AN: This story is rated M for a reason. Trigger warnings to many things are present in this story.

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Rosalie Hale has never tasted human blood. Even when she killed Royce and his friends, she refused to have her murders blood in her system. She was angry in her new life, not because of what she was but because of what was taken from her. The things she wanted and could no longer have, the lies, the seclusion from people. As a human she had been told countless times that she was beautiful. In this new life it stopped meaning anything to her. She learned that beauty was on the inside and that as a human her vainness had kept her from seeing the truth, the reality of what she had let herself be put into. Over the years she has tried to see the beauty in herself but it always ended with countless broken mirrors and so much pent up anger. At least that was until she walked into the cafeteria at Forks high school, their current and favorite home.

Rumors of a new student had been circulating for weeks and supposedly the only truth of it was that the student was the chief of police's daughter, Bella Swan. Rosalie didn't pay much attention after that but Alice seemed to think this girl would be the answer to all of Rosalie's problems. She talked about the girl as if she knew her and Rosalie wouldn't doubt she did. The little pixie was a seer after all and she had probably been having visions of the girl for months before the rumors began.

So when she walked into the cafeteria and the new girl was sitting with Jessica Stanley, Lauren Mallory, and Angela Weber she wasn't surprised. She passed by their table as Jessica's voice carried to her ears.

"So the big one is Emmett Cullen and he's like with Rosalie Hale, the resident Ice Queen of Forks. The short one is Alice Cullen and she with the one who looks like he's in pain, Jasper Hale. He's Rosalie's twin brother but he was held back a year. Then there's Edward, the one with red hair that looks like he's out of some magazine that he models for."

Rosalie couldn't help but smirk as she walked with Emmett to their usual table. She enjoyed when new people would look at her unnerving outside appearance and be speechless. It satisfied her in a way that she had never felt when she was human. She was curious what the new girl thought as she sat beside Emmett and glanced over at her.

She froze.

The girl was staring at her with the most gorgeous bright icy blue eyes Rosalie had ever seen. Pure white hair hung down passed her shoulders, a black streak on the right side standing out vibrantly against the thick white. Her defined cheekbones had Rosalie wondering if the girl ate enough. Her long sleeve black shirt was baggy on her and Rosalie gasped quietly as the need to know what was underneath the cotton fabric surged to the front of her mind. The girls head angled slightly as a frown pulled at the corners of her mouth.

Emmett leaned over and whispered so low for only her to hear, "You okay?"

She watched the girl across the room tense as Emmett leaned even closer and her bright eyes began to darken slightly. She felt a thrill run down her spine as the girl glared at Emmett for a moment before standing and moving swiftly out of the cafeteria. As she passed the cool air brushed across Rosalie's face like a caress and the most delicious scent of mangos and fresh rain filled her entire body.

A primal hunger awoke inside of her and she wanted to go after the girl. The beast inside clawed at her chest to break free and take the girl, claim her as its own. This girl was hers and no one was going to deny her of that. She gripped the edge of the table tightly, too tightly causing it to fracture. She refused to give in to the monster that was screaming in her mind to get the girl. Whether to fuck her or kill her, she didn't know and at the moment she didn't want to find out.

She needed control. She has worked very hard over the last eighty years to gain that control and for this strange girl to strip her of that in only a few moments, it was inexcusable. Anger began to replace the desire as she seethed over the loss of control the girl had elicited in her. No one had ever made her lose control like this and it frightened her beyond reason. Anger simmered under her skin as the thoughts swirled in her mind over and over.

'Mine! Claim! Protect!'

She closed her eyes tightly for a moment, ignoring the voice that screamed and pleaded. She would not lose control over a human for any reason. Her eyes snapped open as Alice sat beside her and tapped her arm.


Rosalie clenched her teeth for a moment then asked, "So what?"

Alice sighed exaggeratedly, "How was it seeing your mate for the first time?"

Rosalie's jaw dropped and she stared at her pixie sister as the voice growled inside her mind, 'Mine! Claim! Mate!' This human was her mate?

She glared at her sister, "You've been talking about her for months and you couldn't tell me?"

Alice grinned, "Your reaction was priceless so I couldn't deny you of that."

A growl rolled from Rosalie's lips and Jasper pulled Alice closer to him and further away from Rosalie. He could feel her anger and it was dark, something he hadn't felt since his time with Maria. He grimaced as the thought crossed his mind and Edward frowned at him with his head cocked to the side. Jasper gave him a small smile and sent him a reassuring smile.

Rosalie shook her head as she read Jasper's thoughts, "I'm sorry Jasper."

He smiled at her, "No problem."

Rosalie glanced at Edward as he thought, 'Rosalie? Could you hear her thoughts?'

Rosalie shook her head at him, 'No. I thought it was just me.'

'I've never come across someone I can't read. Have you?'


Rosalie spent the rest of lunch wondering exactly who or what the new girl was. The fact that neither her nor Edward could read her made her intrigue as to why. Edward nodded as he followed along with her thoughts.

Sometimes it was hard to be a mind reader and to live with another mind reader. They tried so desperately to give each other space and privacy but it wasn't easy. When Carlisle had turned her and she awoke she could hear Edward shouting in the other room from where she was. It was terrifying enough awaking after she had been murdered but to hear the shouts of someone who so desperately did not want her there was worse. When she found out he hadn't been saying anything she and Edward had formed a bond.

They understood how hard it was for the other to exist and know what everyone around them was thinking. He had apologized many times over the years and was happy that he had someone who understood what he had been dealing with, the rage and pain he felt on a daily basis because of his "gift". They confided in each other and for her he was the only one that could ever understand what she was truly thinking and vise versa.

Then when she found Emmett alone and dying as a bear tried to finish him off she knew he was important. His thoughts had been so caring as he lye dying in the woods. Thinking of his mother and how was she going to survive without him. She held him in her arms as he bled and ran to Carlisle. As soon as Emmett woke up they had formed a friendship to last through time. Edward was on his crusade to kill rapist and murders at the time so having Emmett around was a relief in a way. With him she had found that she could control her "gift". Emmett helped her learn how to shut it off but at times when her emotions were high it couldn't be turned off. Edward still couldn't do it.

When Edward had returned he took one look at Emmett and told Carlisle he wouldn't leave again. Rosalie was happy for them. Alice and Jasper had found them and Alice's energy couldn't be avoided. She was so happy all of the time and when Rosalie had asked her why Alice had shrugged.

"I don't remember anything about my human life. Why dwell on it?"

That one sentence was all it took for them all to accept Alice and Jasper into their lives. Alice is the sister that Rosalie always wanted, short with a bubbly personality and not a care as to how people saw her. They had grown close in the years they had been together and Jasper had been, to an extent, a huge relief. His "gift" as an empath came in handy for many different situations, especially when she and Edward got into their infamous arguments. He would send out calming waves as Esme settled the argument.

She glanced at Edward and he smiled brightly at her as the memories floated across her mind and he watched them play out, just as he remembered them. She smiled at him for a moment as the bell rang and then headed to biology class with Emmett.