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"I assume that it's a hard thing." Lord Stark asked me as we road down the Kingsroad to Winterfell. Apparently after my little extermination of those tribesmen caused a few waves among the Mountain Clans. Enough to where Rickard's original mission of culling a few of the tribes was rendered moot. "Leaving everything you knew, your people, your lands, your home. All of it taken from you." He said and I could feel the pity in him along with a small bits of anger and disapproval.

"I didn't want to… I fought many battles trying to save the Empire. But in the end, it fell apart due to infighting and squabbling. It was the Empire's fault as much as it was the Jedi and their Republic." I said with a low and grim tone. The feeling surrounding Rickard's mind changed, that was good. I didn't want him seeing me as a man that just abandoned his people for his own hide. "I left I they were burning Korriban down, we only escaped because my friend and fellow Sith Darth Marr made a sacrifice a man can only make once. I will not let that choice be made in vein." I was bullshiting. The last battle I was at was over Naboo and while Marr and me were on good terms but we were still Sith, he'd never take a bullet for me.

"My condolences, he sounds like an honorable man." Rickard said and… I had to agree with that. In his own way and to many other Sith by our standards he was honorable. "So, tell me… what manner of beast have I granted refuge in my lands. Who are you Sith?" He asked and it was natural for him to be worried and curious. I hadn't given much explanation to him as to who we are other than what was needed to gain enough sympathy along with vague details.

"We are a Order of… I guess you could say that we are Warrior-Monks." That was a… bad oversimplification. A very bad one. But it was the one that would serve me the best here and that was a Sith thing to do. "The Sith, and the Jedi…" I spat showing my disdain for the rival Order. "… we both are orders of beings that are able to feel the flow and power of an integral energy of nature and living beings. We call this energy the Force." I said giving a small pause to breath in and extend my senses with the Force. I could sense those around me and then to the animals in the surrounding forest. I could feel that Rickard was skeptical… and who wouldn't be? "We, the Sith, seek to use the Force to free ourselves. From what that is up to each Sith." I wasn't lying. "While the Jedi on the other hand seek to use the Force to find peace within themselves."

"And just how did you and these Jedi come to fighting each other." Rickard asked, I could feel that he like many others found the Jedi to be the more appealing of the two. I suspected that a man like Rickard would prefer peace to freedom. This was why I needed to keep back much of the truth of the matter away from people. Unless you had a situation like in the Empire where the Sith way of thinking was already the dominant ideal or had a personal experience to draw you to the Dark Side, the moral person would choose the Jedi over the Sith if all they had was the surface facts. And by the time you actually got deeper in, you were already lost to the Jedi's restrictive doctrine.

"The Sith and Jedi have been fighting over the proper means to understand the Force for as long as our Orders have existed. The Sith Order was started by Jedi who began to question the status quo. And they were exiled, and everything after that just… snowballed into an avalanche." I said and the Northerner chuckled. "If you worry that Jedi might come for me and mine, have no worry. They think we are long dead by now." I said adding a small bit of Force persuasion to my words.

"That sounds a little too hopeful but I'll take your word for now." He said and I held back my smirk. "But tell me more about this Force, this energy you worship."

"No, that is a clear difference between the divine and the Force." I said, I knew this was going to be a problem down the road as people were bound to confuse this. "The Force is as part of the natural order of nature as water running down stream, clouds floating in the sky, or fire burning. It is simply a part of it all, apart of us. And we do not worship the Force, we seek to understand it and use it for our needs." Again… I was giving a form of the truth without much of the key details.

"You sound very sure of all this… like you have some proof of what you are saying." I knew that he was still thinking that I saw the Force as a godly idea. And his question of proof was there so he could point to the Weirwood Trees of his gods. I never knew that Eddard's father would be such a godly man but then again Rickard Stark wasn't given much time in either of the books in terms of his personality.

"Yes… I do." At that I looked to a small stone wall that lined the Kingsroad and stopped my horse. Rickard waved back to stop the column and stopped as well. I closed my eyes and moved my hand down towards the poorly maintained stone wall. I reached out with the Force, and I could sense Rickard and those men that could see their astonishment and awe at seeing one of the stones that made the wall be pulled out and float into my hand. "That… is me reaching out into the Force and using it in one of the most simple manners that one of my Order can use it in."

"By the gods…" Rickard breathed with just awe of what I had just done. And more over because I made it seem such a mundane task. I wasn't going to tell him all that I could do because that would likely overwhelm him and would be fearful. Fear is a great tool but best one for the short term. In the long term it was problematic, fear breeds resentment and through that resentment hatred. Not what you what in your allies. "It is like something from the age of Heroes."

"It is nothing special. Any Force Sensitive can manage that." I said casually said as my horse began trotting forward once again. Rickard just staring at me, questions filling his mind as he motioned his horse to follow. And ask them he did. All manner of questions of hows and whys over the Force and just what it could do. I kept it all vague, I can't show all my cards when some of those cards included mind control. I could sense that the level of murderous intent was increasing dramatically behind us… I could guess that Jaesa was being questioned by Brandon over what he just saw me do.

Jaesa wanted to kill this little bug so much she might actually do it. But her master had forbidden her from killing anyone without a good reason. And he said that someone was annoying her was not a good reason… anymore. But he just wouldn't shut up.

"Just what did he do, all he did was reach out and the rock came to him. Is he some kind of wizard? Lord Umber said that he killed the entire tribe all by himself. Did he just float them up and shoot them into the sky? Or crush them into the ground?" While those were fun ideas they were boring and more over he was still too young to know anything. Too young to be any real fun, she couldn't kill him, and he wouldn't shut up.

"My Lord Stark, it would be best not to disturb Lord Rhyhall's apprentice." Quinn said as he moved his horse up to next the two. "She has a rather foul temperament." Jaesa snorted but he was right but she didn't have to stay here and listen to the Captain's sass. And with that she decided to leave and leave Quinn to handle the questions. He was good at things like that, which was ironic given that Quinn had been rather terrible lately at making friends. He was cold and dismissive of everyone that tried to help him. He was still injured and needed a good deal of assistance to get on his horse. Quinn didn't think highly of these people and he was already getting a similar reputation as southerners had among the men of Winterfell.

Thankfully Pierce was saving face on that. He was getting along great with Rickard's men. The imperial solider was laughing and telling jokes with the northerners just like any soldiers did. Jaesa knew that Pierce was smart enough not to… reveal too much or cause a situation. Which was why her master was letting him be so friendly with the locals.

All of this just made Jaesa feel sick. Feudal worlds just reminded her of her homeworld of Alderaan and in none of the good ways like good bathing or electricity. These Northerners were… alright. They were hardy and didn't play around with nobility shit like so many other Feudal worlds. She doubted that would be the case for the whole world however. But she would trust her master, she knew that he enjoyed three things above all else. Sex… he was hungry man when it came to that. A good fight, not fighting grunts but fighting skilled Jedi and Sith and anyone else that proved worthy. And playing politics and making those high and mighty fail so horribly and standing over the ruins of their ambitions.

She understood that she wasn't the best at… long term plans. Or even waiting. When she turned to the Dark Side, her master was encouraging of her in her adventures of her exploring all that life could give. But then one day she killed a whole room of Imperial officers because one of those officers had said that she was nothing but a piece of Jedi ass that her master was fond of. Her master beat her into an inch of her life with nothing but his hands, he had done so because she had lost control and killed the whole room instead of that just that one officer. She had let herself go to the Dark Side without restraint.

When she had recovered from that beating. She demanded why he had punished her for doing just as he told her. To live life free. To live the way the Jedi had always told her was forbidden. But he told her that she did go against his teachings. That she had let the Dark Side take control. That the Dark Side had taken her freedom just as the Jedi did. Since then she had tried to find that path of balance where she could find her freedom. Where every choice that she made was wholly her own. Not because someone powerful told her it was the right path, or because any power in the Force said it was what she wanted. But she still struggled daily with the Dark Side. It was not a small whisper in her mind promising all she could ever desire but instead a roar that called for her to return. A roar that made it hard to deal with annoying people or stay still for long.

"Jaesa!" She perked up when she heard her master call her. he was the one person that she would follow. Because she chose to. If she wanted she could leave… sometimes she had to leave when she didn't want to. Sometimes… she would do something truly stupid and her master would not be happy to have her around. But he would calm down… eventually… and she would be welcomed back. Jaesa would follow him to Chaos and back.

"Yes Master." She said as her horse approached his and Lord Stark's own. Her master had a knowing smile on his face. He was enjoying the awe they had for his powers. It wasn't like what he did was special, even low tier Force Users could do what he did. And she had seen him do things that only others in the single digits could do.

"Jaesa… are you handling this well?" Her master asked and it confused her. He knew that she wasn't enjoying this. The Empire was gone, she didn't care for it that much but it gave her the ability to do what she wanted with legal authority. Now if she killed someone she could actually be arrested. She wouldn't let any dumbass cop touch her, but they would try! That would never happen in the Empire, she was Sith and so she could do what she pleased.

"No master, we are far from home and in lands that don't know us or respect what we are." She explained without covering her anger or her irritation. "It pisses me off that we even have to be here and it pisses me off that we at the mercy of others and that guy back there won't just shut up!" Jaesa said, the Dark Side flaring her anger but when she saw the stern look of warning on her master's face she clamped down on it. "I'm sorry master."

"Your apprentice seems quite free to speak her mind Rhyhall, my daughter is quite the same." Lord stark chuckled, clearly not having taken offence at what she said. "And we all have questions for you and your master my lady, my boy is just… aye… he needs to learn when it is best to speak and when not to." He admitted with a sigh.

"Jaesa, I thank you for not killing Brandan Stark. I know it must have been difficult for you." Her Master said while Lord Stark went wide eyed at that statement. Jaesa didn't care for what the old man thought of her, she was happy that her master recognized her difficulties. "When we arrive at Winterfell we will spar and do some other training." He said with a hungry smile that Jaesa responded in kind. If she couldn't indulge in her bloodlust than she would do with normal lust.

"That might be sooner than later…" Lord Stark said before he galloped up the hill ahead of the two. Master and apprentice both looked to each other and then to the Northerner before motioning their horses to follow. They came up to the top of the hill and were able to see down and out across the lower hills. And there Jaesa saw their destination, a castle of great size. It was a impressive construction by the standards of a Feudal world. It did remind her of some of the palaces of Alderaan but it was more blunt and less embellished than the fancy and gilded buildings of her homeworld.

"Magnificent." She heard her master mumble and it was more honest than she thought it deserved. Like he actually meant it and it wasn't just for Lord Stark's benefit.

I had to use all my will to keep from geeking out. I was riding through the gates of Winterfell. I was here… and it was just as it was on the show. Everything… perfect. Just as I had hoped. We came through the south gate and into the courtyard. People took great notice to the man that had come with their liege lord, I made quite the impression. As I was in my full suit of Sith Armor and Robes. I was a strange and intimidating sight.

And I could feel the surrounding emotions, not as well as Jaesa was likely able to and I would ask her on the details later. But I could feel a great amount of suspicion towards me, Jaesa, and Quinn. Pierce was still back with the guards but I could guess that seeing as he was would calm their initial fears of him. But there was also lust… towards my lovely apprentice. Careful boys.

I then dismounted and handed the reins over to one of the stable hands. I continued to look around and I still couldn't help but feel giddy. I then glanced to the silhouette of the Broken Tower and my senses picked up on… there was a hint of the Dark Side in the old tower. Something to look into. Then I looked to where the Godswood would be, and as I expected I could feel something there as well. Touched by the Light Side.

"I welcome you Rhyhall to my home." Rickard said as he himself dismounted. "You may stay for as long as you may need. I would be happy to have honor of giving the man who saved my son's life a bed and meals." He said then gave a small fatherly look to Brandon. Ooh… you're in trouble. But thanks to you kid I have a in with a Great House of Westeros.

"And it is an honor to have it so." I said with a small bow to him. He chuckled and looked like he was about to saw something more only to be stopped by a coming cheer.

"Father!" We both heard and turned to the source of the sound and saw a small figure rush into Rickard's side. "Welcome back." I couldn't help but smile at the antics of an eight year old Benjen Stark. But my smile grew even more as I felt something else coming from the boy beyond the normal happiness at seeing his father.

"Hello pup… only been gone two weeks and you've grown even bigger." Rickard laughed as he picked up the boy who then struggled a bit at the action. The father put his son back down as the rest of the Stark family came to greet their patriarch. In front was of course was his wife Lyarra Stark. She was quite the Northern beauty, unlike many noble ladies of the south she had a fuller body that had curves that I knew many women back on earth would kill for. Behind her was Eddard and Lyanna Stark, the both clear Stark children with their family's features. Eddard was already displaying his famous calm and shy behavior as he kept to the back of the family, he should be twelve by now I think. Lyanna was right behind her mother and was just a fountain of excitement. And behind them all was the castle's Maester, not Lwuin but the one before him… uh… Walys! Yes that's his name.

"Rickard, we didn't expect you back so soon." Lyarra said and I kept my surprise internal, that was such mild reaction to her husband. No kiss on the cheek or warm smile, she was pleased to see him safe but not overjoyed at his return. Hmm… something to look into. "Or that you would be bringing back guests." She said as she looked to me, Jaesa and Quinn.

"Yes, this is Naraiz Rhyhall, his apprentice Jaesa Willsaam, and his vassal Malaval Quinn." Rickard introduced us all, I gave a small bow and after a small glare to Jaesa she did as well. Quinn, still being fairly defiant in recognizing any authority other than Imperial also needed a small glare before he nodded in recognition to the lady of the keep. "Rhyhall, this is my wife Lyarra, my third son Benjen…" He said smiling as he looked down to the boy hugging his side. "And my second son Eddard and my daughter Lyanna."

"A delight to meet you my lady." I said with a bit of charm that had gotten me the attention of many imperial ladies. Huh… it still feels quite strange to think of Naraiz in those days as me. I forwent adding any Force Persuasion lacing my words as I knew both the elder Starks had keen and strong minds. I doubt I could control them and anything more than lightly enhancing my charisma would do more harm them good. But I wasn't about to give them any reason to suspect. They had no clue that the Force could be used on the mind but those of strong will and mind can feel when someone is attempting something, and I wasn't about to give them any ideas on my full powers. "I apologize for me and my followers sudden intrusion into your life however I must take what opportunity I can to insure my Order's survival."

"Your Order? What is this and what have you done." Lyarra said looking to her husband with a look that all married men know. But I noticed that there was a slight chill to her demeanor that any love based marriage would have warmed automatically.

"It isn't what your husband did my lady but instead what your son did." I have no issue throwing Brandon under a bus. The boy wasn't going to go anywhere, my plans weren't going to change his fate. My smile remained the same as the mother looked toward her son with narrowed eyes. "He journeyed off on his own and was taken by savages, I ran into these tribesmen and… killed them all." I said so causally that I could feel the spike in fear in all of the Starks. "Saving your son by accident. But saved him I did, and your husband felt honor bound to reward me with a request. And that request was granting asylum to my Order in the North. The Sith Order."

"Is that so." Lyarra said still looking toward her husband and then to her eldest son. I could feel that her seeding hostility and suspension toward me and mine had been uprooted well enough. There was certainly a feeling of… you morons… being sent toward the eldest males of the Stark family. "Well I thank you for saving my son's life and welcome to our home." She said with a friendly smile, but I could sense she was still weary of me… maybe I should change my outfit… nah. Black and red Sith armor and robes looks too damn badass.

"Maester Walys will show you three to your chambers." Rickard said as he waved to the Maester who nodded and looked to me and began his way forward to the guest houses.

"Master do we have to now, we've been riding for days and I really want a chance to train for a bit." Jaesa whined as she followed me, I noted that the Starks not familiar with me and my followers took great interest in this request. I took the opportunity to introduce some feelings for future interaction.

"Quinn, follow the… Maester-" I said as though unfamiliar with the word. "- to our new quarters. Jaesa and I will be there soon." Jaesa looked giddy and all the Starks looked very interested in this.

"At once my lord." Quinn with a crisp Imperial salute. He nodded to the Maester who looked very interested in this new chance to study something no one had ever before. A new culture never before seen by Maesters. Quinn followed the man to a nearby large structure, huh… I had thought that was something else but it was the guesthouse.

"Master." Jaesa said snapping me out of my thoughts.

"Yes, Lord Stark my we use some of your practice weapons for our training." I said before patting Midwan. "This… isn't good for something so productive as training." Not only that but I had expressly forbidden use of lightsabers. Don't want the savages seeing me with something so futuristic as a laser sword, might start getting their pointy sticks and torches.

"Yes please, I am looking forward to seeing you and your student. Maybe my sons can learn a thing or two from it." Rickard said looking to his sons with a smirk. Brandon and Eddard all grumbled a bit while Benjen didn't notice his father's comment. Meanwhile I could sense the predictable, Lyanna was very interested in the fact that Jaesa, a woman, was being permitted to train with swords. In the south it would be seen as unthinkable, but in the North it was just considered rare and odd.

We made our way toward the training yard. A few men in the middle of mock battles with dull blades and training armor. Jaesa scowled at sight, she was a great believer in not playing things safe. I chuckled as we came to the rack of swords, Jaesa instantly knew which were sharp and not and went right for the real thing. I let her and took a sharp blade as well, it just wouldn't be fair for her to have all the fun. We both held our swords carefully, it had been a long time since Sith used real metal instead of the plasma of a Lightsaber. But we were both highly skilled, I myself was likely the finest warrior currently in this galaxy. Maybe Yoda and Macey boy… Palpy… Durge if he's in this universe, a few others might give me a hard time. Actually now that I think about it… Darth Plagueis was should be around now rather than palpy. Oh well… The Muun was killed in his sleep how hard could he be to beat?

"I might actually win for a time, for one thing you can't use Ataru like you normally do. No jumping around in front of the locals." She said quietly, using my words against me. I had also forbidden the use of Force acrobatics. I really wanted to keep the view our powers under the strictest of control on this world for right now.

"Makashi only then." I remarked as we took to the center of the training yard. All the soldiers had given the new comers a wide birth. Many were watching carefully at the sight of the two dark robed strangers, one of which was a woman. Already I could hear a few of them making lewd remarks about how they would be getting Jaesa in bed with them by tonight. Fools, if they ever did so they would be ending their night dead. Not by my hand, although Jaesa was mine by all Sith Rights, but she would end up killing them as that was part of her fun.

"Eah… Jedi gracefulness." She complained and I chuckled at the remark. Yes Form Two was indeed a very elegant style of Lightsaber combat, but that didn't mean the Jedi had a total monopoly on it. Dooku, Ventress, and Grievous all used this style, Jaesa just wanted to flail about wildly letting her emotions fuel her bloodshed.

"Tut tut my apprentice, you must respect the classics." I said playfully as I took the Makashi Salute with the steel weapon. Jaesa following my example though her frown did not mirror my amused smile. Then the assembled soldiers and Starks all watched as the first opening moves between the two Sith began. It wasn't anything flashy but those that knew their sword play were enthralled by the tight range of movement that the flourishing strikes were given in. "For all your moaning about this Jedi manner of fighting you seem to recall a good deal of it my dear Jaesa. Perhaps I should have you fight with this more often." I remarked as he parried one of Jaesa's short lunges.

"Please Master, don't." She said with a small irritated pout that couldn't help but see her have when I would tell her to stop stabbing something. We stepped to the side but kept the straight line of combat between us. This single line made up all of our zone of striking, Makashi was basically the Star Wars version of fencing only with a little more style. We went on like for about an hour, with Jaesa actually trying to harm me as best she could by the end. While I continued to play with her and all could see this. Her movements became increasingly rapid and impatient, a small bit of desperation in there as well. While my own were careful and laid back, still expertly done but at the same time it was obvious to everyone that I wasn't putting all I had into it. I then decided to end it and with one move I disarmed my apprentice, sending the sword skidding across the dirt of the training grounds.

"You still need control my apprentice, we are Sith… not mindless berserkers." I said as I lowered the tip of my sword to her chin. And then faster then the eye could see I flipped the hilt of the sword between my fingers and the blade was dangling toward the ground. "I have sure worked up an appetite. Lord Stark! Could we have something to eat after such a long journey?" I said looking to the Lord of Winterfell who had been watching the training duel with rapt attention.

"I believe that is doable." He chuckled as he regained his wits, never before had he seen such a display of skill of the sword. It was like the time he watched Braavosi Water Dancing in King's Landing in one of his few trips down south. "I would like to extend a welcome to you and your companions to dine with my family tonight, I still feel that I have done enough to repay you." I could tell that this was a man that took debts seriously. Good, because even if the debt is officially paid that didn't mean it would be in his mind.

"I would have to decline." I said knowing that might be taken as a insult. But I needed to play the game well even in the North. What I needed to do was never give an inch to Rickard. Keep him hanging on thinking that he was just close enough to paying me back for saving his son. And that would only happen after he extended a means to do that and I recognized him doing so. Until then he would continue to make efforts to pay the debt even unconsciously. "But I thank you for the offer, but I feel I should dine with my own for tonight while we settle in." Rickard nodded at that, I could sense mostly understanding from him along with small pieces of curiosity. From his wife I could sense more suspicion but it wasn't hostile, more like we were a puzzle that needed to be figured out. Their children were all varying degrees of disappointed at not being able to speak with the interesting new strangers some more. "Come Jaesa, let us find our rooms and dine there." I said as I floated our sword back to the rack where they belonged. The sight of me doing so had everyone looking on with shock and awe. No doubt there would be many rumors on that alone. Thankfully before anyone could come to their senses over what we had just saw me and Jaesa were gone.

"Fuck yes! Fuck this dirty slut of yours master!" Jaesa screamed in the throes of orgasmic pleasure as I continued to thrust in and out of her. We were lucky that the stone walls that made up the keep of Winterfell were able to muffle out the cries of passion to some degree, the rest was made up by a Force Technique that all Acolytes of Korriban learned. It didn't come from the teachers but it was needed as a means to keep times like this secret from the instructors. Not because they disapproved of fucking around, but because it would be blackmail material. "Harder! Please master punish me, I need-" Jaesa moans of submissive rapture grew into one loud cry of painful delight as I pulled her up by her hair from her prior position of on all fours on our bed.

"Careful there… it almost sounded like you were giving me the orders here." I whispered as he brought her up kneeling on her knees. My pace slowing down causing her to nearly whine in displeasure. However, the light threatening tone I had used got her both hot and bothered while at the same time warned her to my slight irritation. My Sith side did not like to ordered around in the bedroom, didn't matter who my partner was… I was in control period.

"No master, I all wanted was more. More of what you can only give me." She begged as she rolled her hip further onto my hardened cock. Trying to entice me into giving her what she wanted. I gave her some of that, but I stopped completely in my own motions and instead reached around and grabbed ahold of one of her perky breasts. The soft globe of flesh was slowly gripped in my hands eliciting a moan out from my apprentice. It wasn't what she really wanted but it was small gesture on my part that had her wanting even more. "Master is so cruel… teasing me like this." I smirked at her playful complaining, even though I knew she loved the feeling of my hand kneading her tit and my fingers rolling her hardened nipple between them.

"Oh… look at me and see if I truly am a cruel master as you say." I said as I returned to sliding in and out of her drench lower lips. Jaesa could barely contain herself at the sensation running through her body. But she held it together long enough to slightly turn her head to see me as I told her to do so. Her eyes shimmered for just a moment as I knew she was looking deep into my soul with her Force given power. To see what a person truly was.

"I see… a cruel man." She said with a knowing smirk that I would punish momentarily. "Cruel to those that defy and seek to harm his and his own. But a man kind and loving to those under him." She smiled softly as even if she was devoted to Sith that was currently fucking her, her soul loved the man under the Sith. He was everything she thought a true man should be, a perfect blend of Evil and Good. She knew that she could never reach the Balance that her master and Lord Revan achieved, but that didn't mean she couldn't admire it. "A man that is… F-f-fuck!" She screamed as she felt my other hand reach down and a small but growing nub and squeeze her erect clit. My pace began to increase rapidly and her head fell back onto my shoulder as I brought her closer and closer to her climax. "Please master I'm so close, p-please give it me!" She begged as she held my hands to her breasts and clit pushing them both to further the carnal euphoria the was getting closer and closer to sending her over the edge.

"You have to say it Jaesa, I'll never know what it is you want unless you tell me." As she said, I can be a cruel man.

"Cum in me! Please I need to feel your hot spunk filling me!" She screamed as rode my cock as hard as her body would let her. And with that I began jackhammering into her, her walls holding my member in a vice like grip trying to milk me for all I had. And once I felt her reach her limit I came, painting her inside white with my cum. "I'm fucking cumming!" Jaesa cried out in a passionate roar of pleasure as she felt my cum fill her womb. Both of us rode out the following orgasm before falling back onto their fur covered bed. "T-th-thank you master… nothing beats a good fucking after a day like today." Jaesa mumbled as she nuzzled into my chest, I could just feel the smile on her face at the feeling on my hand moving to her ass. While she loved dominating some poor loser that she would pick out of a bar, I knew she loved being the one being dominated when it was me doing it. My own possessive nature about her turned her on so much and I brought it out when in the bedroom. It turned her into a squirming little bitch that just wanted to be fucked stupid. "So what is the current scheme going on in that mind of yours?"

"What makes you think I have any scheme?" I joked as I enjoyed the fading high of our fucking. Along with the post sex cuddling, something that I knew Jaesa needed given her attachment complex she had with me. After having a life of people controlling her with lies and secrets, I was now her constant. I was now the thing in her life she could always turn to. And that had evolved into a fanatical devotion to me and a deep seeded love for me along with that.

"Because you always have a scheme brewing up there." She said as her head rested on my chest and her finger trailed along one of my many scars. I think the particular one was given to me by a Jedi… don't remember which one though. Eah… must not have been important if I didn't recall them. "So spill it." She asked looking up at me with the those big brown eyes of hers. Nothing but trust and devotion behind them. If I had been any other Sith then that would get her killed… then again given her power she would never look at anyone like that if they were capable of abusing her trust. We did not have the normal Sith Master and Apprentice dynamic. After all the normal way was a bunch of bullshit to begin with, yes it encouraged a Dark Side mentality among the Sith but at the cost of more Sith dying by each other's hand than the Jedi ever did.

"Hmm." I give the classical Littlefinger hmm, I was trademarking that by the way. It was way too cool for that little shit to have. "The Empire is dead… so are the Sith." I said looking forward in deep thought. Jaesa didn't move from her spot on my chest but she was looking at me with rapt attention. "Given what we can feel in the Force, too much time has passed by for the Empire to have lasted given how we left it. And I can feel the Light Side of the Force being far too strong for a real Sith presence to be left in the galaxy."

"Are you saying we're the last ones? Jaesa asked not being opposed to the idea. I smiled down at her knowing how she felt on this. She didn't particularly like the old Sith order too much either.

"Possibly." Not at all… but I couldn't tell her that. Working around my future knowledge with Jaesa was going to be tricky. But thankfully her semi-blind trust in me would help that. "But that doesn't matter in the end. Because I am taking the Sith Order we knew and throwing in a open grave."

"We're not going to be Sith anymore?" She asked clearly confused as I had introduced ourselves to our Westeros hosts as Sith. If I had been planning on becoming something else I would have introduced us as that.

"No, we are still Sith. But no longer will we beholden to backward thinking of the old doctrine." I said before shifting my body so that I would be able to get out of bed. Jaesa whined at the feeling of me only now leaving her body, the sudden feeling of emptiness in her displeasing. I chuckled at her small whimpers of my leaving her as I stood up naked in our guest room. Jaesa had been given one as well but it would be going unused. "I will be making a new Sith Order, one that follows the teachings of Balance that Master Revan laid before us. No longer with the Sith and Jedi squabble amongst themselves in an eternal pendulum of swinging between the Light and Dark. Each side growing stronger with each swing to combat the other, it will only end in one side becoming so strong that they finally destroy the galaxy." I said as I took one of the forks on the small dining table and piercing a small cooked potato. We had begun our sexual stress relief after being given our meals by the Stark servants. It looked a little cold but I wasn't really needing anything more than something to fill me up.

"An entire new Order created by you, that's going to be a lot of work." Jaesa mused aloud as took the time to lean back against the headboard of our bed. In her deeper thoughts about this topic of discussion she unconsciously began circling her fingers over her stomach. I hid the small glare I had at the gesture, I knew were that was coming from. I wasn't planning on letting those desires be fulfilled any time soon. Given that I needed Jaesa in several rolls that a pregnancy would keep from filling, plus with my plans being what they were I knew an arranged marriage to some noble lady would be in my future. Having a bastard with my apprentice would not help in anyway to my plans. Those my logical and objective reasons, personally… I had none. Other than I didn't think Jaesa would make the best mother even if she might blind herself to that fact. Thankfully another lesser known Force skill learned on Korriban was Force Birth Control, this actually taught by the instructors. They were training Sith and didn't need their acolytes getting knocked up on them.

"I plan to build from the ground up. I'll be taken most of the bulk of teachings from both the Jedi and Sith. Just putting a good old fashion Revan spin on them." I chuckled a bit before turning a little more serious. "The deeper philosophies I'll have to meditate on. In an area touched by the Dark Side, the Light Side and somewhere Balanced in both." I explained as I sat back in the chair next to the dining table.

"I felt two of those here in this castle you find so interesting." I raised an eyebrow as I chewed the provided venison, cooked a bit on the well done side but still good.

"What do you mean?"

"Come on Master what is about these primitives that you find so exciting? Ever since we arrived you've had this thing about you. Like everything you see is the greatest thing in the world." She asked as she hopped off the bed, careful to keep her legs closed so not to leak any of her master's cum. She knew that he fired blanks, but she enjoyed the feeling of having him inside her like this. Just feeling it moving around in her womb and insides made her hot with need to feel more of it.

"Because this world is the perfect place to rebuild the Empire." I said as Jaesa looked at me with a slightly confused pout on her face. That combined with the growing blush over her face and body telling me she was feeling ready to go again just looked so cute and sexy all at the same time. "We will need to fix our ship and get in contact with the wider galaxy sure, but Feudal Worlds such as this tend to breed some of the most fascinating people." I continued as Jaesa slowly walked closer to me. "This world will be the first of many, the first that I will conquer in the name of the Reborn Empire of the Sith. With me as it's Emperor." I said already picturing my plans for what my Empire would be, so many ideas that only a nerd and Sith such as myself could come up with. I could feel the two souls and pasts fusing into one as my mind saw a glimpse into the future, with me standing far above my subjects all cheering for my glory. Egotistical bastard that I was, I enjoyed the sight greatly.

"And I believe you can do it master." I blinked as I felt Jaesa's soft hand caress my face. I looked deep in her brown eyes, only a twinge of red and yellow could be seen in them. "I've known since the day you freed me from the Jedi that you were meant to rule above all. That you were different than the many others I had seen before. I just want to be there by your side when you achieve what no other man has done." Her eyes were pleading, fearing that at some point down that line I would abandon her. All of that vanished once she felt my lips on hers. She was at first a little shocked but then closed her eyes in bliss at the kiss, wrapping her arms my neck as deepened the kiss. In all of our time together, even during sex I had only ever kissed Jaesa twice. It was an action something that my Sith self-found to deeply meaningful and to only be used sparingly. While romantic, I found the idea a bit restrictive, but I would exercise a small bit of respect for my past self's wishes and keep to the idea loosely.

"Jaesa, you are my apprentice, my fuck toy… and my most trusted confidant. You will always be at my side whether that is in the shadows or in the light."

Turns out that as a Sith I need very little sleep. Just a few short hours of meditation and I was ready for the day. This left a good deal of time during the night to one of my favorite past times, fucking my dear little apprentice into an unconscious drooling mess with a fucked stupid grin on her face. And that was where I had left Jaesa, it was the morning and I had a standing invitation to abuse.

I walked through the halls of Winterfell, every now and then passing by a guard or two. Some recognized me, they nodded or just stood at their posts. Word must had been spreading around the castle that I was an honored guest. Though not fast enough because on one occasion I had a guard stop me and demand just who I was. I waved him off with a bit of Force Persuasion, we were alone and I sensed no one watching us so the little use of mind magics was fine. I had better things to do than answer some uninformed guard's question.

"My what a lovely scene this is before my eyes." I said as I entered the great hall to those better things. Namely the Stark family, minus one Brandon as I assumed he was still in his room punished. Rickard and Lyarra Stark both were slightly surprised by my sudden arrival, though neither I sensed were unwelcoming to my presence. The former mostly out of a warming acceptance to my presence in his hold while the latter was eager to gain more insight into me.

"Rhyhall, I was not expecting you to take my offer of a meal with my family like this." Rickard said with a small Stark chuckle that was both minimal as it was telling. I stood before them and with a bit of gentle Force pushing I moved Eddard and Lyanna aside to make room so I could sit between them. To their added amazement to the show of what they likely saw as magic, I moved their plates along with them without so much a spilling a single morsel. Damn I'm good, though Master Baras would frown at using the Force for party tricks like this.

"Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, that is a universal truth to all humans." I quipped as I floated a plate for myself and began filling it up with the provided food that had been set before the ruling family. I always enjoyed this style of eating, setting out the food and letting people take what they will. "And yesterday I had a unruly and pent up apprentice to deal with… I don't think your men would like how she takes out her frustration." I said before giving a face of sudden contemplation. "Well… that's not entirely true. They would enjoy it… but that enjoyment would be short lived." Both of the elder Starks were a little shocked to hear this but thankfully the subject was quickly changed by Lyanna.

"So is it true where you come from girls can fight too?" The Stark daughter asked with a look of hope and rebellious dreams hidden behind her eyes. And I could sense the wild she-wolf that she would grow into already developing in her. Only seven years old and she was already like this. At least I think she's seven, nine years from Robert's Rebellion, Ice and Fire Timeline… yup.

"In the Empire it was a matter if you could be a good soldier, how well you marched your orders and swung your sword. We took a pragmatic look on who fought in our wars." I said drawing everyone's attention, from the Starks to the Maester waiting nearby they were all invested in hearing what I had to say. "Gender roles in the Empire were put aside in favor of talent and ability." What I didn't say was that everyone was too busy plotting and scheming in the upper echelons of Imperial society to give a damn about things like what you had between your legs. If anything that was seen as framework on how to implement said plots and schemes. In the military and Sith Order it was a non-issue entirely.

"And the women were able to keep up with the men?" I looked to the Maester and wasn't surprised given he was from the south.

"Superbly." I said simply, happy with that vague answer I continued to eat while Walys just looked at me with a small frown. I wasn't about to indulge in their every question right off the bat. Besides… I knew their fates. "I for one am looking however more to the future, I'll be sure to document Imperial customs and life at some point but for now I wish to learn more about the lands that currently host me."

"Walys should be able to help you with that, we might have a modest library here in Winterfell but our Maester is quite the learned man." Rickard said and Walys gave a strained smile at his lord's compliment. I however felt much the same way, as much as I wanted to spend time trolling the poor Maester, I had better things to do with my time. Glancing over to Lyarra, I knew that I could play this very well.

"If at all possible I'd like to learn a bit about the North first, and who better than someone that has lived here all their life." I said looking at Lyarra, I felt her suspicion about me change tone and spike and I could already feel Rickard mood change to. He did not like the ideas he thought I had toward his wife. I didn't have them yet… I need more information first. It was clear that there wasn't a perfect marriage here, and that opened a door for me should it prove worthwhile. I respected Rickard and wasn't going to take his wife unless certain requirements were met. "My vassal Quinn would do better with the Maester. They could swap information about homelands and such. Quinn could then give me what he felt is needed in a report to me later."

"And for yourself?" Rickard asked with a slight warning in his tone.

"Obviously I could not take up your precious time Lord Stark." I said adding a little emphases on his title reminding him that he did have duties to his people. "Is there anyone in this keep beyond the Maester that is intelligent enough to help me learn about these lands of yours." I love wording people into a corner. If he did not suggest his wife than he would be saying she was not intelligent enough. And I could already tell that there was a bit of a frosty relationship between the two. One that Rickard clearly wanted to improve but was hitting a stonewall. Insulting his wife would do him no favors.

"Rickard, I can handle this." Lyarra said making sure to put a definitive fine point to her words. Both toward her husband and the dismissive tone she had toward her task. Which seemed to help Rickard take comfort that I would not be stealing his wife anytime soon. The poor fool… as if it was that easy to brush me off.

Jaesa was walking through the halls of Winterfell, a small frown on her face. She had awoken from her sex coma very pleased with the lingering essence of her master both in and on her. But that soon vanished as she knew she would have to clean herself and make herself presentable. That was when she discovered how much she hated this primitive world and its savage means of bathing. Growing up on Alderaan she always loved one of the planet's few traditions that she agreed with, and that was the art of bathing.

Alderaan was known for its nobility and sophisticated culture. That is what is was known throughout the galaxy as a place of luxury and peaceful prospects. She hated it with a passion now. But one thing that retained in her was a appreciation of her homeworld's beloved great bathhouses. It was one thing she asked of her master when he had built all three his homes. She had asked for him to spend a little extra on making whole wings of his homes devoted to bathing. He relented on two of his homes, those being on Dromund Kaas, and his own world of Anoat, while the one on Nar Shaddaa he refused. He knew that she hated the sonic showers that were used on space ships and allowed her to have some little piece of comfort in his homes.

But here, she had to use a single large tub of water. And she knew that this was a small luxury in lands like the North. She wanted to head to warmer climates and wealthier cites for sole reason of a possibility of a bathhouse that actually had some idea of what they were doing. She barely was able to soak her body before the temperature dropped to lukewarm. So now she was grumpy at the horrible morning she was having despite having been thoroughly fucked by her master. Ironically the sliver lining of the poor bathing situation was that she still smelled of sex and her master's seed. That was helping, but now she wanted to find something to hurt to bring back her jovial mood before finding her master.

She walked down the halls and soon came out to open yard of Winterfell. There she found Pierce training with several of the Stark men. She hung back in the arch of the doorway while she watched them trade blows with training swords. She knew that it was standard imperial swordplay, very basic stuff that was taught to the rank and file if they ever were given Vibro-swords. It rarely happened but the Empire wanted all their soldiers to have some idea how to wield a bladed weapon. None of them became Sith level good at it but Peirce was proving they were decent against those that had only known the sword and shield.

"Tsk… Peirce is already having all the fun." Jaesa grumbled to herself as she pushed off the wall that she had been leaning against. But just as she was about to walk out and see if she get a little fun in herself, she found herself being pulled back into the shadows by several meaty hands. She had a bored expression on her face as she was slammed to the wall and was surrounded by several of the Winterfell guards that all had angry leers on their faces.

"Well look what we have here lads… a foreigner whore that doesn't seem to get her place." The lead would be rapist sneered as two of his cohorts held Jaesa to the wall. All of them had heard, not seen, her training fight with her master yesterday. They scoffed at the idea of a woman fighting and got it in their minds to teach her where women belonged. In the North it was only considered strange and rare for women to fight were as in the South it was unthinkable. But just because that was the case it did not mean that everyone in the North accepted the idea of females with swords in hand.

"Looks pretty though." The scum on Jaesa's left said perversely chuckled as his eyes roamed over her Sith Robes. Robes that hugged certain places that drove these men into lustful fury.

"She won't look too pretty when we're done with her." The man on Jaesa's right said darkly as his hand reached out to grab onto her breast. But his hand never came as it was quickly lobbed off. It took a moment before anyone really realized what had happened. But soon enough the hall was filled with the man's screams, and those howls of pain stayed in the hall. The sounds of suffering that soon came from all of them never reached the men training in the yard or the chamber maids in the rooms further in the keep.

"I personally think I look even prettier covered in blood." Jaesa giggled as she licked a bit of blood off her fingers. She then looked around and saw that she might have been a bit messy with her new playthings. With a wave of her hand she picked up their corpses and floated them to a room that had a window. She cut the bodies up into smaller pieces and threw them out the window with a Force Push sending them far out into the fields that surrounded Winterfell. "Agh… this sucks, cleaning up after myself."

"Now I hope you appreciate the lowly grunts that had to do it for you." Jaesa lazily looked back to see Peirce standing in the doorway to the room she had found. "There's still quite a bit of blood staining those walls."

"I'll boil it all away with my lightsaber." She shrugged as the Imperial soldier sighed as he knew he could count on Jaesa to not give much thought to her actions. The only time she ever did so was if it concerned her Master's plans. Then she showed her real keen mind and brilliance. But outside of that she was carefree and diabolical. "Weren't you fighting with those savages?" She said as she hopped onto a small bed that was in the room.

"Hey, they might be from a Feudal World but they are not savages." Pierce warned but he knew that she likely wouldn't listen. Despite all her complaining and claims on the matter, she still was a noble girl from Alderaan. "And yes but I stopped once I began smelling blood, be happy that the rest of Stark's men thought it was from the butcher's block. But I've followed you and your master to known human death by its smell."

"Don't even suggest that you don't love it too. The thrill of killing… besides they were going to touch me. With their savage hands… all dirty and unworthy. At least Imperial men knew how to please a woman, knew how to get her going before manhandling them." She said causally and Pierce couldn't help but sigh some more. If what she said was true than those men had it coming. And boy was he going to have to spread it around Stark's men that Jaesa was a dangerous woman to target.

"You'll tell Lord Rhyhall about this right?" Pierce said and Jaesa hummed a confirmation. He hoped that this incident wouldn't spin out of control as did many of the things Jaesa ended up doing.

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