Dance of the Holy Swords Part 2

Cycle That Keeps Chasing

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Whis showed Gohan where Kokabeil was, "Thanks when he strikes, we can try to stop him. You two going along to fight him would be impossible. Let me help". Gohan looked at Xenovia and Irina. However, the group seemed to have fallen lost and distraught, "I see…". Gohan felt bad for the state they were in.

"G-God is dead". Xenovia couldn't stand up. Irina couldn't even think or process anything. Asia was having a hard time with Issei trying to comfort her as best as he could.

"Yes, he is, trust me there are more being's way stronger than him. He couldn't even lift a finger up against Lord Beerus let alone Gohan". Whis went to eating his sweets.

Rias was pretty shocked by the news, "Make sure no one else finds out about this. This getting out could be catastrophic". Rias didn't want another war to break out.

"Well… what do we do now". Xenovia looked at the ground, she felt lost and didn't know what to do.

"Come with me, if you want an idea on where to go". Rias began to head inside with everyone else following. Xenovia and Irina used Gohan to help them walk inside.

A few Days Later

After Gohan finished his studies for the college he was attending, so he instant transmission to Rias. He appeared in the ORC to find Irina and Xenovia in Kuoh uniforms, "Rias?" Gohan walked up surprised.

"Oh! Gohan! Look! I got two new peerage members! Xenovia as my second night and Irina as my new Rook!" Rias smiled.

"New members eh… none the less from the side of the angels. Well, welcome aboard!" Gohan smiled.

"I heard you are Bucho's husband we are sorry for insulting you a few days ago". Xenovia bowed her head.

"Please don't think about it too much. Glad you guys will be looking out for her, Akeno and Kuroka… which I'm sure she is back at home right now. I'm heading back soon to check on the kids". Gohan went to leave.

"Wait you have kids?" Xenovia raised her eyebrow.

"Yeah… why?" Gohan replied confused.

"Just surprised". Xenovia wanted to learn more about Gohan, he seemed to be powerful.

"You guys want to come to meet them?" Gohan looked at them.

"Sure!" Irina had stars in her eyes, "I bet they are so adorable!" Irina smiled.

"Oh, just a forewarning, they are strong, pretty sure they could send you flying across the room". Gohan let a small chuckle out. I have two little girls with Rias, we had Raunch and Gine. With Kuroka we had Bardock". Gohan smiled proudly, "Then Akeno and I had a boy name Touya".

"Wow…". Xenovia began to ponder about the life of a woman.

Irina started to think about this as well without even knowing it. All her life she served god and she now serves Rias. She could do what she wants, she remembered the quote that Rias told her, "Devils get desires, grant desires, and wish for desires. We can do what we want with our lives and live the way we want".

Gohan waited for them as they placed their hands on his shoulder. Rias wrapped her arms around Gohan's neck, "I love you Gohan". Rias smiled as she leaned in and kissed Gohan, Gohan kissed back with the two kissing deeply. Irina and Xenovia stared at the two sharing a passionate kiss.

Gohan arrived home, "Hey! Guy's I'm home!" Gohan called out.

"Daddy!" A group of kids came running out as they leaped into Gohan's arms. They were both girls, one had Rias's long hair with hair spiking up into the air. The other had hair just like Rias. They both had dark black eyes.

"Gine! Raunch how are my two little girls doing!" Gohan placed a kiss on their cheek and set them down. He then picked up two boys, one had three tails, a brown tail, and two other tails resembling the Nekoshou, with two ears on top. The baby's hair was black resembled Goku's hair. The baby had golden bright eyes, "How are you doing Bardock! Touya!" Touya was the son of Akeno and Naruto, he had had short black hair that resembled Gohan when he was a teen. He had violet eyes with medium black wings and a single brown tail.

"Daddy!" Touya smiled, "Guess what! I learned to fly without my wings!" Touya smiled.

"Great job Touya! Seems like mom has been training you well!" Gohan smiled.

"Actually, grandma and grandpa have been training all of us! Kuroka mommy trains Bardock with his senjutsu chakra thought". Touya seemed upset.

"Oh, you need to understand that Bardock was born with the ability to learn Ki and chakra. However, you were born with magic and Ki which mommy along with Rias mommy can help you with!" Gohan ruffled his youngest son's hair.

"Daddy look!" Bardock cupped his hands, Ka! Me! Ha! Me! HA! Bardock fired a wave that shot past Xenovia and Irina causing their eyes to widen. They turned their heads to find a large hole in the wall. Soon the wall began to repair itself, good thing Sirzechs placed a repair spell on the structure of the house.

"Bardock! What have I told you firing Ki waves or Ki blasts are forbidden in the HOUSE!" Chichi began to pull his ear.

"Okay! Okay! Grandma Chi! I won't do it again!" Bardock whined with Chichi sighing and letting him go, "Gohan! How was school?" Chichi smiled.

"You know… getting there, I have been doing just fine. I came here since Rias has new peerage members. Irina Shidou and Xenovia Quarta". Gohan smiled.

"Oh!? Any of these lovely ladies are going to give me any more grandchildren?" Chichi smirked giggling.

"No mom, they are just here to see everyone. They will be living here since Rias the rest of her peerage it here". Gohan sighed, Chichi began to nag at him if he was going to get more kids. Chichi got into the thing of Gohan having plenty of wives so she could spoil and home school her children.

Xenovia and Irina blushed at the idea of having children of their own. Not just that, the experience of getting to go at it and then bare children. It was an idea that they began to think of more and more. Gohan smiled as he walked off to find Kuroka, "Yo Kuroka! Where are ya, babe! Akeno! Where are you guys?" Gohan began to look around confused.

Gohan made his way around to find Kuroka and Akeno just with underwear on. They had aprons on, "Oh Hey Gohan!" Rias came walking in wearing the same type of outfit. Chichi made sure to keep the kids away so they could have their time alone. Chichi wondered if Kuroka and Akeno would want more children… maybe even Rias. Chichi just smiled happily at the idea.

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