Hello, I'm sorry give this update but I feel it necessary. This is a notice to explain how things are and what will be my plans going forward.

At first, I simply was distracted by other things to write any new chapters plus some growing apathy to writing in general. But more recently this has changed. About two months ago my mental health began to decline. A mix of global events causing anxiety over the future, personal relationships moving in negative ways, and a death in the family making my brain obsess over mortality.

However, the most impactful thing was my loss of community. When Covid began, my college shut down as most did and over the time of Covid my gaming club at the school dwindled to basically nothing but a few people. I have no friends beyond this group and so this loss was devastating.

This along with the previous points have severely affected my mental health. I no longer feel excited for many of the things that made my life previously, including writing. I am working towards creating a new community for myself, those on my discord server will know of it. Hopefully with time and support I will be able to find the enthusiasm for writing I used to have.

I still love writing; I want to come back to it. But right now, I don't feel that I can produce the quality that I want to put out. At this time all Fics are going to be put on pause. Until I get my life together. I don't know when the next chapter will come though I do promise that it will eventually.