"Sit , sit, sit, sit, sit, sit, sit" yelled Kagome as she ran to the well. "and don't you even think about following me Inuyasha!" inuyasha's p.o.v Oh no he could smell her tears. He hated it when she cried. Especially when its his fault that she was crying. He knew what he usually did but this time he wasn't quite sure. All he had done is ask her what had happened between her and Kouga. It was a fair question rite? After all she did call him kouga-KUN! I mean not that he minded right? Or did he ? he always felt something when another man or person took up her attention. The attention that she was only supposed to give him. Like the time kagome said that she liked Miroku better than him he could have sworn he felt his heart brake in two. But that was nothing compared to what happend when he caught up with kouga. The way kouga held her was enough to push him over the edge but then he relized that he didnt want kagome to be scared of him , no she had given him what no other had before...respect, and that made him cherish her more than life itself. But did kouga stop there?, no he kept on he called kagome HIS WOMAN that really pissed off inuyasha. What gave this wolf demon that kagome just met the right to call kagome his woman? Besides kagome wouldnt give up all of the time they spent together for some dirty wolf trash would she? Now that he thinks about it he hasent always been a saint towards kagome , nah she wouldn't would she? She better not and if she did he could always force her to go with him tell her that they needed to work on the shards. Any way inuyasha was pretty confident that she liked him far better than this wanna-be wolf, that is until she let him go free with his life. Then he bagan to worry. Maybe she liked the wolf better than the dog. Thats why he asked her if anything had happened between them he was genuinely worried not for kagome but for him. What would happen if she didnt like him anymore? Would she just leave or come back only when she felt like it ? he never wanted that to happen between them .... never just thinking about it made him want to cry. But then SIT,SIT,SIT,SIT,SIT,SIT,SIT! OH YEAH THATS WHY HE ALWAYS GOT MAD AT HER.

Kagome's p.o.v.

That jerk didn't he know that she would never do anything with a stranger? Who did he think she was? I mean sure he always called her a weakling but still its not like kouga would rape her or anything. Now that I think about it he was calling me his woman. Still I thought that i was sending all the signals to tell inuyasha that i was starting to think that we could be something more than friends then again are there signals to send guys in fuedal japan? Enough thinking about him for one night i have a date with hojo and i promised myself that i wouldnt think about him on my date.