Chapter One: Spring is in the Air

"What did you say?" Joey Wheeler asked Mai Valentine as the two sat with Yugi Motou and the rest of his friends at a picnic table outside.

"I got a job at the new pool for the spring," Mai replied with a flick of her hair. "It'll be fun."

"I don't think so," Joey said. "The pool's not even filled up yet. You're going to have to do a lot of cleaning up before you can even get the job of sitting around and sliding passes."

"So what?" Mai said. "It's a good job in my opinion."

"Yeah," Yugi agreed. "You might have some fun with it."

"Oh, I will," Mai said with a wink. "And so will you."

"What's that supposed to mean?" Duke Devlin asked scratching his head. "We've got school, we can't help you."

"Well actually," Mai said slyly. "You can. The pool is short on employees and they're looking for high school students to volunteer. Of course, you'd all get excuses from school if you signed up."

"Great!" Joey cried standing up. "When's the first day?!"
"Friday," Mai replied.

"Friday?" Joey said slumping down a little. "Friday's are ALWAYS off, remember? The "computer-file-problem" hasn't been fixed yet."

"And we've got dance class," Tea protested.

"Well, I signed you guys up and you've got to be there," Mai said. "It's at 11:15, so you can make dance class and help out too."

There was a sneeze from behind them.

"I hate spring," Watery-eyed Bakura muttered as he shoved some tree debris off the picnic table.

"Why?" Mai asked, surprised.

"Oh yeah!" Triston said. "Bakura has allergies, remember?"

"Yeah, he's the reason the Pizza Parlor now asks "flowers or no flowers?" when you walk in to get a table," Yugi giggled.

"Oh," Mai said thinking. "And I just thought they were trying to be funny."

"Well anyway, so you signed all of us up for helping out?" Yugi repeated.

"Even Serenity," Mai said with a nod.

"Well then, I guess we don't have much of a choice," Joey said standing up.

"I'll see you at dance class tomorrow!" he called as he hurried away to catch his ride home.

"Bye!" Yugi called.

"Is anyone else helping out?" Yugi asked Mai as she got up to leave.

"The principal said he'd get a few other reliable students to help out, but he didn't mention who," Mai said. "But I suppose we'll find out tomorrow."

That evening, when Yugi got home, he sat down at his desk to work out his math homework and Yami asked about the new plans for Friday.

"So we're helping out at a pool place?" he asked.

"Mm," Yugi said with a nod.

"Don't forget, Yugi," Yami said looking over at the phone on his desk. "You have to call everyone again and make sure they'll be at the dance class."
Yugi stared at the phone.

"Oh no," he muttered. "I don't want to have to live through that again!"
He backed away from the desk.

"You do it, Yami," he said letting Yami out of the puzzle.

"But! But..." Yami protested, but sighed.

"Why does Yugi always do this to me?" he mumbled picking up the phone and dialing in one of the numbers on the sheet.

"Hello? Kaiba here," Came Seto Kaiba's voice through the phone.

"Kaiba, are you going to be attending Dance Class tomorrow?" Yami said very professionally.

"Yes, Yugi, I am," he muttered. "Why do you always ask me?"

"It' job," Yami said nervously.

"Ok then, I'll be there," Kaiba replied. "And I'll be there next week too, so it can spare you the trouble of calling me again."

"Oh, ok," Yami said.

"Good bye," Kaiba said shortly and hung up the phone.

"Hello?" Came a young girl's voice through the phone.

"Oh no, not this again!" Yami gasped, remembering Yugi's experience with the Thursday evening telephone lines.

"Good bye!" he said quickly and slammed the phone down on the hook.

After carefully making his phone calls to everyone (hanging up quickly whenever he heard another voice he didn't recognize) Yami finished the list and hung up the phone from the last call.

Suddenly, the phone rang.

Carefully, Yami picked it up and answered, "Hello?"

"Pharaoh, I will be present at the Dancing Course tomorrow," Came the misty voice Yami recognized at once as Ishizu Ishtar. (She was just about the only other person aside from Shadi who had ever addressed him as "Pharaoh.")

"Thank you," Yami replied.

There was a click on the other line, indicating Ishizu had hung up.

"That was...odd," Yami said hanging up.

"Thanks," Yugi said appearing beside him in spirit form. "You were a lot better at avoiding the calls than I was."

"I don't understand what's the matter with your telephone," Yami replied. "But at least our job is done."

"Yugi!" Came Grandpa's voice from the hallway. "Lights out!"

"Okay!" Yugi called back as he and Yami switched places.

"Good night, Yami," Yugi said as he got into bed.

"Good night, Yugi," Yami replied.

And Yugi drifted off to sleep, dreaming about what the next day would bring...

The next morning, Yugi met up with his friends at their weekly Dance Class. So
far, everyone had only attended one class, but they had already begun to learn some of the steps. Tea, of course, whose dream was to become a professional dancer, was almost as perfect as the teacher.

The instructor divided the students up into pairs again for the practice dancing; Ishizu Ishtar, whose motives for joining the class in the first place were still unknown, was dancing with Joey.

Duke was dancing with Mai, Triston, to his pleasure, was with Serenity, Yugi was dancing with the instructor, Bakura was dancing with Tea, and Kaiba was dancing with "Georgette."

"Georgette" was what the dance teacher called the invisible partner the extra boy got to dance with when all the other girls were taken, as they were one girl shy. Kaiba didn't seem very thrilled with his partner at all, and was merely staring at the wall with his arms crossed.

Duke was trying to enjoy dancing with Mai, while feeling envious that Triston had gotten Serenity. (It was a known fact that both boys had crushes on Joey's little sister.) Joey was trying to lighten Ishizu up, but she seemed unimpressed with his ridiculous riddles, and merely nodded her head every once in a while to acknowledge him as they danced.

Bakura hated dancing with Tea almost as much as he hated dancing with the instructor. She wanted a partner who would do the moves perfectly, and Bakura was just the opposite.

"Ouch! That was my ankle, Bakura!" she whispered shrilly.

"Sorry!" he cried trying to get the moves correctly. "I'm just not very used to this!"

Tea didn't reply. She figured she was too angry and would end up saying something she'd regret later on.

After an hour of dancing, the bell rang and the weary crew was dismissed.

"My feet hurt," Joey complained rubbing his shoes to emphasize.

"Get used to it," Tea said stiffly with her chin in the air. "That's what the life of a dancer is like."

"Then trust me," Triston muttered to Joey. "We won't become dancers."

Yugi checked his watch. Kaiba checked his watch.

"Well, we'd better hurry up if we want to get to the pool in time for our "jobs," Yugi said.

"You..." Kaiba said suddenly, staring at Yugi. "You are volunteering at the pool?"

"Mm," Yugi said with a nod. "Why?"

"Well...I was asked to help out as well," Kaiba replied, stiffly as he could.

"Well isn't that nice," Joey said tilting his head from side to side. "I guess we'll see you there then."

"I guess you will," Kaiba snapped back in reply and the two walked off in separate directions.

Kaiba taking the elevator, and Joey the stairs.

"Wait up, onicha!" Serenity called, waving her hand and running after her brother.

"Serenity!" Duke panted, still tired from the last dance with Georgette. (The "two" had gone into a very wacky dance in which Duke ended up five yards from where he started dancing.)

He and Tristan took off after her and were soon followed by Yugi, Tea, and Bakura, and Mai who was shouting something along the lines of,

"Hey! It's my car and you'd better wait for me!"

* * * *

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