Dan and Jack the Robbers By the mighty Lu Bu

I don't own GTA but I do own Dan and Jack.

Some where in hepburn heights. Dan: "I have an idea let's rob Mr. Wong's launderette". Jack: "I guess we can do it" Dan: "let's steal the kuruma that's in front of Rockstar radio. It's always getting stolen destroyed, or crashed into". They steal the kuruma. Michael Hunt: " Dammit I just bought." There is quiet laughing in the background.

They're driving through Chinatown and they reach Mr. Wong's. They rob it successfully. They're driving around. Jack: "that was easy". Dan "this car is great for robbing places". They accidentally hit another but manage to keep driving.

Jack: "Jesus Christ Dan you suck at driving". Dan: "shut up". Jack: "It's kind of dumb to rob a place in gang territory especially in triad territory. I plan the robberies from now on". Dan: "Shut up I'm the leader and I make plans". Jack: "your to stupid to lead"! Dan: "get the hell out of my car". Jack: "screw you you snotty Son-of-a-bitch"! Dan stops the car and they both get out. Dan: "I'm going to beat your ass"! Jack: "bring it on you man whore". Someone jumps into their car and drives it off. Dan: "Damn there went or money"! Jack: "great job you take care of money well". Dan: "shut up let's get back to our hideout".

The end

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