to hers. "I've got you, don't worry. Calm down, let it come."

Sakura threw her head back against his pillow, her mouth hanging open in a silent cry as he sped up slightly. It was enough to make her pant and moan raggedly into the still air of his room, almost completely overcome with the molten heat building inside of her.

"Fuck," she groaned breathlessly, feeling the press of Kakashi's teeth on her throat as he smiled against her. The constant rhythm of his fingers sped up again but he kept it even and still maddeningly too slow. Sakura's hands scratched blindly at him, her gasps constant and uncontrolled.

It only took Kakashi closing his teeth around her throat for the tightly coiled band that was her arousal to snap and for Sakura to come, hard and satisfyingly. Sakura wasn't sure if she cried out or not, completely overcome with the intensity of her pleasure.

When she came to, Kakashi was cleaning his fingers on the edge of the blanket, kissing her softly on her neck. It was only when he pressed kisses further up to her face and then to the corner of her eyes that she realised a few tears had escaped.

"Fuck," she said incredulously and Kakashi hummed in agreement before kissing her. It was a soft kiss, almost chaste, but his tongue slid against hers as a reminder of just how hot it could get.

After a few beats, he pulled back so he could flop down on the bed beside her, both of their chests heaving slightly even as he had come down from his own high quite a while ago. Sakura stared at the ceiling unseeingly for a while, stretching slightly while Kakashi ran a hand through his hair and sighed, all tension escaping them both.

He groaned slightly, making Sakura look at him, unconcerned but curious why he sounded so regretful.

"Can't believe I'm still wearing pants," he muttered darkly, wiggling out of said offending garments and taking his boxers with it when he chucked them aside. Sakura giggled softly, completely tired and spent.

"I still can't believe you wear your uniform even to sleep," she didn't need to turn to know he had sent a half-hearted glare at her bringing up the topic again.

"They're old and comfortable," he said again, echoing his words from just a few hours before.

"Pyjamas," she teased with a breathy laugh, not bothering to say the whole argument out loud again.

Kakashi rolled his eyes and rolled on top of her briefly. When his impressively half-hard cock brushed against her thigh she was afraid he would want to go again and she really didn't have it in her anymore that night. Instead, he kept going until he could slip beneath the covers between Sakura and the wall. Her breath was completely stolen out of her when he pulled her back into his arms, fitting her against his chest like it had become usual for them.

"Go back to sleep."

Sakura hummed into his neck, pressing a slow kiss there that ended with her just resting her lips against his skin. Kakashi hummed tiredly in response and it was the last sound she heard before letting sleep take over.




Sakura woke up the next day feeling completely spent and like she could easily sleep for the next few days. She stretched slightly and blinked her eyes open to the relative darkness of Kakashi's room. The curtains weren't all the way closed and the door was still open, letting the light from the living room in but still making the room seem the cosiest Sakura had ever seen it.

There was a slight breeze that tickled her exposed arms and chest but it was easily remedied when Sakura wrapped herself further into the shuriken comforter. And then groaned miserably. She was sticky everywhere.

"Stop stealing the covers," Kakashi mumbled from behind her where she had squished him against the wall in her sleep. Sakura muttered angrily into the pillow they shared in return but only snuggled back against him when he moved behind her to properly wrap his arms around her.

The smell of dried blood tickled her sensitive nose and she breathed a resigned sigh.

"I gotta get up," she rasped, her throat feeling dry even if she was briefly satisfied she didn't have a hangover. Aside from the fact that she had dried cum, sweat and blood all over her, the amount of sun was worrisome. Ideally she would leave around dawn so people wouldn't see her and while she could technically activate her seal, it didn't exactly change the fact that she could very well bump into Tsunade back home like the last time. Sakura sighed again.

The rational part of her, becoming more aware of where she was and what she had done and with whom, was freaking out a bit. Kakashi seemed sleepy enough to not have realised the full weight of their actions yet but she didn't particularly want to stick around to deal with it first hand. Especially if he was going to deal with this as horribly as she expected.

Tension was bleeding back into her sore muscles slowly and Sakura mourned the relaxed state she had been in just moments before.

Sex with Kakashi was… intense.

She knew neither of them had been in top form the night before and making such a radical change to their relationship wasn't exactly wise after the emotional roller coaster of the night before. It certainly hadn't been the right time to take this next step, especially with the war against Danzo looming in the distance but she couldn't find it in herself to regret it, even if Kakashi decided to disappear on her for a while, which frankly seemed likely.

Sakura slid off his bed before he could make that decision for her.

At least she tried to, because before she could swing her legs out, she was being pulled to fall on her back, the breath expelling forcefully from her lungs with a small oof.

"Where are you going?" Kakashi asked, looming above her.

The sheets were bunched between them, exposing his back but forming a bit of a barrier between their naked bodies. Kakashi held himself up with both arms stretched, creating more distance between them so they could look at each other better while one of his knees braced in the space between her legs. Sakura was sprawled on her back, dazedly staring up at him.

He looked ridiculously good for a man that was clearly hungover. His growing hair was already standing on end on the front, no longer hanging quite over his eye like before and it was a complete mess around his head, dried with sweat and the slightest of pinks in some places from the blood that had been on her hands. She could see the mess that his chest and throat were, dried blood peeling away and smudging his skin pink. Sakura couldn't imagine she looked any better.

"I was going to take a shower," Sakura lied easily, but knew she wouldn't be able to fool him. He knew exactly that she had been trying to make a hasty exit like she had done the last time she had woken up in his arms in the safety of Konoha.

Kakashi simply hummed, one of his eyebrows raising slightly as if to say, "Oh?" Sakura huffed an annoyed breath but it was mostly because there was a traitorous blush staining her cheeks from being called out. He couldn't blame her for trying to pull back before he did, spare herself the annoying feelings that would come with his inevitable avoidance and rejection.

Kakashi sighed slightly, his Sharingan shut and the other eye squinting at her for a second before he lowered himself to her. He pressed a kiss on her flaming cheek and stayed there for a few beats. Eventually, Sakura raised her hands to hug him to her, relishing in the warmth of his back and completely unable to hold back a small, content little sound.

"I do hope you were planning on taking said shower here," Kakashi said, the words pressed against her jaw where he nipped briefly. Sakura shivered slightly and it wasn't from the cold. No one had any right sounding this positively sinful this early in the morning.

"I can't stay long, I technically should be at the office right now." Sakura cursed herself for being such a stickler for the rules but the truth was that things were still positively intense at the office and she wanted to be at her shishou's side. There was a meeting with the council at noon and she absolutely had to be there before it started to keep most of the work off Tsunade's shoulders.

"C'mon then," Kakashi said, pushing himself away from her and the bed entirely. He stood over her on the side of the bed, completely naked and Sakura couldn't help the tiny smirk that found its way to her lips when she let her eyes rove over the smooth planes of his muscles and then further down. "Weren't you late, Sakura-hime?"

Sakura blushed again, finding it entirely unfair that he seemed to be hellbent on seeing her do so as much as possible and even more so that he succeeded. Instead of waiting for her reply, Kakashi raised his eyebrow at her minutely, both of his eyes opening to take her in before he turned on his feet to head over to his bathroom.

She heard the pipes groaning and when the sound of the shower box clicking shut could be heard, she jumped to her feet. She had absolutely no idea why Kakashi wasn't running away as fast as he could or why she wasn't being ushered out as quickly as possible out of his personal space but she didn't want to sit around and think herself into a circle. He was offering her a shower and she was sure as hell accepting it.

Steam had already gathered inside the shower but Sakura closed the bathroom door behind her to trap it further. She took a moment to appreciate the sight of Kakashi's back muscles wet and glistening with water before stepping in behind him.

There were goosebumps all over her body now and even though it was warmer inside the shower, Sakura hesitated before stepping closer. Kakashi turned around before she could decide if she wanted to ask politely for him to move or just forcibly move him away from the source of warmth.

He used both hands to smooth his hair back and opened his eyes to meet hers. Sakura was unprepared for the bolt of arousal that shot straight to her core. Her cheeks darkened further and Kakashi smirked slightly, his eyes leaving hers to follow the blush down to the top of her chest. After a long beat of charged silence, he pulled her to him.

"You're not exactly hurrying away to the office, Sakura," he said before pressing a quick kiss to her lips that almost made Sakura lose her footing. "Should I just assume you decided to not go after all so we can enjoy this shower better?"

The bastard. She wanted absolutely nothing else other than to feel him inside her again, especially with how his half-hard cock was pressing against her belly. Still, Sakura had her duty and she had never been one to be distracted from it, even if she had planned to wake up early that morning to do a proper workout before going to the office.

"Raincheck," Sakura whispered into the steamy air around them. Kakashi hummed once, kissed her again and manoeuvred them so she could be beneath the spray.

Sakura closed her eyes and let the hot water fall over her face and hair, sighing as some of the tension that had sneaked into her muscles dissipated. She heard Kakashi open the cap of his shampoo over the sound of rushing water and raked her hands through her hair slowly, giving up halfway when she was met with a few tangles.

Even though she could feel Kakashi, his heat somehow managing to still affect her, he didn't touch her. He stayed close to her while he lathered his hair and she got rid of some of the residual stickiness over her body but he gave her enough space that she didn't feel smothered. Despite their arousal being evident to the other, Sakura didn't feel the need to take what time they could get to jump each other again. There had been a sense of urgency the night before that made itself known in the way she had been aching for him since waking up but somehow she felt… quiet.

She smiled slightly, her eyes still closed and head under the spray, thinking how comfortable she was inside that shower with him. If it wasn't for the undeniable attraction between them and the fact that she was currently cleaning his cum from between her thighs, it might have felt like a regular shower shared by Team Ro after a mission.

"So you're a blanket hogger and a shower hogger."

Sakura sighed at having her peace broken by his teasing and opened her eyes to glare at him but moved aside so he could wash the suds out of his hair.

"You look ridiculous," she said, even though it was a fucking lie. Kakashi looked perfect, as always, even with his hair foaming and sticking up all over.

"And you're mean first thing in the morning." He shrugged before pointing with his chin towards the dip in the wall that held an assortment of products. "Pakkun's shampoo is there if you want to use it."

Sakura snorted at his quip. He knew full well she didn't use the same shampoo anymore. She had changed it after the Konoha Crush, the knowledge that a dog used the same shampoo as her just too embarrassing at the time. Then when she got into ANBU she traded for the standard scentless shampoo all operatives used and later on, when she had started enhancing her olfactory senses and realised just how recognisable scent was, she changed all of the products she used for scentless ones. But, of course, Kakashi would still tease her about using the same shampoo as Pakkun after all those years.

She reached for his ANBU standard shampoo and started working on her hair, mournful that he didn't have any conditioner there. She usually went without during missions but even though she had given up anything perfumed she still liked to have some luxuries while in the comfort of her village.

Sakura was still massaging her scalp when Kakashi stepped forward again, slightly out of the water but only close enough to press a kiss to her throat.

"Don't forget to heal these before going to the Tower." He nipped lightly at her skin and Sakura had to trap a squeal behind her lips before she could embarrass herself. She felt his sharp canines at her throat and shivered. "All yours."

And then he got out of the shower. The box was still heavily steamy and Sakura couldn't really see him properly through it but she knew he had only stopped briefly to dry himself before leaving. Sakura grumbled under her breath at him having left her more aroused than she actually wanted to be if she couldn't do something about it.

She finished her shower without rushing, circled her chakra for a while to cool herself down and then left. She tried to fight a smile when she saw the towel he had left for her but was entirely unsuccessful. Sakura dried herself quickly and wrapped her hair in the towel before looking in the mirror.

It was still foggy but a few swipes later and she could kind of see herself.

"Fuck," she muttered, eyeing the litany of bruises on her neck, shoulders and chest.

Sakura had never minded a bit of pain during sex, even welcomed it occasionally, but she had never gotten quite this marked from it before. It was weird because while it had been entirely unfiltered and raw, the night before was far from the roughest she'd had. With clinical fingers, Sakura healed only the bruises that would show above the high neck of her bodysuit. For some reason, it felt wrong to erase every single evidence he left on her.

With that mental reminder, Sakura sat down on the toilet to pee and focused her chakra briefly on her reproductive system to get rid of any remaining sperms that could possibly cause trouble in the future, and then flushed it out of her with the smallest amount of chakra. She could burn them out with chakra if she wanted or even control her hormone levels to trick her body into thinking it was pregnant so she wouldn't even ovulate, but this was the easiest method which she preferred.

After washing her hands, Sakura brushed her teeth quickly with the toothbrush she had used the night before. She rinsed her mouth and stared at the plastic stick for a while, her lips pursed in consideration. It felt like one of those defining moments in life, like the night before just before she leaned forward to kiss him or earlier that morning when she didn't immediately leave.

She eyed the cup Kakashi kept on the counter with his own toothbrush and toothpaste. She could put hers there, but somehow she knew that the sight of her toothbrush next to his would bring some feelings that she wasn't ready to deal with yet.

Sakura placed it on top of the counter, neither throwing it away nor placing it in the cup, and left it for Kakashi to decide what to do with.

Her hair was annoyingly wet still but she let it dry naturally, unable to hide any awkward creases in it now that she wore it loose down her back. Sakura walked through his bedroom past his living room and entered Kakashi's kitchen to see him placing a hot plate of gohan with a side of tamagoyaki. She blinked at it for a few seconds while Kakashi ran water over the pan he had used and let it sit in the sink to be washed later.

He shot her a quick smile, mask firmly in place and "pyjamas" on and then turned to leave.

"Enjoy breakfast, I'm going back to sleep."

Sakura huffed a laugh in amusement, not turning to watch him leave. She could hear him puttering about in the bathroom as she sat down to eat.

"Itadakimasu," she muttered sleepily, not happy at all that she had to go into the office without her workout, especially since she wasn't naturally a morning person. She dug in and had to fight a moan. His cooking was delicious. Of course it was. She scarfed down the meal like a starving woman, a frown on her face even as she moaned in delight. The bastard could at least try and be bad at something.

Sakura finished her meal and cleaned the dishes before moving back to the living room to get her sandals. She cogitated putting them on already and leaving but a little tug deep in her belly made her hold the shoes in her hands and make her way to Kakashi's bedroom.

He was sprawled on his belly, hugging the pillow to his face and snoring softly.

For a few seconds she just watched him, appreciating how safe he felt with her still inside the apartment as he laid in his freshly changed bed sheets. The old ones were bunched beside the bed, a haphazardly placed black set in its place on the bed. Sakura let her eyes roam over his body once more, appreciating the way his back muscles looked like in the tight spandex shirt and then formed a seal with her hand. In the next second, she was in the middle of her bedroom.

She quickly changed into fresh clothes, long tight pants and another version of her prefered bodysuit with her haori on top, grabbed her things and left through the tunnel that would lead her to the Hokage tower.

The office was already bustling with activity when she got there. Tsunade was angry, she could see it the moment she opened the doors, but looked at her with a grateful expression when she took the civilian noble complaining about taxes off her shoulders. Sakura dealt with the old man and a couple of newbie jounin who had passed their test the month before until the office was blissfully quiet, this close to Tsunade's meeting with the council.

"I'm too old for this shit," Tsunade grumbled, massaging her temples with her fingers and looking like she would give anything to have a bottle of sake in front of her.

Sakura snorted and made her way to her shishou's desk to organise some of the papers there.

"You're not too old for anything, Shishou, shut up," Sakura said, finishing her work with the papers and moving to press a chakra filled hand to the woman's shoulders, relaxing the tension there and then moving to lessen the headache she was sporting. Sakura knew Tsunade could do that for herself but that didn't mean she couldn't still take care of her.

"You didn't come back home again," Tsunade murmured, relaxing into the back of her chair when Sakura was done. "Were you at the same place you were last time that happened?"

Sakura smiled brightly at Tsunade and pointed to the scroll of meeting points still open before the blonde.

"Shouldn't you be prepping for the meeting?" she asked instead but Tsunade only rolled her eyes and shot her a wholly unimpressed look.

"Don't tell me what to do, brat." Tsunade raised an eyebrow at her. "So you were with him."

Sakura dropped her smile, immediately pouting that Tsunade hadn't let her escape the question.

"You know, it is common courtesy to let things go when you notice someone is avoiding an answer," Sakura grumbled, leaning against the edge of the desk next to Tsunade but staring out of the window instead. She focused on pinpointing where Team Ro was stationed while they kept watch.

"There's really no reason to pretend otherwise, Sakura," Tsunade scoffed and waved her hand in the air dismissively. "Besides, I need to distract myself before this goddamn farce of a meeting otherwise I'm going out through those windows and walking until I see the first bar."

Sakura huffed a small laugh but she knew Tsunade really wasn't kidding. That day, they were going to propose putting Toshio in the council and while it was a move in their favour, it would still be a stressful discussion. Sakura really didn't envy her shishou at that moment.

"Well, I don't think you have any more time to occupy yourself, Shishou," Sakura said, pointing at the clock behind her. "It's almost noon."

Tsunade grumbled a bit while her eyes roved over the scroll in front of her before she closed it with a snap. She turned in her chair but Sakura stared straight ahead through the windows, knowing that Team Ro could basically hear everything if they wanted to with everything open as it was.

"From how you're limping I wager it was good then."

Sakura choked on her next breath and coughed furiously, her whole face burning. She turned wide eyes towards her shishou and glared at her when she saw the gleeful look on the woman's face.

"I'm not limping, Shishou." Sakura took a deep breath and forced herself to relax.

"You are blushing, though," Tsunade said triumphantly, all too gleeful from getting a reaction. In the next second she turned completely serious, a dangerous glint in her eyes. "I hope he knows I will obliterate his puny body if he ever hurts you. Shouldn't be too hard either, he has a weak constitution."

Sakura rolled her eyes, knowing Tsunade was both telling the truth and lying at the same time. She knew that she would try and make Kakashi's life hell if he fucked up but Sakura also knew the man had a special place in her heart, being her dead friend's son and all.

"You wouldn't kill him, Shishou," Sakura said, just because Tsunade hadn't let her lie her way out of the conversation earlier and she didn't want to let her lies hold. "What was it that you said before? You changed his diapers when he was a baby, watched him use his first kawarimi and rander your senpai to tears or something."

"Ha! That's right," Tsunade said, leaning back on her seat and putting her feet up on her desk as she relaxed further into her chair. There was a funny look on her face, one Sakura had seen before whenever she talked about the past but didn't linger on hurtful subjects. It was nostalgia and sadness but also a tender sort of happiness that made Sakura's own heart constrict painfully. "I could still give him two months of D-ranks, though."

Sakura laughed, happy and slightly less freaked out than she was before.

She was treading unknown waters at the moment. What she had with Kakashi was completely different from everything else she ever had before. While it was warm and comfortable in some ways—the two of them did know each other better than most in the village and had grown incredibly close—it still managed to instil a bit of panic deep inside her.

She had been hurt before, and despite Yugao's words still ringing inside her head, she was still conflicted about giving everything like she had before. Sakura liked whatever it was that the two of them were at the beginning of, but she didn't want to completely dive in head first.

Still, knowing that Tsunade didn't exactly disapprove of the two of them made things incredibly easier in her head. She knew not everyone else would think the same way if they knew. If they ever lasted long enough to come out to everyone.

Sakura chatted lightly with Tsunade as she went around the office to set up for the council meeting. She took the table from the other room, the chairs and prepared some tea and left with a peck on Tsunade's forehead before anyone arrived.

Sakura went to train then. Usually she hated training heavily during the afternoon because of the sun but they were on the cusp of winter now and it was bearable to do so. She still sweated through her clothes as she tried to expel all of her worries through physical exertion.




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