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A Rogues Journey

Chapter 1: The Beginning

Grizzelan Bromnir always felt out of place with his mother's people, The Dwarfs of Ironforge.

Because he unlike others of his kind didn't want to be around the forge but would rather wonder the mountains looking for plants to harvest.

For he found he had a talent for Alchemy that oddly went well with the fact that he was a skilled rogue and was able to hide and find other ways to get around enemy's so he could get the stronger plants for his potion's.

Now that's not to say he liked to steal like other rogues because he would rather use his knowledge of the body to help heal others instead of hurting them.

So on the day of his 40th name day when he was finally considered and adult in Dwarfish culture he left his mother's homeland to travel and learn more about the world and where he would fit in it.

If you're wondering why he says his mother's homeland it is because his father was a Dark Iron Dwarf that didn't side with Moira Thaurissan or the Twilight's Hammer.

Mother never talked about him much other than to say that it was a one-time fling that she wouldn't change even if she could because it gave her me.

But I am now on my way to Stormwind City to continue my study of Alchemy and to pick up more vials because I run low on empty ones whenever I find plants that work well together when I mix them to make my potion's that I am able to sell for a fair amount of silver and sometimes gold if it's one of my stronger potions.

With the fact that I sell most of the potion's I create, In one day I can earn upwards of 20 gold because people were able to see some of them when I sold to the City Guard that had drank WAY to much ale that morning and had bad hangovers, but just one of my special hangover cure potion's that I was able to design could cure even a hangover from a full week of no-stop drinking, Those were some of my best sellers because so many of the guards would drink as much as they could when not on duty.

Now leaving Dun Morogh on my way to Stormwind after deciding to walk instead of using the underground train or paying to fly there because it would give him time to find interesting plants and think of new potion ideas on the way.

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