Manhattan at night. Everything seems to be peaceful. The streets are bustling as usual. But somewhere on the street, two thieves are pushing a car down the road. In a nearby ally, someone is watching the thieves from the shadows. Suddenly as the thieves are pushing the car, all four wheels glow purple and deflate.

-Thief 1: What the...

-Thief 2: How'd this happen?

-Thief 1: Wheels don't deflate just like that.

Suddenly, they hear a woman laughing, but they don't see anyone near them.

-Thief 2: Where's that laughing coming from.

-Thief 1: I don't know. You don't think this place haunted, do you?

-Thief 2: Don't be stupid. There's no such thing as ghosts.

-Voice: Hello, gentle thieves.

The thieves turn and see a girl in a black hoodie sitting on top of the car.

-Thief 1: Where'd you come from.

-Thief 2: Who are you?

The girl stands on the car.

-Girl: Someone that really doesn't like seeing things get stolen. So, why don't you make this easy on yourselves and get out of here while you still have the chance?

-Thief 2: What are you gonna do if we don't, huh?

The first thief grabs the girls arm.

-Thief 1: You think we're gonna take orders from a little girl?

-Girl: Guess we're doing this the hard way.

The girl grabs the first thief's wrist and flips him on to his back. The second thief lunges at the girl, but she steps out of the way and kicks him in the back. The first thief picks up a led pipe and swings it at the girl's head, but the girl grabs it.

-Girl: Not your best idea.

Her eyes glow purple and she starts conducting dark electricity through the pipe, electrocuting the thief and pushing into a wall. The second thief charges at her, but she projects a force field around him and thrusts him into the same wall. She then levitates the pipe and crushes it into a ball and walks up to the thieves and the look scared.

-Thief 2: Who... who are you?

-Girl: Call me Shadow Maiden.

She blasts them with dark energy.

The next day on the SHIELD tri-carrier, Shadow Maiden is watching the news.

-J. Jonah Jameson: Local law enforcement has found two crooks tied up together on top of a car this morning. One of the criminals has revealed that they were attacked last night by a mysterious woman in a black hoodie calling herself "Shadow Maiden". Whoever she is, she'd better watch her step. One false move and she's on my list of menaces right under Spiderman.

As Shadow Maiden turns her tv off, her best friend enters her room.

-Shadow Maiden: Hey, Sam.

-Sam: Hey, birthday girl. Just watched the news on my way here.

-Shadow Maiden: (sigh) Some of my finest work.

-Sam: That was just vigilante stuff. That's a good first step to becoming a real hero.

-Shadow Maiden: Whatever. I'm practically a real hero already.

-Sam: (chuckle) Okay, Cerise. Well, Director Fury needs us in the central bay.

Cerise nods and follows Sam to the central bay. When they enter the bay, it is dark inside. The lights immediately turn on and...


Cerise smiles at the party around.

-Cerise: You guys!

Cerise's parents, Rey and Monica, walk up to her.

Rey has light skin, jade green eyes, and dark slick-back hair. Monica has white lightly tanned skin, light brown eyes, and long blonde hair. they are both wearing SHIELD uniforms.

-Monica: Happy birthday, darling.

-Rey: I'm so happy for you, my star.

-Cerise: Mom, Dad. Did you have something to do with this?

-Monica: Maybe just a little bit, honey.

-Rey: You deserve the best, Cerise.

-Director Fury: Happy Birthday, Agent Gail. I trust that the celebration is to your liking.

-Cerise: It is. Thank you very much, sir. I really appreciate it.

-Voice: I hope I'm too late.

Cerise sees hat Tony Stark has come to the party.

-Cerise: Tony!

-Tony: There's the birthday girl. Thought I'd drop by and give you my gift so I can your reaction.

Tony hands Cerise a decorative box. She opens it and sees…

-Cerise: A headband?

-Tony: A special headband. Your dad asked me to help make something one-of-a-kind for your birthday. It has a built-in scanner, and communicator. I even scanned your hero gear so it can materialize on you.

-Rey: I tested it myself. The purple crystal embedded in it is a parting gift from when I left Aromor. It will give you a power boost whenever you need it. I carried that crystal with me everywhere I go. And now, I give it to you so that I can be with you wherever you are.

Cerise hugs both Tony and Rey.

-Cerise: Best present ever!

-Tony: Happy birthday, kid.

The end