Title: Altering Feelings

Author: Aino Yuy aka Usagi-Hater

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Chapter Eight

That was the last time I heard from Heero Yuy... when we spoke on the intercom in the shuttle's control room.

When Doctor J, Trowa, and I reached L1 colony, I was sent to the hospital. The doctors took x-rays on my leg and later notified me that I would be fine after my wound healed. Since the bullet was deep in my thigh they did surgical treatment to get it out.

Once the operation was done I was ordered to get some rest before they released me.


I lay on a bed, resting my eyes while the television was on low volume. But since I was the only one in the quiet room I could hear the news perfectly.

"We have received word that Oz as been attacked."

I shot my eyes open and glanced at the television screen. It showed a ruined base, flames still visible and smoke covering the sky. Ambulances were ubiquitously picking up the half dead bodies and trying to get them to the nearest hospitals.

The news reporter began to speak again but I did not pay attention. It was over… The colonies were safe from Oz's secret weapon, Demolition. Even though the colonies were still in war with Oz, my mission was complete.

Grabbing the remote control and turning the television off I closed my eyes again, hoping the tear drop that rolled down my cheek was the last one. But of course, I was wrong.

In a few days I was out of the hospital walking around with crutches. The day of Heero's memorial service was when I cried again. I read the tombstone to myself, my hands holding tightly on my crutches' handle.

In Honor of Heero Yuy

I blinked a couple of times to stop the tears. A few members of Doctor J's recruits were present; I would have hated it if they saw me crying. Instead, I tore my eyes away from the gravestone and glanced around. However, I noticed four boys in particular among the crowd.

Maybe it was because I detected Trowa first. I saw him and the three other Gundam Pilots standing not too far away from me, each looking down at the tombstone where their teammate's name was engraved.

It made me wonder how they felt losing one of their partners… one of the five rarest pilots in the galaxy. I was told Heero's body was never found after the attack of Oz's Base 20. It most likely burned within the flames...

Gently, a wrinkled hand was placed on my shoulder, cutting me off my train of thought. It was Doctor J. He gave me a slight reassuring smile before turning away to head back to his car. I watched him and a few of my fellow colleagues leave.

Pretty soon many of the people that attended were parting. When it was only the Gundam Pilots and me, I noticed them walking up towards Heero's tombstone. A bouquet of red roses was sited in the blonde's hand. His name was Quatre Rebarba Winner, Gundam Pilot number four.

Slowly he knelt down and placed the posy near the gravestone. As I watched him carefully I become aware of him making a brief smile towards the headstone. The Gundam Pilot of Deathscythe, who I recalled was named Duo Maxwell, patted the blonde on the back before his partner got back on his feet.

Wufei Chang, Gundam Pilot five, had a solemn expression while Trowa kept his emerald eyes on Heero's headstone. While I observed them bidding their farewells to Heero I was taken aback when Quatre Winner turned towards my direction. Once he spotted me he smiled warmly.

Following suite, Duo Maxwell and Wufei Chang turned my way. I waved back slightly when Duo gave me a friendly wave. As soon as Trowa glanced towards me, Wufei was already leading the rest away. He smiled at me genially before he followed his friends.

I was the only one left. Walking towards Heero's gravestone, I knelt down in front of it with a bit of difficultly, placing my crutches beside me. Taking the red bow out of my hair, I took Quatre's bouquet and tied it around the stems.

Afterward, I examined the bouquet of red roses with a red ribbon around it alongside Heero's monument. It looked perfect.

Getting back up my feet, I began to walk to my car when I noticed the Gundam Pilots by a tree. They had watched my actions the entire time. Oddly, as soon as I made eye contact with them, they turned away and soon disappeared from my sight.

I was deeply confused with what happened. But ignoring it, I got inside my car were one of Doctor J's assistants drove me home.


That night I laid in bed, staring up at the ceiling. I felt so depressed… Even with Artemis curled beside me I felt so… alone? I was not sure why but I have been feeling so miserable lately.

I sighed loudly, turning to my side.

Heero's words keep lingering in my ears…

Till we meet again Minako?

His tone… it never faded. And his face… it seemingly did not want to erase in my head.

After a few moments of tossing and turning in my bed with discomfort I shot into a sitting position, ignoring the pain that shot from my healing thigh. "That's it," I groaned.

Artemis's big blue eyes opened to gawk up at me with curiosity. "Meow," he purred before getting up and stretching.

"Dammit," I cursed. "I'm not going to deny it any more… I'm in love with Heero."

"Meow," again Artemis said, rubbing his soft fur against my arm before taking a tiny lick at my hand.

I stroked him softly on his forehead before reaching for my crutches and stumbling towards my desk.

Because of my injuries I was prohibited to go on any missions. In fact, I had spoken to Doctor J and informed him that I was reassigning my duties as well.

My life as a spy was over. I had enough of it.

"Maybe it was wrong of me to choose you for the mission, Minako. You are after all one of the best I have."

Doctor J's voice had sounded so forlorn when I told him my decision. But it wouldn't change my mind. I wanted to live the rest of my life as normal as possible now.

"Oh Minako, how can you possibly live a normal life after all the experiences you've had?"

My best friend Makoto was right. How could I ignore all the events that took place in my life? I had lost friends in missions, and even loved ones, and I've seen so many wars since the beginning of time that I wouldn't be able to forget it all.

Sighing, I took a seat on the chair in front of the desk. Opening the drawer to take out some paper and a pen, I decided to start my new life. But first I wanted to get rid of all the agony my former profession left on me. I was going to write them down, hoping to move the memory in my brain onto paper.

Starting off with my most recent operation…

I never thought that my life would change, especially with a single simple mission. Never in my life had I ever failed a task when given. I would quickly get it over with.

My name is Minako Aino, and this is my story…

The End


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