"Kensi!" Deeks shouted.

"What?" Her eyes full of tears. Her heart breaking she couldn't catch her breath between sobs.

"You know these are doctored, Right? Kens, you know that ,right baby?"

"I don't know what I know right now, Deeks. I...I just need you to go right now. I can't do this. I need some space."

Deeks heart sunk. After everything the last 12 years, how could she believe any of this. He and Kensi had been married for over a year now. March 10, 2019 was the best day of their lives. Surrounded by friends and family on the beach. Blush dresses, cornflower blue carnations and white roses, the ocean, the sun, even a short but sweet surprise appearance by Hetty, who wouldn't miss it for the world. Everything was perfect. They continued Field work and close calls came and went. Deeks was fighting hard to stay respectful as Kensi seemed to be Inching closer to getting out, but something kept holding her back. Frustration was overcoming the man, who wanted to start a family before he began seeing his luscious blonde locks turn grey.

Deeks grabbed his bag and looked bag at her one last time before walking out the front door. He leaned up against it and whispered, "I love you princess."

He headed over to the bar. It was well after lockup, his and Kensi's fight crept well into the morning hours. Unlocking the entrance, he wasn't surprised to see Callen tinkering with transponders trying to get a signal into Russian prisons, still searching for his father.

"Any luck yet?" Deeks questioned hoping to avoid why his presence at the bar was occurring at 2 in the morning.

Callen eyes him suspiciously, "couldn't sleep?"

"Something like that."

"What's really going on Deeks?"

"Like you said couldn't sleep, thought I'd run through the inventory," he shrugged hoping Callen would buy it.

"Not buying it," Callen retorted.

"No? Really? I thought that was pretty convincing."

"I am a skilled agent, you know."

"Do I?"

"Cut with the games Deeks, what's up?"

Deeks sighed knowing he wouldn't win this battle.

"So," Callen eyed the tired man over, "cut to the chase, Shaggy. What's up?"

"I don't even know where to begin." He mumbled putting his hands through his mane.

Callen headed behind the bar and grabbed two cold beers. "Here you look like you need this," he handed one to Deeks, "besides it's on the house." He winked with a smile.

"Ya it is," Deeks replied.

"So spill, why are you here and not home with Kensi."

Deeks mind wondered back.

Flashback three months ago...

"Kensi! G I don't have a shot!" Sam screamed through coms.

"Sam! What's going on, talk to me." Deeks demanded.

"We got eyes on her, Deeks, but I don't have a clear shot." Sam replied frantically

"How is she, Sam!" When he didn't respond, Deeks returned, "I'm coming around back,"

"Be careful man, focus, your emotions will get her killed." Sam needed to prepare him for what he would witness.

Kensi was being held up by Edwards. He was holding her lifeless body in front of him blocking Sam and Callen from taking a clean shot. Her hands bound behind her back, bruised, beaten and bloody, her eyes black and blue, blood streaming down her face, a vision of an op that was spiraling downward quickly.

Kensi always had a soft spot for Wayward Marines with PTSD, this time it almost got her killed, yet again. Sargent Edwards was accused of selling troop locations to the Taliban. He was shot multiple times in the leg and back in Afghanistan two years ago, barely surviving. He was honorably discharged and recovered at home, until the nightmares became too much. Too many of his friend and colleagues only made it home in bodybags from the senseless was overseas. His girlfriend left him not prepared to deal with his ups and downs. He was alone, he was tired of the deaths and saw this as a way to give the Taliban an upper hand, hoping it would keep them moving away from our troops, while making him some cash to start a new life. His vision was clouded from his disorder and lack of support. Kensi realized he wasn't a bad man, just caught up in the disasters that hit him hard in a country of war.

Kensi was assigned to go under cover to begin dating Edwards. He hung out at a local bar, where he seemingly met his contacts. She was to get close enough to him so that she could search his house for information. She was equipped with a sedative to prevent any indiscretions, in case Edwards wanted to progress things during the op. This would also give her a chance to find evidence without being made. Kensi found it easy to relate to the man with her past experiences. Deeks was unhappy with the assignment. A wrong move would put Her in serious danger, but Kensi felt confident she could get through to the target.

Prior to the mission, Deeks expressed his opinion.

"You know I have to do this." Kensi spoke softly.

"You don't have to."

"Deeks, I'm perfect for this op and you know it."

"Doesn't mean I have to like it."

"No, but I need you to support it. I need you to have my back."

Deeks wants to scream at her and beg her again to get out. He had been ready for a while and had been trying to patiently wait for her to say it was time. Each day passed, another close call, another case, over and over, with no end in site. Yet he kept his promise, being patient with her. But the clock was ticking and it became harder and harder to not break his word.

He pulled her into his arms, " I always will support you."

She went about her mission. Sam, Callen and Deeks were always in the backdrop, until they weren't.

A few weeks into the mission, Kensi succeeded in seducing the Marine. They headed back to his apartment. She slipped him the sedative and he was out. Kensi gave the guys the all clear.

"He'll be out for at least 6-8 hours with that dose." She informed her backup.

"Kens, I'm not leaving!"

"Don't be an idiot, what are you gonna do stand outside looking homeless. This is too ritzy an area for that, you'll likely tip off the neighbors. Go with Callen and Sam, I'll be fine!"

"I don't like this."

"Deeks, the bar is literally two blocks away. You'll be close enough if I need you."

With that they headed back to the bar down the road to ask questions about Edwards and his meetings.

"She'll be fine Deeks," Callen started.

"I have a bad feeling."

"Maybe it's your late night sleep snacking on left overs, that's got your stomach churning," Sam teased.

"Guys, I'm being serious."

"Let's get our questioning done and get back then, Shaggy," Sam patted his back.

Kensi began searching his apartment. However, the sedative didn't last as it should have and mixed badly with the concoctions of medications he was on for his PTSD. He woke suddenly in a fit of rage. Seeing his date snooping on his computer made matters worse.

"Who are you!" He screamed punching her in the face.

"I was just checking my email," she tried to lie.

Edwards grabbed her and threw her against the wall, Kensi regained her balance and began fighting him, shoving him back into his desk where reached for his gun he kept hidden there. Kensi began to grab hers but he beat her to the punch.

"Guys, a little help here," she whispered out and went silent as Edwards pistol whipped her and suddenly everything went black.

No one planned for the unexpected results and that the sedative would have interacted they way it did. Everything was mapped out and planned to a tee, but as they were well aware, sometimes plan A failed.

"Deeks stay here and finish questioning," Sam ordered.

"The hell I am! Kensi's in trouble."

"Deeks, you're too close."

"And you're wasting time!"

Sam all too familiar knew what Deeks was feeling. His argument stopped and The three headed back to Edwards' apartment complex. Edwards had continued kicking Kensi after she blacked out. Lifting her head and punching her in an attempt to wake her and get answers to no avail. Realizing he had possibly an unconscious cop in his midst, he needed to act fast. He was dragging Kensi down the back alley, when Sam, Callen and Deeks pulled up. Sam and Callen went around back to the alley. Deeks was already through the front doors of the building and half way to the entrance to the alley when Sam yelled.

"Without warning, Deeks burst through the doors into the back of the alley. He saw Edwards holding Kensi's body. Seeing as he was behind Edwards, he aimed for the back of Edwards leg, hoping the pain would distract him long enough to get Kensi out of harm's way.

"Eric get us a bus here NOW, make that two!" Callen shouted.

Edwards grasped the back of his leg and howled in pain, dropping Kensi's body into a crumpled pile, giving Sam a shot to his shoulder. Callen cuffed him and waited for the ambulances.

Deeks ran to Kensi. "Baby, please baby, I'm here. Stay with me Kens. I love you so much. I can't do this without you."

Her limp body lay in his arms. Sam came over and found her weak pulse. He looked at Deeks, "Hang on Kensi,"Sam whispered.

"Deeks, Earth to Deeks, you gonna snap out of your thoughts and tell me what's going on or you gonna sit there and milk your beer."

"Huh, oh ya," he looked down at his warming beer. "I was just thinking back to the Edwards' case."

Callen's eyes dimmed. "That was close."

"Too close." His heart hurt thinking back again to the agony of waiting by her bedside again.

"I hate this place," he told Callen and Sam as they wondered the halls of the VA hospital. "The smell, the walls, the waiting." The ambulance brought her back to the place Kensi hoped to never see again. She spent many nights in this hospital receiving from the incident in Syria.

"She fought through once, she'll do it again." Sam said. "hell you got blown up by a rocket launcher and suffered just as bad of a TBI and she has," He continued trying to make his Shaggy haired friend crack a smile.

"And you didn't have to drag her through a 100 degree desert." Callen added.

"I shouldn't have left."

"Deeks you can't beat yourself up." Sam knew his word were hallow, he shouldn't have assumed Michelle had been driving, they may have been able to save her if he just thought clearer.

"I wanted to stay. Why is she so stubborn."

"Because she's Kensi." Callen reminded, " which means she'll make it through this."

"How many times, how many times can we really make it through?"

Sam and Callen looked at each other, Fearful Deeks was finally going to break.

Just then the doctor came out, "I can't say I'm pleased to see you again. That woman must have some angel watching over her."

"I think she has a few, Doc," referencing Granger, her dad and even David Suraff.

"She's very lucky. She's beginning to wake up. She has two broken ribs on her left side and one on the right. Thankfully none of the ribs broke far enough to puncture her lungs."

Callen shuttered, remembering the awful Pain he was in and how it was to breathe in Mexico when his lung was punctured by his ribs.

"We set her nose, stitched up her few deep wounds, she'll need at least two months to recuperate. Knowing Kensi, she'll be good as new in six weeks."

"Thanks Doc."

"And Mr. Deeks, I don't want to see either of you back here. That's doctor's orders."

He cracked a small grin. "Ok."

Deeks looked up at Callen and back at his beer, still barely touched. He sighed deeply. "It could have been worse. She almost died. He beat her within an inch of her life and she only had a few broken ribs and a severe concussion. I know she's Wonder-Woman, but when is enough enough?"

Callen knew Deeks was ready to start a family, but Kensi kept wavering. Callen feared The Edwards' case was certainly going to leave a huge doubt of continuing on, in Deeks mind. He finally decided to pry more.

"Is that what this is about?"

"What? No , no not at all, well I guess not directly."

"Then What Deeks?"

Finally Deeks handed over the envelope. "These, these are what this is all about."