I Got a Cat Friend?

I am rewriting this story from scratch! I got a better idea to start it off! It will definitely be different! The beginning of this chapter will be the same, but I am changing some parts to it. Some chapters will seem the same, some part here and there aren't needed to be deleted. Most of the chapters will be different. They will be different definitely after the 2nd chapter. I hope you all enjoy!

"Now Gohan! FULL POWER!" Goku screamed.

"HAAAAAAAAAA!" Gohan pushed the rest of his energy into his clash against Cell.

"No! T-this can't be! I-I a-am the suppose to b-be PPPEEEeeerrrrfeeecctttt…." The beam consumed the rest of celling. Ending the cell games once and for all.
"Huff, huff" Gohan's body is numb, he can't feel his arms or legs. His breathing is heavy, but he was happy. He was calm, he has finally saved the world.

"H-he did it!" Yamcha shot up.

"G-Gohan". Were the only words that Piccolo was able to get out. "Common! Let's get Gohan to Dende!"

Everyone nodded, Piccolo carried Gohan, Krillin 18, Tien got trunks, and Vegeta flew off.

In a Room Somewhere

"I hope whoever those people won. I don't feel like being forced back into the underworld". A girl with red hair rubbed the bridge between her eyes.

"Yeah, I hope so too, but I didn't see that Goku feller anywhere either". The girl with black hair also said worriedly.

"Whoever that man with the golden hair was, I hope he can win". The girl with red hair said with worry.

"I'm sure it will be fine Rias, it's a shame that we can't see the battle anymore". The girl with black hair sighed.

"Yeah, I pray they win Akeno". The now named Rias was hopeful.

"I do too, don't you think that kid with the blonde hair was cute?" The now name Akeno smiles.

"Oh, yeah he was cute! I think he was a cute kid". Rias giggled with her friend.

At the Lookout

"Your wish has been granted. Farewell!" The giant green dragon went back into the dragon balls and dispersed.

"Well, I guess I will see ya guys then!" Gohan smiles at everyone.

"Yeah, I'm going to be heading back home to the future in a few days". Trunks smiled.

"Well, don't leave without saying good-bye!" Gohan smiled.

"Of course!" Trunks smiled.

"Hey Mr. Piccolo, you going to stay near Mount Paozu?" Gohan smiled at his mentor.

"I'll see you around Gohan, keep up our training. I bet you will be a great scholar. Now your father has passed the torch to you. Make sure to hold it and become inherit the protector of the planet". Piccolo rubs his pupils head.

"Make sure to come by and spar with me! I don't want to be getting rusty!" Gohan smiled.

"Ahahah! I bet! If you don't I bet your mother will get stronger than you!" Piccolo laughed.

Soon the Z fighters dispersed as Gohan called Nimbus to fly him home. Gohan went home and explained why Goku didn't want to be wished back. The widow of Goku cried, "Oh my Goku doesn't want to come back!" Chichi was crying.

"Mom it's not like that. Dad figured since enemies keep coming back because of him. He decided to stay this way so the earth will be safe. Now I am the protector of earth, I will study, but I also need to keep up on my training". Gohan was trying o clam his mother.

"Gohan I also should let you know in 9 months you will be a big brother". Chichi rubbed her belly.

"I'm going to be a big brother!" Gohan smiled.

"Alright then! I'll make dinner!" Chichi smiled, but on the inside, she was still in a bit of pain.

A week has passed

"Gohan! Good news! We heard from one of the High Schools! It called Kuoh Academy! It's a private school! I found out that the liked your grades so much that your tuition is free!" Chichi chirped.

"Alright!" Gohan smiled.

"Common! I'll make your favorite tonight! White rice and a bunch of other of your favorite dishes! I'll make some Sushi! I'll have grandpa come over with some food too!"

"Alright! I'm starving!" Gohan smiled.

"Hungry as always! Just like your father!" Chichi was having to deal with a Gohan's antics.

"Hey! Mr. Piccolo is here! Mom! I'm going to go out and train with him!" Gohan ran out the door.

"Alright! Just don't hurt yourself too much!" Chichi called out to her son.

"Alright, Mom!" Gohan ran out the door.

"Hey, how are ya doing kid?" Piccolo smiled at Gohan.

"Great I've been trying to master the Ssj2, I can do it. However, it takes some time to turn it on. It helps to wear the weighted clothing you made me!" Gohan grinned.
Piccolo was stunned for a seconded then when he saw Goku's face in place of Gohan's. "Heh, you're really are the spitting image of your father. Common! I want to get stronger too! Show me that Ssj2 power! Don't hold back!"

Gohan grits his teeth as he gets himself a bit angry, "GRRR HAAAA!" Gohan's aura flares to life as he turns his hair straight to Ssj2.

"Good! Come at me!" Piccolo gets into his demon stance.

"Right!" Gohan gets into the turtle hermit stance. "Who knows? Maybe it's your turn to dodge!" Gohan snickered.

"He is growing up so fast". Nail said in Piccolo's head.

"SHUT UP NAIL!" Piccolo screamed in his head.

"That's too precious!" Kami laughed.

"Grrrrr" Piccolo growled at them.

For the rest of the day, Gohan and Piccolo were training for 3 hours straight.
Chichi walked outside to find her son, "Gohan! Come home its time to eat!"

"Okay!" Gohan came flying back with Piccolo.

Week Later

Gohan was outside as he went to go clear his mind. He has been doing a lot of studying to get ready when he was old enough to attend Kuoh. Gohan walked around some more as there was a magical circle that appeared in front of him. There was a girl who ran out with cuts and scrapes. She had a black kimono with golden orbs. She had these golden eyes that attracted Gohan. She was out of breath and tired, she was bleeding from her arm and forehead.

Gohan ran over as he stopped her from falling. "Hey miss you alright!" Gohan asked worriedly.

"No…. let me go. I need to run…. GN!" She pushed off Gohan trying to walk away, but her legs went limp. Gohan took out a Senzu bean that he always carries one on him.

"Here take this". Gohan popped the bean into her mouth as she at the bean.

Her body bulked up as he wounds closed and her energy was restored. She relaxed, but she did feel mentally tired. "Hey, you okay lady?" Gohan was trying to keep a straight face, but her breasts were on his arm.

"Yeah, just mentally exhausted. Even though you gave me that magic pill". She slowly stood up.

"Hey, come with me. My mom and I can help you out. My mom is cooking dinner right now. I went ahead and took a break taking a walk.
"I don't know". She looked at the ground nervously.

"Don't worry if you think I am going to attack you then you should relax. I can't hurt a girl as pretty as you". Gohan gave her the notorious Son grin.

This made her blush as she nervously said, "Okay then". She began to follow Gohan back as she sensed his energy. It was happy, innocent, calm, and warm. He also seemed powerful.

Gohan walked in, "Hey mom! I need you to set another plate up! I brought someone who needs some help". Gohan called out to his mom.

Chichi turned her head around the corner. "GOHAN! I TOLD YOU NO GIRLFRIENDS!" Chichi screamed at him.
"No! Not like that mom!" Gohan has sweat running down his face.

The girl gave Chichi a polite bow, "I'm sorry to intrude but I was hurt really badly, and your son saved me". The girl bowed.

Chichi let a sigh out, "Well, you were hurt. What is your name dear?" Chichi smiled.

Chichi got a good look at her. She was pretty, long black silky hair, golden eyes, black kimono, and golden bells around her waist. She had a very large bust that was surprising to Chichi.

"I'm sorry! My name is Kuroka Toujuo". She bowed.

"What polite manners you have! Please sit down you must be exhausted!" Chichi gently cupped her hands and pulled Kuroka to the couch. She was also about Gohan's height, she was also a slim cute girl.

Gohan sat down across from them as Chichi smiled. Kuroka smiled, "What a nice little family they got here. My only family hates me, Koneko where are you? I guess I will tell them everything Not like they will believe me". Kuroka smiled.

"What's wring Kuroka?" Gohan looked at her upset.

Kuroka broke a little smile, "It's a long story, my little sister and I lived together. My sister and I are Nekoshou. We are a type of Nekomata, and my sister and I are the last of our kind. Our parents died and were took in by devils. We were made into devils, but I found out that our master was going to experiment on my little sister. He wanted to create a super devil. I killed him and lied to my little sister saying I was drunk with power. Our dad also did experiments on her too. He had no idea who or what we were. I killed our master to protect my sister. I was titled as an SS-Class Stray Devil. I was hunted down, that's why I was hurt so badly. I used my magic to get out of hell and I found myself here". Kuroka had a depressed look on her face.

"That's alright Kuroka! I think you're a great person! You don't know how wrong those other devils are! I think what your master was trying to do was terrible". Gohan said bluntly.

"What? You guys aren't freaked out?" Kuroka said confused.

Chichi let a sigh out, "You know I don't even know anymore. I'm not even shocked at this point in my life. Honestly, I believe every word your saying. Some people say I would be going crazy if it weren't for my husband and my son". Chichi rubbed her forehead.

"What?" Kuroka was confused.

Gohan smiled as he stood up, "I'm Son Gohan! It's nice to meet you". Gohan smiled.

Kuroka flinched at the name. "Son? Son? Where have I heard that before? Son? OH MY GOD!" Kuroka eyes widen. "Y-you mean your SON GOHAN! AS IN THE SON OF SON GOKU!" Kuroka said shocked.

"Yeah? How did you know of my dad?" Gohan asked confused.
"Well as a devil we heard of the Demon King Piccolo. Then when we felt an immense power level coming to earth. Well, hell were in a panic. It was the weird metal man and his other guy with big horns". Kuroka was recalling the events that the 4 Great Satan's were cowering in fear of the metal man.

Gohan smiled, "Oh! You mean Frieza! Yeah, a friend of ours killed him his name was Trunk! He is just like me and my dad!" Gohan smiled.

"Don't mind me asking but what ARE you?" Kuroka asked.

"Oh! My dad was a Saiyan sent to earth as a kid. He was sent to destroy it but instead protected it. There is another Saiyan name Vegeta, he is 5'4 and had spiky hair. He also came to earth to destroy it, but my dad beat him up! Oh! I'm also part Saiyan! My other half comes from my mom!" Gohan grins.

Kuroka was aghast, she was in the house of THE strongest people on the planet. She is sitting there talking to the earth's hero's son. "Wait! I didn't see Goku there during the Cell Games! Everyone was panicking. We had an army at the ready, even the other factions had weapons and men ready". Kuroka was so bewildered.

"Don't worry about that! My dad died protecting us from Cell blowing the planet up. That part was my fault for not ending him as I should have. He came back as he could regenerate from one single Cell. He came back powerful as ever, but I was able to beat him!" Gohan smiles. Gohan still thinks of the torch that was passed from Goku to him as protector of the earth.

"Wow, I didn't now that was you fighting him! Honestly, I was fleeing for my life at that time. So, I didn't really see what really was going on after the camera broke". Kuroka smiled.

"Well, what are you going to do now?" Gohan asked.

Kuroka face saddens, "You know honestly I thought you guys weren't going to believe me. That's why I told you everything, I honestly don't know what to do". Kuroka face saddened.
"Well, how about you live here!" Chichi smiled.

"Huh?" Kuroka's ears perked up.

"Huh?" Gohan looked at his mom.
"Yeah! Stay here for a while! In time I bet you can find your sister! You can tell her everything when you go to her again!" Chichi smiled.

"I doubt she even wants to see me". Kuroka face saddened.

"I know she does! Deep down you guys are family!" Gohan smiled at her.
Kuroka perked up as she felt her heart skip a beat. She looked at him as her face had a blush of red. Chichi looked at the two as she smiled, "My little Gohan is growing up". (A/N: For the sake of this story Kuroka is 11 like Gohan. There was no defined age given to her in the show).

Week Later

"Kuroka! You are living in my house you and Gohan are both being homes schooled! I don't care if you don't like it!" Chichi yelled at Kuroka. Kuroka was frightened at first, but when Chichi whipped out the frying pan she was a completely different level. She seemed even stronger than the 4 Great Satans!

For Kuroka Chichi forced her to study and work hard like Gohan. Kuroka thankfully was able to soak in the information in fast. Soon she was already as smart as Gohan, guess it helps that your dad was a scientist. Gohan and Kuroka got along very well as they like to train together. Kuroka also got to meet Mr. Piccolo as she thought he was the Demon King Piccolo. "You looked just like him!" Kuroka was interested.

"Yeah, my dad spit me out as an egg". Piccolo grunted.

"Yeah! They reproduce A-sexually!"

"NEEERRRRDDDD!" Piccolo shouted.

"What?" Gohan said confused.

"Ask her how her dad was. You need to work on your people skills". Kami asked.

"So, uhhh what was your dad like?" Piccolo asked.

"He was an idiot who did experiments on me and my sister. He died in an experiment accident". Kuroka sighed.

"Sounds like a crazy scientist? Did he know Dr. Gero?" Piccolo asked.

"No, I remember reading a test about androids. Besides that, what about your dad? I know he was the Demon King? Did you at least get to meet him?" Kuroka smiled.

"Gohan's dad killed him". Piccolo said coldly. Gohan sweatdropped.

"OH! Jesus!" Kuroka said in shock.

"Good job you made her upset!"Kami complained.

"This is why I don't talk well with others!" Piccolo argued back.

For that day Piccolo was training with the group as Kuroka showed some good abilities. She uses Chi which was close to what Ki was. Gohan and Piccolo demonstrated even better control and power than she ever had. She was strong, but she was dwarfed by Gohan and Piccolo. Piccolo uses his Ki to add weights those bells she wears on her kimono.

1 Year later

The birth of Goten was a big one for everyone. Chichi hugged her new son as he was a carbon copy of Goku. Goku was even allowed to come down for one day. "So, you must be Kuroka! The girl that Gohan has been telling me so much about! He said you were really nice and pretty!" Goku smiled at her.

"Wow, thanks Gohan". Kuroka smiled.
"So, I heard you have been training with Gohan and Piccolo? How strong are you?" Goku asked.

"I'm a lot stronger than I was before! I didn't know Chi and Ki were so similar in the way to harness it". Kuroka smiled.

"That's great! We should spar! You and Gohan should both fight me at the same time". Goku grinned.


"OWOWOWOWOO! CHICHI!" Goku whined.

"Spend time with our new son!" Chichi had a tick mark on her head.
"Okay! Okay!" Goku moved his hand up as she was trying to calm his wife down.

Kuroka was just in shock how easily Chichi could overpower the strongest man on earth. This gave Kuroka new found respect to Chichi and Goku. She had to get strong just like them, Chichi was this cool imagine how strong she could get. Plus being with Gohan was a bonus for her as well. "Maybe I can start to see Gohan as more than just friends". Kuroka smiled.

"Man, Kuroka is really good with Goten. I always wondered if she liked me. I mean she is pretty, but I don't know how she feels about me". Gohan thought to himself.

5 Year Time Skip

It has been four years now that Kuroka has been living with Gohan. Her smart has increased to the same levels as Gohan. She also going to the same high school as Gohan. Thanks to all the training she received she was now on par with when Goku fought against the Piccolo during the world tournament. (A/N: I think my power levels are accurate if not. I hope this is an idea, she WILL NOT EVER BE STRONGER THAN GOHAN! THAT'S A FACT EVERYONE KNOWS!"

Kuroka has also bonded a lot with Goten. She would allow him to chase her around as she went into her cat form. She was a black cat with two tails. Kuroka saw Goten as a little brother who she adored as if he was her little brother. She didn't, however, forget that she had a little sister. She planned on making things right with her.

Gohan did grow in front of Kuroka's eyes. She was only 5'2 and he was 5'1. Now he was 5'9 while she is only at 5'3. With his training and her 'accidentally walking into the bathroom' saw Gohan with his battle scars and well-toned muscles. When Goten started his training, he was a natural who picked up the demon stance and learned the turtle hermit stance that Gohan learned.

At this point, Goten was already stronger than Kuroka was by the age of 4. This shocked Kuroka as he was able to out battle her in speed and strength. Gohan put weighted clothing on Goten, but he was able to quadruple his weight in a few weeks. While it took Kuroka a good month to get used to the new weights. Goten was even taught how to fly which he got right off the bat. For Kuroka she learned to fly after 2 weeks.

Regardless, she did get considerably stronger than she was original. She was happy with her new life in the human world. Gohan would be with her as he like being with Kuroka. Kuroka had Chichi who was like a mother to her. Kuroka couldn't even be thankful for how much the Son family has done for her. Then there was Goten too, he was just a ball of energy who loved to play. He liked to train just as much as liked to play. This is where Kuroka got the role of the older sister for Goten. Life for Nekoshou was great as her love for Gohan grew bigger and bigger.

It was the day before Gohan and Kuroka were going to attend High School with one another. They had all the same classes with one another which they have been so fortunate to be in. "You ready for school Kuroka!" Gohan smiled.

"You bet Gohan! I'm glad we are in the same classes together!" Kuroka smiled as she planted a kiss on Gohan's cheek.
"Oh my god! You two are just too cute! Why don't you two just start dating already!" Chichi beamed with happiness. She always wanted a daughter in the family. A female to talk to about 'women' problems. She had Kuroka to fill that part as they became close. Kuroka was a daughter she has never had before.

"Well I wouldn't mind it, I mean we have been getting along for 5 years now". Kuroka giggled.

"Ummm". Gohan was a little nervous. He like Kuroka, he did like her in that way. He just didn't know how to read the situation and respond to it.

"Common big bro! I know you and Kuroka like one another! I've seen you kissing!" Goten giggled.

"No, we haven't!" Gohan shot back.

"We do now". Kuroka pressed her lips against Gohan's as Gohan was tense and then loosened up.

"I uhhh…." Gohan was speechless at what just happened. He likes Kuroka he really does, it's just that he wasn't too sure how to approach her.
"Gohan do you not love me?" Kuroka let he ears and tail out as she gave him cat face.

"Y-yeah I do love you Kuroka". Gohan rubbed the back of his head.

"YEAH!" Kuroka pounced on him as she kissed him again. She waited for 4 years for him to say those words. She realized how much she loved him in the beginning up to now. Before he only saw him help rebuild her race. However, that was soon scrapped as she learned who Gohan really was. He is so kind and forgiving towards his loved ones. He tries to make them happy no matter what, he watched out for them.

Chichi let a sigh of relief out, "It's about damn time he found someone. At least it was Kuroka, I knew she always had a thing for Gohan. It was just a matter of time when they wanted to start dating. If my Gohan is to date anyone it is Kuroka". Chichi was smiling inside as she was happy. "Alright off to bed love birds you got school tomorrow. I put your school uniforms in your rooms". Chichi smiled.

A/N: How was that? I hope it was good! I think its different! Well, I might get some hate how the got to know one another too fast. Well think about it, it was a total of 6 years for them to get to know one another. I feel like the way Kuroka was with her uncertainty she would soon learn how she really felt. Instead of looking at Gohan to have strong babies. Since she was forced to depart from her sister, she could use that time to train to get stronger and confront her. It will be interesting when they go to school. To let readers know it takes about 4 hours for the nimbus to get from Mt. Paozu to the school. Remember they live in the mountains. Gohan can fly, I don't know yet, but can't Kuroka use like a teleportation spell? I can't remember. Let me know if she does I don't remember her having that. In the Wiki, it said she had Space-time ability. Well, I hope it was good! I will have some TFS moments, but I will leave out Popo if you people so desire. I had people complain about Mr. Popo. TitanFall007 out!