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Chapter 1-Late wife

Monday, July 12, 1529

Edward's Pov

I hear my wife scream as she is in labor with our sixth child's birth. This would be our sixth child. Our first child was a boy, born September 6, 1508, a son we named James but was stillborn. Followed by our second a daughter born November 11, 1510, who only lived for two weeks before she died. Then our third another son, that was stillborn, followed by two other stillborn children. Here we are with our sixth attempt at the future king of England.

I'm starting to have my second thoughts with our union with all these nonliving children from our union. She was first my dead brother Prince Peter's wife before he passed on, and so my parents King Edward sr and Queen Elizabeth made me marry Princess Leah of Spain to keep our political gains. I didn't like that very much, but she is very understanding of this.

She even spoke to me even after our wedding and knew that I didn't like that I married her, and so she would let me have the mistress of my choice. I never answered or commented on that. So I take that she believes that I had mistresses of all kind, but in truth, though I didn't want this union, I saw how it made my mother feel when my father showed his mistresses off in front of her and all over the court. So I promised to myself that I would never take a mistress when I married women. To this day I still have kept that promise. Only my friend Lord Jasper the future Duke of Richmond after my uncle Lord Carlisle Duke of Richmond steps down or passes on.

Lord Carlisle Cullen Duke of Richmond is my mother past Queen Elizabeth's brother. He and his wife Lady Esme Cullen Duchess of Richmond have two children a set of twins, Lady Rosalie Cullen and Lord Jasper Cullen.

I was broken from my thoughts when I heard my wife scream once more from the pain she was in. I found myself pacing at this point while the other men in court were laughing and drinking and having a good time and excited for the up and coming birth of the future Prince of England. I paced with worry each time my wife Queen Leah screams out in pain.

This one seems to be harder on her and more painful then the last five she has gone through. She, of course, spent the last month in her confinement with some lady-in-waiting with her.

Queen Leah, begged me to give her one more chance, and I agreed to give her one more chance, to give us a living child. Many people in my private Council disagree with me deciding to give her another chance. The only ones that agreed with my choice are my aunt Lady Esme and cousin Lord Jasper. Lord Jasper told me to give Queen Leah at least until the end of 1529 to give me a living child. I agreed that should be enough time. So I told her about my choice.

I knew Queen Leah is in good hands, though hearing her scream was hard for me to hear. She is with some close Lady in waiting, as well as the court's midwife Lady Emily. Lady Emily is a very well known and trusted midwife.

"Here, my king,"

I turned to see who called me and noticed that it was my cousin Lord Jasper, and he was handing me some wine. I took it and took a big sip of it. It seems to calm me a little bit I was still tense and pacing. Before I knew it, everyone grew quiet and I turned to where I saw others in court where looking and noticed a young lady, who looked to have been one of my wife's lady in waiting. The young woman looked scared and worried.

I handed the wine to Lord Jasper and rushed to the young woman. "It-it... Queen Leah...s-" the woman started but at the name of my wife I rushed past her, without hearing the rest of the young woman saying.

I got to my wife's chamber, and took my hand to the door and opened it and stepped in. First thing I saw was my wife laying on the bed and she looked very ill and sickly. I turned to my right and saw a small and also sickly looking child. I stepped to the child and looked at the young child.

"My king, Queen Leah is very ill, she has a fever and it doesn't seem like she makes it through the fever."

I turned to see who was speaking and noticed it was the midwife Lady Emily, and nodded. Lady Emily looked tired and worn out. It seemed it was a hard birth to help in on even the midwife. "And the child?" I asked.

"The child is also very sickly, and weak. It doesn't look like the child will make the night. I'm sorry my king. It is a girl."

I looked from the child to my sickly wife and nodded to the midwife. "Very well. Send in your husband the doctor to tend to queen Leah, batiste the princess Sarah please, if the chances of her making it through the night are very low." I said as I looked once more at both my sickly wife and sickly child.

I turned to leave and noticed at the corner of my eye of Lady Emily nodding her head and following me. I stepped to the side and lean against the wall and lowered my head. As I remember my mother being sick with a fever after the birth of my youngest sister Catherine. Both my mother and sister died from fever. It seems Queen Leah and Princess Sarah is to follow as well.

I felt a hand on my shoulder and looked up to see my aunt Lady Esme and turned and noticed Lord Sam the court doctor stopped at the queen's chamber and nodded to me and stepped in followed by his wife who I noticed was to baptist the young princess.

After some time, I heard the queen's chamber door open and turned to see who was leaving and noticed it was Lord Sam. I nodded to him and came over to me. "I'm sorry my king. Queen Leah is deeply ill and fighting a fever and seems an infection. The chances of her making it through this are very low. Sadly seems Princess Sarah as well."

I nodded, and stepped in to see my wife and stopped where my daughter was and looked at her a bit, touched her once before I turned back to my wife. I held her hand. I held her hand for a bit before I got up and went to my daughter and took a good look at her. I picked her up and held her in my arms.

I heard small rasps from my daughter. I went to a chair that was close to where my daughter was and sat down with my daughter in my arms. As I held my daughter I took in her lovely look, she was a bit mix of both of us. I looked up when I noticed my aunt come in and hold her arms out to hold my daughter. At first, I didn't get why.

"She is gone," Lady Esme said as she took my daughter. At that same time, I heard a rasp from my wife as she took her last breath as well.

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