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Heyo! I have here another story. Really should stop doing this. BUT! the difference is I have about ten chapters of this already done. So that's good.

Second, this is in fact a Self Insert and there will be some power fantasy and some already seen tropes in this story. Yes yes I know, but that being said I still feel like I have crafted some good stuff here. After all this is Fanfiction and thus originality isn't the primary focus here, telling a fun story is. There will be lemons, there will be epic shit, there will be times when the MC just fucks over everyone because he can. I have planned for the MC to literally Rick Roll Palpatine, so that's the sort of thing you can expect. There will be dark elements at times... the MC will not be a good guy... being a Sith and all that. Very Revanish at times.

I will also be playing a little loose with both the Star Wars timeline and the ASOIAF timeline. I will try to stick to them as best I can when I can but some things might that entirely match up.

Oh and I will be using the Force in ways that are definitely not exactly normal by either canon or most of legends

Disclaimer, I don't own Star Wars. But I'd do a much better job with it than Micky. I don't own A Song of Ice and Fire. But I'm pretty sure I wouldn't do a better job than a train conductor.

Second Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. Even if it is in the style of a self insert the Main Character of this story commits a number of acts that are not a reflection of my personal beliefs and ethics. This is a exaggeration of myself to create a more entertaining story.

Third Disclaimer: As of 2/27/24 This Story has gone through a revision to correct continuity errors. grammar, and changes to certain scenes and characters to better flow and improve the story. All Review Response sections of the chapters Chapter 62 and before are for the previous version of the story and may not reflect the current version accurately.

"You killed me." One second I was on a jog and the next I was at a small table with a cup of tea in hand. Across from me was a Morgan Freeman look alike that had a sympathetic look on his face and had just told me I had died accidently. Around us was exactly what one might expect heaven to be. White fluffy clouds and a bright shining sun in the background. "On accident." I said deadpanning, making the man wince slightly. Seeing God of all people wince was something to see.

"Yes, I do have to say sorry once again. But you weren't supposed to die today." God said, trying to be diplomatic. This wasn't how my day was supposed to go and I don't think it really sunk in yet. I was only mildly upset by the disruption to my day so I think either it was the shock or God's doing that my reaction was muted. After all who wouldn't be upset? I was just walking around living my life and then BAM! I was killed. "If I can do anything to make it up for you, I will, I haven't had this happen to me before for centuries. This really ruins my record." God sighed and I couldn't help but feel patronized, like this was a black spot on a really good transcript rather than the loss of a life before its time.

"Anything I want…" I hummed at the possibilities. My mind going to a few places but I dismissed them. This was an interesting opportunity. I could have anything. A new life was standing on the ashes of my old life. But what kind would it be? The important detail was the framework I was working in. "… how much am I going to be getting away with here?"

"I wrongfully took your life… there is a good amount I'm going to let you get away with. Not DxD Gamer level but a fair amount." I grumbled… that was my first choice. The damn pervert I am died a bit inside. But that wasn't the only option I had. I would frame this as best as I could to maximize the potential in what was possible here. Namely the potential in becoming so badass that Duke Nukem would shed a tear in pride.

"Westeros, nine years before Robert's Rebellion…" God didn't stop me and just took a small sip from the cup on the table between us. "But. I'm a Sith from the old Sith Empire, the Sith Warrior to be specific." Still wasn't getting any sign that was out of line. I wanted to see just how far I could push this. "Hmm… full squad… and… a ship filled with tech?"

"Cargo hold can be full, nowhere else." God said firmly but also chuckled a bit. "And also you can't know what it is until you get your new life."

"Okay… I can work with that. Outside of the world the galaxy is forty years away from the Naboo incident. A good number of the characters of Game of Thrones are Force Sensitive." I said, I was going to rebuild the Sith Empire off the greatest that was Game of Thrones! With the power of the Wrath of the Empire and the knowledge of what was coming… oh… I was going to have fun. Oh so much fun. Then there were the gorgeous women that came along with this. And given that I wasn't being told otherwise… nothing was going to stop me. Until I got to a certain point where my actions would render all I knew about future events pointless or I got to the galactic stage and had to deal with Palpy.

"Are you sure? You're stacking the deck in your favor pretty heavily." He had a point there. What was the fun in something without a little challenge?

"I'm sure people like Tywin and the Night King and… okay they're the only people that might pose a threat. Throw me a curveball or two, set the difficulty to hard." I could handle it, I hoped. But I could do it. I really needed to work on that confidence if I was to be a Sith Lord. "Last thing, my family?" God just smiled and nodded, at that I felt everything change to a sense of removal. But I knew that I could leave knowing that I was leaving people that would be cared for.

He was angry… and damn did it feel good. I never had a drink in my old life but holy fuck I was getting drunk off the amount of rage I was feeling right now. And then I felt it, the Dark Side calling to me… telling me that everything I was feeling was just as right as breathing. I couldn't ignore it, and I couldn't stop it. But I was not going to listen to it. I was not some average Acolyte on Korriban who thought nothing beyond the Dark Side as a means of gaining power. But there was something else too, a calming voice that assured that everything was going to be okay so long as let go. Wow, I never expected the Light Side to be as sinister as the Dark but I could tell it was. But the Wrath… no… I knew what to do. Damn, God did a great job in this. I could feel all the memories of the Empire's Wrath.

From the earliest memories of growing up a noble of Dromund Kaas, his parents and the many feelings he had on them. Then eventually proving himself capable in the Force and being selected to train on Korriban. From there I recognized it from the MMO but it all felt so much more real and the obvious details that were left out filled in. Where in the game it took maybe two hours to finish Korriban it was instead years for the Wrath. Much of what happened I knew of it happening in the last year. Killing overseer Tremel and later killing that ass Vemrin. Then becoming Darth Baras' apprentice. That was a memory that seemed to one of the brightest.

Then to Dromund Kaas, Balmorra, Nar Shaddaa, Tatooine and then the rest of the base game played out pretty much the same. Though the history of all this was far more detailed than the MMO could ever truly show. It was a lot to take in but I didn't really have a choice in it all. Things began to really diverge in the war with the Eternal Empire, It had the same story beats as in the game but rarely things happened the exact same way. I did like the fact it was the Wrath that dealt with killing blow to the Emperor. But that was the end of it all, everything after stopped following the MMO's story. The Republic and the Empire tried to coexist for a time but it all fell apart rather rapidly. The Sith without a active external enemy turned inward and the infighting began. It cripplied the Empire and left it open for the Republic and Jedi to finish them off for good. But for the Wrath it all ended in a battle above Naboo.

It was a battle in the final days of the Empire, the fight was a losing battle and the Wrath… he saw it. He saw that there was no point in staying. The Dark Council was in ruins, the Republic was destroying everything it could while the remnants of the Empire were busy carrying out orders to hide away secrets and assets for a future rebirth of the Sith Empire. He had his own plans and followers to carry them out. But with everything going down in flames he decided to run off in an attempt to wait out and recover his own power base. Carve out a small empire out in the unknown regions until he had enough to make another play. And that was so true in a sense. If only that Republic cruiser hadn't hit his hyperdrive as he was about to jump.

But even before I opened my eyes to my new life I could feel everything, it was like I had always had this body, this mind, this soul. This was me… and yet at the same time I could remember all of my life from before and the wealth of information that I knew about the world and galaxy I would be entering into. The feeling of these two lives colliding and them mixing together was an experience that lasted only a second but felt like decades to me.

"Naraiz! You okay?" I heard Vette call out and damn did her voice hit like a truck. Memories of meeting her on Korriban in a cage. Eventually becoming friends and drinking buddies. He still threatened to put the collar back on her and she still threatened to put poison in my food. I still offered my bed and she kicked my shins. But the look of consideration and slight longing was there. There was trust between them, between us now. I trusted Vette because she knew me and knew that I was better than most people. The good that was in me is what she saw and sought to bring out.

Opening my eyes took a bit out of me and taking my first real breath was even harder, through my Sith respirator helped a bit. Damn, I loved the sound it made when I exhaled. The nerd side of me was drooling in an epic experience. But I needed to keep that inside, especially with my apprentice around. In a second, I then reached out, using the Force for the first time and it was amazing. I could feel the wreckage of my ship, thanks God, above me and I could just… push it away. Like invisible limbs with no shape but as real as the three I still had. As I apparently lost a leg somewhere in my life as a Sith.

I felt as the Force itself was wrapping around me. Recalling everything I knew about the Force I knew how to interact with the unseen energy of the universe. Thankfully I knew a good deal about the subject. I was worried that I would end up all warrior with no brains. But as it turned out I was pretty damn smart when it came to Force Lore, though it was mostly just the quote unquote scientific aspect of it all. The Empire's Wrath thought about the Force in a very logical and rational way as opposed to the mystical and sorcerous manner that others did.

He specialized in Sith Alchemy when it came to the intellectual side of the Sith. I was unrivaled with a Lightsaber but early on my Master had told me to never focus solely on one skill. As much of a jackass as he was, he did have his bright points. Being very smart was one of the few ones. Where as Baras focused on torture and spy networking, I went to the power to create and mold. Sith Alchemy. Others like Darth Plagueis focused on biological Sith Alchemy, I had my talents in non biological augmentation, Sith Runes, and Dark Side Forging. But that wasn't all where my talents in the Force lie.

The power surged into my arms as I pushed off the large slab of metal that pinned me down. I couldn't perform great feats of sorcery or anything ever so flashy but I knew how to use the simple stuff really well. Telekinesis and amplifying my physical abilities were both things that I trained to become a beast on the battlefield. I also had a few other tricks up my sleeve and I could use the basic forms of Sith Lightning powers. But the Wrath kept it simple and perfected those simple powers… I however intended to expand on that greatly.

"Time for a role call…" I grumbled to myself. Happy that I sounded perfectly to what the Sith Warrior sounded like in the MMO. "Vette! I heard you so get over here and help me out of this shit!" I yelled out trying not to sound like a total jackass but I'm in a ton of pain… so sue me. Plus, I was a bit of a jackass in both lives so it worked.

"Gees, don't get so worried boss." Vette called back as she ducked under some of the wreckage to get to me. I was surprised that she was the red version of Vette instead of the canon blue. Whatever… she still looked very delicious. Oh good… Sith me is as big a pervert as I was, only he was able to pull it off with the whole Dark Side fueled passion thing. Oh and being handsome… that also helped. "You know… you weren't nearly as grumpy the last time we crash landed." She said as she helped me up and supported part of my weight. I was more lean than bulky, still very strong and fit as a powerful Sith Lord should be but I had more of a Hound's frame than the Mountain's. Which was good in my opinion. I would prefer speed over strength.

"That's because my darling Vette the last time we crashed landed it wasn't my fucking ship!" I raged and then with a deep breath clamped down on that rage. I could feel my eyes bleeding yellow with the power of the Dark Side. Nope, I was in control. I just got this new life and I wasn't going to spend it as a mindless power hungry berserker. "Jaesa! you're taking your sweet time getting yourself free. If you can't do this little thing I'm going to start looking for your replacement." I chuckled as I had no intention of ever doing that. One, Jaesa's powers would be invaluable in the courts of Westeros. Two, she was one of the most deadly Sith out there with a lightsaber. And three and perhaps most importantly… damn fuck was she good in bed.

"You have so little faith in me master." We could hear Jasea's voice but Vette needed a few seconds to look around and then finally up to see her looking down at us through a hole in the ship's hull. A large smile at her lips and a gleam in her eye whenever we did something crazy. Thrill junkie she was and I loved her for that.

"Have you seen the surrounding area yet?" I called up to her, finding out just where we were was vital. There was nine years before Robert's Rebellion, a chain of events I was not interested in stopping, but I had a lot of ground work to cover before that. I had a rough idea of a plan as well as some variants dependent on the situation. But they all ended in me starting a new Order of Sith.

"We're in some mountains, air's breathable… cold enough to where Broonmark might feel homesick." At that there was a deep rumbling in the ship. Clearly the Talz warrior heard that comment. I smiled under my respirator. The North… hopefully. Didn't matter how North either as I could make anywhere in the North work for me.

"Broonmark! I assume that you're alive?" I asked gleefully at the prospect of having my pet psychopath alien hunter alive and ready for battle. There were more crashing sounds and soon enough the hulking frame of the white furred alien came into view. Oh how I was going to love unleashing him upon the Free Folk. The True North was the best place for someone like Broonmark.

"We won't be killed that easily." Broonmark said in its native tongue… although that phrase was wrong, Talz don't have tongues. Huh. "Wrath, what are our orders?" Broonmark asked clearly not at all concerned for the fact we were in a wrecked ship. He was… a bit thicker than I had thought he would be.

"Get out of the ship and start gathering information on the immediate local area. If you find anyone, capture them. We need information first and then kill them after." I could feel through the Force that Broonmark was satisfied with those orders… mostly on the killing them after part. He was hungry for blood but he was still a competent soldier and hunter. The large Talz soon went for the way that normally was to the unloading ramp, currently blocked by debris. The four eyed alien had no problems moving said debris away and was on his way out of the ship and into the wilderness. "Quinn! Pierce! Please don't tell me I'm stuck all alone with the women and the killing machine." That earned a small jab to the gut by Vette and a chuckle from my apprentice. Just like Broonmark there was a sound of crashing metal.

"We're safe my lord!" Pierce called out from the cockpit. "The captain's wounded though… and we could use some assistance." It was trivial to do so, with a small move of my hand, the massive slab of metal that was blocking the doorway to the cockpit was pushed aside. Once the dust settled, Lieutenant Pierce came out helping a wounded Malavai Quinn. I knew that it was very likely that these two and myself were the last true Imperials in the galaxy. But that wouldn't be the situation forever, I was going to make sure of that.

"What's the Captain's condition?" I asked as Pierce approached me and Vette. From what I could sense his life force wasn't in danger to the point I was really worried but he was in a great amount of pain.

"Shrapnel in his arm, knocked out for who knows how long… likely some internal trauma." Pierce replied before looking over to where the medical bay used to be. "I don't think the Bacta tanks are going to be an option." And bluish liquid was leaking out of the room confirming that the life saving tank would not be saving anyone any time soon.

"No… they're not." I nodded for Vette to start helping me outside through Broonmark's makeshift exit.

"Wait… what about the droid?" Vette asked and I honestly forgot all about the stupid droid that came with the ship. We all looked around for a moment before we centered on the destroyed body of the imperial service droid. "Aw… now I'm going to do everything." Vette whined and I chuckled. Before getting jabbed in the gut again.

The four of us made it outside the Fury's wrecked form and found Jaesa waiting by a hastily made fire. It was the North alright, and the problem was I'm pretty damn sure that it's winter. That was going to be a big problem. While the wreckage could act as shelter it wasn't at all safe. We needed to find some sort of settlement soon. But given the circumstances right now it was our best option for the immediate future.

"Vette, I want you back in there making sure that the Fury isn't about to explode any time soon. For right now the ship is our best means of shelter. I'm not about to die from frostbite after everything I've survived." I grumbled as Vette helped set me down by the fire. She griped a bit but did as she was told, she didn't want to die to the cold anymore than I did. Lieutenant Pierce laid out Quinn next to me and I began looking him over. In my old life I would never claim to be a medical doctor but the Sith side of me did know a great deal from learning all I could to better use Sith Alchemy for augmentation. Wasn't a doctor, I had no idea how to heal but I knew which squishy parts did what.

"How's he looking, my lord?" Though you're not looking too good either." He said once he was given a second to look at me as well. Memories of Pierce came back as well, finding him and his wasted talents on Taris. Then putting those talents to better use under my command. Fighting side by side through many of the battles against the forces that threatened the Empire. I still owed him a drink that he constantly forgot when we were drinking but then remembered days later.

"I know, Jaesa! Time to put some of that Jedi training to good use." I said looking over to my apprentice. She frowned at hearing that as she instantly knew what I meant. "I won't hear any of that, right now we are without proper medical supplies so get to work on the captain while I handle my own injuries." I ordered, and it looked like she was going to argue but all it took was flaring my power in the Dark Side and she quieted down. In fact, she looked both pleased and aroused by the show of authority and dominance. But right now wasn't the time to be thinking about screwing around, I sat ready in a meditative position and began channeling the Force around me.

It was a much more active thing this time. I could feel the flow of energy that seemed to have no real specific location around me. It was just… there. I never once felt something like this, but I supposed that was the point. First came flashes of me doing this very thing under my master, Darth Baras, him teaching me the lesson that I could never forget. Never let the Dark Side rule you, instead you rule it.

I could feel the Dark Side slither its way through the ebbs and flows of the ambient Force around me and the area near me. The idea of the Serpent in the Garden of Eden never felt more appropriate than it did here. It was a Devil, ready to promise and give you everything you wanted and desired. But at a cost. The Devil came and held out a hand ready to strike a deal. Instead of taking the offered hand and grabbed the wrist and forced the Dark Side to Submit. In the end, the Dark Side seemed more pleased at that than if I had taken the offered power.

But the power that the Dark Side offered wasn't what I needed. The power to destroy and corrupt was nice and would be needed later but for right now I needed something else. I then focused on peace and tranquility. And like that the snake left the Force and was replaced with a formless glow. Like a rising tide of water that washed and swam around to engulf me. Warmth and comfort came and wanted nothing more than to take all the pain away but also so much more. The Wrath knew that the Light could ensure as well as the Dark could. Trick those into letting go of everything that made a person themselves and dedicate themselves to the Force and only the Force. Knowing this, I don't believe that this universe is a one to one of either Canon or Legends as in both the Light was a pure good and not like this.

"That will have to do for now…" I mumbled to myself as the wounds I gained finished closing but not fully healing. I wasn't nearly as proficient in the Light Side to fully heal my wounds but I could at least get it to the point where I could move. Standing up, I stretched a bit and began my way around the small clearing that we had crashed in. The ground had been considerably ripped apart by the Fury's crash landing, no doubt that someone would have seen it. "Lieutenant, coordinate with Vette to salvage what you can from the ship and see to it that it doesn't explode."

"Yes sir." Piece gave me a firm salute and began toward the ship again. Passing by Jaesa as she came to me and soon to my side.

"Quinn will live but that's about as much as I can do." She said not at all disappointed in her failure. I had asked her to do Jedi healing… something she was proud to have grown rusty in. "Something wrong master? You're strangely calm given all that's happened." It was understandable. The Empire was collapsing from her point of view, I already knew that we were several thousand years to the future and all of the Old Galaxy was now in legend to the modern Galaxy. And there was the bit about crash landing on an unknown world… there was that.

"Reach out to the Force… see if you can feel a difference." I said wanting to see what she would find. Jaesa closed her eyes and I could feel her doing as told, opening herself to the Force and feeling it as a whole.

"There's… I can barely recognize it. I mean it's still the Force but at the same time it's so different than before." She said, astonished, I could even sense panic in her. The best way to describe what she was feeling was that the sky wasn't blue but blushish purple. "Master, what does this mean?"

"It could mean a great many things my apprentice. The Force reacts to us, to all living beings. But to those that use the Force most of all. The Light and the Dark, both sides of the Force are forever in a power struggle… or at least that's how it's always been." I growled that last part out. The absolute fools of the Sith and Jedi. It was painfully obvious that the Force demanded a balance. That it would continue to create an opposing force to whatever side was in power at the moment. "But the Force, the level of change couldn't be possible in the time it took to get wherever we are. Something has gone wrong… but at the same time we're alive." I said looking back down to Jaesa, her eyes looking to me in ready willingness to hear my wisdom. "And as long as we are alive we have possibilities. And whatever has happened to us is the will of the Force."

"And we should just… follow along to what the Force wants for us?" Jaesa asked as I turned around and started back towards the small fire outside our wreck of a ship.

"Fuck no!" I barked out laughing. "We aren't some dumbass Jedi. This is just the hand we've been dealt." I continued to laugh all the way back to the campfire. I didn't see the look of devotion and awe that Jaesa had for me or what I said, I could feel it. This was a great wish.

Brandon Stark was so sure that it was a good idea at the time. That he would go out on his own and find the fallen star. He had gone with his father to Last Hearth, home of the Umbers. Even though it was Winter, as the Starks of Winterfell it was their duty to answer the requests of their bannermen. Lord Umber had said that the northern mountain clans had been causing trouble. Theoretically the clans were loyal to House Stark but usually they grew more savage and rowdy over the generations that slowly forgot that they were only allowed to live by the mercy of House Stark.

Last Hearth had always been problematic, not in a loyalty sense. The Umbers were one if not the most loyal of the Houses of the North. But the problem was that its lands were often the target of Wildlings from north of the wall and the various mountain clans that lived apart from the rest of the North. This made the men of House Umber some of the most battle-hardened men of the North and a force to be reckoned with, but with Winter at its peak the House needed assistance in keeping its lands secure. Brandon's father was a strong and honorable man, one that was ready and very willing to do just what needed to be done.

Brandon came along because Father had been thinking over the idea of having him fostered at Last Hearth. The youth himself didn't care about all of that, the boy was ten and one name days old and so the idea of travel itself was reason enough to be excited. Plus… maybe a chance to experience battle himself.

They met up with Lord Umber and some of his men at a small town along the Kingsroad a few days from Last Hearth. There was a small fest and Lord Umber and Brandon's father talked and drank. But Brandon was stuck in a room in the inn all by himself. His father said that he was too young for what was going on at the feast. And so, for the most part Brandon tried to go to sleep but the noise from below kept him up, so he spent time watching the stars. The Maesters said that people are able to tell their way by the stars and there were shapes in the sky. And as he was watching the sky he saw one of the stars fall down and crash into the northern mountains. With a reckless abandon of a pre-teen and a little of his own inherent carelessness, Brandon left his room and sneaked off to the stables. He had been pretty good at riding during his lessons back home, but it was a bit of trouble to do it from Kingsroad and to the mountains where he saw the star fall.

And that was what got him into the trouble he was in now. His horse had bucked him off after entering the rocky landscape of the Northern Mountains. Brandon was now all alone and while he was well clothed for the North, it was Winter and so he was quite cold.

"Maybe this wasn't such a good idea after all." He shivered to himself as he trudged through the heavy snow. He was completely lost and had no clue where he was. He still wanted to find the star that fell, but now more than anything he was hoping that father would come and find him. But all thoughts of his father rescuing him came to an abrupt end at the sight of people moving out from their hidden places between the trees. They weren't dressed in any armor of the North but in furs and small bits of copper. Benjen could recognize that he was now surrounded by men of the mountains.

"What hav' we 'ere. A little one lost his way?" One of the bigger of the men mocked as he approached Brandon. A cruel smile clear on his face could be seen even through the light winter snowfall. Benjen took a few hobbled steps back but hit something big and unmoving. The boy looked up and before he could draw his sword he was knocked out with a strong hit to the head.

"What should we do wif this brat?" The tribesmen said as he lifted Brandon up off the ground.

"Bring 'em back to camp. Wif any luck, he'll be a fancy noble we can 'old. Keep the lowlanders busy lookin' for 'em." With that the hunters laughed as they made their way back to their tribe's camp. Never seeing that they had been watched by something that was far from human.

I stretched out my arms from my place on the scrap chair I had cobbled together out of spare parts. It decently resembled a lawn chair but I still wasn't satisfied with it in terms of comfort. But it wasn't made for comfort but instead to help along with my healing. My body was still very much recovering and movement was not helping in that regard.

Pierce and Vette were still combing through the ship for useful tech that might have survived the crash. Thankfully the reactor of the ship was more or less inert and not in any way a danger. So neither would it be leaking anything harmful or blowing up any time soon. Quinn was still out of it but I could sense he was getting better. Broonmark was still out hunting and doing his thing… hopefully not too much of his thing. And Jaesa…

"Master… I'm bored." Jaesa groaned from her position in my lap. Something I found very enjoyable and would not object to if it wasn't for the fact we were in a very serious situation. But Jaesa being Jaesa didn't care much about that. And just decided to mess with her master, Me, by sitting right down in my lap and every now and then moving around in said lap to try and excite me into alleviating her boredom.

"Jaesa… do you want me to make you work alongside Piece and Vette?" I deadpanned not wanting to have to deal with Jaesa's sexy advances and adorable pouting. She crossed her arms and grumbled a no to me and that was about as good as I was going to get. A sigh escaped me before I cleared my mind. I projected my mind out to the surrounding lands. It was sparsely populated, and the cold was so strong it was ingrained into the land itself. This was the North alright. But not beyond the Wall, I could feel the Wall north of us through the Force. It was surely constructed using some type of Force techniques as it felt a lot like how other structures of that nature felt. But instead of something like nearly anything on Dromund Kaas where it was infused with the power of the Dark Side or the Jedi Temple on Coruscant where the Light Side was pulsing in the very foundation, the Wall felt very neutral. Favoring neither side. An interesting tidbit of information that I would have to investigate later.

"What are you plotting Master, I'm sure you have to be scheming something." Jaesa said as she leaned in closer once again trying to use the fact I found her extremely attractive in her favor. I thanked god for the fact I couldn't feel anything beyond my armor, because given the way she was pressing herself into my chest I would have given my thoughts away. And not just by her Empathic abilities would my thoughts on the matter be made loud and clear.

"That depends on where, when, and why we are here. Force I miss Imperial Intelligence and my spy network." I groaned, ignoring the howling side of my mind that was nagging me to fall for Jaesa's trap. For one thing, if I did do that… she'd be bored and turned off that it was that easy. And secondly, I was the master and she was the apprentice and so I could not and would not be on her beck and call.

"You really think that we're not in the same time as when we entered hyperspace?" She asked, now being a little more serious. There was a devious and cunning mind behind that mask of a spoiled and hedonistic psychopath. A mind that I personally found sexier than her tits or ass by lightyears.

"Yes, I don't know what went wrong but all my instincts are telling me that something has changed deeply in the Force. And such a change could not have happened so suddenly, whatever happened needed a great deal of time to occur." I said even though I only had a small thread of evidence for this theory. But I needed to get everyone on the idea that the Empire was gone as soon as I could. Breaking me out of my thoughts and me and Jaesa's discussion was the sound of Broonmark coming out of the tree line. Dragging behind him a whole stag.

"We found humans, all of them wearing at best bronze armor and primitive weapons." The Talz said as he dragged the stag into the middle of the campsite. "Also dinner… we want the head." He said before pulling out his vibrosword and started cutting into the meat to butcher it as best he could.

"Bronze armor and primitive weapons. Please tell me we aren't on a developing pre-space flight world. Agh… it will take forever to get off this rock then." Jaesa groaned and I had to internally agree with her. Unless we got the ship or the communication equipment working, preferably the former rather than the latter, we would need to develop the world into hyperspace level of tech at a pace that was nearly impossible. Me and Jaesa had limited extended life spans with Force rejuvenation but that would not be enough to pull it off effectively. I'm fairly sure God would give me an out so I wasn't that worried.

"Saw them kidnap a human teen boy… we followed them to their camp… good number to be a good fight." Broonmark said in between grunts and the ripping of pieces off the carcass. But what he said had my full attention. This all was the set up, and so I had to look out for threads and hooks.

"Describe the boy." I got serious and looked to Jaesa to get off. She could sense that I was no longer willing to entertain her teasing and so did as told. My apprentice and I did have boundaries and she knew when I got serious any foolishness would be met with punishment. And not the fun kind. I Stood up and paced back and forth as I listened to Broonmark describe the boy… it was a dead ringer for a young Brandon Stark. What the fuck was Brandon doing in the Northern Mountains. There was no mention of Brandon having an incident like this in the books. So that only left this being the start of the story. This was God's last gift to me, a way into power.. "Broonmark… new mission. We're going to save that boy and murder that tribe." I said as I began to walk towards the creates of gear that had been brought out.

"Master, shouldn't we ally with the tribe? And by that crush their spirit and rule with an iron fist?" Jaesa asked with a small chuckle that I as a fellow psychopath couldn't help but find just so cute.

"Maybe but I really want to kill something right now." I said as I pulled out a vibrosword out from the creates. Broonmark grunted that it was his but I ignored him. Once I had my weapon I Force Pulled my respirator back and placed it over my face and pulled my heavy hood over my head. My armor was built for the Marauder class of Sith warrior combining both aspects of sharp and protective light armor and dark and mystic robes. I looked every bit the dark warrior that I was. "And no, you can't come. I want you here with the ship. Continue on your meditations and try and get a hint of where we are."

Rickard Stark had always thought himself a good man, a good father but now he was doubting himself. His eldest son was now in danger and alone in the mountain during Winter. This was not going to go well with his mother at all even if the boy was found. But that was the not last but a far off worry, on his mind.

"Shouldn't be too far… damn bastards have gone and done it now." Bander Umber grumbled as he followed his liege lord through the tracks in the snow. He and his men were assisting in the locating of Brandon, Rickard knew that it wasn't meant in anyway a slight. Northerners didn't have time for the backstabbing and double talk of the south. "The mountain clans can sometimes be a bigger pain in the ass than the fuckin' wildlings, at least the wildlings have the excuse of not living in the North. But the clans… they should know not to screw around with the Starks."

"Aye, and it will be a mistake we won't let them forget for a long time." Rickard growled much like his family's sigil. He and Lord Umber moved through the snow with about fifteen of Umber men behind them. Around two hundred other of Lord Umber's men were out in the mountains, or at least the small area of the mountains that Brandon could have reached, looking for Rickard's boy. They had found a lone horse from the village's stables and were able to track the horse's path back to a small clearing. The scene in the snow did not help matters, tracks of many men painted a picture for Rickard that made his normally ice cold blood boil.

"The nearest tribe that might have taken the lad is the Ram Skull tribe… pretty sure they're a bunch of goat fuckers." Bander chuckled as he led Rickard through the snow to where he last heard was the main camp of the tribe. "It's just over this hill, been planning on dealing with them for a few months now. Fuckers just gave us a gods' damn reason to get it over with." He explained as he and Rickard carefully climbed up the snow covered hill. They both crouched down and held their heads just a small edge over the hill line to get a good look of the tribe's camp.

The camp was surrounded by a hastily built wooden wall of sharpened logs. Inside were a few more well built… structures if they could be called that. Clearly the tribe knew something bad was coming for them and they wanted to be prepared. But what really caught the two lords' attention was the approaching figure that was walking toward the gate of the camp. He was wearing armor colored in the blackest midnight they had ever seen below the Wall, with only trimmings of dark red and bits of silver to break up the black. The armor itself was strange, not very light and more compact than any plate armor they had seen before. And to the Northerners it looked like his lower body was more dress than armor… but in no way did it ruin the look of regal dark authority the figure projected. Lord Rickard was only able to catch a small glimpse of the man's face from under the heavy hood that covered his head. But even that proved of little help as he was wearing some strange mask over the lower side of his face.

"Just who is that… I've never seen anyone like this before." Rickard couldn't help but ask. By the Old Gods… he looked like some of the stories that came about the shadow men from Asshai. They watched as he walked up to the only gate of the camp wall. Two of the tribesmen, two hulking brutes of meat that even with their poor weapons and armor would pose quite a threat. Not to this stranger, Rickard and Bander both watched with amazement as the man effortlessly sidestepped the first incoming attacks and then dipped under the follow up. He then, without drawing his weapon from under his robes, beat the two brutes with just a few heavy punches. The sound of ribs breaking and gasps of pain and anguish could be heard from the hill where the lords were watching this unfold.

"Well damn… I'm not going to call that fancy shite these easterners use useless again." Bander said a little disbelieving at what he had seen.

"You think he's from Essos?" Rickard questioned, that seemed to be a rational thought. But… they were far from the Narrow Sea and it was unlikely that a person dressed as this man would go unnoticed. They both watched as the man picked up one of the brutes by the head and… just held him up for a few minutes. Rickard could only think that they were too far to hear him speaking. He had to be interrogating the tribesmen… right? Then he dropped him and began moving into the camp. The Lords had a good high view of the camp and the walls weren't so tall as to block their view.

THe man then finally drew the blade at his hip, even from a distance it looked strange. Simple in its design as it looked to be a just a long sword with blocky hilt. But that was where the normality ended. It… moved. Despite how far they were, the two lords saw the blade the stranger use only as blur even when just held still.

But they watched as with nothing but with that single blade, this man cut through all the coming tribesmen. He flowed between the ranks of the savages with an eerie grace that seemed impossible. His speed was unreal and the ferocity of his attacks couldn't be discounted. Every slash, the anger and rage in it bled out into the air itself… but never was any movement wasted. Rage… but control. That was how Rickard would describe what he saw later. But right now he just watched the butchery with a mix of horrified disgusted and dark satisfaction as these had been the ones who kidnapped his son. And then the last of the tribe lunged at the stranger… only to be decapitated with one last stroke of his sword.

He gave no spare look to the blood and bodies he left in his wake but instead went straight for one of the rustic buildings of the camp. It was then that Rickard knew that he needed to move. He had no way of knowing if this man would extend his wrath upon his son. There was no means of knowing that was what was going to happen, but as a father he couldn't take that chance. Bander Umber was right behind him but the great man stopped to yell back at his men to follow. While the Lord of Last Hearth was stupidly fearless and Rickard was fueled by a father's courage, their bannermen lacked such traits.

"… don't seem to be hurt too bad. Nothing I can't fix up." Rickard heard as he entered the building that he saw the man enter. He saw the black armored figure at the other end of the cabin, kneeling down and in front of his son who was chained to the wall. The man turned his head slightly only to give a single gray eye to Rickard before looking back to his son. "You're better armored than the trash that I just killed." His voice was strange, strong and with a foreign accent that Rickard couldn't place. But what was really strange was the… he had no word for it. There was something on top of his voice that felt artificial, not organic to a normal human. "I'm assuming that you are with this child in some way?"

"He's my son." Rickard said before drawing his sword. He wished that he could have Ice in his hands but the Valyrian Broadsword was too large to bring to the mountains. "Now… if you would step away from him." Rickard held his sword ready for any move that the stranger had ready.

"Relax, I'm not here to kill you or him." The stranger said as he stood up and then he brought a hand up to his face. There was the sound of hiss, much like a snake but sharper. Then with his other hand he pulled down his hood which showed his midnight black hair. Tightly combed and pulled back into a small tail. He turned his face, giving Rickard a full look at the man that had saved his son. He was handsome, in a way that even Northerners could admire, strong and regal like a man that had earned his keep. Made Rickard think of the Stormlords or maybe his own kin. The two scars over the right side of his lip and the one cutting up the right side of his forehead was all the proof that was needed to show that he wasn't a man that had lived an easy life. But Rickard was still having a hard time placing just where did this man came from, his skin was pale, only a small touch of color to keep him from being as white as snow. Rickard couldn't place where he was from based on all he had in front of him. "I had seen them taking this young man here… and I sensed… less than friendly desires toward him from those I just killed. So I acted."

"I thank you for doing so, you may have just saved my son's life as well as the men with me who may have died trying to recover him." Rickard said still not fully ready to lower his weapon. "But I ask you again, step away from my boy." This time Rickard took a step forward. The man smiled, looking amused and in an instant… Rickard felt as if a snake was coiling around his neck and was staring right into his face ready to bite down. But then it was over and the man was standing away from Brandon as the Lord of the North requested.

"I told you, I'm not here to kill him or you." The man shrugged and leaned against the right wall of the cabin. Rickard blinked and recovered his wits. He sheathed his sword and went to his son. Now finally Bander Umber came into the cabin as Rickard had been blocking the door.

"Rickard, is your lad well?" The Umber asked, eyeing the stranger carefully.

"Aye, it seems Brandon is fine. He's going to be getting a lesson or two when we return to Winterfell but fine for now." Rickard said before he stood back up from looking over his boy. He then turned to the still unnamed stranger. "I thank you Ser. You saved my son's life, if there is anything I can do for you, I will make it happen. By my honor as Warden of the North and Lord of Winterfell." That was the honorable thing to do, Rickard might be nervous of the man but he did a selfless action, and by his side of the story… it seemed that he had no means of knowing that it was Rickard Stark's child that was in danger.

"I am no Ser." The man seemed greatly amused just to be saying those words. As if it was a joke that only he knew. "My name Naraiz Rhyhall, and if at all possible I would like to seek asylum for myself and my order… or what is left of it." The man said, shocking Rickard as he certainly wasn't expecting that.

Oh that was fun… I honestly thought I would have more issues with killing. But as it turns out I'm fine with it. Or at least… the Sith side of me is making me okay with it. I'm sure that I'm not fully the person that I was in my old life. But more of a mix of me and Naraiz Rhyhall. The initial excitement of everything is starting to fade and I can feel that things may be a bit more messy than I first thought.

"We didn't get to kill anything… Sith stole all the blood." Broonmark grumbled as we made our way back from the now ruined tribesmen camp. He was not happy with the orders that he would be on standby due to the other humans.

"Stop complaining, you'll get to kill soon enough." I shot back to the Talz following me. We were walking back to the small campsite where the rest of my followers were still waiting for me. As I approached the clearing I could see that Quinn had recovered and was placed on… my… chair. I was happy I had put my respirator back on because there was a small twitch of annoyance at seeing that. But then I shut down those feelings, I've been exposing myself to too much of the Dark Side today and a large part of my new psyche is not used to it. This is something I'll have to retrain myself to.

"Welcome back master, did you enjoy your stress relief?" Jaesa chuckled but I could sense that she had wished to join me, which in turn made me smile. Oh my little psychopath, how I adore you.

"Much so. Quinn, good to see you're up again." I said as me and Broonmark stopped at the larger campfire where everyone else was gathered. They were all eating the stag that Broonmark had killed earlier. As the Talz declared, the head was left alone for him to eat. Something that he would do far away as the rest of the crew had made it a rule that the Talz would not eat in front of them.

"My deepest apologize my lord, I shall endeavor to not let this happen again." Quinn said with a small groan of pain. His loyalty to me was still as strong as ever. I would never tell him but I considered his debt of betrayal paid. He served me well before and after and never once has he failed in his orders. But if he wants to keep that loyalty to me tied to a sense of guilt… I'm not going to stop him. Hey, I'm Sith after all.

"Aw quit with that captain." Pierce grumbling loud enough for all to hear. "You can't salute the Sith Lord when you got a piece of shrapnel lodged in your arm."

"Pierce is correct Quinn, I appreciate and admire your dedication to Imperial standards of conduct, but I value your life and skills more so." I said as I began pacing in front of the fire. I could feel Quinn taking my words as gospel… normal. Vette was happy for the care I was showing for those under my command. Piece was happy I said he was correct. Jaesa couldn't really care either way.

Broonmark was the only one unhappy by what I said, he still was a large detractor toward Captain Quinn for his betrayal. A subject the Talz took very seriously after his own from his Republic squad. But Broonmark would follow my orders to his death, he knew that while Quinn had betrayed us, I would never.

"So… you learn anything from your little trip." Vette asked as she picked at her small plate, more like a small piece of slag, of food. I could already guess that that was not her first plate. Vette like nearly all Twi'leks had a large appetite and it would be normal for her to have at minimum three plates of food.

"Yes, a great deal in fact." I said as I removed my respirator and levitated over my own plate of meat to myself. Everyone was hopeful by the fact I was clearly smiling. But I doubt they would like what I had to say. "We are on a feudal world." I said before pulling out one of the many hidden knives in my suit to cut my meat with. The reaction I got was a bunch of groans from the three humanoid non-force users. Jaesa went quiet and began thinking over this development. Broonmark on the other hand was perfectly fine with this as it really didn't matter too much to him.

"You have to be joking… a fucking feudal world. A human feudal world at that." Vette groaned as she knew that meant she was going to have to hide and not interact with locals. Not at least until we found people we could trust but that could take time. I knew this was a problem for her, Vette was a thief and a scoundrel by nature… and she was a very social animal that liked to be around people. Isolation didn't do well with her.

"I'm not joking. We have crash landed on a continent called Westeros. In a kingdom called the North. Unoriginal, I know." I knew all of this by heart, I was a very big fan of the books and the show. But I had run through the minds of several of the tribesmen to get some possible details that were never said in either. I also did the old fashion way of asking a few questions, my cover of a traveler from across the western seas provided me with a good excuse.

"Though it's any better than the Sith Empire or the Republic." Pierce chuckled, earning a glare from Quinn but I just smiled at the joke. It was true though, and Sith in general didn't have much leg to stand on. Either it was in strange tongues that didn't make a bit of damn sense or it was overly dark sounding.

"The locals of Westeros name things based more on descriptive traits than original names." I shrugged before continuing with my explaining. "From what I was able to gather from both my speaking with the locals and reading their minds, this world is deep in a technological stagnation. There is some advancement but not much has been improved."

"It will be difficult repairing the ship my lord with a limited environment such as that." Quinn said, making me frown.

"How bad is the damage?" Looking at Vette and Pierce, neither of them looked too confident but neither could I feel despair so it wasn't a total loss.

"It was the left side that took the most damage, so we got lucky there. Reactor is nearly intact, we were damn fucking lucky about that." Pierce said, and I had to hold back my knowing smirk. So God didn't dick me over one last time. "Guidance systems are in pretty good shape as well, so if we can get her off the ground then we can still fly it straight too." Good, those were the key most things that would be a pain in the ass to fix. Everything else I was fairly confident that we could repair in a few years' time with enough resources. I'm sure my crew wanted to get off this rock as soon as they could so that was going to be bad for them but I planned on making this world my staging ground for my new Empire. What I wanted the ship for was to be able to get out into space to start laying the groundwork for that Empire as well as bringing in outside help and resources.

"Very well, I trust that you can get it working soon then." I said looking at Vette with a shit eating grin on my face. She just sputtered in disbelief at that.

"W-what… what do you mean me? You're saying that like I'm going to be doing it all by myself." She accused glaring at me which got her a glare from Quinn. I felt bad for what I was going to do to Vette… I will be sure to find someone that can keep her company as soon as I can.

"You are. You and Broonmark will stay here while the rest of us will journey out of the mountains and to meet up with Rickard Stark. Turns out that those tribesmen that I just killed were holding his son hostage and he is the leader of this kingdom." Vette, Pierce, and Jaesa all dropped their jaws at that turn of luck. Quinn just frowned as it sounded like he and myself would be submitting to this man soon. Broonmark… didn't care. "And I was able to spin a story that has gotten us into his good graces."

"What sort of story my lord?" Quinn asked carefully.

"Myself and Jaesa are members of the Order of Magic users from across the western sea. A sea that has never been crossed before. While I am loath to simplify the Force as mere magic… I didn't have time to explain it in great detail. Myself and my apprentice are the last members of our order after it had been destroyed by our rivals the Jedi." Jaesa and Pierce chuckled at that. "We the Sith escaped as the Jedi burned down our last enclave of followers, and you and me, are the last of our kind." This was true in a sense… me and Jaesa are the last True Sith. Plagueis and Sidious and the rest of the followers of the Rule of Two are not Sith. Darth Bane can burn in Chaos for all time for perverting Master Revan's teachings into that damned Rule of Two.

"What about myself and the Captain?" Pierce asked, noting that he and Quinn were lacking in the story. They weren't Sith or even Force users.

"You…" I said pointing to Pierce. "Are the last of the guards made up of the vassals of the Sith. Trained to protect and guard the Sith with your life." Pierce nodded at that, wasn't too far from the truth anyways. "And you…" I pointed to Quinn. "Are the only remaining member of the government of the nation that was the patron of the Sith Order, a nation he Jedi destroyed for helping and housing the Sith within their borders."

"But my lord, that suggests that I am your superior. I cannot even in a fabrication assume that to be true." He said, still so humble and filled with guilt over what he did. I'm going to need to find him something to pull him out of that just a bit. Grow his character just a little bit. Maybe find him romance plot with some character from the books.

"You have already pledged your loyalty to me after the collapse of your government. You recognized that the Sith should have been given a larger role in ruling and so serve me." I waved off like it was nothing but Quinn breathed a sigh of relief that he wouldn't be overstepping his place. Even if it wasn't him that was doing it. "Rickard Stark bought it, and in thanks for saving his son's life he has extended the North as a place of asylum for the Sith Order. He has said that we may establish ourselves here with his support." I had thought about asking for Moat Cailin but that wouldn't do, while I loved the North… the old ruin was too important strategically for the North for any of the Northern lords to be okay with a foreigner to be holding it. Besides… I had my eyes on another keep for the Sith Order.

"By support… what does that mean?" Jaesa asked, her normal carefree murderous demeanor was erased and replaced with one of seriousness.

"We for the time being will be staying at his home of Winterfell and there we will discuss the details. Mostly we will use the chance to learn all we can and then develop a proper plan." I said before taking a bite of my meal. Barely a meal given that it was just meat and whatever they could find in the ship that wasn't destroyed or burnt to a crisp. I then looked at Jaesa with a serious look over my face, She was going to be the problem of this whole thing. "Jaesa… you cannot kill a single person I don't give the okay to."

"What? But…"

"No, while we are on this world are not Sith Lords, masters of the Empire. We have no official authority and so we cannot simply wave away any charges of murder with the normal excuses." The Sith had a ridiculous amount of immunity when it came to Imperial Law, given that it was the Sith Empire that was obvious. But in my Empire, that would be rolled back a bit. "And when it comes to anything concerning Sith beliefs you send them to me. We need to be careful in what we give away. This world's moral code would not find our views to be… safe… given our powers."

"Very well Master…" Jaesa said this and she wasn't hiding any thoughts of going against my orders. Didn't mean she wouldn't grumble about it.

"And to all of you, avoid showing off our technological advancement. As far as I can tell, pre-gunpowder, pre-steam power, this world is as feudal as it gets." I got several nods but it was clear they weren't too happy. "Our goals are at the moment, get the ship working and survive in this backwater world long enough to do so." I said, that was far from my real plans but it was what they expected for right now.

This was my new life… already i could see the beginnings of a new Sith Order and once I reach the stars a new Empire. I have every nerd's dream just in arm's reach, and I'm taking it.

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