Facing up, facing out

Warnings/notes : Yohji x Omi, Crawford x Nagi [unestablished] Aya x Ken, Schuldich x Farfarello [established, both in background ; focus on Yohji x Omi], possible drugs, slight ooc-ness and fluff

Disclaimer : I don't own Weiss Kreuz.

written at 9th april 2003, by Misura

for Firekat, who hopefully won't mind the extra pairings apart from Yohji x Omi.


"Nagi, I don't have to tell you your prestations recently were far below average. I expect you to improve shortly. This current situation is unacceptable. Do something about it."

With those words, Crawford turned his back on the youngest member of Schwarz and calmly walked away. Nagi kept his mouth firmly shut, knowing protests would only make things worse. On the inside though, he was torn between being angry and wanting to die on the spot.

A hand touched his shoulder, cautiously. All members of Schwarz knew what could happen if one touched a telekinetic too suddenly.

"Don't take it too bad, chibi. He didn't mean it like it sounded."

"You're wrong, Schu. He meant it exactly as it sounded." Nagi replied tonelessly. He could feel the telepath pushing at his shields, trying to see what he was really thinking. "Stop that!"

Schuldich sighed and removed his hand. "Just ... don't get depressed over it, okay? You're doing fine. Crawford only took his frustrations at the failed mission out on you. Don't take it personal."

"It *was* personal." Very personal. And coming from Crawford ....

Schuldich hissed with annoyance. "It wasn't. Believe me. Nagi, please."

"Leave me alone!"

Walking away in the opposite direction Crawford had gone, Nagi could hear the German muttering. Maybe he had meant well by his words, but it didn't make any difference.

"He hates me. He thinks I'm worthless. Why can't I be like he wants me to be?" Nagi asked the walls of his room. There was no answer, as usual.


"Why does he have to be so stubborn?" Schuldich sighed, looking after Nagi.

"They both are." Farfarello remarked. "As well as oblivious to eachother's feelings."

"There must be something we can do."

"Like what?"

"Well, like getting them together. The two of us should be able to come up with something."

"No. I told you before. It's not right to meddle in things like this."

"And since when do you care about what's right?"

"Schuldich!" Farfarello glared at him. "If we meddle and mess up, it would be a disaster, for all of Schwarz. We have to let them work things out for their own."

"Let nature have its course uh?"

"That doesn't mean you can't try to cheer up young Nagi. Just don't try to push him."

Schuldich sighed. "You don't let me have any fun."

"No? So I shouldn't expect you to drop by later this evening?"

"I'm off to try and lighten up the chibi's mood." Schuldich grumbled.

Farfarello laughed. "I'll be waiting."


"But Omi .... " Ken protested.

"Don't you dare 'But Omi ....' me, Ken-kun! You treat me like a child! It's demeaning."

"But ...."

"I'm eightteen, for crying out loud! Don't you think I can handle a little bit of responsibility?"

"That's not the point."

"Then what *is* your point, Kenken?" Yohji inquired, mixing himself into the argument. "That he'll be going to a club with *me*? Do you think I'm bad company?"

"No, of course not! It's just ... "

"Well? Spit it out, man!"

"I ... "

"Ken-kuuun!" Omi started to get annoyed rather than angry.

"What's going on here? What are the two of you bothering Ken for?" Aya didn't say 'my Ken' but they could all hear it in his voice. Ken was his and anyone troubling him would get to deal with the wrath of Aya Fujimiya. Yohji took a short time to check if he and Omi really were in the right here, before starting to explain things.

"Omi wants to go clubbing with me and - "

"Ken doesn't want me to!" Omi cut in, throwing his best puppylook at the redhead.

"I just told him to be careful!" Ken protested. "I did not say he couldn't go!"

"That's settled then. Omi promises to take care, Yohji gives his word to keep an eye on him and everyone's happy. Problem solved." Aya said, sounding as well as looking smug.

"A brilliant solution." Yohji purred, grinning at Ken.

"Oh, Ken-kun, I'm sorry I misunderstood and shouted at you! Of course I'll be careful! You know I always am. You shouldn't worry so much!" Omi beamed.

"Great." Ken mumbled.

Why couldn't Aya have supported me instead of them? I'm right in worrying, I know I am.

"Would you like me to help you pick an outfit for tonight, Omi?" Yohji asked, still smirking at Ken.

"No thank you, Yohji-kun. I think I already know just what to wear."

"I can't wait to see it."


"Why didn't you choose my side?" Ken asked indignantly as soon as Omi and Yohji had left the room. "I thought there was something between us!"

"There is. But that doesn't mean I'll support you when you're wrong about something, Ken." Aya replied calmly. Inside he was praying this would not turn into their first fight.

"What do you mean?"

Aya sighed. "Omi is an adult. He has the right to go out. You can't keep him safe forever. Besides, Yohji'll be with him."

"Ah yes, Yohji!" Ken snarled.

Aya was slightly confused at this hostility. "What do you mean by that? Surely you don't think Yohji would be a threat to Omi?! They're friends."

"Yeah, and they would be lovers too, if Yohji had his way." Ken added bitterly. "Haven't you seen him, wathcing every little thing Omi does? Haven't you noticed how he touches him all the time, using all sorts of excuses? Are you blind?"

"No. Are you?"

It was Ken's turn to be confused. "Huh?"

"Omi also watches Yohji." Aya explained patiently. "And touches him whenever he can. It's mutual, Ken. And I think maybe tonight they can both find that out for themselves. When it's just the two of them, without us hanging around."

"I hadn't noticed that." Ken admitted. "Do you think I should apologize?"

Aya smiled softly. "I don't think that's necessary, no. Let's just give them some space, shall we?"

Ken nodded, returning a much broader smile. "Yeah. Let's do that."


Endnote : There will probably be less Schwarz in the next chapters, but Nagi's mood needed some explanations I thought.