Title: Altering Feelings

Author: Aino Yuy aka Usagi-Hater


I know, stupid me for posting another fic. Especially when I have already three out that aren't finished yet. But I thought of this idea a long time ago and I just wanted to write it already.

Just to let you know this is a somewhat AU; no Sailor Moon Universe, just Gundam Wing. This will always be first person. 


Chapter One

I never thought that my life would change, especially with a single simple mission. Never in my life had I ever failed a task when given. I would quickly get it over with.

My name is Minako Aino, and this is my story…

Since I was a little girl I was trained to become the best undercover agent ever. Nothing got in my way. And whenever my superior, Dr. J, handed over an assignment, I never backed down. Taking it and accomplishing it was my duty.

Now, I am 20 years old, still working for Dr. J as a spy. I live alone in my apartment on L1 colony with my pet cat, Artemis. You could say I still look like a teenager. I must admit, I do look young for my age.

I have long blonde hair that I usually keep down with a red bow on the side. And I have received many complements from colleagues that my sapphire eyes still sparkle with mischief like a teenager's.

I guest I should take that as a complement. After all, I am pretty much a cheerful person when I'm not on business.

But now, my tale begins here. I was at my apartment getting ready to go to Headquarters. Dr. J had beeped me earlier to get down there while I was having lunch.

I quickly put on a red tank top and jeans, recently wearing shorts and a sweater. My white cat, Artemis, was lazing on my black jacket while I put my hair up in a French braid. It didn't turn out the way I wanted it to but like I cared. I was running late as usual.

"Arty, get off!" I commended as I yanked my jacket off under him.

He jumped up from fright and landed on the floor. He looked up at me with his big blue eyes, as if, asking what's happening ?

After slipping on my sneakers and putting on a jacket, I grabbed my car keys and went off.

Today wasn't my day. I was fifteen minutes late, all because of a stupid truck. There was traffic on the street I was on. I was the first one behind a huge truck that was transporting some sort of material to its company.

Honking the horn angrily I yelled out, "Move it!"

But no good effect came out of it. All I got was the middle finger from the truck driver. This of course did not amuse me at all.

I was twenty-seven minutes late, close to a half an hour. I rushed through Headquarters' hall while taking off my sunglasses. I received some Hi's on the way but all I could do was wave as I kept running.

Soon I saw the huge golden metal door ahead of me. Almost there, I thought as I looked at my stopwatch. And right when I reached the door, my watch reached 4:00 p.m.

Fixing my hair and trying to gain my breath back, I cleared my throat and entered the room.

An old short man was sitting at his desk with the computer in front of him. I was guessing that Dr. J was writing down on the computer my mission. He does at times forget. Strange don't you think? But of course, he is an old man.

When I started to walk up to him, I noticed someone was in the corner. I couldn't exactly see the figure since the person was in the shadows. But I could tell it was a male. A woman would not have a body like this guy had.

At first I was surprised but when I looked at Dr. J I could tell he knew the person was there too, sitting on a chair. And so I chose to ignore it.

"Hello Dr. J," I greeted as I went up to the desk.

Dr. J fixed his spectacles and looked at me. "You're late Miss. Aino." He said.

"I know," I answered exasperated. "But it's not my fault, there was this truck ahead of me and he was moving like a snail!" I explained, blaming it all on the truck.

Dr. J let out a sigh as he leaned back in his chair. "Never mind Minako, you're always late anyways."

I gave him a silly grin. "I know."

I took a seat on Dr. J's desk, with my leg dangled off the ground, while Dr. J turned back to his computer.

"You wanted to see me sir?" I finally inquired.

Dr. J turned to look back at me and responded, "Yes, I got a mission for you."

"And what would that be?"

My instructor got a remote from his desk and aimed it towards a wall. When pressing a button, the wall began to spread apart until a screen was revealed. A planet was being shown on the monitor.

"I need you to go the planet earth. There seems to be a suspicion about a company there."

The monitor then showed a huge restaurant.

"They hold parties and many people go to gamble and stuff. It's almost like a casino. But anyways, some people have reported that they are hiding something from the colonies in there. One of our men stated that they even saw General Bukar, a member of Oz, go in."

I watched the screen as Dr. J showed some pictures inside. "I don't get it," I confessed. "Why is it such a big hazard?"

"Minako, try to stay with me here. If that casino is holding an illegal weapon that could destroy the colonies, it's the end for us."


"Yes, and that is why I want you to go there and check it out."

I looked back at the old man and smirked. "I accept," I answered jumping off the desk.

With that I was about to leave when Dr. J stopped me. "Oh Minako, I forgot to tell you, you will need to have a husband for this mission."

I stopped abruptly and spun around to look at him wide eyed. "WHAT?!"

Dr. J found my expression humorous for some reason as he chuckled. "Calm down Minako."

"Wait Dr. J, what do you mean by husband? I don't need one, I can go by myself!"

"Miss. Aino." Dr. J spoke in a harsh tone.

I quickly stopped my whining and stood straight and tall. Dr. J only called me by my last name when joking or when he was dead serious.

I watched the old man take out his glasses and rub his eyes. "Minako," he said now in his calm voice, "We sent one of our other spies a week ago, but he never returned. We suspect they caught him and killed him."

Worry swept through me. But it was not because a teammate of mine had died, or that I was going to go into a dangerous mission. It was the thought of getting an opposite sex to go with me.

"I think it would be too risky to have you go alone. They won't suspect a married couple to be the spies. And besides, you don't have to be really married." Again, Dr. J chuckled.

I let out a loud groan, indicating that I gave up and approved his plan. "Fine," I muttered as a huge smile spread across his wrinkled face.

"Very well then, Miss. Aino, meet your husband." He said this in a teasing tone while he motioned his hand to the figure in the shadows.

I looked at the figure a bit shocked. I had forgotten he was there the whole time. But when he began to walk towards us, into the light, I could not help but gasp.


Closing Notes:

Isn't it obvious who the guy is?

I know there might be some spelling errors. I didn't get it pre-read so that would explain it. I have a rule were I don't have people pre-read the first chapter. Tell me what you think. Review. And flaming me will only have Usagay burn to death.