Chapter 7 - Winning Souls

"Soul Release?" Bakura asked, thinking. "Oh I get it! If we take their souls OUT of the graveyard, then they'll be okay!"

"Yes, but there's still a problem," Yugi said, looking in the graveyard. "This card only allows me to take 5 monsters out of the grave, and we already have Yami, Mai, Tea, and Duke. That's four right there!"

"We've got to keep him on the field too," Kaiba said, pointing to Bakura. "If he goes to the graveyard, he'll go to his graveyard." He pointed at Yami Bakura.

"I doubt he'd release his soul," Kaiba said grimly.

Bakura looked sad.

"He'd just tribute me on purpose!" he said angrily.

"It's my turn," Yami Bakura said evilly, picking his card. "Defense mode, again."

"He's scared," Kaiba said with a smile.

"You shouldn't be talking," Yami Bakura snapped, leaning over to Kaiba. "You are no bigger than 8 inches, you should be scared."

"I've got 2400 attack power," Kaiba replied, crossing his arms. "That's more than you'd be if you were on the field."

"What did you say, mortal?!"

"Anyway," Yugi said, picking his card to begin his turn. "Oh no!" he looked at the card.

It was the Cyber Commander, Triston's favorite.

"Why did I have to get so many of them at once?" Yugi whined to himself. "If he's got another card destruction, Soul Release will die, so I should set it on the field to be safe."

He set the card behind Kaiba and Bakura.

"Hurry up!" Yami Bakura snapped.

"Um...and I play..." Yugi thought.

5 souls only...


Only 5.

"I play this one," he said, slapping Triston down on the table.

"Good, and I play this one," Yami Bakura said, flipping over his face down card. "Acid Trap Hole"

"Oh no!" Yugi moaned.

"It destroys any defense monster with a defense lower than 2000, meaning, another soul!"

Triston went to the grave as well.

"Oh my," Bakura cried, covering his mouth with his hands.

"Do it now!" Kaiba demanded. "Play Soul Release."

"But what if..." Yugi cried.

"Don't mind us," Kaiba said, indicating Bakura and himself. "We'll be fine."

"Okay..." Yugi said, unsure, flipping over the face-down card. "SOUL RELEASE!"

"NO!" Yami Bakura snapped, looking at the card.

Yugi's graveyard was filled with white light for a moment, and Yugi saw the Dark Magician Yami, the Magician of Faith Tea, the Cyber Commander Triston, the Armed Ninja Duke, and the Harpie Lady Mai leave the grave.

"Good luck...Yugi..." Yami's voice called before his soul went back into the Millennium Puzzle.

Yugi nodded.

"Now I play..." Yugi called, slapping down a card. "Exchange!"

Yami Bakura showed Yugi his hand, which consisted of Dark Necrofear, Share the Pain, and Sword of Dark Destruction.

"Yuck," Yugi remarked, but took Share the Pain.

"Don't scoff at my occult cards!" Yami Bakura snapped, accepting Yugi's only card, Remove Trap.

"We can't lose anymore souls now," Yugi said, placing Share the Pain face-down for safety. "If we do...they'll be gone for good."

Bakura swallowed and nodded. Kaiba turned to the defense card.

"We need to end this as soon as possible," Bakura said. "Yugi, if you play Share the Pain, and offer me as a tribute, then we can get rid of the defense monster and wipe out his life points."

"I'm not sacrificing you, Bakura," Yugi said firmly. "We'll save that until I get a monster without a soul stuck in it."

"Kaiba attack!" Yugi cried, and Kaiba slashed through the defense monster with his blade.

"Bakura, direct attack!" Yugi said, reducing Yami Bakura to only 950.

"Grr," Yami Bakura growled, picking his next card.

Then, he smiled an evil smile.

"Go, Dark Necrofear!" he cried, throwing it down in attack mode, removing Sangan, and two other fiends from the graveyard.

The horrible monster appeared, blue-skinned with white slits for eyes, and holding a broken baby-doll in its arms.

"Eee," Bakura cried.

"One card face-down," he added, putting it face down.

"Oh no," Yugi cried, looking at his field.

Kaiba was safe, as he had 2400 attack points, just higher than Necrofear's. But Bakura was weak and vulnerable to an attack! And if he was sent to the grave, he would go to Yami Bakura's graveyard...

"Activate the face-down card Yugi," Kaiba demanded.


"Do it, and sacrifice me," he said. "Then Bakura can wipe out the life points next turn."

"No!" Both Yugi and Bakura cried.

"There's no other choice!" Kaiba protested. "We don't know what that maniac will do once Bakura is in his grave."

"Okay, but I promise I'll get you back," Yugi said, flipping over the card. "Share the Pain!"

"Drat," Yami Bakura said, obviously not thinking Yugi would sacrifice his friends for the card.

"I offer Lord of Dragons, and you must offer Dark Necrofear!"

Two swords appeared on the field, one of which stabbed Necrofear, causing it to vanish, and the other stabbed the Lord of Dragons.

The two monsters vanished from the field and their cards sent to the graveyard.

"Poor Kaiba," Bakura said, rather guiltily.

"It wasn't your fault," Yugi said sadly.

"Hmmm," Yami Bakura said, thoughtfully. "You've sent Necrofear to the graveyard. I can play Dark Sanctuary now!"

The horrible field appeared again, just as it had in the last game.

"Yikes," Bakura cried, looking at the terrible white ghost flying around. "I hate this."

"Well Yugi," Yami Bakura snapped, ending his turn. "Bakura can wipe out my life points this turn, but if he does, then Kaiba will never come back."

Yugi sighed, and put his hand on his deck, preparing to draw his card.

"I know what I need..." Yugi thought. "Heart of the cards, help me out here!"

Yugi drew his card slowly, then put it to his face, and opened his eyes.

"Oh no..." he thought looking at it.

It was the sword of the deep-seated. The effect was to go to the top of the deck after it is used.

Yugi looked through his hand, and then saw the winning play.

"YES!" he cried, slapping it down on the field. "We've won, evil spirit!"

"We have?" Bakura asked.

"You haven't!" Yami Bakura protested. "The Resident Spirit has already parasited your only monster, Bakura and Kaiba is in the grave."

"Not for long he isn't!" Yugi said. "Reborn the Monster!"

Kaiba came back to the field, without the sword, of course.

"What..." he asked, looking around. "All right, I'm back!"

"So what?" Yami Bakura snapped. "I've got a trap here, that will wipe you out if you attack."

"But, let's say that attack only works if Dark Sanctuary is out," Yugi said. "Like, Silent Evil Spirit."

"Well," Yami Bakura shrugged. "You can't get rid of that."

"Yes I can," Yugi said, flipping up a card to show him. "DE-SPELL!"

Dark Sanctuary vanished.

"What?!" Yami Bakura cried, looking at the field. "It had become normal again."

"Now no matter WHO attacks, you're done!" Yugi cried. "Lord of Dragons, attack!"

Kaiba slashed through the life points, reducing them to zero and then, they all vanished from the Shadow Realm.

"Ohh..." Mai moaned, as she stood up.

She had been sleeping on the cement near the boy's locker rooms.

"What's going on?" Serenity asked, rubbing her eyes. "I kinda remember a dream about being inside a large box."

"Me too," Tea said, standing up.

The boys walked out of the locker rooms a moment later, Yugi with the Millennium Puzzle close to him.

"We did it!" he said happily, and Kaiba merely nodded.

"Did what?" Joey asked, rubbing his back.

"Never mind," Yugi said, not wanting Joey to worry anyone. "Hey, where's Bakura?"

"Here I am!" he called, running over to Yugi.

"Hey...where's know...?" Yugi asked, indicating the M. Ring.

"Here's the strange thing: I can't find it," Bakura said softly.

"Weird," Yugi said, looking at Bakura closely.

Was he still possessed?

"Come on everyone!" Tea called. "Let's go swimming!"

"Yeah!" Yugi agreed, pushing his worries behind him.

The gang ran over to the pool where the manager was standing, his hands on his hips angrily.

"Mai!" he snapped. "Where have you been!? Adult swim ended 20 minutes ago!"

"I...was..." Mai stammered.

"You're fired!" he snapped. "Grow up some more before looking for a job here!"

"No!" Mai cried.

"Don't worry about it now Mai," Joey said playfully. "Let's swim!"

"I don't want to," she said, sounding sad.

"Yes, you do!" Joey said, giving her a little shove, causing her to fall into the pool.

Everyone laughed as she swam up to the surface.