Samantha's P.O.V

I followed them through the house and onto the front porch. That boy was walking towards an empty car. I didn't know why there would be a car be out in the middle of nowhere, probably his car. Maybe it's the car that belongs to the parents of the girl that is hosting the house party. Then a minute later, my life almost felt like it was about to flash infront of me.

"What-what is he doing.. no,no!", I shouted as I was about to run and try to stop them.

Dream Over~

I was shaken awake by my mother who seemed concerned for me.

Mom:Samantha are you okay?!?

Me:I'm fine, it was, just a bad dream.

Mom:Tell me about the bad dream.

I stuttered. I couldn't find the right words to describe the dream. It felt so real to


l I was actually there in the event, I just went back in time to the time. Remembering that Mom was my age and had experiences too. After a series of long pauses, my mom put her hand on my hand, pausing there for a while. I looked up at her face, she seemed quiet.

"Why would she be quiet while putting her hand on me?", I thought to myself.

Then, she scootched over to me on the couch, then after a little, I scootched over to her.

Me:"Mom is everything okay?"

Mom:"Yes everything is fine..."

Me:"You sure? You look upset."

Mom:"Yes, you had a dream that was deeply similar to mine."

Me:"Really what was it like?"

My mom faced down a little before looking up at me and staring into my eyes. I stared into hers until she was finally able to speak.

Mom: "Let me tell you about it..."

The End