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Chapter Rating: PG-13


7 Days

By: Genki Ichigo

Chapter: 6

I opened my eyes the next morning, only to almost instantly close them again when they were flooded with an intense white light. At first, I'd thought maybe someone had been merciful, and that I'd died in my sleep. Maybe I was in heaven (Tch, yeah right.). I know I sure felt like dying when I'd finally drifted off the night before. But then, my aching muscles reassured me that no, I wasn't dead. The storm had just cleared up in the night, leaving everything clear, yet still dripping with the remnants of the storm.

And it was still freezing.

I tried to open my eyes again, shivering softly against the cold, my fur fluffing up a bit to warm me a few degrees. I guess you could call that another good aspect of being a cat. You always have a fur coat when you need one.

Anyway, on the second try, I managed to get my eyes open. The first thing I did, was glance at my belly, where Yuki lay, still curled up, and apparently sound asleep. Either that, or he'd just fainted from his fever. I think that maybe, he was the only thing that kept me from freezing to death that night, his tiny body, burning with fever against me. I hoped against hope that he was really only asleep. There was only one way to find out though.

I uncurled myself a bit, unable to suppress a soft moan. The escape and the long climb had really taken a lot out of me. Maybe I wasn't in as good a shape as I thought I was. Maybe once we got back, I would start training a bit heavier. But then, I'd never really been in this type of extreme situation before. I'd never worked myself without food for so long. Especially since Tohru had been around. Her cooking was wonderful....maybe I was eating too much...maybe I was getting a little soft...

Who cares.

The thought of Tohru's cooking caused my stomach to rumble, while the thought of her waiting for us both back at Shigure's warmed me a bit. I really missed her. I know that Yuki probably did too, even if he couldn't really concentrate on it well enough to say so. Enough about that though, I'm getting a bit too mushy and sensitive sounding.

I picked up my paw, reaching forward and gently nudging the sleeping mouse, trying to wake him. He stirred a bit, and I was rewarded with a long, low moan. Atleast I knew he wasn't passed out completely. I honestly don't know what I would have done at that point in time if that had been the case. I probably would have cracked up, and we'd probably both be dead. At that point, I think that Yuki was the only thing keeping me sane. I know that's a strange thing for me to say, but just knowing that he was there too, was a comfort. I wonder when exactly I started to feel that way. I can't really pinpoint it.

I opened my mouth into a wide yawn as I uncurled from around Yuki the rest of the way. I nudged him again with my paw.

"Wake up, Yuki. It's morning and the storm has cleared. We have to get going." Tiny violet eyes slowly blinked open, trying to focus on me. I could tell that he was having a hard time getting them to stop blurring everything together, by the way that he kept blinking. "It's alright." I reassured him. "You have a pretty high fever. That's why you can't focus." 'Plus, we haven't eaten in a few days.' I didn't voice the last part. I didn't want to remind Yuki of how bad off and desperate we really were. I stood up and shook off, little flakes of wood flying from my fur to settle back onto the floor.

Yuki looked at me his eyes telling me that he was as ready to leave as I was, so I bent and ever so carefully scooped him into my mouth. After waiting a moment to make sure that he was comfortable, I moved to the entrance of the 'cave' and looked down. How had I gotten us so high up? I sighed inwardly and without another thought, stepped out and began to slide down the tree. By the time I reached the ground, I was out of breath, and so was Yuki, though I think that his condition was more out of fear than anything else. Hell, I probably would have been scared too, entrusting my life to someone like myself. Someone who was always bent on revenge. Specifically, revenge against me. I don't know if I could have let Yuki take care of me as I was for him, had I been the one in his shoes. I probably would have let my pride get the better of me. But then, that's just me. What can I say, I'm a cat. We're like that.

I was a bit afraid to set Yuki down on the damp ground, for fear that he would become even sicker than he already was. So instead, I just held him gently in my mouth and looked around, trying to get my bearings. I don't know why, but something was telling me to go North. Atleast I thought it was North. I didn't really know what time of day it was, so I couldn't use the sun either. Looking back on that day, I realize now, that it was probably the smell of food that was luring me in the particular direction that I took. Maybe not, but in all probability, I probably just followed my rumbling stomach to the small cabin that really hadn't been too far away from where we'd ended up the night before.

I guess it doesn't matter though. And it really didn't then either. Upon the sight of it, I heard a small gasp from Yuki.

"Maybe.....maybe they have or something..." I padded over to the small porch, discovering a rather large trash can there. I set Yuki down on the slightly sun-warmed wood, looking him over. He seemed to be alright, though a bit out of it.

"I'll look....maybe there's something in here." In a way, I guess I was kind of glad that Yuki was out of it. Maybe later, he wouldn't remember me digging through a trash can for food like some alley cat. Though now, I realize that he probably wouldn't have blamed me at all. In fact, he probably would have helped me if he could have.

As soon as I got the lid to fall off, I realized that there was indeed something that smelled heavenly in the trash. It smelled a bit like fish. Upon digging around a bit, I found that it was in fact, a leaftover fish head and a few bones, and a small amount of rice wrapped up in foil. I grabbed it, leaping out of the trash can and setting it down before Yuki. He stared at it for a moment, as if the food were something foreign, before he leaned in and grabbed a piece of rice, tentatively bringing it to his lips and nibbling on it. I grabbed the fish, stripping the little bit of meat that was left from the bones and eating it.

I can't really remember anything to this day tasting so good as that cold fish and rice from the trash can. It was probably just because we were starving though, and I've never told that to Tohru. She'd probably start crying if I did. Besides, her cooking is still the best and she doesn't try to kill us for eating it.

But back to what I was saying. About halfway through what would have been a heavenly meal, I glanced upward, to see that we were being watched through one of the cabin windows by a very big, very unfriendly looking man. I immediately dropped my fish and looked at Yuki, trying to get his attention without being too obvious.

"Psst....Yuki....YUKI...." I muttered as I heard the door to the cabin open, and then slam shut, heavy footfalls starting in our direction. That was when I saw him, and he was just as big and just as mean as he had looked through the window, though the image was enhanced by the fact that he had a gun at his side. For some reason, I got the feeling that the man wasn't really a cat lover.

"Fucking strays. I'm sick of them..." He muttered, raising the gun to his shoulder and taking us.

Forgetting all about getting his attention, I scooped Yuki up in my mouth, turning on my heels and taking off, just in time to hear the first shot being fired off. Luckily, I managed to dodge it. I wasn't so lucky with the second one however. We were almost out of sight, almost under the cover of the heavy forest brush when he got off his second shot. I dodged, but my timing had been a bit off. I staggered a bit as a sharp pain whisked across my side.

Managing a few more steps, I fell to the ground under some particularly heavy brush. Apparently, the man had thought that the second shot had been enough to do me in, because there were no more after that. I was dimly aware through my pain, that I had dropped Yuki, and that I was laying almost on top of him. He was moaning in pain, I could only imagine how excritiating being dropped on that leg must have been.

"I'm so sorry." I managed, apologizing once more to Yuki. At that point, it was the least he deserved for putting up with everything. His moaning ceased after a few moments, and he managed to shakily speak.

"A-are you....okay?"

I didn't really know how to answer that. With great effort, I managed to lift my head enough to see that the bullet had grazed me to the point that I was bleeding heavily.

"I-I don't know...." I was starting to feel a bit light headed at that point, my body feeling as if it were floating. I know that Yuki was saying something to me, but I can't really remember what it was. Everything seemed to blur together. Everything was so warm...

I closed my eyes. I swear, I was only going to attempt clear my vision...but for some reason, they wouldn't open again. That was okay though. Everything felt so good...

My last thought was that I would just nap a bit, right before my senses failed and I was plunged into darkness.