Chapter One: The Beginning

Impel Down – One Year Before Canon

Sadi, or 'Little Sadi' as she forces her subordinates to call her, felt like she was walking on air as she skipped down one of the many corridors of her sanctuary. She was happier than she had ever been inside the lowest level of Eternal Hell, otherwise known as Level 6 of Impel Down.

Ironically, the 'Harshest' level of Impel Down, used to be the tamest when it came to punishments. The inmates were given minimal food and water, and were never allowed to move. But that was it.

No gruesome torture, no back-breaking labor, and no boiling people alive. It was so boring! Sadi nearly wept when she had heard she was being reassigned to this dreadful level. Even the inmates called it 'Eternal Hell' because they had nothing to do besides sit and pass time. That, and the fact that anyone assigned to this level would be here for life. The inmates would wish for death because it was simply more interesting than eternal boredom!

But recently it had gotten a bit more interesting, Sadi had been given reign over the deepest layer of Hell, and used it gleefully to torment each and every soul still breathing within the cages.

She spent hours making them scream and moan. She took special care with each one, agonizingly tormenting them until she built up to one final powerful climax.

It was pure ecstasy!

She passed by the many large cells and cages that lined the walls of her workplace. The entire place was decayed and dull, with little to no lighting provided at all. The 'residents' stayed still and quiet, trying their best not draw any attention to themselves. Not that they could move in the first place, a combination of chains, malnourishment, and extreme injuries kept them in place. If not for the occasional groan and whimper, she would have assumed they were all corpses. She smiled wickedly as the few aware enough to see her visibly shrunk away, frightened by the very sight of a Chief Guard.

She absolutely loved it.

The aura of despair and hopelessness that this floor had, gave her a feeling of bliss unlike any other. While she usually preferred her playthings to scream and beg for mercy, she had been developing a rather refined taste toward the sound of a truly broken man.

The sound of her stiletto heels clicking on stone echoed through the tunnel, and she laughed as the inmates flinched with every step. They had been 'trained' to associate the sound with pain, and she enjoyed watching a fleeting glimpse of panic flash through their dull eyes as she passed them by.

She drew attention quickly as she maneuvered through the halls with practiced efficiency. It was hard not to when she was wearing a blinding pink outfit, contrasting sharply with the dull greys that covered their prison. Her outfit was skimpy and open, revealing the entire underside of her breasts and leaving her entire stomach exposed. Her waistband barely held her pants together, and left her hips bare. The majority of her 'clothing' was covering her arms and legs with bright, shiny, material flowing low with stylized rips. A bright pink pair of horns sat atop her bushy orange hair, combined with a wicked looking pitchfork, she looked every bit the devil to the inmates.

She twirled her pitchfork around happily as she skipped to her destination. She had been overjoyed when her superiors pulled her away from the higher levels just a few short months ago. At first, she was extremely depressed, thinking she would have to stop her 'fun' with the inmates, but that was until she heard she was actually getting promoted. The Warden was impressed by her sadistic streak and moved her to deal with the stronger willed inmates on the lower two floors.

Their 'will' didn't last long against her.

But that mattered little at the moment. She had already grown bored with the remains of the men she had dealt with. She was instead focused entirely on a pair of individuals she had been introduced to just a week ago.

The higher-ups took a special interest in these two and assigned her to focus entirely on them. She thought it was a bit overkill, but after one long, glorious, day spent with her two new toys, she didn't care.

Her cheeks grew flushed as she remembered her 'first time' with the pair. They were so... wonderful! The man, if you could call him that, was beautiful and strong, somehow managing to keep his muscular build, despite a year of minimal action or food. He had tried his best to keep from screaming after he learned that she got satisfaction out of it. It was so cute.

And the woman! How delicious she was! She was proud and stoic, refusing to show any emotion in front of her captor. Her tenacity was astounding, she had managed to last the entire first day without a peep. Although she finished with bleeding gums. Still to this day, the woman had yet to scream. Only whimpers and growls from any abuse she took. If it were any other prisoner, she may have been annoyed, may have brought out her harsher methods, or may have even just simply killed them. But instead, she shook with pleasure, intent to draw out this session to one powerful climax. Her instructions gave her nothing but time, and she was going to make the most of it.

She preferred working with the man, anyway, and was content to watch the woman's hope crumble alongside the man's sanity. Only then, would she make the woman scream.

The skip in her step grew as she rounded the final corner. She was already hot and worked up from the stroll through the cells, and was ready to work out some release. She approached the final cell and peered in with glazed eyes.

There, chained to the wall, was her favorite prize.

Long platinum blonde hair, fell down to his back, uncut from the entire year he had spent in chains. A firm, muscular chest was exposed to the open air, covered in various glowing-red lashes and welts that she had inflicted the day before. His once-pristine features were dirty and rough, battered from the long stay inside her personal sanctuary. Strong arms were bound above him, chained to the wall to prevent the slightest movement. And finally, his strangest feature. Nine long, golden, tails were limp against the floor beneath him.

She had yet to discover their purpose, she had tried to cut them, but found she couldn't. She had tried to burn them, but the fire washed off like a liquid. She had tried to smash them, but found their owner unaffected. It was as if he couldn't feel them at all.

Part of her assignment was to understand the features of the man's Devil-Fruit, but she had yet to learn anything. He would scream for her, but never talk. She assumed that the Seastone Cuffs had been affecting his senses of them, since she never saw them move.

His face, was concealed by the dark and his hair as his head hung limply in front of him.

He was sleeping! How cute!

She happily reached for the keys to unlock the cell, before pausing...


She had ensured that the pain alone would prevent him from getting any rest, and she had made well enough noise to wake him with her entrance.

She looked back up and inspected him closer, faster this time.

His chest wasn't moving.

Her heart jumped with a small amount of fear instead of her normal excitement. She had been a bit too excited with her last session, and used some of her more vicious methods, hoping to get a reaction out of the girl. She was sure his body was strong enough, after all the other inmates of this floor had survived.

She paused in thought. He was much younger, she realized. Only in his teens if she had to guess. Panic started to creep in as she noticed his total lack of movement. He wasn't breathing.

She had been ordered to keep them alive.

She fumbled with the keys quickly and nearly broke down the Seastone door with all the force she threw it open with.

Rushing to his side, she placed a hand on his chest.

No heartbeat.

As dread filled her, she dropped her pitchfork and the keys to the cell beside her. She reached for his chin and tried to pull his face up so she could see it.

But instead, his head snapped up on its own.

A sharp, blood-red, set of slitted eyes glared back at her with fierce determination. They pulsed and seemed to glow in the dark cell.

Her vision blurred and her body stiffened. She felt the world spin around her.

She collapsed.

He heard the young woman give a sigh of relief from beside him as their tormenter fainted.

Stage One was complete.

They both stiffed as the dominatrix shifted on the ground in front of them. With slow, zombie-like movements, the Guard sat up and stared back at them with dull, lifeless eyes.

A small mental command from the man, and Sadi reached down to pick up the set of keys she had dropped.

With movements agonizingly slow to the two inmates, Sadi made her way to the shackles on the man's wrists.

Two short clicks, and the man was released.

He let out a hoarse groan as he moved for the first time in an entire year. His voice damaged from screaming.

He stood up and stretched his limbs, happy for the first time in a long while. He glared down at the Guard. A year ago he would have hesitated to harm a defenseless woman, but after a week of the most brutal torture, he had ever experienced...


He mercilessly slammed her head into the Seastone bars of his cell. It wouldn't kill her, but he made sure to just hit her hard enough to send her back into unconsciousness.

He reached for the keys and freed his companion, who wasted no time latching onto him in a fierce hug. He nearly stumbled back from the force, but managed to catch her in time to keep his balance.

She was crying openly against him, staring at the various cuts and bruises that covered his torso.

The 'Devil' had chosen to single him out for some reason, so he had sustained the majority of the injuries.

She sobbed her apologies and he wrapped her up in a hug.

All nine of his tails moved alongside him, and wrapped around her protectively. He whispered soothing words into her ear, doing his best to calm her down. He hastily reminded her of the plan.

They were free, in a sense, but not safe. Not yet.

The first and hardest step was complete.

Now they needed to escape.

And from the deepest level of Hell, it was going to be a difficult task.

After his companion had settled down, he took another look at his torturer. He had already been familiar with her, but he needed to be absolutely perfect. He leaned down, eyes combing over every inch of the woman's form. Memorizing every intricate detail.

Another flash of his red eyes, and he stood up.

His form shifted and he grew taller. His long blonde hair melded into a bushy, unkempt mess of orange. His muscles shrank, his arms and legs both becoming slim and dainty. His chest shrank, but his body flared out with womanly curves. A glaring pink outfit slowly appeared, covering his form entirely.

The woman gasped as her blonde companion shifted his form into a perfect replica of their Guard. She subconsciously backed away as he turned to face her. He smirked and lifted Sadi's unruly orange bangs from his brow, exposing his piercing red eyes.

The woman shook her surprise away, and watched as 'Sadi' cuffed her counterpart into the place he had just been shackled. Another flash, and the very same man was back, shackled to the wall as if he had never left.

She jumped with surprise as she glanced at the spot she was chained, finding an identical version of herself, still chained to the wall. Curious, she reached out to touch the face of 'herself', but her hand just passed straight through, and she felt nothing but the wall behind the image.

An Illusion.

She turned back to her smirking companion and together they began Stage Two.

She closed her eyes in concentration, and felt her body shrinking.

'Sadi' watched with fascination as his companion shrunk visibly before his eyes. A moment later, and he was looking back into the sharp yellow eyes of a small black cat.

Satisfied that his Illusion would hold, they exited and locked the cell. He was still far too weak, so the Illusion would only last for an hour.

Plenty of time to walk out of Impel Down.

Author's Notes (Minor Spoilers)

The first chapter is short, but I plan to upload the second one immediately, this was just an introduction.

But before you go and read the next one, please tell me what you thought of this one! I've been wanting to do a One Piece fic for a long time, as I feel that One Piece doesn't have nearly enough FanFics for it.

Can you guess who the Female inmate is? I'm curious if anyone could guess it correctly.

I was very surprised to see the lack of Naruto/One Piece cross-overs. Even with the perfect Devil-fruit existing inside One Piece Canon! Are there actually Fics that use it and I'm just missing them?

Just to be clear. This is completely inside the One Piece Universe. Meaning, Naruto is not from the Elemental Nations, he doesn't use Chakra, he isn't a Shinobi, and most importantly he doesn't have Kurama inside of him, nor has he ever. He was born and raised inside the One Piece Universe.