"Amy! I think the baby needs to be changed." Clara yelled from the living room.

"Well feel free to change her!" Amy yelled back. "I'm busy making us lunch!"

Clara looked at her niece and sighed. She loved the little girl, but the idea of changing a dirty nappy made her want to vomit. She stood up and took the baby to the nursery, knowing that despite how she felt about it, it would be a help to Amy.

It had been six months since Clara's life had fallen apart, and she had been doing very well at putting it back together, mostly with the help of Amy, Rory and their new baby, Charlotte. The baby arrived in early February and instantly became a huge distraction for Clara. As soon as she held her in her arms, she fell in love with the little bundle and decided right there that she was going to stay in London. She wanted to be a part of her life and wanted to be the best aunt she could, since neither Amy or Rory had siblings. Once she made that decision, she started focusing on finishing school and what kind of career she wanted. She also began doing volunteer work to help gain some experience, knowing she would need it for when the time came to start applying for jobs.

All of these things helped keep her mind off of the Doctor. She didn't speak to him again after the day she said goodbye to him. She couldn't. Sure, she had seen him on campus, but always from a distance and when she did her heart would always betray her and skip a beat. She missed him, the connection they had, the laughs they had, all of it, but she just couldn't trust him. She needed this time too, to help put things into perspective for herself. She knew she ran away from London because she couldn't deal with the pain of losing her mum, but what she didn't realize that it had just become easier to run instead of facing her issue head on. After everything with the Doctor, she wanted to take off again, and she was going to, until she realized what she was doing and that she was never going to have a future if she constantly ran from it. She was a stronger woman now, than if she had just jumped into a relationship with the Doctor, and for that she was grateful for what happened. She wasn't angry with him anymore and she was over the sadness of it all. Learn and move on. This was her new outlook on life.

Rose never did learn the truth about her and the Doctor. He had been right about that, there had been enough hurt and there was no need to cause her more pain, especially since she was doing so well after the Doctor moved out. She made a point of seeing Amy and Clara more often and had even started seeing more of JD. They weren't officially a couple, but they were working towards that, slowly.

"Alright, this child smells much better now." Clara said as she walked into the kitchen and handed Charlotte to Amy.

"Thanks. I really appreciate that."

"I would say any time, but I wouldn't really mean it." Clara said as she grabbed the plates and started dishing the food.

Once lunch was over, Clara left to head home and work on her resume for a job she saw that morning. As she was walking down the street, she noticed the record shop was having a sale and decided to go in and see what they had. She was busy digging in the punk section and didn't notice the shop door open.

"I should have known you'd be into punk." A voice she hadn't heard in months said from behind her. A voice that still had the ability to make her heart jump and her stomach flip.

"Yeah, and why's that?" She questioned back, knowing the reply she was going to get would be the same one she got many months ago.

"You have a feisty, angry personality." The Doctor said.

"I guess you would know that first hand wouldn't you." She replied, still not turning around.

"I guess I would." He answered as he stood beside her and started flipping through records.

She didn't say anything. She didn't know what to say. They stood there, side by side, flipping through albums until the Doctor pulled one out.

"You should get this." He said, handing her the Ramones album he had told her not to get the first time they were in this shop.

She turned and looked at him for the first time and damn if he didn't look good. His hair was a little shorter and he had grown some scruff, but he still had the same glasses and was wearing a Bowie t-shirt along with a pair of jeans and doc martin boots. She kept her expression neutral and took the album from him.

"Thanks." She replied and turned back to the albums.

She could feel his eyes on her for a bit until he turned back and continued searching. They moved around the store this way, much like they had before, not talking, except for the occasional comment about a band or artist. Eventually they both moved to the cash and when they finished paying, walked out of the store together.

Once they were outside the Doctor handed her a bag.

"What's this?" She asked as she took it.

"I want you to have that." He said sounding very remorseful.

"I can't take this." She said as she tried to hand it back to him.

"No, please, I really want you to have it." He insisted.

She opened the bag and looked in to see what it was, and smiled seeing that it was Sinatra.

"I told you that album meant a lot to me and that hasn't been truer than these past few months. I know that I have destroyed any chance of us being together, but I would really like to try and be friends."

Clara didn't know what to say. She missed him, but no one had ever hurt her the way he did. She stared at the album and remembered when they had listened to it in his office and then she remembered the conversations they had had.

"I don't know if that's a good idea." She replied. "I feel like I really don't know you. Like the man I thought I knew was all a lie."

"I understand that and I know that it's difficult for you to believe me when I say I'm not really that man. Please, just let me take you for coffee. Just one coffee and nothing more, I promise." He gave her the saddest eyes.

Could they just be friends? She would be lying to herself if she said she wasn't still attracted to him, but the feelings she had once felt for him had changed. She just couldn't forget what he did to both her and Rose, but there was a small part of her that missed him.

"Please?" He insisted, desperately yearning for her to respond.

***This is the end of this story, but keep an eye out for a sequel that will come out some time in the next couple of months. Thanks for reading.***