Chapter 1 – Awakening

She watched them from the shadows of the forest. The two beings fused together, grunting and groaning. A lone tear coursed its way down her cheek and at that very moment it felt as if her heart had shattered into a million tiny pieces. Of course, it was too good to be true. The bad boy of the pack, the Alpha of the younger generation, actually caring for her – the Half-breed. Her father had always warned her that Lucas Cates was one to stay away from. Why hadn't she believed him then? Before she recklessly gave her heart away to Luke.

Turning around she quickened her pace before breaking into a run. Away from the strong beats of the Rave. Away from the sounds of Luke fucking Prestley. Running until she could let the dam of tears break lose in the shelter of her own room.

It was a whole three days before Luke finally decided to track down Sophia. He knew that she was avoiding him because he hadn't seen her in school today. Somehow he could sense that her emotions were running wild and he was determined to find out the cause. She was sitting in the clearing of the woods watching the bright orb in the midnight sky when he slowly approached her. Careful to change without alarming her, he stepped away from the trees to show himself. Sophia eyed Luke wearily. She already was in a foul mood. Felt like she just wanted to run away from all this. Her nights were a complete hell. Those dreams constantly plaguing her and her abdomen cramping until she felt like clawing it out. She wasn't ready to deal with Lucas Cates right now. She had come out here to find some sort of solace in the peace of the forest. He sat down beside her. Oblivious to the fact that he was completely naked.

"You been avoiding me, Soph?"

"Honestly Luke, I have no wish to talk to you after what you did."

"What? What are you talking about?"

"I saw you fucking Prestley at the Rave, Luke. How could you...I can't believe I fell for all those lies."

Luke ran his fingers through his hair. Sophia had seen them. Somehow he had a gut feeling then that he was going to regret giving in to Prestley's wiles. He didn't dare look into her dark honey brown eyes. He knew that if he did, he wouldn't be able to shake that look of utter disappointment from his memory.

"Soph, I'm so sorry. I shouldn't have given in to the urges. But you know that I'm your destined mate. We've both known it since that day way back when we were kids. And you know that once we mate, I'll be forever loyal to you. I know I made a mistake. But you're gonna flip any day now. I can feel it. You're so close now. Once it's over, nothing can stop us from being together. You know that, right Soph?"

Soph closed her eyes at his words. Her mind flashed back to that day that he had mentioned. They were just kids. Starting kindergarten just like any other normal person. Luke would stare at her from the group of kids that he used to hang out with. But always from afar. She was the outcast. The half-breed that was neither accepted by the human kids or the Pack. She remembered the time when Luke finally made contact.

She was sitting harmlessly on the swings when a kid from the Pack had shoved her. Her knees skinned, she was about to back away from the glowering kid who was throwing insults when suddenly a little body came hurtling. Luke Cates was practically tearing the kid into pieces before she sprung into action trying to pull him away. She remembered being surprised at the amber glow in his eyes as he swung to face her, gathering her into his arms and leading her away to the benches.

As she carefully tried to clean his wounds with her handkerchief, she remembered the protectiveness that she saw in his gaze. The protectiveness that she had felt every time she looked at him throughout the years. Even when he had flipped and turned on her, choosing to stick to his own kind instead.

Luke reached out to entwine his fingers with hers, breaking her out of her thoughts.

"I really am sorry babe. I wish that I could just erase it all away. But you know that I can't. Please say you forgive me. I promise that it wouldn't happen again. Ever."

Sophia turned and watched him for a while, contemplating if she would ever regret her next words. But deep down inside, she knew that she wouldn't. Looking away, she said;

"I know that we were destined Luke. But right now, that's not the only thing that's bothering me. I can't stand it anymore, Luke. I need to accept that I'm about to flip and that there is nothing I can do to stop it. No matter how much I've tried to deny my wolven side, it's there inside of me. It's time, I have to accept it. Be with me Luke. Help me."

So it came as a surprise to Luke when she swung back to face him, her eyes glowing amber and her lips curled in a mocking smile.

"Luke, you may be the future Alpha and after that passionate speech, I'm sure you'll make a fine politician. But you've got another thing coming if you think I'll be coming to you on my knees to be your mate once and if I flip. You can fuck all the bitches in this Pack for all I care, just stay away from me."

Sophia was on her feet in a shot, leaving Luke gaping speechless. She knew that she had to get out of his view before he could see the tears lining her eyes. But she didn't make it all that far before that all too familiar gnawing pain returned. Clutching her abdomen, she fell to the ground. The pain was building up inside of her. Biting down hard on her lip, she tried to focus her thoughts away from it but the images that haunted her nights flashed before her eyes. The images started to swirl in a dizzying pattern before sending her spiraling down a black vortex.

Luke reached Sophia just before she hit the ground. She started to writhe and scream her lungs out as if she was trying to fight off an attacker. Luke quickly gathered her into his arms, ignoring the sting as her claws dug into his shoulders and raced at a breakneck speed to the one safe haven he could think of.