AN: This story is rated M for a reason. Trigger warnings to many things are present in this story.

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I just like to play around in different worlds with them :)



Rosalie pulled her BMW up in her usual spot in the school parking lot with a smile. Bella had gone home after breakfast so she could shower and change for school. She felt the ache in her chest from being away from her and her smile quickly disappeared. They had reached a new point in their relationship and she was excited about it. After being able to touch her as much as she wanted yesterday she needed to touch her, to have just enough contact with her to calm the monster inside of her.

She slid out of the car as Angela pulled into the parking lot and Bella stepped out. Rosalie felt a surge of anger and jealousy as she watched Angela laugh at something Bella said. Bella looked over at her and Rosalie glared at her causing Bella to frown. She spun on her heel as she felt Bella's eyes on her and stormed into the building.

'Bella is mine and yet Angela is all over her.' A growl escaped her lips.

A warm hand caught hers and she was spun around quickly and shoved against the lockers next to her. Bella's lips landed on hers quick and hard, making her worries disappear. Bella pulled back too soon for Rosalie's liking and shook her head.

Rosalie frowned, "What?"

Bella grinned wickedly, "Jealousy looks damn good on you, you know." Bella turned and started down the hall.

Rosalie caught her arm in the middle of the hallway ignoring the stares, "You are mine Bella. I can't help it that the closeness between you and her makes me lose control sometimes."

Bella chuckled, "When the mating bond is complete you won't feel that way. There's something you need to know about Angela but I really have to get to class. I've missed enough as it is. Meet me for lunch." She kissed Rosalie's cheek and hurried down the hall to her class.

Rosalie smiled as she headed to class, forgetting why she was angry in the first place. Morning classes passed slowly and when the bell rang for lunch she had to calm herself before she blurred to the cafeteria in front of humans. Bella was already at a table with Angela as she entered. Bella waved at her and said something to Angela that Rosalie didn't hear. Angela nodded as Rosalie sat next to Bella and grinned at Rosalie.

"Hale." Angela said with a grin.

"Weber." Rosalie nodded.

Bella chuckled, "Rosalie there is a few things you need to know. I am Alpha and I do have a pack. As my mate you are second in command."

Rosalie blinked rapidly as this sunk in and she studied Angela for a moment, "You're in Bella's pack?"

Angela chuckled, "In a way, yes but I'm no an animal."

A low growl rumbled from Bella and she glared at her, "Hag."

Angela narrowed her eyes at Bella, "Pussy."

A growl rolled from Rosalie as anger flared in her chest, a natural response she really needed to gain control of. Bella rested her hand on her thigh under the table and Rosalie felt herself relax as Bella spoke, "It's okay Love. Angela is a part of my pack but what you need to understand is that not all of my pack are shifters."

Angela smiled, "Yes some of us are more civilized. I am a witch."

"Hag!" Bella coughed into her hand.

Angela narrowed her eyes at Bella and Rosalie finally saw the sister-ship between the two. Rosalie smiled, "So how old are you then?"

Bella laughed and Rosalie melted on the spot again. Angela glared at Bella, "Older than your coven leader Carlisle, though not as old as Bella."

Angela grinned evilly at Bella as Bella froze, "I'm seventeen Angela."

"In this life."

Rosalie frowned, "Wait, what do you mean this life?"

Angela nodded, "The thing about Blood Shifters is they are basically reincarnated if they die. Bella and I are bound by blood, a curse if you will, from long ago. Neither of us can survive if the other dies so we like to stick together. Bella is reincarnated which has kept me alive however if I die Bella cannot be reincarnated if she were to die."

Bella shook her head, "I don't remember my past lives but Angela was there for all of them."

Rosalie felt like she was going into shock, "Carlisle will just love this."

Bella nodded, "I'll discuss it with him soon but as my mate I want you to know everything first."

Rosalie frowned suddenly, "Wait, Carlisle said shifters don't die."

Bella nodded as she stared into Rosalie's eyes, "Werewolves won't age as long as they continue shifting. Most are never able to control it but some do find ways. Shifters are mostly the same except they can shift into any living animal. Blood Shifter's stop aging at a certain point and can be killed like everything else but they come back, sort of like a Phoenix rising from the ashes. Shape shifters can turn into any inanimate object they have had contact with and they can die if they are shifted for too long or they can be killed."

Rosalie let that sink in and then froze, "You were killed?"

Bella nodded as Angela said, "The last time was in Rochester, New York. She was trying to save someone and wouldn't listen to me and was killed for it."

Rosalie's chest tightened, "When was that?"

Angela frowned, "Nineteen thirty-three. Why?"

Rosalie gasped and gripped Bella's hand so tight she heard the quick intake of breath from the girl as she winced. Rosalie shook her head, "Who did you all know in New York?"

Angela shook her head, "No one really. Bella just said she saw this amazing woman and that she was going to marry her someday. She followed her home when I told her not too and then when she intervened in the attack of this woman she was killed. Why are you so interested in it?"

Rosalie's voice was barley a whisper when she spoke, looking into Bella's eyes, "I was attacked in nineteen thirty-three on the streets of Rochester, New York. Carlisle found me dying and changed me."

The blood drained from Bella's face before she stood quickly and left the cafeteria. Angela's eyes were wide as she said, "Holy shit! You're that Rosalie Hale? I never saw you but Bella described the woman with gorgeous long blonde hair that framed her angelic face with beautiful blue eyes."



Rosalie didn't see Bella again for the next two days so she finally confronted Angela on Thursday as she stepped out of her car, "Where is she?"

"Good morning to you too Rosalie," Angela sighed. "She just needs to cool off. She's angry and feels guilty. She was so close to saving you and having you back then, that she just needs to come to terms with it."

Rosalie felt the pain in her chest as she could feel the pull to Bella. She wanted to go to her, hold her, tell her everything was okay and that they were finally together, but at the same time she understood what Bella was feeling. Bella had been there that night when Royce and his friends had attacked her. She tried to stop it and in the process she got herself killed. In a way she was very glad that she had killed them all now.

She passed the rest of the week alone and avoided everyone opting to spend nights out hunting. When Saturday morning came she answered her phone as it buzzed in her pocket.

"What Alice?"

Alice's excited voice shouted over the phone, "Bella is on her way over. We have a shopping trip planned that you promised to come on."

Rosalie blurred through the woods as she ended the call and jumped onto her balcony. She showered quickly and wrapped a towel around herself as she stepped out of the bathroom and into her room, freezing as she saw Bella sitting on her bed. Bella's bright icy blue eyes instantly darkened dangerously and Rosalie felt the arousal begin in her lower half.

"I wanted to apologize." Bella said with a husky voice, slightly deeper than usual.

Rosalie was tired of waiting and seeing Bella here, on her bed, was all it took for her to stop the resisting. She walked over to her dresser slowly feeling Bella's eyes on her body as she moved. "You have nothing to apologize for. I just don't like not seeing you or knowing if you're okay."

She grinned to herself as she bent over and heard the low soft growl from Bella as she reached into the bottom drawer of her dresser. There was an edge to Bella's voice when she spoke, "I promise not to do it again. I'll call you next time, just to let you know I'm okay."

Rosalie felt a cool breeze and she straightened before she turned to face Bella, who was now standing right in front of her, "I'm done resisting Bella."

Bella swallowed visibly and nodded, "Okay. I'll follow your lead then. I won't go any further than you want me to."

Rosalie wrapped her arms around the shorter girls neck and pulled her close, inhaling her scent of fresh rain and mangos, "Slow is what I need right now."

Bella nuzzled her neck and Rosalie knew it was animalistic for her to do so but she also secretly loved it. Bella's nose ran across her collarbone before gliding feather light up her neck to the sensitive skin just below her ear. She moaned when she felt Bella's teeth gently scrape her skin before she pulled it into her mouth and sucked gently.

A knock on the door followed by Alice's voice had Bella disappearing across the room, "Not now! Shopping first."

This time it was Rosalie who growled angrily at being interrupted. Bella's breathing was labored as she said, "I'll wait downstairs for you." She quickly left the room.

She dressed quickly and blurred downstairs to find Bella and Emmett in an arm wrestling match. Alice smiled at Rosalie, "Finally. Bella lets go."

Bella smirked at Emmett, "Tough luck Bear Man." She glanced over Emmett's shoulder causing him to frown and look back. She slammed his hand down and he gasped as everyone laughed. She shrugged at him as her eyes landed on Rosalie, "Never take your eyes off the prize."

Alice took Bella's hand and pulled her out of the house as Rosalie suppressed a growl at the physical contact between the two, following closely behind them. Bella slid into the back seat of Rosalie's BMW happily as Rosalie started the car, so tempted to leave Alice behind.

As if reading her mind Bella chuckled, "She's the one who wants to shop Love."

Rosalie mumbled under her breath as Alice quickly shut the door and began a conversation with Bella. She was happy to listen to the two bicker and laugh as she drove the few hours to Seattle. Bella's voice soothed her immensely and she felt a peaceful calm wash over her as she glanced in the rearview mirror at her mate in the backseat.

Bella caught her gaze and smiled widely at her before turning back to Alice and the conversation they were currently having. Rosalie frowned as a small pain clenched her chest for a moment and she quickly glanced in the mirror at Bella. She was staring out the window with a grimace and rubbing her chest. She sped up and a few minutes later she parked in the parking lot at the mall.

"Alice can you give us a minute alone." Rosalie asked quickly.

Alice nodded, "Sure. I'll meet you at the food court." She blurred from the car.

Bella exited the car and walked to Rosalie's door, "What's up?"

"What was that?"

Bella frowned, "What was what Love?"

Rosalie backed Bella against the car, "I felt the pain in my chest."

Bella's eyes widened, "I didn't know you could feel it."

She nodded, "I can. Now what is happening to you?"

Bella shook her head, "I will not push you into anything." She jerked away from her and walked towards the food court entrance as Rosalie growled but followed her mate.

The first few hours went smoothly as they hit eight stores. Alice had so many bags that they had to go out to the car to drop the load of them in the trunk before returning and heading into the next store. On the tenth store Rosalie watched as Bella began to argue with Alice.

"I am never wearing something that tight or low. Ever." She snapped pointing at the too small shirt in Alice's hand.

"Come on Bella, just try it on and then decide." Alice pleaded.

"No. Love, help me out here." Bella glared at her and she was about to refuse until Bella added with an evil grin, "I'll have to wear it to school and Mike is already all over me as it is."

Rosalie snatched the shirt from Alice's hand and threw it on an empty cart before taking Bella's hand to pull her as far from that shirt as possible. Out of the corner of her eye she saw Bella stick her tongue out at a pouting Alice, triumphantly. They moved to the next store and were down the shoe isle when Bella gasped and doubled over.

Rosalie instantly had the girl in her arms before she fell over, "Bella what's wrong?"

Bella shook her head, "I don't know. This feels different than usual."

The smell of a rotting corpse had them all grimacing as Bella was able to stand again and Alice covered her nose, "What is that god awful smell?"

Bella froze in place as her eyes widened drastically and Rosalie took her face in her hands, "What's wrong?"

Bella raised her arm to point at the other end of the isle, "I think that's the smell." Rosalie spun around and her jaw dropped.

At the end of the aisle was a large grotesquely shaped beast covered in what she hoped was green slime, dripping and oozing from its massive antlers on top of its gargoyle looking head. Its skin was grey and weathered but rough looking. Its pure black eyes had no white at all just a never ending black. It took a step and the whole ground shook as if it had stomped as the hoof like foot settled on the floor.

"What the fuck is that?" Rosalie said in horror.

Bella's voice sounded from beside her, "My guess, Chaos Demon. This is not good."

"Um… Guys?" Alice said from behind them.

Rosalie glanced back and gasped, "Are those humans?" Fist fights had broken out in the store and they could hear loud yelling and screaming from somewhere deeper in the store and further into the mall, echoing all around them.

Bella spun around, "Yep, definitely a Chaos Demon."

"What exactly is a Chaos Demon? The short version." Alice spoke quickly.

Bella grabbed the both of them and backed them against the tall shelving, "Just what the name implies. They cause Chaos. People can go mad, slaughtering thousands before it wears off. They cause riots, mass hysteria, among other things I'd rather not get into right now."

"And how do you know this?" Rosalie asked as a roar came from the large oozing grey beast when it took another step towards them, Its hoof like feet looking larger than they did a moment before.

The shelves shook and items vibrated right off onto the floor and Bella said, "I've got access to a lot of books and I like to read. Run!"

The beast charged at them as they blurred down the aisle and jumped over an unconscious man on the floor that had blood pooling around his head. They slowed to a human paced run as they entered the main area of the store. All around them fights, screaming, and arguments were taking place as people became angry.

"There's too many humans around to run out of here." Alice said quickly.

A loud crash sounded behind them and the three of them spun to see the shelves being thrown about as the beast hurdled towards them. Bella shouted over the noise of the angry patrons, "Then we do it the human way for as long as possible. Run!"

They turned and ran for the exit of the store leading back into the mall. Children cowered in corners as their parents tried to beat each other into unconsciousness, teenagers stole what they could carry as they made mad dashes for the doors with the loot they pilfered. No one paid any attention to the two vampires and one hybrid as they ran at a slight human pace through the mall as a large antlered green slime oozing beast with hoof feet chased them through the mass of people.

Alice's eyes widened as a group of people charged at her and she had no choice. She jumped in an arch, her legs going over her head in a circle as her body rolled and she landed gracefully into her run on the other side of the humans.

Rosalie growled angrily as two teenagers carried a large flat screen TV box between them walked into her path. Their eyes widened as Rosalie ran towards them and at the last second she dropped into a baseball slide lying back so her back was hovering above the floor as her right leg led her trajectory. Once clear of the TV she easily pushed herself back onto her feet without breaking momentum and continuing her run for the exit. She grinned over at Alice and Alice chuckled as she ran.

Rosalie looked over at Bella and stopped mid run. She spun around and saw Bella slamming something into the wall causing a crack to run up to the walkway above. Rosalie blurred the short distance as the thing shoved Bella backwards and charged her again. Rosalie gripped the person around the neck as the smell of vampire filled her nose and she jerked the head off its body, the screeching metal sound barely heard above the rest of the commotion in the building. Bella jumped up as Alice took out the second vampire and they turned in unison to see the Chaos Demon bearing down on them.

"What now? There are more vampires coming." Alice said almost breathless as she stared at the second floor above them.

Bella frowned for a moment then grinned, "I've got a plan. The fish store is up ahead, let's get it in there."

Alice nodded, "I've got this. Go get set up."

Bella pulled Rosalie three stores down as Alice faced the grotesque beast, "Come and get it! Dinner is over here!" She shouted and the beast ran straight at her.

Rosalie stood beside Bella in the store filled with fish tanks, "What's your plan?"

Bella grinned, "Barbeque." She motioned to the large water filled tanks, "Boiled barbeque more precisely. Start breaking the tanks and then find high ground."

Rosalie nodded as Bella disappeared into the back room of the store. She smashed her elbow into the closest fish tank and the water gushed out around her feet, fish flopping wildly. She almost felt bad for the fish, at least until Alice blurred in with wild black eyes.

"He's almost here."

Rosalie growled, "Start smashing."

The glass front of the store shattered as the beast crashed through the doors and Rosalie pulled Alice up on the counter as Bella entered with two large thick black wires in her hands. Rosalie pulled her mate up next to her as Bella grinned at the demon across from them.

"Hey slime ball, catch!"

Bella tossed the thick wires into the water on the floor and a sizzling noise began with loud pops as sparks flew. The demon screeched as its body began to shake with the voltage that was flowing through its body. The smell of cooked rotten flesh filled the air as the lights flickered and the round fluorescent lights began to pop and burst, shards of glass raining down around the room. Finally the lights went out completely and the entire mall was thrown into darkness. They watched the demon burst into flames and disappear in burst of green slime. They covered their face's as the green ooze flew everywhere and they were coated with it.

"Oh my god, oh my god! It's so gross!" Alice screamed as she stomped her feet on the counter.

Rosalie grimaced as she reached up to her hair, "It's in my fucking hair."

Bella shivered, "This is so wrong. I need a constant hot shower for like a week to get this shit off."

They jumped down off the counter and walked through the water and slime to the broken front doors. Chaos was still going on as they heard sirens in the distance. Rosalie pulled Bella against her, "We have to go before those sirens get here. Carlisle is going to need to know about this."

"My dad too." Bella said as she stepped into the noisy mall. She suddenly froze and Rosalie frowned.

Bella burst into laughter and Alice slipped into a vision for a moment before she too doubled over in laughter. Rosalie frowned, her frustration growing, "What?"

Bella kissed her clean cheek and chuckled, "We came in your car."

Rosalie's jaw dropped as her eyes grew wider than they did when she first saw the Chaos Demon, "My car!"