Chapter 1: The Charge Stones

(An island near Sequin Land 1,000 years ago)

Two ropes were lowered to an underground cave from the entrance on the ceiling. A young prince who looked like Ash and a genie girl who looked like Shantae climbed down the rope to enter the cave. The prince who looked like Ash and the genie who looked like Shantae stopped at these five large glowing stones.

Genie who looked like Shantae- Well, we finally found the Charge Stones. Now we just need to charge them with enough electricity so this island won't plummet and everyone on it into the ocean.

Prince who looked like Ash- Got it. You ready, Pikachu?

Then a Pikachu was seen hanging from the prince's shoulder.

The prince's Pikachu- Pikachu!

Prince who looked like Ash- That's the spirit, Pikachu! Use thunderbolt on the Charge Stones! Porygon Z, help Pikachu out with zap cannon!

The prince who looked like Ash tossed a poke'ball and out came a Porygon Z. The prince's Pikachu and Porygon Z struck the Charge Stones with thunderbolt and zap cannon while the genie who looked like Shantae fired a bolt of lightning at the Charge Stones. After all those electrical attacks hit, the Charge Stones barely lit up a bit.

Genie who looked like Shantae- Not enough electrical energy. Maybe an electric attack from your Legendary Poke'mon might work?

Prince who looked like Ash- No. Why do you think I asked him to wait outside with Simba and Marco? There's barely enough room in here for us to get through. Besides, I have something that will work just as well.

Then the prince who looked like Ash rolled up his sleeve and showed the genie who looked like Shantae a Z-Ring.

Genie who looked like Shantae- And that is?

Prince who looked like Ash- It's called a Z-Ring. I picked it up as a souvenir during my trip to Alola. It can let my Poke'mon perform a special attack called a Z-Move. Observe…

The prince who looked like Ash moved his hands in a certain position and energy from the Z-Ring was being transferred to the prince's Pikachu.

Prince who looked like Ash- Pikachu! Electric type Z-Move! 10,000,000-Volt Thunderbolt!

The prince's Pikachu- Pika…CHUUUUUUU!

After the Z-Move hit the Charge Stone, they began to glow almost as bright as the sun.

Genie who looked like Shantae- Now that's more like it! It almost charged the Charge Stones to full power! Think Pikachu can do that again?

When the Genie who looked like Shantae turned to look at the Prince who looked like Ash, she saw the prince who looked like Ash helping his Pikachu get back up after it collapsed.

Prince who looked like Ash- Sorry, but the Z-Moves take a huge toll on the Poke'mon using them. Kind of similar to how Mega Evolution can tire my Charizard out as well after a long use.

Voice from above- Hey, are you almost done down there?

The prince who looked like Ash and the genie who looked like Shantae walked up to the cave entrance and saw a man who looked like Mario and a gray Tasmanian tiger who looked like Ty standing near where the ropes were hanging from.

Prince who looked like Ash- We're still working on the Charge Stones. It might take a few minutes. There's no need to worry about us being down here.

Gray Tasmanian tiger- That's not why we were checking on you, mates! You're legendary Poke'mon is getting a little impatient waiting for you to come out!

Then they heard the roar of a huge Poke'mon nearby.

Prince who looks like Ash- You can tell him it will not be long. I'm capable of defending myself and so can Azra.

Genie who looks like Shantae- You know, for a legendary Poke'mon, you would assume he'd be more stoic.

Prince who looks like Ash- True, but then again, how often do you see a legendary Poke'mon him calling a human Poke'mon Trainer like me, his master?

The prince's Pikachu- Pikachu.

(On the same island 1,000 years later)

It was the middle of the night and a rope was dropped through that same opening in the ceiling of the underground cave. A thief climbed down the rope and entered the cave. The thief approached the Charge Stones and tried to move them. However, the Charge Stones were too heavy to be lift by hand. Then the thief used a crane system to pull the five Charge Stones out of the cave instead.

(Over by the docks of the island)

The thief was loading the Charge Stones onto a boat in the cover of darkness. However, a flashlight was suddenly shined on the thief, revealing it to be Risky Boots as she and her Tinkerbats were loading the Charge Stones onto her pirate ship. It was also revealed that Shantae was the one holding the flashlight now shining on the pirates.

Shantae- Up a bit late to be playing pirate, aren't you, Risky?

Risky Boots- Not you again! How did you even know I was here?!

Shantae- I could hear your steam powered gear a mile away. Anyway, you had best put whatever it was you've stolen back where it belongs if you know what's good for you.

Risky Boots- You wish you little bitch! All right men, get rid of this half-genie runt!

Tinkerbat- But Captain Risky, isn't that a bad idea?

Risky Boots- She doesn't even have any of those other heroes to back her up! Take her down…NOW!

Shantae- I don't need the other members of the Super Mario Brothers' Team to take you and your crew down.

Some of the Tinkerbats charged for Shantae, but Shantae used her dancer moves to avoid the attacks. Then Shantae used her hair whip attack to wrap her hair around the Tinkerbats and launch them into the air.

Shantae- Hope Sonic doesn't mind me using one of his tricks.

Shantae used her genie magic to transform into a purple hedgehog and performed a homing attack similar to the homing attacks Sonic performs. Hedgehog Shantae smacked all the Tinkerbats she hurled into the air like a pinball as the Tinkerbats fell to the ground after being knocked out. Hedgehog Shantae changed back to regular Shantae after she landed back to the ground and turned to face Risky Boots again.

Shantae- Alright Risky Boots, you're ne…what…?

Shantae realized that Risky Boots and her ship had already left while Shantae was distracted.

Shantae- Cheap move, Risky Boots! Leaving some of your own crew members behind so you could escape. What were those stones she took from that cave? I better ask Uncle Mimic if he knows anything.

(Somewhere in the middle of the ocean)

Risky Boots' ship was setting sail.

Risky Boots- Can't believe that genie runt showed up and this late at night!

Tinkerbat- Captain Risky, you sure it was a good idea leaving some of our own crew behind like that?

Risky Boots- Wouldn't be the first time something like that has happened. And they always manage to return to the hideout in the end. Now then, we're setting sail to the nearest place with a massive energy deposit.

The Tinkerbat pulled out a laptop and began searching.

Tinkerbat- Uh…maybe we shouldn't go to the nearest one. Apparently, another member of the Super Mario Brothers' Team is currently…

Risky Boots- I don't care! Can't be as bad as Shantae!

(At Mimic's workshop in Scuttle Town)

Mimic was searching through a few old books until he found info about the large rocks Risky Boots took from that underground cave.

Mimic- Ok, I think I've found it. It says here those were the Charge Stones, five large stones that absorb and store electrical energy. Sort of like a battery. It says here, your mother, along with a few friends, put the Charge Stones there to help keep the island from sinking.

Shantae- Sinking?

Mimic- Yes. The island and everyone inhabiting it was in danger of sinking to the bottom of the ocean. So, your mother used the electrical energy from the Charge Stones to keep the island above the water. I'm afraid it will sink in about two weeks and drown everyone living there in about two weeks unless you get those Charge Stones back in their proper place.

Shantae- But what does Risky Boots want those Charge Stones for?

Mimic- Not sure, but you know it can't be good. Might I suggest you go see your Poke'mon Trainer pal.

Shantae- You mean Ash? Why?

Mimic- His Poke'mon, Pikachu, is an electric type Poke'mon. And since the Charge Stone absorb electricity, there's a possibility Pikachu might be able to track them.

Shantae- Makes sense, I guess. I'll see if Ash is available.

(The next morning at the Hau'oli City market)

Ash was picking up a few groceries from the market. He had two bags in each hand. Along with Ash were Brock, Misty, and Pikachu who were also carrying a lot of grocery bags.

Ash- Thanks for helping me with the grocery shopping today.

Brock- Well, you and Professor Kukui are letting us stay at your place while Misty and I are still here in Alola.

Misty- I still can't believe you and most of the Super Mario Brothers' Team got ambushed at Peach's Halloween party.

Ash- Uh…Misty…I'd rather not talk about that…please…

Misty- What's wrong? Embarrassed that you and the others were captured and Luigi and Tails had to come and rescue all of you?

Ash- Anyway…I just hope I can get a little break from anything Tabuu related for a little bit.

Pikachu- Pikachu.

Brock- I might've spoken a bit too soon there, Ash.

Ash- Really, why?

Misty- Because Shantae is standing right behind you.

Ash quickly turned around and saw Shantae standing right in front of him.

Ash- Oh…hello there, Shantae.

Shantae- Hi Ash. Listen, I think I might need your help with something.

Ash- Can it wait? I literally got my hands full at the moment.

Ash shows Shantae the shopping bags in his hands.

Shantae- This is kind of important.

Brock- You know Ash, it is your responsibility as a member of the Super Mario Brothers' Team to assist another member when asked for help.

Ash- Ok. If Shantae would be more than happy to help us carry the groceries back to Professor Kukui's shack, we can discuss the details there. Deal?