Beyblade College

A Beyblade Fanfiction

Warning: R, Yaoi, AU, OOC, OC, swearing

Pairing: Kai/Tyson

Disclaimer: I do not own Beyblade

The Devil's Trill and Tyson is on drugs???

Here is Tala. You know, you should consider yourself lucky. I, Tala Mzatec, am speaking to you. To you, a low-life human. Hmph. What??? You're saying I'm too full of myself, like hamster-boy [1]??? PFFFT!!!

Oh, please!

Me, having something in common with that, that...wet blanket???

Hah!!! You shut up! I'm only speaking to you, because Tyson asked me to. Sweet, innocent Tyson..... I hate that Hamster...

He corrupted Ty-chan!!! I will, never ever forgive him!!!! My innocent, oblivious, gentle, naive Tyson,.... He is only six years old.... (A/N: That will be explained)

*cough* Tala, please, Tyson is 22!!! Twenty-two years old!!! Not six!!!

You shut up, hamster!!! It's all your fault! Everything is your fault!!! I hate you!!!

Why you,....!! You, you mutt!!! You're cuckoo!!! Why is it my fault?? I wasn't there, when -that- happened to Tyson!!!

You're a way too overprotective!!!

Hah!! Somebody must protect Tyson from you!! And don't you dare to tell me, you didn't corrupt Tyson!!! Do you remember what happened in the mall? In the cinema? Or the stadium??? Huh? *sneering* Kai-taro!

*blushing* That's,.... that's beside the point!!!!

NANI??? You were trying, to suck his face off!!! Bloody motherfucker!!! You were groping him!!!! Argh! I will never forgive you!!

Do I care???

You better!! HE IS ONLY SIX YEARS OLD!!!

Are you stupid???? He isn't...!!! You're in denial!!! Argh!!

What??!! I wonder what Tyson sees in you. You're only a perverted, stupid, glaring feather-ball.

Oh, yeah?? You are a flea-bitten, moronic canine!!!


I will kill you, asshole!! I will defend Tyson's honor!!!

Nanda yo?!! Bite me!!

*brawling ensues*

Hehe. Since Kai and Tala are occupied, I will continue. Please, forgive Tala and Kai, they are both, a bit.... Umm, arrogant. So, enjoy the story!!! *winks* I bet, you're wondering, why the chapter has such a title??


Don't worry! You will find out!!!! Mwahahahaha!!

SEE?! You've corrupted him!!!

I did not! He just grew up!!

I never knew, that -growing up- meant, that you should practice 'Giving a champion-blowjob to your boyfriend' in public!! Kenny never recovered!!!

And??? Who cares about Kenny?? (A/N: Sorry, Kenny-fans)

Right. So, on with the show. But Hiwatari, I still hate you.

Same to you.


_Kai POV_


After, the 'Tesaworm-Incident', we went to our classes.

I can only say one thing...

They were boring!!! Well, especially the first lesson

The first subject was: History of bit-beast. Our professor was Professor Binns, a man who spoke in a complete monotone. Dear god.(A/N: Any HP-fans here? *whistle*) Maybe he was there to teach us, how to bore people to death?

Interesting subject.....

Not bad... *cough*

Well, I did catch up my much needed sleep.

Next thing was maths with Professor A.J. Topper. That man is an alien on sugar-high! I wonder, if he and Max are related... he was ranting and shouting during our whole math lesson. We didn't learn anything, but hey, who am I to complain? It was funny.

+Ahh!!! I am baaaaaaaaack!!! Your lovely, charming, cute, intelligent voice in your mind is back!! The great Karl-Heinz!!! *waits for the background chor to sing: HALLELUJAH!*+

*Nothing happens*

Crickets are chirping

A tumbleweed rolls by

A monkey comes by and does the victory sign *sweatdrop*


+What in the seven hells?? I will fire the sound-effects guy!! How dare he???+





Sound-effects guy?? Are we in a movie? Hehe, Kai Hiwatari and the Beyblade of Power.

Sounds neat.

I can already see it! Posters of me, books about me, so popular like Harry fucking Potter!! He doesn't look so good like me, but he is more famous than me!

How dare he!!!!

I will succeed!!! *Kai points towards the bright sun*

*Backgroundmusic: I will survive*

+Great, now he's doing his job.... Kai, Harry Potter isn't even real.... he is a made up chara!+

So what??

A little foolish wand-waving here, a bit courage and lots of luck there, add not logical words and the typical bad-guy-who-needs-better-plans, then hah! You have a story! (A/N: I love Harry Potter to death.)

The only guy, who is really cool is that Snape.

+You do realize, there a many *cough*obsessed*cough* fangirls, who think Severus Snape/Harry Potter is the epitome of a dream-couple. (A/N: Too true! Go SS/HP!)

What? H-He and that scrawny fellow??

+Yes. I must say, it's a good pairing. Especially the lemon-fics of that pairing,... I quote: Man, Professor, you're one sexy bitch!*leers*+

You sex-obsessed, perverted voice in my head. But I think you're right. I am mad! Now I'm chastising you....Great!

+You could always write a book.... Ten steps to madness, by Kai Hiwatari! Then you will be famous. And in the nuthouse. What a niceee future, don´t'cha think so?+


+What lessons will you have?+

Let's see..., 2 hours Science with Professor Judy, P.E and Beyblade training. Aww, that's sucks!!!


+Well, look on the bright side of Life! Now you have lunch!!!!+

Wonderful. The tasty cafeteria food from hell. I bet, they are doing this one purpose! Poisoning it!

+I must say, you're really pessimistic. And not to mention, sarcastic and cynical.+

Hmph!! I'm not pessimistic, I'm realistic. That's different.

+Aye, aye captain, whatever floats in your boat.+

"Hey, Psycho boy!" I looked up. Tyson was staring at me, his eyebrow raised.

Him. Tyson Granger. The bane of my existence. I hate him! He is annoying, loud and, and,... anyway, I hate him.

"What?!" I snapped.

"Aren't you coming?? We have lunch!!!"

"And?" As if I would be eating that food.

"You could be at least grateful, you know? I waited for you!! And that was, of course, a great risk for my person. But I'm so noble...."

"Hmpf. Why should I?"


Don't look into the eyes, don't look!!! Argh!!

+And here on the right side is Kai Hiwatari, who seems to be loosing that battle of great will! At the other side, Tyson Granger, with the superior attack! The Puppy-Dog-Eyes!! Ah, it seems, that we have a Grand Master of those Eyes!!! Can Kai Hiwatari, the heir of the Hiwatari Line, win against those eyes?

Oh my! He now uses his Glare of Death!!+


+Gahhh! What?+

::I'm sorry, but another guy owns the Glare of Death. He can't use that name::

+Oh, What names are free???+

::Well, those names, which are used, are:

The Heero Yuy Glare of Death,

The Aya Fujimiya Shine-Glare,

The Genjo Sanzo Say-another-word-and-I-will-blast-you-to-pieces-Glare,

The Yuki Eiri Shut-up-or-you-will-regret-it-Glare,

The Vegeta Stupid-humans-you-are-too-weak-and-too-pathetic-Glare,

The Aoshi Shinomori Give-up-or-I-will-gut-you-Glare,

The Kamui Shiro I-am-damn-pissed-off-now-so-better-step-aside-Glare,

The Sevortarte I-will-peel-your-brain-out-Glare,

The Seiichiro Tatsumi You-hurt-Tsuzuki-so-preapare-to-die-Glare,

The Sasuke Uchiha You-annoy-me-and-when-you-won't-stop-it-I-will-kill-you-in-that-way-I-want-to-


The Sesshoumaru I-am-now-angry-Glare,

The Nakago You-are-a-nuisance-so-bye-Glare,

The Hiead Gner You-are-an-obstacle-so-I-will-kill-you-along-with-Zero-Enna-Glare.

The Seto Kaiba I-hate-you-and-will-use-the-Blue-Eyes-Ultimative-Dragon-in-the-next-move-so-suffer-Glare,

and the Severus Snape You-act-like-a-bloody-Gryffindor-like-Harry-Potter-so-damn-you-to-hell-Glare.::

+Hmm, how is the name 'The Kai Hiwatari


::Okay! Now he is signed. Bye! Good day!::

+Bye! So, now on with the show! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnd, oh alas!!! Kai is weakened! Dear god!! He is losing! He gave in!! Ahh!+

"Okay. But don't you dare to assume, that I like being with you. Then you're greatly mistaken."

"Yare, yare! Come on! The others are also waiting."

*sigh* "Hai, hai."

+Ahh, Kai I'm so impressed. Such a willpower you have.+

Shut up!

+You have a soft spot for the boy, huh? Take good care of him! He is a cute one!+

I don't like him! I despise him!! ARGH!

+Of course.+



+A-HA! You're blushing!!! I knew it!!!+

I don't hear you! Lalalala!!!

+Kaitaro! Don't you dare to ignore me! Kai Hiwatari!!!+

I ran out of the classroom, and in the corridor stood Ray the Vampire, Max the Alien, Kenny the Nerd, Tala the Idiot, Tyson the Grinning and Ray's teammates.

+Already nicknames? I'm so touched.+

Shut up, you not-laid-for-weeks-or-months-squeaky-voice.



"I'm coming, dunderhead!"

"Argh! I'm hungry! I'll deal with you later, Kai! Now let's go, I'm starving!"



%In the cafeteria%

+More tension and the whole room will blow up...+

Hush you!

All persons at the table were silent. Too silent.

My left eye twitched.

"May I ask something?" Tyson asked, while smiling serenely.

"Go on!" Grinned Max.

"What", Tyson pointed at the dirty-green, blubbering, moving something on his plate, "is that?"

"Our food!" Said Max, still grinning.

"That is certainly NO FOOD!" Tyson growled. "Food does not move......and is not supposed to!"

Ray poked his mush, which was moving. "Well, our food does. Isn't that,...interesting?"

Tyson only glared at him.

"Forget, what I've said!" Laughed Ray.

"That is our food?? Really? No joke??? You're really serious? Don't say it! Please!" Tyson was crying, clutching his plate to his chest, while not spilling a thing.


How did he do that?

Everyone, excluding Tala, sweatdropped.

"Calm down Tyson. I'm sure it's not so bad, as it seems!" Tala said, while scratching his head. "No shit, Sherlock!"

"Well, I will try it!"

"No, don't!"

Too late.

Tala the-optimistic-moron tried the [can you really describe it as such?] food.

Hah. Fool.

"See? No harm do-" Tala fell out of his chair, his face green. Hehe. Had that in coming, stupid git!



+Oh dear. It seems you were right, Kai. Cafeteria food is really dangerous+

Of course. I'm always right! Bow before me! I'm a god!!! Call me Kai Almighty!!!

"Ta-chan!!! Don't die!!"

"T-Tyson! Go on, without me! I-I am sure, you can do it... You're so strong! I will always be with you..."

"Don't say such things, Tala! Don't leave me!"

"Oh Ty...!"

"Oh Ta..!"

Female beybladers in the cafeteria: "AWWWWW!!! How kawaii!"

"Ok, ok, cut that drama scene, move back to your places and start eating!" A voice said.

"As you wish!" Tala and Tyson moved back to their places.


"So Tyson, what are your hobbies?" Asked Max, while eating mashed potatoes.

"Of course, Beyblading, Art, Kendo, and playing a violin!"

"And is Mr. Dickenson really your grandfather???" "Heh. I was wondering, when somebody would ask me that. But yes, he is my grandfather."

"Wow. That's cool. My father owns a Beyblade-Shop. What is Kendo?"

"Kendo is Japanese Swordsmanship. I´ve learned that from my other grandpa. He lives in Japan."

"Blimey! And your Beyblade? What Type is it?"

"His Beyblade is an Attack-Type. Very effective, built for speed, with the Storm-Beast Dragoon. The Storm-Beast is one of the last Beasts of that Element, those Beasts are very rare.

Storm-Beasts can control the wind. The Beyblade Specialists say, that just only two Storm-Beasts exists. How terrible.

Dragoon, as his name says, is a Dragon. He is, from his head to his tail, 16,4 yards long. His claws are 1'1 feet long; he has 6'' inch long fangs and he can fly. His scales are blue and razor-sharp.

Attacks: Storm Attack" Dizzy said.

"Wow! That's right!" Tyson said, surprised.

"And the other Storm-beast??" Asked the pink-thing-I-had-battled-against-who-has-bad-smelling-breath.

"Well, it's only a legend, but the other Storm-Beast seems to be the brother of Dragoon. His name is Dark Dragoon. He has black scales and red eyes. A dark element type. They say, that he is one of the most powerful bit-beasts, along with Black Dranzer and Dragoon." (A/N: Dark Dragoon does exist.)

Tyson looked to the side, grimacing. Hmm, I do wonder....

"Well, Tyson, what can you play?" Asked Lee, while munching on a burnt slice of toast.

I think you can't have the ability to cook, if you want to work at a school cafeteria .

How reassuring.

"Moi? Well, not much. Umm, I can play the Devil's Trill..." Laughed Tyson.

Everybody at the table froze and stared at Tyson. Mouths agape. Even Tala.

Myself included.

I must have looked like the dumbest fool to ever cross the earth with his presence.

"Umm, guys? I honestly appreciate your goldfish imitations, but they really look stupid..." Said Tyson, while scratching his head in confusion.

I really did look stupid.

+You still look stupid.+ Karl-Heinz pointed out.

I quickly shut my jaw.

Thank you for pointing out the obvious, Karl-Keinz, I said, sneering, with the dignity I had left. Which wasn't very


+Anytime!+ Karl-Heinz said, cheerfully.

"T-T-T-Tyson!!" Stuttered Kenny.

"That's my name! But without the stuttering." Grinned Tyson.

"But, but the Devil's Trill? That piece is one of tha' hardest solo to play!" Shouted Kenny, obviously having a nervous


I can't blame him. The Devil's Trill is really one of the hardest pieces to play, only the best fiddler can play the piece successfully. They must only concentrate on the piece, if they don't do that, they will stutter.

But it is a very nice piece.

"Really? I find it very easy. Well, I´d learned it in my childhood from my mother..."

"Cool, the Devil's Trill!!! Can we hear it in the future, Tyson?" Asked Ray, hopefully.

"Why not? Sure!" Agreed Tyson, eyes shining.

"Who is your mother?" Mariah asked curiously.


Tyson's fork fell out of his suddenly slack grip and landed in his green, moving mush.

She obviously had said something wrong.

Stupid bitch.

"Excuse me, please." Muttered Tyson, not daring to meet our eyes. He quickly stood up and ran out of the cafeteria.

Oh, that went well.

+Understandment of the year.+ Snorted Karl-Heinz.

"Kenny? Do you know, who Tyson's mother is?" Asked Mariah.

Tala scowled at her.

"I think that is not our business, Mariah." Hissed Ray, in an ice-cold voice.

Mariah blushed and started twiddling with her thumbs. "Of course, Ray. I apologize..."

"Better apologize to Tyson." Said Ray, not looking at her.

"Tyson's mother was the famous violin player Vanessa Black. It was her deckname. Her real name was Giselle Dickenson.

She was murdered at the age of 26 years. She was raped, beaten and shot. It was terrible.

His father is a well known bit-beast archeologist. His name is Jonathan-Richard Granger.

His grandfather, not Mr. Dickenson, named Matthew Granger, married a Japanese woman, her name was Kamiya Himeno. She died because of breast-cancer. His grandfather leads a Kendo-Dojo in Japan.

His other grandfather Mr. Dickenson, founder of the BBA, lives in Tokyo. His wife, also dead, was Angela Gunther, a woman from Germany.

Tyson went to live with his guardian in Germany, because Mr. Dickenson hadn't really any time for him and his father was always on his trips. But Tyson went back to Japan at the age of 11.

He was born in Japan and lived there till he was six. It seems, that he received his bit-beast in Japan. He already started to blade in Germany.

He is friends with the current German Beyblade Champion, Robert Edelmut, team-captain of the Majestics.

Nobody knows, where Tyson had received his bit-beast, it was suddenly there. There is a rumor that Tyson has two bit-beasts. But, that's only, I say only, a rumor." Rattled Dizzy off.

"But every rumor has a little bit truth in it..." Muttered Ray. Tala glared at him.

"Why did the rumor start? What was the reason?" Piped up Max.

"A group of Bladers somehow pissed Tyson off. And you don't want to be the one facing Tyson's wrath. He can be lethal." Smirked Tala. "The boys were terrified. Hehe. Serves them right." He chuckled, tapping his fingers on the table.

"And now pardon me, I will go after Tyson. Have a nice day!" Tala stood up and slowly walked out of the room, whistling Ode to Joy.

/Freude, schoener Goetterfunken

Tochter aus Elysium

Wir betreten feuertrunken

Himmlische, dein Heiligtum

Deine Zauber binden wieder

Was die Mode streng geteilt

Alle Menschen werden Brueder

Wo dein sanfter Fluegel weilt/

(A/N: I do not own the song Ode to Joy.)

"Was that true?" Asked Ray. Kenny nodded.

I raised my left eyebrow. How interesting.

"Yes, one of them said, that a black shadow in form of a dragon with glowing red eyes came out of the Beyblade and destroyed their Blades in one quick move. The others were just staring off in the distance, while babbling mindlessly.

And nobody from the BBA found a bit-chip with such a Bit-Beast in Tyson's care. So, that's only a rumor. Many think, that those bladers are crazy. And I think that too."

Max and Ray nodded.


+Do you think the same thing as I do?+

Yes, it's time to reveal my hidden side...


007, Kai Hiwatari side!!

*Background-choir: TADAAA!!*

Heh. My names is Hiwatari, Kai Hiwatari.

+Or my name is Kai Hiwatari, the greatest detective of all lifetimes! There is only one truth and I will find it!+

Where is that quote from?

+Detective Conan, from Gosho Aoyama- Great show.+

Alright! Let's go!

"Where are you going Kai? Are you done eating?" Kenny asked.

Hn, little nuisance. I simply nodded and walked nonchalantly out of the room.


So, I wandered through long halls, climbed stairs up or down, rode in elevators, stuck my head in open rooms, while

looking out for a redhead and a bluehead.

Not such luck.

I ended up in a room, full of computers.

+Kai, we are lost!+

No, we aren't!! We only do not know where we are!

+What's the difference?+

Because, I said so!

+Geez.... Because you said so, it's true? Talk about arrogance...+

Hn. Suddenly I heard noises. I hid myself in a cupboard, while leaving the door slightly open.

The door to the room creaked open and in stepped two people.

"Are you alright, Tyson? You are really pale... Do you need your medicine?"

It was Tala's voice!! He was here in the room, with Tyson.

Perfect opportunity to eavesdrop! Hehehe.

Wait a moment, medicine? He is on drugs?

"No, daijobu Tala. I am just a bit shaken, well, you know, because..." (A/N: Daijobu means 'I am alright')

"Of course. I'm quite sorry about that. She is a stupid, dumb and ugly bitch. Don't think about it."

"But I can't forget it Tala! How could I? Every time I close my eyes... I see it. I can't stand it anymore! I can't!"

Tyson voice sounded hysterical.

"I can't... If I forget it, she will be forgotten ...everything ...I can't let it happen..... Never.. You understand, don't you?"


"You won't! Promise me! Please! You won't, Tala!"

"Of course."

A near whisper.

"Vielen Dank."

Tender words.

"Ja, wir werden fuer immer zusammen sein. Das verspreche ich dir. Nichts wird uns auseinanderreissen, Tyson." [2]

Soft sobs filled the near silent room.

What did Tala say to Tyson?

Tyson? I wonder what is going on....

"I won't let you be alone."


A door opened and closed again.

I was alone.



It's nothing.



I sat in the room a long time, just thinking and doing nothing, till it was time to go the classes.

I went out of the room and just stood there, uncertain.

Where should I go?

I was lost.

All alone...

Don't think about useless things like that, Kai! Those thoughts are beneath you!!

A voice, not Karl-Heinz, hissed, sounding remarkable like my dear grandfather.

Anybody hear the sarcasm??

"What are you doing here?" A female voice asked me.

I whirled around. There stood a blond woman, in a lab technician's white coat and a purple dress. She had blue eyes and a no-nonsense expression on her face.

"I am lost. I'm Kai Hiwatari, a new student. I search for the science-classroom. Do you know where the room is?" I asked.

The woman smiled a thin smile.

"I am your science teacher, Professor Judy. So, you are Kai Hiwatari. Max told me about you. Nice to meet you. Come with me!" She turned around and walked down the hall.

I followed her to a room with closed doors.

There stood Ray and co and other kids.

Also Tala and Tyson.

"There you are Kai!" Shouted Max.

"Max, please be quiet. Now, follow me!" She said sternly.

"Yes." Max meekly said.

Professor Judy opened the doors and went inside.

We all followed her and went to the desks, where our names stood. It was a big room, with PCs on every desk, modern equipment and junk

We all stared at Professor Judy, who faced us, with a serious expression.

"I will teach you science. Science is an art, which many people don't understand. I do hope you will do your best, but doing your best won't help you much.

You must work seriously, take notes, study hard and be prepared for every class. I won't tolerate any nonsense.

I don't appreciate pranks.

That was it. Call me professor Judy, not anything else. Okay? Welcome to Science."

Oh boy.

Welcome to the lion's den, I thought wryly to myself.

+Too true!+

"Oh and, you will have much homework, So don't slack off!"

The whole class groaned.

That woman is too cruel.

+I pity you Kai. I really do.+


After exhausting lessons, I was grateful that I had a free time.

Man, that was hard! No wonder that the College is so famous and popular! It's really hard, but good.

+So Kai, up for another round of 'Eating poisoned cafeteria food?+

Don't remind me!!!

After a not-so-good dinner, I went to my room.

Sitting on my bed, I stared at the unfamiliar ceiling.

"Another unfamiliar ceiling..." A voice whispered behind me. I turned my head.

There stood Tyson, with a weak grin on his face.

I nodded, but didn't say anything. He simply smiled and went towards his own bed.

He knows Neon Genesis Evangelion?

Tyson glanced at my desk and saw his portable CD-Player.

"Isn't that my?" He started.

"Yes, a man brought it here and left it on my desk." I lied smoothly. Well, it was partly true.

I'd put the CD-Player there, with bad thoughts, but I completely forgot about him.

And now I didn't want to upset Tyson.

Hey! I may be heartless and bitchy, but I'm not that cruel.


Tyson stood up, took hold of his Player and put it next to his bed. Then he threw himself on his bed and stared at


The room was covered in a comfortable silence.

Outside, it got darker and darker, but still nobody uttered a single word.

But I was content.

Then suddenly Tyson shifted and opened the cover of the CD-Player. It was nearly midnight.

He put a disk in and pressed the Play-Button.

A soft, soothing music started.


kaze no haoto ni oriru

aoi mizu no ue no yoru


comes down through the fluttering wings of the wind,

above the blue waters of the night,

itsu made mo

sameyaranu yubisaki de

omoi wo tsudzuru

with warm finger-tips,

composing memories


Io sono prigioniera

I am a prisoner

watashi wo

senaka kara dakishimete

sasayaku anata no kuni no kotoba wa

sukoshi dake

setsunai romantic

anata no toriko

Embrace me

tightly from behind.

The foreign words you whisper to me

are a bit

heart-rending and romantic.

I am your prisoner

Io sono prigioniera

I am a prisoner

kon'ya anata wa

watashi wo yasashiku tsutsunde kureta

Tonight, you

held me tenderly

keredo asa no hi ni

terashite mo kuroi

hitomi wa watashi ni sono mama kirameku no

Even after the morning light comes,

your dark eyes

are still shining before me

mou ichido

watashi wo fukai yoru ni

tsuremodoshite kata koto no Amour

Once more,

please bring me into the deep night

with those half-said words of Amour

sukoshi dake

ayashige na kuchibiru ga

watashi wo tokasu

Your dangerous

but attractive lips

melt me

Io sono prigioniera

I am a prisoner

kon'ya anata wa

watashi wo yasashiku tsutsunde kureta

Tonight, you

held me tenderly

keredo asa no hi ni

terashite mo kuroi

hitomi wa watashi ni sono mama kirameku no

Even after the morning light comes,

your dark eyes

are still shining before me/

The moonlight was shining through our window.

Directly into our room.

(A/N: That song is Adesso e Fortuna, from Record of Lodoss War. I don't own it)




That was nice.

I remember.


[1] Know the fic 'Kaitaro' from Little Leila? She is my lovely beta-reader. There comes the name hamster-boy, because Kai's name is Kaitaro here in my fic.

[2] That won't be translated. For those, who can read German, you are lucky. Those who don't, too bad. It's for the plot.

Well, please review and thanks to my Beta-reader.


P.S.: All those names from Tyson's family, his mother, grandmothers, etc., are made up.