Chapter 1:

In an unknown, barren wasteland of high mountains, stalactites and a dark atmosphere, a medieval castle laid on the highest mountain. The building took the form of a giant, slightly ruined castle. The structure itself was very big in size, containing at least three separate sections all atop one another. The two main bodies of the castle were noticeably square-centred in shape and decorated with numerous crenulations, whilst the turrets and roof of the castle were more curved, their balustrade lined with decorative machicolations and their spires topped with fancy ornaments. At the gate to the castle stood two large statues. It floated on what looked to be an island in the shape of a cube.

Sitting in the main throne room of the castle, a man sat on the throne, cradling a book in his hands. He was a tall, lean young man. He had dark purple hair that was long and wavy, reaching his shoulders even whilst the majority is tied up in a very large ponytail. Additionally, his messy bangs all but obscured his dark, slanted eyes. For clothing, the man wore a long, black jacket trimmed with a light-coloured flame pattern, with a black line cutting through the edge of the fabric. The jacket itself is tattered and splits into four torn fabric segments at the tail. Beneath the jacket, he wore a frilly black v-necked shirt, lined in a lighter colour, along with light-coloured pants that laid lazily over the top of rather plain black boots.

This was Mard Geer, founder of the Dark Guild Tartaros, and the King of the Underworld.

"Soon, Master E.N.D.," Mard Geer spoke, caressing the book tenderly. "You will be released."

"Mard Geer-sama," a voice called out, making Mard Geer look to see who had entered from the door. He saw that it was Kyouka, one of the Nine Demon Gates of Tartaros. She had a very distinct appearance, most notably due to her half-human/half-aviary characteristics. She had an exceptionally large chest and a curvaceous hourglass figure. Covering her form is a skin tight suit that further emphasizes her bust, revealing her thighs. Her shoulders and arms were concealed by a long, striped jacket with flaring sleeves, a four-way split tail back and a tall and gaping collar that completely concealed her neck.

On top of her head was an intricate helmet, covering almost the entirety of her face save for her eyes and mouth. From the sides of the helmet, two long wing-like pieces of hair protrude, curving out around her face. hair falls from the back of the helmet as well, this passing through her hood to fall to her lower back, being wrapped tightly into a thick band. Finishing the helmet is a large gem of sorts, which sits directly over Kyouka's forehead.

"Kyouka. What is it that you bring to Mard Geer?" Mard Geer asked, curious.

Kyouka had a contemplative frown on her face as she spoke. "I was thinking of our plans," she spoke, caution in her voice. She knew how... temperamental Mard Geer got whenever someone was curious or foolish. So she had to choose her words carefully. "Project FACE doesn't commence for quite some time. And while it would no doubt be successful, I feel that we would need... new additions."

"Oh?" came from his mouth softly. Yet Kyouka could hear the underlining threat in his tone. "Are you saying that Tartaros' forces are... lacking?"

"No, no! Of course not, Mard Geer-sama!" Kyouka denied frantically, trying desperately to change the course of direction. "Tartaros' strength is unrivalled! But... what if we can make ourselves stronger?!"

Mard Geer narrowed his eyes. "Mard Geer does not see why Tartaros' 'unrivalled' strength would need to increase? Unrivalled we are, unrivalled we shall continue to be."

"Yes, but while the Nine Demon Gates are powerful, our grunts are... I'd say, lacking," she explained, making her Master grunt in slight agreement. "Lamy has done her best to augment our soldiers, but we've had no such luck. I'd suggest a different... experiment."

Mard Geer was silent, contemplating Kyouka's idea. Truthfully, it had merit. The soldiers were lower demons that were quite honestly, pathetic. Only few were amongst the best, and even then, they still didn't amount to anything. "What would you suggest, then?" he finally asked after several moments.

"We use humans," Kyouka simply stated, already seeing the look of disgust on Mard Geer's face. "Yes, they are weak. Disgusting. Pitiful. But they have potential. The magic they can wield allows them to learn new things. They could learn a thousand different types of magic, while Etherious only have their Curses tailored to one set of power."

Mard Geer hummed, intrigued by this. "Mard Geer... sees your point. While pitiful, humans have massive amounts of potential... but how do we control them? Despite their abilities, they can never match the power of the Etherious."

Kyouka had a demonic grin on her face. "Leave that to me."


"What is that you need of us, Kyouka-sama?" Sayla, one of the Nine Demon Gates, asked.

Sayla was woman, with large breasts and two large gold-looking horns protruding from the sides of her head and pointing upwards. Upon her head is a white band which separates her hair, framing her bangs from her hair below the band. Worn upon her forehead was a small circular symbol with a small dot on the inside and surrounded by several dots around the top. Tied around her neck is a small white-coloured strap. She wore a very revealing blue-coloured leopard-printed kimono, bearing the decorative marks on her shoulders. The kimono is wrapped around her torso with a thick, decorative yellow ribbon that ties behind her back, and her outfit is complemented by thigh-high socks that reveal her heels and toes.

"Yeah, why did you need us to come here?! I was busy blowing some shit up!" exclaimed Jackal, an annoyed expression on his face as he glared at Kyouka.

Jackal was a young muscular Etherious who, living up to his name, possesses a number of animal features: his dark blonde hair, reaching down to his shoulders and covering the left side of his face, perpetually hiding his left eye from sight, a canine-looking snout, and long, sharp teeth, particularly the canines. He wore peach-coloured baggy pants, a black-and-yellow coloured bandana, a beige vest and had leopard prints originating from his wrists, which highlighted his black-coloured hands.

Sayla gave Jackal a glare. "Do not disrespect Kyouka-sama."

"I'll do what I want, bitch!" Jackal retorted.

"Enough," Tempester retorted, glancing at his two guild-mates. Tempester had an imposing height. He kept partial parts of his facial region hidden underneath a hood, solely revealing his dark snout along with thin lips, and a full, chin curtain beard circling his jawline. Further, his loose hair elongates below his neck, covering parts of his cheekbones. When the upper area of his face becomes visible however, a set of oval eyes can be seen, with several strands of thick hair falling below his forehead. His cloak and pants were the only signs of clothing that he wore.

"Thank you, Tempester," Kyouka nodded, looking at the Etherious. "Now, we have a mission, handed out to us by Mard Geer-sama. Failure is not an option."

"What is it that you want us to do?" Tempester asked, looking at Kyouka. Kyouka smiled thinly.

"I want you to go raid a human village," she ordered simply. "There aren't anyone remarkable amongst them, truly. The only person who has shown promise is a young boy, about six years of age. We are to abduct him and bring him back to Tartaros."

"That still doesn't explain why we're trying to kidnap some brat," Jackal commented. His eyes lit up. "How about I kill them all?!"

"Unless you want to get punished by Mard Geer-sama," Sayla pointed out, making Jackal grumble.

"Regardless," Kyouka interrupted. "You will capture the boy. He's the only one with magic, so he'll be easy to find. Do not fail."


Shura was playing with a doll in his hands, content with the silence his home gave him. He was all alone, his father working as a soldier for the mayor of the village. He was always working, not wanting to spend time with his son. Although, the main reason was because Shura killed his mother.

Shura was a thin, weak child. He had dark skin, looking like a deep tan. His black hair fell to his shoulders. He wore simple clothes; a T-shirt and some shorts and sandals. The warm brown eyes showed false childhood joy as he made his doll dance and move to a silent tune. He wished that the joy could actually be real. Ever since he had been born, he had found it hard for him to be real.

He was born six years ago as a small, weak malnourished baby. The local doctors had told him that, surprisingly, his body was saturated with magic, despite his weak appearance. So much so that the actual pregnancy had caused his mother too much strength. His magic power had damaged her womb too much as he was exiting it, causing blood to pour internally, killing her as she gave birth to him. When Shura was fully born, he had been covered in his mother's blood, literally coming from her corpse. Thus, he was given the name 'Shura', meaning 'Carnage'. Fitting, since he killed his mother through his own power, covered in her blood.

Since then, Shura could feel his father's silent resentment towards him. He tried to be subtle about it, but Shura could see it in his eyes. His hatred, his severe loathing. In a way, Shura couldn't blame him; he hated himself because of what he did. Since then, he never once practised his magic. Doing so could kill. His mother was dead because of him. So he would kill no more.

Despite his meek nature, Shura was very sharp. He could tell that the children his age didn't want to interact with him, either due to his pathetic body, or the rumours of the other parents not wanting to speak with him. His loneliness was a constant thing in his life. He almost smiled. It had been with him than his father has.

He was about to put his doll away, when there was a a massive sound.


Shura was blown away by the massive shockwave produced, his body hitting the wall and going through it. The heat came after, the scorching, burning heat that blistered his body and made him cry out in pain. The pain was too much! It hurt! Hurt, hurt, hurt, hurt-

Shura's eyes blinked slowly, his eyes hazy. He could see that - when he turned to look to his left - he saw his arm, bent at an odd angle. The fractured bone oddly enough didn't make him feel anythi- oh. Oh. Oooh.

He yelled in pain, tears prickling his eyes at the awful pain that he felt. He tried to call out for help, for anyone to help, but the scorched air made it hard to inhale. Numerous explosions continued to occur, the shockwave pushing debris all over him. Ironically enough, this consequence of destruction actually saved him from the shockwaves and heat. His ears were left ringing from all the sound.

Please, he mentally whimpered, his eyes blinking rapidly to remove the soot from his eyes. Let this stop. I-I don't know what's happening. S-Someone... help me. Please.

After what felt like hours - long, painful, dull hours - the explosions ended, everything suddenly silent. Nothing. The air was dead, the usual chirping of birds void. Somehow, the silence felt worse than the explosions. Dread slowly built in Shura's stomach, his mind wondering what was going on.

Footsteps actually managed to meet his ears, making him sigh in relief. That changed, though, as he heard someone yell out, "Ha! That was awesome! I haven't been able to let loose in a long time!"

"You blew up practically everything," a feminine voice called out, cool and collected. "For all we know, you could have killed the child Kyouka-sama sent us to retrieve."

"Please," the man from before said, casual. "I didn't catch a whiff of magic. You find anything, Tempester?"

"Nothing," a deep, scary voice answered.

"See?! Nothing! In fact, I can feel something coming from over there." The man's footsteps came closer, closer towards Shura's direction. Panicking, Shura frantically tried to escape, his body doing its best to remove the debris off of him. It was useless, even if his body was bigger, better, stronger, it wouldn't have mattered.

The rocks were blown away, Shura's body rattled with force, the vibrations making his body ring. Searing light met his vision, making him blink rapidly. Then a shadow blocked the light. "Oi, think I found the kid!"

Despite himself, Shura threw his other working arm over his eyes, both blocking the light and desperately defending himself. Another shadow joined the previous one, looking down on him. "It seems that we have found him. He is the only one who has magic."

Magic? Shura thought to himself. A-Are these people mages? Why are they here?!

"Very well," the scary voice spoke. Shura felt himself being picked up, his mind feeling helpless at being so easily carried. Even though he knew his body was weak, it still burned him that he felt like this. He felt something hard against his face. Probably the mage's back. Then he felt himself moving.

"Wha-" His voice was small, meek. "W-Where are you taking me?"

"Do not worry," the cool voice said. It sounded female. "You will be taken to Tartaros. For our goals, you will be needed."

Tartaros? Wha- His mind turned blank as his eyes widened. The reason? The destruction all around him. Everywhere he looked from the supposed giant's back, he could see everything. Everything.

The shattered huts and land, scorched, blackened, destroyed. All the people, dead. Some had serious burns. Ashes. Blood. Blood, guts and gore.

Shura could feel himself whining slightly, a queasy feeling settling in his stomach. He felt something coming up rapidly from his stomach, making its way out of his mouth with a groan.

"Damn, Tempester! The little shit threw up all over you!" the loud man spoke, laughing hysterically.

"It doesn't matter," the one called Tempester spoke calmly, not at all bothered by the sick all over his back. "It will not affect the mission."

"Sheesh, you really are a boring guy, aren't you? Someone throws up all over you, and you don't react. If it was me-"

Shura tuned out all of the noise, not at all bothered. Necks snapped all the way. Arms shattered, some bent the wrong way. Vaporised bodies... it-it was too much. He couldn't handle this. He couldn't. As Tempester kept on walking, Shura saw more destruction. What broke him was the building of the mayor. It was practically turned to rubble, the rocks soaked with some blood. Bodies were strung all over the place. Shura could see the lower half of the body of the mayor, crumpled and bent.

But what stood out to him was the body of his father. There was a massive hole in the middle of his body, blood, organs, intestines strung every. The corpse was covered in red, a splattered, disturbing, gory display of art.

Shura could feel his heart beat faster as he kept on looking. No. This-This couldn't happen. This... was all just a bad dream. It had to be. There was no way any of this could be real. No, no, no, no, nonononononononononononononono-

Shura could hear someone screaming. He could hear the surprised sound coming from the others. He could feel the shockwaves that pushed Tempester away, making Shura land on the ground as he roared. He could see the blue outline that covered his vision. Then he realised; all of that was coming from him. He was the cause in all of this.

"Shit," the loud man cursed. He stepped forward, his palms alight. "I know we need the kid alive, but he's being too noisy. Best to rough him up-"

A backlash of energy hit him, sending him flying with a surprised yelp. The others dodged the tendrils of energy, surprise on their features.

A loud, anguished and powerful cry came from Shura, his eyes practically blank from the mental overload. "ROOOOOAR! RAAAAARGH!" The entire surroundings exploded, destroyed from pure, raw magic. A blue aura bathed his form, Shura's roars echoing across the fields.

The Etherious stood up, astounded by what they were seeing. "W-What the hell?!" Jackal exclaimed, shocked. "What the hell is that kid?!"

"I-I don't know," Sayla stuttered, her calm look broken by the display before them. Tempester looked on, his face not betraying anything.

Blue hues came from his eyes and mouth as he continued to roar. "ROOOOOOOOOOOAR!" he bellowed, dashing towards the demons like a mad bull. Surprised, they quickly, moved out of the way, allowing Shura to rush past like a freight train. Shura twisted around, pure magic energy rolling off of his form and coalescing into an orb, aiming itself towards the demons.

Jackal was the only slow one, as Kyouka and Tempester dodged. He yelled in pain as he was enveloped by the blast. Smoke formed, obscuring his figure. Tempester reacted instantly, however.

"Cyclone," he uttered, wind surrounding his body as he charged towards Shura. Just as he neared him, he suddenly stopped. "W-What?!" he said, shocked. Looking closely past the wind, he saw that a wall of magic was formed around Shura's form. "H-He's protecting himself instinctively?"

With a roar, the demon was thrown away. He flew past Jackal, who had managed to recover. "Okay, screw Kyouka's orders! I'm going to kill this brat!" Dashing forward, Jackal punched forward, an explosion going off from his fist. Not stopping in the slightest, he continued punching, a series of explosions occurring. Shockwave after shockwave sounded across the air, blowing the dead bodies and destroyed buildings away.

Just as Jackal was about to continue, he was forced away from Shura, who produced another explosion of raw magic that pushed him away slightly. Although - when the smoke cleared - it showed that he didn't come away unscathed. Shura's body was scorched slightly, series of burns littering his body. Yet, he didn't fall down.

The boy groaned, almost falling over from the pain that he was in. His mind was at least able to register the fact that he was in too much pain. He yelled again, though this time, it sounded like the cry of a wounded animal. "RAAARH!" Charging forward, he made to attack the Etherious, until-

"Stop." It was a simple, one-worded command. Yet, it brought Shura to a halt instantly. His mind and body froze, neither responding to his command. H-He couldn't move! Why-

His eyes were able to move, however. They darted towards each Etherious, trying to find out which one was causing this. It was the woman. It had to be. Her calm demeanour was back, her body sparking with power.

"You have done enough. Sleep," she muttered. The command took effect. Cado's blank eyes dimmed as he fell to the ground, unconscious. The last fleeting thing on his mind was, I'm... sorry, father. Everyone. S-Someone... h-help...


Shura couldn't recall most of what had transpired. The only thing he knew was pain. His limbs, weak as they were, were unable to move. He had trouble breathing, his mouth filling with some kind of liquid. This happened for a while, as his mind slipped in and out. The only thing he could feel was pain, weakness and hunger. Severe hunger.

"... was able to give Jackal trouble..."

"Mard Geer is impressed... he should survive the process of the Hell's Core..."

"... when the brat gets out of that thing, I'll kill him..."

"... I'm going to have so much fun with this one..."

This was all he could hear through the liquid. All of the words meant nothing to him. Time was nonexistent. He-he couldn't feel anything! Only pain! Someone make it stop! This... this needed to stop! Please! Please, please, stop! Stop! STOP! ... Stop.

And just when he thought that he was finally somewhat able to bear with it, it increased each time. It was as if they had come up with new, painful ways to torture. He just prayed that it would stop.


"Day 13," a voice called out, observing Shura's slowly growing form inside Hell's Core. "Subject seems to be rejecting the injection of Etherious essence. Need to come up with new methods."

The person who had spoken was Lamy, the 'scientist' of Tartaros. She was a young girl with a small frame, wearing her dark hair in a bob cut and had two rabbit-like ears protruding from her head. She donned a light fluffy coat with large pom-poms over a dark skirt and shirt. To complete her look, she wore a pair of tights that run into knee-high boots.

She placed her hands on her cheeks. "Oh, you are so interesting! You haven't died yet, which is a surprise! I thought Kyouka-sama was going bonkers over actually turning a human into an Etherious, but it looks like her idea had merit! I hope you don't die too soon ~"


"Day 264," Lamy noted, writing down some notes. By now, Shura had integrated almost thirty-four percent of the Etherious essence. The available specimen was something Mard Geer had recovered from one of Zeref's old hideouts. When it was recovered, it was unknown as to what the Etherious was, what its Curse did, or if it did anything. But it looked like it was worth it.

"How is it going, Lamy?" Kyouka commented, walking forward to inspect Shura's prone body.

"It's going super, Kyouka-sama! He's almost done absorption process! Pretty soon, we'll have our new and improved Etherious!"

"Hmm, impressive," she muttered, stepping forward to inspect Shura. Tapping the glass, Shura's eyes suddenly awoke, his mouth filling with the liquid inside. His eyes turned panicked as he frantically tried to move.

"Hello, human," Kyouka greeted, a sweet smile on her face. "How have you been?"

Shura couldn't answer, as his body was trying to move.

"Now, now. You know how I hate to be ignored. I had thought that you had learned from last time." Tapping the side of the glass, Kyouka activated her curse. "Lamy-"

"Got it!" Tapping some buttons, Lamy made needles pierce Shura's sides, making him shriek in agony. Even though his screams couldn't be heard, his face was enough evidence to show that he felt tremendous pain.

"Let's see how much you can last..." Kyouka muttered, a wide grin on her face.


"Yo, brat!" Jackal's voice called out as he walked in. "How're you doing today?!"

Shura's body visibly shuddered, fear wracking his body.

"Damn, that bitch Kyouka did a number to you, didn't she?"

At the name 'Kyouka', Shura's body kept on shuddering, although the machines inside the tube kept him still.

"Yeah, she can be a real bitch sometimes. She's reeeaaal crazy. Like, totally nuts. The problem is, she gets off on it! I mean, I'm sadistic, but even I don't get off on it, you know?"

Shura's body was prone, not moving. He was forced to listen to Jackal's rambling.

"I swear, she has total issues! And don't even get me started on that Sayla bitch! She is so uptight! She needs to get laid..."

I'm going to kill him, Shura thought to himself. The thought gave him strength. Gave him solace. I'll wring his neck... slice his throat open...


"Day 295," Lamy noted, taking down some notes. "Subject seems to have bonded with fifty percent of the Etherious' essence. Slow, but we can work with what we have..."

Shura was conscious by this point. His body felt different. Stronger, durable, powerful. Like he could take on the world. The only problem was that his body felt wrong. Like, he was wearing clothing that was too big for him. It didn't feel like his body.

But where his body was powerful, his mind was broken. Shattered, for a better term. All the pain, the annoyances, the weakness, the hunger, the anger, the bitterness, the sadness, the ever-growing fear, the ever-present despair... it was too much. He... couldn't... hold on.

Shura didn't believe in religion. He was never taught it in the village. Sure, he was told about it. He had heard his father praying to different gods, asking for forgiveness, for his son's demise, for his mother back. He had overheard his father praying, something that he managed to hear every night he went to bed.

He didn't believe in any gods. He wasn't old enough to fully form thought based on them. Yet... he found himself desperate. So, he prayed. He prayed to whatever being that was out there. To save him. Save him from this... hell. That's what this was. He was in hell. Was this repentance for killing his mother? It had to be. Or maybe, it was all one big sick joke.

Someone... Shura pleaded, his body giving out. Despite his improved body, it had finally succumbed to starvation and pain. It couldn't handle anymore. He was at his limit. If there's any god out there... save me. Please.

As he finished that thought, his mind went blank, his vision darkening. And so, Shura's body gave out as he died. His prayer not even answered even at his dying breath.


Pitch black darkness. Shura could not claim to be fond of it. Particularly this variety – all-consuming. Shura didn't know how to react to his death properly. He didn't even know what to expect when he died. A bright light? A newer version of hell?

Hello there.

A voice. Ominous. It wasn't Shura's. It didn't belong to any one he knew, or anyone he had ever heard before.

So young, yet burdened with such hate. Such fury. How... intriguing.

The voice became clearer. It was female. Feminine, soft, comforting – somewhat. It was disconcerting. Was-was she real? Or some other spirit that was with him as he died?

I assure you, I am very real.

Shura's eyes - he wasn't even sure he had eyes at this point - widened, making the unknown figure laugh. "Are you the one who's going to take me to the afterlife?"

Hmm. No, I am not Ankhseram. I am much... chaotic. There was silence for a moment. I can see that - despite your age - you have a burning desire for revenge.

"H-How-" Shura stopped himself, already knowing that this person was some unknown, powerful force. That seemed to know a lot about him. "Yes."

I can give it to you. Your vengeance.

Shura's eyes widened. "Y-You can?!"

Oh, yes. Vengeance, power, glory. Your life. I can give it to you. But you have to do one thing for me.

"W-What's that?" Shura asked curiously.

Become my champion. My heir.

The darkness twisted. It appeared as though one had turned a piece of cloth in space, curving and morphing it. The entrance slightly startled Shura, but not so much as the appearance of the female. Pale skin. Long dark hair. White robes. Barefoot. A curious, dark gleam in her red eyes.

My name is Nifrit. I am the goddess of chaos.

"G-Goddess?!" The word was the only thing that caught his attention. "You're a god?"

Yes. A smile appeared on Nifrit's face. I am.

"T-Then it's true! Gods a-are r-real! Y-You answered my p-prayers!" Tears of joy fell from his eyes. "Th-Thank you! Th-Thank you so much!"

Now, now. There's no need to cry. A pale finger reached out, wiping away his tears. But you haven't answered my question, my dear. Will you become my heir?

"H-Heir?" The word sounded odd on Shura's tongue.

Heir. Champion. Son. The last word caught Shura's attention. Ah, I see you like it. The idea of having me as your mother.

"Y-Yes!" The idea of having a mother was alien to him. His own died at birth, killed by his own hand. His father was distant to him. Cold. Cruel, even. So the idea of a parent figure was odd. Unknown. Yet... the idea-the emotion. It was something that he wanted. Craved, even. "Yes! I want that! I want a mother!"

Nifrit's smile turned warm. He took Shura in her arms, hugging him tightly. Shura quickly broke down, crying tears of joy and relief. After all the loneliness, the pain, the neglect, it was so good to have a new mother. He wrapped his tiny arms around her tightly.

Nifrit's 'warm' smile turned dark and malicious. Masking the glee at finally having a champion. At being able to spread her name and cause chaos. Her 'motherly' smile came when Shura looked at her, her finger moving to wipe his tears away.

So, you accept?

"Yes!" Shura yelled loudly, jumping up and down in joy. "Yes, yes, yes!"

Good. A red-and-black aura surrounded Shura, who looked shocked. As my champion, your task is to make my name great among Earthland. As well as cause enough misery as possible. Do this, and you shall make me proud. From here on out, you shall be the Champion of Nifrit. Although, I think your other title will be well-known among the world.

"W-What's that?" Shura asked curiously, his tears having stopped.

The Chaos God Slayer.


"Aw, he's broken," Lamy commented, a frown on her face as she stared at Shura's still form. She sighed. "Oh well. Guess it was a failure-"

As she said that, a humongous shockwave was produced from Shura, destroying the Hell's Core that he was in, along with crushing Lamy. She didn't even get the chance to scream, before her body was flung backwards at high speeds and was promptly turned into a bloody paste by the force of the explosion.

The shockwave shook Tartaros, making every demon alert. They quickly homed in on where Shura was held. Kyouka was in first, concern on her face. "Lamy, what's-"

She paused, eyes wide. The other members of the Nine Demon Gates, and Mard Geer himself appeared behind her. "Kyouka-sama, what's that mat-" Sayla stopped, seeing what was wrong.

The room was trashed. The glass that contained Shura was destroyed, along with a good majority of the room. There was a bloody imprint on the wall, along with a crushed, broken body. They saw that it was Lamy, though her body was hardly recognisable at this point. But there was one important part to all of this.

Shura was missing.


Wake up, Shura, Nifrit spoke gently to the sleeping Shura, who groaned. His wounds were all healed, and his body retained its strength and durability from Tartaros' experiments.

The boy woke up, his wrapped around Nifrit's own tightly. Looking around at where they were, he saw an endless void, where in every direction, there was a mix of iridescent colours. "Wh-Where are we?" he asked curiously.

We are in the Void between Space and Time, she answered, caressing Shura's hair gently. It has been my... home, for quite some time. And this is where I will train you. To become my champion.

"Really?!" Shura exclaimed, his head swivelling around, excitement in his eyes. "This place looks so cool! I won't let you down!"

Oh, dear Shura... Nifrit's eyes turned slightly evil. I know you won't disappoint me.


Now, I know that putting a new story out right now is a bit of a problem of mine (hope it doesn't turn into a huge problem) but I've wanted to do this for a long time. A Fairy Tail fanfic!

Now, as I've said before, this a problem for me. I literally did this in my spare time. Bouts of depression, boredom and curiosity does that to a person. Plus, this idea was literally itching at me to write. Like, tempting me. Hell, I could see its swaying hips, fat ass and... Anyway, you know what I mean. But I'll do my best to not do this too much. I've seen it happen to a number of authors, with great stories that I'm annoyed haven't been completed, because there's so fucking many. Looking at NeonZangetsu (love his stories, by the way.) There are so many awesome stories of his, but there are too many that I don't know which ones are finished. Like, properly finished.

To be honest, I love Fairy Tail, but it has many problems. Namely, the 'power of friendship'. To be fair, other anime do the nakama bullshit power-up, but FT just abuses that. Like, seriously. In almost every major fight, any and all Fairy Tail members use nakama bullshit to defeat enemies who are massively stronger than them. The only ones who actually pull it off well (in my opinion) are Erza and Laxus. The latter I'm biased for, since I do like him.

No, but seriously. It's a huge problem. Hell, One Piece does it a similar way, but it just... kind of works? I dunno. That's mainly the reason why the start of the story is so bloody (some would say edgy). I'm not going to use nakama bullshit, but actual power. Hell, most of the time, nakama bullshit won't even matter when I'm writing the story for the most part.

Now, Shura's magic. God Slayer magic is something that I wanted to explore and write about. Dragon Slayer magic (while awesome) has been overdone a lot. Plus, God Slayer magic is supposedly more powerful than Dragon Slayer magic, but Zancrow lost to Natsu, Chelia tied with Wendy, and Orga got bitch-slapped by Jura (last one doesn't really count, but you get what I mean).

His Curse will be explained (or seen) next chapter.

Harem-wise: Lucy, Erza, Mirajane, Cana, Juvia, Jenny, Sayla, Irene, Dimaria, Brandish, Kagura, Ultear, Ur, Layla, and Anna. That's it. One or two more members can be suggested, and I may consider them, but this is it. No changes.

Now, off to the next chapter. Peace!