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************* Seven Days.

By: Genki Ichigo

Chapter One


You know those days that just seem to be perfect? Those days where nothing seems like it could go wrong, nothing seems like it could put you in a bad mood? One of those days that seems almost too perfect?

This was one of those days. One of those days that seemed to have been pulled from the pages of some fairy tale, or sappy shoujo manga. Not too hot, not too cold, the sun hanging high in the sparkling cloudless sky, the sound of the birds singing gently carried on the soft breeze. A day when any cat in it's right mind would be curled up on a rooftop, enjoying a nap or a little bit of bird watching.

In fact, that was exactly what I was doing. Laying on the roof, soaking in the sun in all of it's glory. Enjoying the unbelievably perfect day. Little did I know, that within the next couple of hours, the day would go horribly, horribly wrong. I know it sounds cliche, the whole perfect day gone wrong concept. But that's how it was. Exactly.

Anyway, the point is, that I finally finished my nap on the roof. I must have been up there for around four hours or so, because when I finally opened my eyes, the sun had begun to set. Knowing that Tohru had probably already started dinner, and that I should probaby be going in to get ready for it, I sat up. That was when I first noticed that something was wrong. I couldn't place what it was at first, but then, I stood up, and realized that I was a lot lower to the ground than I should have been. Once again, I couldn't figure out what was going on. Until I looked down and saw them... Orange paws. Looking off to the side, I noticed that my clothes were lying next to me.

I don't know if you can imagine my panic or not, at having transformed into a cat without a reason. So let's just say that I was more than a little freaked out. At first, I thought that maybe, just maybe someone had decided to play a joke on me. But after thinking of possible suspects, only Tohru came to mind, and it wouldn't have been like her to do something like this. Would it? It didn't matter anyway right? I'd be fine if I just waited until I changed back, right? Wrong. I must have waited on the roof for an hour, with no result.

After that, getting into the house is kind of blurry. I just remember grabbing my clothes and running for the window that I usually use to get onto the top of the house. After I got downstairs is a little clearer though. I ran into the bathroom as fast as I could to look into the mirror, you know, to make sure that I wasn't just imagining everything. I wasn't. As quickly as I had entered the bathroom, I left it, in search of Shigure. If anyone would have a clue as to what was going on, he would.

After what seemed like forever, I finally found him. Of course he was in his office, slacking off as usual. Not that I was worried about his slacking off at the time though. After a few minutes of trying to get his attention, I finally jumped onto his desk. Unfortunately, he had been painting again, and I landed right in the middle of a picture of... I don't even want to describe what that sick bastard had been working on. Even now, it's too disturbing.

"Oh my, Kyo-kun. What brings you here?" Shigure finally stated nonchalantly, acting as if he hadn't even noticed that I'd ruined his God awful, nasty art project. As if he couldn't see what my problem was.

"Are you BLIND?" I spat back, waving one of my hands, oh, excuse me, paws over the front of myself.

"Ah, I see. So you've tried to hug Tohru-kun again, eh? Or did she try to hug you this time. Really, and you call me a pervert." Shigure winked at me.

"Damn it you idiot! Give me a chance to talk so I can tell you what's going on already!"

"Alright, but you might want to get down from there, I wouldn't want you changing back on my desk. Much less in the middle of that painting. Why if someone walked in, they might think that I was a pervert or something."

"That's the problem!" I shouted, though it came out higher than I'd meant it to. Stupid cat vocal chords.

"What's the problem?" Shigure smiled. Not a normal, happy smile though. A dumb smile. One of those smiles that just makes you want to lunge forward and strangle the person giving it to you while screaming 'did you just hear a word that I said?'.

"I can't change back you stupid mutt! I tried that already." I don't know quite how you 'try' to change back into a person, but I figured that if anyone had 'tried', it would have been me. How Shigure could be so calm and collected about the fact that I was trapped in cat form, was beyond me. But he was.

"I see." Shigure said after a moment of silence, reaching into his desk drawer to pull out something that appeared to be a calendar. He flipped through it slowly, obviously having forgotten that I was there... Or just plain ignoring me. I'd like to think that it was the latter, but then maybe I'm giving him too much credit. He finally finished what he was doing with the calendar, an set it down onto the desktop. "Yes, I suppose it is about that time now, isn't it?"

I wasn't sure if I was supposed to agree at this point or what, but suddenly, Shigure was really pissing me off. "Damn it! Can't you do anything like a normal person? What time is it!?"

Shigure, being the smart ass that he is of course, glanced at his watch. "Why, it's five-thirty, Kyo-kun. Just about time for dinner, don't you think?"

"I don't mean that you moron! The calendar! What the hell was that!? Stop messing around!" I hadn't realized that I'd gotten so mad until I felt my fur standing on end, and realized that somewhere along the way I'd stood up and arched my back. Damn my temper. I can only imagine what I looked like.

"Oh that. Nothing really." Shigure leaned back in his chair, his hands going to rest behind his head. "Nothing to be worried about. You're supposed to do this, every seventeen years, for one week." He let out a loud laugh that sounded mysteriously like Ayame's.

This? This being my transforming into a cat, right? Obviously. I still could have heard him wrong though. Right?

"You don't mean I'm gonna be stuck like this?"

"For an entire week. Right. I can't believe that I forgot."

He'd forgotten? How could he forget something so important? ow could he not even warn me before now? Every seventeen years, huh? After thinking about it for a moment, a question popped into my mind.

"Hey!? The k'so nezumi's seventeen too! So how come he hasn't changed?" I wondered if maybe this problem was cat-specific. My question was answered however, when the door to the office flew open, and a very panicked Tohru ran in cradling a grey mouse in her hands.

This was going to be one hell of a week.


To Be Continued...