Chapter 6: A Shocking Surprise

(The caves in Ten Carat Hill)

Ash, Shantae, Brock, Misty, Rotom'dex, and Richie were following Ash's Lycanroc through the caves. At the same time, Richie has his Tyranitar, Cruz, out to help smash any giant rocks that got in their way with rock smash.

Misty- Remind me, why are we letting your duck form Lycanroc lead the way instead of Pikachu and Sparky like we've been doing with the other Charge Stones?

Ash- Lycanroc was born here and knows where the meadow in the hollow caverns is in this cave system. In fact, Professor Kukui and I wouldn't have found it if we hadn't followed Lycanroc back when it was a Rockruff. And obviously, I don't remember where it that hidden path was. I was hoping Lycanroc would remember.

Rotom'dex- I remember. When Rockruff went to that gathering of while Poke'mon to try and master the skills of using rock throw before you caught Rockruff and raise it into your dusk form Lycanroc.

Lycanroc lead them to a wall that looked like there was a small tunnel underneath, but a large rock was in the way.

Richie- Cruz, rock smash!

Cruz- (Roar)

Cruz shattered the rock and revealed the small tunnel.

Richie- Nice work, Cruz. Return for now.

After Richie returned Cruz to it's poke'ball, Ash did the same with Lycanroc.

Ash- Ladies first.

Shantae (in a sarcastic tone)- You're such a charmer, Ash.

Misty- Tell me about it.

Shortly after Ash, Shantae, and the others crawled through the opening, a figure was lurking close behind. However, this one had a more feminine appearance than the figure in the black cloak Pikachu thought he saw back at Tapu Koko's shrine.

(Inside the hallow caverns)

Ash, Shantae, Brock, Misty, Richie, and Rotom'dex crawled out of that small path and saw a small meadow hidden within the caverns of Ten Carat Hill.

Brock- Wow! Who knew such a beautiful meadow existed inside Ten Carat Hill with such little sunlight?

Ash- The only reason I know of it is because Professor Kukui and I followed Lycanroc when it was still a Rockruff to this location.

Suddenly, a group of wild Poke'mon stampeded right past them as if they were running from something.

Rotom'dex- I wonder what's gotten them so spooked?

Shantae- I don't know….maybe THAT!

Everyone turns to look towards where Shantae was pointing and saw there was a large glowing stone with electricity sparking from it sitting on a high ledge not too far from where they were standing.

Ash- The final Charge Stone. That was easy!

Shantae- But I still insist we don't let our guard down. You never know when someone's gonna try and jump us.

Ash, Shantae, Richie, Misty, Brock, and Rotom'dex climbed up to the high ledge where the Charge Stone was located as fast as they could.

Richie- Let's get this in the cube with the other four.

Richie pulled out the strange storage cube and placed the final Charge Stone inside of it. However, as soon as Richie did, a grappling claw, similar to Link's clawshot, was shot from below and grabbed hold of the cube. Then the cube was pulled from Richie's hands and when they looked down, they saw Risky Boots using a grappling gun to reel in the storage cube with the Charge Stones inside of it from the area below them.

Shantae- Risky Boots!

Risky Boots- In the flesh. But I should express my gratitude to you and that Poke'mon Trainer for finding all the Charge Stones for me after the Poke'mon Trainer launched them across the island in that explosion.

Ash- Don't think for a second we're letting you leave with those Charge Stones, bitch!

Risky Boots- Of course not. I expect you retards to be the first victims of my new and improved Tinker Drainer.

Then this slightly different version of that machine Ash blew up earlier emerged from the ground. Risky Boots pushed a button on the storage cube and the Charge Stones were released from the cube and placed in Risky's machine as she jumped in the machine's controls.

Ash- That hunk of junk again? Pikachu and I totaled that hunk of junk last time. Pikachu, let's send Risky out of here with another 10,000,000-Volt Thunderbolt!

Misty- Ash, if that think explodes again…

Before Misty could finish, Ash already activated the Z-Crystal and Pikachu launched the Z-Move. However, when the Tinker Drainer absorbed Pikachu's 10,000,000-Volt Thunderbolt, it didn't overload.

Risky Boots- You think I'm that stupid? After what happened last time, I upgraded the Tinker Drainer so it could handle even your Z-Move and not blow up like it did at the power plant. But if you want your little rat's electrical energy back…here you go…

The Tinker Drainer pointed its right arm at Ash and the others and fired a huge burst of electrical energy at them. Ash, Shantae, Misty, Brock, and Richie were barely able to dodge.

Ash- Shit! Pikachu's Z-Move won't do anything to that machine anymore and I've wasted my Z-Ring's power to use a Z-Move!

Rotom'dex- You forget, Ash, I can recharge your Z-Ring.

Rotom'dex recharged Ash's Z-Ring.

Ash- Thanks, Rotom. But I might have to save my next Z-Move for now since Pikachu's will just get absorbed like before. Let's see if your machine can stop Mega Evolution as well…Charizard!

Ash called Charizard out of his poke'ball and activated his Keystone.

Ash- Keystone, respond to my heart! Beyond evolution! Mega Evolve!

Then Charizard transformed into Mega Charizard.

Mega Charizard- (ROAR)

Richie- Zippo, help out as well!

Richie called out his Charizard, Zippo, and activated his Keystone too. However, Zippo Mega Evolved into a Mega Charizard Y instead of a Mega Charizard X like Ash's Charizard did.

Mega Zippo- (ROAR)

Both Mega Charizard and Mega Zippo shot flamethrower at the Tinker Drainer. The Tinker Drainer blocked with its mechanical arms, but didn't absorb the two fire attacks.

Risky Boots- Shit! These Charge Stones can only absorb electrical energy!

Shantae- Hey, it's working. Since the Charge Stones are only useful in stopping electricity, we just need to use attacks that aren't electric!

Brock- Sounds good to us!

Then Brock and Misty called out their Steelix and Gyarados from their poke'balls and Mega Evolved them.

Mega Steelix- (ROAR)

Mega Gyarados- (ROAR)

Brock- Steelix, use stone edge!

Misty- And Gyarados, use twister!

The two Poke'mon attacks hit the Tinker Drainer and knocked it back a little bit.

Shantae- Simmer!

Shantae shot a stream of fire from her fingers and it struck the Tinker Drainer.

Risky Boots- I might not be able to use your attacks against you if you don't use electric attacks, but I can still use the electricity the Charge Stones already hold.

Then the Tinker Drainer took energy from the Charge Stones and fired a beam of electrical energy that knocked Mega Steelix and Mega Gyarados to the wall. The Tinker Drainer fired another electrical beam at Mega Charizard and Zippo. They managed to dodge and Mega Charizard used dragon claw on the Tinker Drainer's chest, but it didn't seem to do anything…or so it seemed.

Harpie Shantae- Hey Risky! Head's up!

Risky Boots looked up and saw Harpie Shantae flying above her before changing into Elephant Shantae to try and drop down above her. The Tinker Drainer caught Elephant Shantae and threw her at Ash and Richie. Luckily, Elephant Shantae changed back into her normal form before crashing into them and knocking them to the ground. As they were getting back up, Richie noticed something.

Richie- Hey, is that an opening in that machine's chest?

Ash and Shantae looked and saw a small tare in its metal frame on its chest.

Shantae- When your Mega Charizard struck its chest, it must've opened part of its frame.

Ash- But that hole is too small for us to get inside.

Shantae- Maybe too big for us, but what about Pikachu and Sparky?

Pikachu and Sparky at the same time- Pika…?

Richie- Might work.

Ash- Brock, Misty, can you hold Risky Boots for a moment?

Misty- Sure thing, Ash. Gyarados, hydro pump!

Mega Gyarados shot a large stream of water and Risky Boots countered with a beam of electrical energy. However, Mega Steelix used dig to tunnel underneath the Tinker Drainer and attack it from below.

Brock- Now Steelix, use bind!

Mega Steelix- (ROAR)

Mega Steelix wrapped its body around the Tinker Drainer, immobilizing it.

Misty- Gyarados, use constrict!

Mega Gyarados- (ROAR)

Mega Gyarados wrapped its body around the Tinker Drainer too. But Ricky Boots was eventually able to shake Mega Steelix and Mega Gyarados off of the Tinker Drainer. The Tinker Drainer was about to aim for Brock and Misty instead of their Poke'mon with an electrical beam, but something she really wasn't expecting suddenly happened.

Pikachu's voice- Pika…CHUUUUUU!

The entire Tinker Drainer was shocked with electricity, including Ricky Boots.

Risky Boots- What the **** just…

Sparky's voice- Pika…CHUUUUUU!

The Tinker Drainer was shocked again. Risky Boots looked at where Ash, Shantae, and Richie were standing and Mega Charizard and Mega Zippo holding Snake Shantae's ends like a slingshot.

Risky Boots- What the **** did you do?!

Ash- We sling shot Pikachu and Sparky into an opening on your machine's chest!

Snake Shantae changed back into regular Shantae.

Shantae- Let's see if your upgrades can handle electric attacks from within!

Pikachu and Sparky at the same time- Pika…CHUUUUUUUUUUU!

A huge burst of electricity was fried the systems and made the Tinker Drainer stop working.

Risky Boots- No! The systems have been completely destroyed! The controls won't respond anymore!

Pikachu and Sparky jumped out of the hole in the Tinker Drainer's chest.

Ash- Let's end this! Pikachu!

Richie- Sparky!

Ash and Richie began moving their arms in a specific pattern, but in unaccent.

Ash and Richie at the same time- Electric type Z-Move! 10,000,000-Volt Thunderbolt!

Pikachu and Sparky at the same time- Pika…CHUUUUUUUUUU!

Both of those Z-Moves destroyed the Tinker Drainer, but it also launched Risky Boots to the opening on the ceiling of the hollow cavers with the storage cube holding the Charge Stones.

Shantae- Risky's getting away!

Ash- Not if we have anything to say about it! Let's get out of the caverns and we'll cut her off!

(At the top of Ten Carat Hill)

Risky Boots crawled out of a small opening at the top of the mountain, but her body was badly wounded.

Risky Boots- This ain't over! I still have the Charge Stones. Once I get my wounds treated, I'll make sure my next Tinker Drainer won't have any of those previous flaws. But before she could get very far, a giant claw grabbed Risky Boots from behind and made her drop the storage cube containing the Charge Stones. When Risky Boots looked behind her, she saw a very large Poke'mon with massive wings taking hold of her from behind. In fact, this Poke'mon was much larger than Ash's Charizard.

Mysterious legendary Poke'mon- You have something that doesn't belong to you.

While Risky Boots was struggling to get out of that mysterious legendary Poke'mon's claw, a mysterious figure in a black cloak picked up the storage cube and walked up to Risky Boots.

Mysterious figure- Don't worry. In a moment…you won't remember any of this…

The last thing Risky Boots remembered before passing out was the mysterious figure snapping his fingers and blinding her with a flash of white light.

(At the entrance to the caverns in Ten Carat Hill)

Pikachu and Sparky exited the caves before Ash and the others did. But as soon as Pikachu and Sparky got outside, the storage cube containing the Charge Stones was dropped at Pikachu's feet. Pikachu and Sparky looked up and saw a large Poke'mon flying a few feet above them.

Mysterious legendary Poke'mon- Here. Give this to your master, little Pikachu.

Pikachu- Pika…?

Before Ash, Shantae, Richie, Brock, or Misty got outside, the mysterious legendary Poke'mon flew away before anyone else could notice him. As soon as they did get out of the caverns, Ash noticed the object Pikachu was holding.

Ash- Pikachu, is that the storage cube Risky took from Richie?

Pikachu- Pikachu…?

Ash took the cube from Pikachu.

Ash- I thought Risky Boots was holding on to it while she was escaping.

Richie- Uh…maybe she dropped it while making her escape in her injured state.

Shantae- Let's just get these stones back to where they belong before that island in Sequin Land sinks to the bottom of the ocean.

(Somewhere in the ocean on Risky's ship)

Risky Boots was slowly waking up in her quarters on her ship only to see two Tinkerbats standing next to her bed.

Tinkerbat- Captain Risky Boots, what happened earlier? We found you lying on a plank of wood floating in the ocean near Melemele Island.

Risky Boots- I…I can't remember…why are we in the Poke'mon Trainer's territory?

Other Tinkerbat- You wanted to drain energy for your new weapon using the Charge Stones.

Risky Boots- Charge Stones…what are those…ow! Why does my head ache so bad and why do I feel like I've been electrocuted a hundred times…?

(In the cave where the Charge Stones were originally)

Shantae used the storage cubes to place the Charge Stones back where they belong in the walls of the cave. Ash and Richie was moving their arms to activate the to perform a Z-Move.

Ash- Pikachu!

Richie- Sparky!

Ash and Richie at the same time- 10,000,000-Volt Thunderbolt!

Pikachu and Sparky at the same time- Pika…CHUUUUU!

The two Z-Moves charged up the Charge Stones after all the energy Risky Boots drained out of them before.

Shantae- That should do it. Now the energy from these Charge Stones should keep this island from sinking.

Ash- Just as long as no one else tries to take them.

Richie- Can I have that cube back. It actually belongs to my boss and I can't afford to lose it.

Shantae hands the storage cube back to Richie.

Ash, Shantae, and Richie climbed up a rope leading out of the underground cave and being held by Brock and Misty. After they climbed the rope and got out of the underground cave, Shantae walked up to Richie.

Shantae- Say Richie, I still have a feeling there is something you haven't told us.

Ash- Shantae, after all we've just been through, you still think Richie is hiding something from us?

Richie- I guess there was one thing about my work I haven't told you. There was another person who helped that group I believe might've been the original team. His name was Kyrin and he was said to have been Tabuu's twin brother. And before you freak out, Kyrin was actually the good brother of the two. They said that the man from the Mushroom Kingdom was actually best friends with Kyrin, but I haven't learned much about Kyrin from the jobs my boss has sent me on. Speaking of which, I should probably get back to work before I fall too far behind.

Richie called out Zippo and got on his back.

Richie- I'll catch you later, Ash. Zippo, fly!

Zippo- (Roar)

Richie and Sparky flew away on Zippo's back.

Ash- Well, I guess me, Misty, and Brock should be getting back to Melemele Island.

Shantae- And I should be getting back to Scuttle Town. I could use a soak in the bathhouse after all we've been through.

Brock- I still wonder who Richie's boss might be.

Misty- Well, Richie did say he might want to talk to Mario. So, maybe he will.

Shantae- With resources like that storage cube, he might be able to give us a hand on Tabuu if he ever does contact us.

The End


(Tabuu's palace in Subspace)

Tabuu was standing in front of two of his followers, the Quinking in the form of Ty and Marx. Tabuu pulls out a picture of a cute looking robot girl with long pink hair and shows it to Marx and the Quinking.

Tabuu- You see this little girl.

Quinking (in the voice of Ty)- Yes, but who is she, Master Tabuu?

Tabuu- Her name is Susie. You see, there recently discovered that someone I thought I killed is still alive. And believe me…I want him dead even more than the Mario's! I have reason to believe this robot girl has a connection with him. She was spotted hiding in the background of the Mushroom Kingdom during the Rabbid invasion incident. Now, she's off to Dyntos' workshop to pick up a package that someone ordered from the God of the Forge. Find her…and bring her to me…ALIVE!

Marx- Alive?

Tabuu- If she truly does know where he is…I can't risk of her dying until she's told me where…(monstrous tone with glowing red eyes) HE…(in his normal voice) is hiding. Now go and do not fail me…or else!

Marx and the Quinking (in Ty's voice) at the same time- Yes, Master Tabuu!

After Marx and the Quinking left the room, Tabuu turns to look at a TV screen with the image of a mysterious figure in a black cloak on it.

Tabuu- I know you're still out there, Kyrin! I'm still surprised you survived after what I did to you all those years ago. But believe me, once my men bring me your little piggy…(monstrous tone with glowing red eyes)…I'm gonna make her squeal!