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"C-Can I be a hero like you? Even with a quirk like mine." Izuku stammered out to his hero. "I mean there's not really much I can do with it and I have zero control but-"

'Shit my time limit' "Ok ok calm down kid you're going too fast explain it to me slowly. So what exactly is your quirk?" All Might said with a hint of impatience.

"Well I call my quirk ocular outburst - it basically allows me to utilize my tears to create a water barrier using hydrokinesisbutIcan'tcontrolitatall." Then, hearing a hiss Izuku looks up to find his idol replaced with a sunken eyed man with his long bangs framing his face at this discovery Izuku let out a yelp. "Waahh, w-what happened to All Might and why are you here?"

"Don't worry kid it's still me this is what I really look like" All might reassured with an outstretched hand.

"W-what are you talking about."

Sitting down on the ground All might lifted his shirt before continuing. "About five years ago I got this wound from a villain it messed up my digestive and respiratory systems and that in combination with all the surgeries made me into what you see today."

"Wait if it was five years ago then that means it would have been your fight against toxic chainsaw."

"Ha, you know your stuff, but no, he wasn't near powerful enough to be able to do this to me, the fight where I got this wound was never publicized. Though we should probably talk about you some more, now continue on with your quirk's explanation. Why don't you give me a demonstration?"

"Um, then you're gonna have to come at me with the intent to hurt me."

With a raised eyebrow All Might picked up a piece of the broken roof top and lightly tossed it towards Izuku. Suddenly, a stream of water came from Izuku's eyes that blocked the stone about a meter away from him sprang forth then the rock clattered to the ground harmlessly and the water returned to Izuku's eyes.

With a smile on his face All Might said "very impressive kid you'll definetly need to up your offense but I don't see any reason you couldn't become a hero. Just remember bravery and the ability to put yourself in harm's way are the two most important traits of a hero."

With tears in his eyes Izuku bowed deeply to his hero and said "thank you so much sir."

"Remember you can't tell anyone about my injury. Now if you'll excuse me I must be getting this villain to the…" Now with a look of shock All Might began patting all his pockets frantically.


Meanwhile in an alleyway in downtown Musutafu (this is the city where Izuku lives in case you didn't know) three boys were walking. While two of them were discussing what they would do the rest of the day the final boy kicked a soda bottle filled with a grey-green liquid and yelled at them when they brought up the idea of shoplifting some candy from a convenience store. "You dumbass why would I risk my chances of getting into U.A. by doing something stupid like that? Tch you're such a fucking idiot."

Suddenly, the three boys hear a masculine voice say "You've got quite the nice body my boy I think I'll be taking you for myself." The mass of slime then proceeded to envelope Katsuki.


All might and Izuku were running down the street towards the sound of explosions both worrying that it was the villain they had allowed to escape from them.

After making their way through the crowd to the front they realized it was the same villain from earlier.

"W-why is no one doing anything to help him?" Izuku managed to stutter out.

"Wood and fire don't mix" Said Kamui Woods as he swung away.

"I'm busy managing and containing the fire" commented the firefighting hero Backdraft.

"Two lane roads, my kryptonite" bemoaned mount lady.

"Ya can't grab something made of liquid" complained Death Arms.

Off to the side Izuku heard a bystander comment "It's unfortunate but there's nothing the pros can do the kid'll just have to hold on until a hero with a more suitable quirk comes along."

With this new information Izuku reexamined the villain and noticed the shock of explosive ash-blond hair sticking out. Then Katsuki's and Izuku's eyes met and with no warning Izuku was sprinting toward the villain.

'R-remember your notes you've been planning strategies for this for years' Izuku thought as he reached into his bag for a book to throw at the villain's eye in order to distract him. He then began to claw at the sludge villain with his bare hands once he reached the villain in a vain attempt to free his friend from the villain's grip.

With the villain distracted Katsuki was able to take another breath and decided to yell at Izuku. "What the fuck are you doing here Deku? You're gonna get yourself killed."

With tears streaming down his face, Izuku looked at him and said "I'm sorry Kacchan my body just moved on its own I didn't think about anything besides saving you."

With a sneer the villain said "that's such a touching reunion but I'm afraid it's time to cut it short, time to die!" He then proceeded to raise his arm and started to bring it down when all the shed tears from Izuku's crying came together and put a barrier between him and the slime.

"Huh, what is this why isn't my attack connecting?" Asked the bewildered villain.

With a shaky laugh and still tearing at the slime Izuku answered "that would be my quirk, NOW GIVE KACCHAN BACK!"

When the sludge villain raised Katsuki's arm in order to hit Izuku with his quirk suddenly right above himself Izuku heard in a booming voice. "I'm sorry my boy I told you that the ability to put oneself on the line to protect others was an integral part of being a hero but I haven't been living up to my own standards. Now I have to show you what a pro hero looks like. Detroit Smash!" With a single hand All Might grabbed both boys by the arms and then used his other to blow away the villain.

Once he finished someone from the crowd exclaimed "I-I can't believe it he changed the weather with a single attack!"

After Izuku and Katsuki were taken care of by the paramedics on the scene Katsuki wa praised for his powerful and flashy quirk while Izuku was reprimanded for his risk taking behaviour. The two boys then went their separate ways in order to go to their respective homes.


A couple minutes later on his way home Izuku heard a yell from down the road. "Hey Deku you know I still haven't lost!"

With a smile on his Izuku answered "Yea I know know that because,"

Now in unison both boys yelled "YOU'RE NOT ALLOWED TO LOSE TO ANYONE EXCEPT FOR ME!"

With a turn of his head, a wave of his hand and a smile on his face Katsuki called out a farewell before leaving "See ya around Deku."

"See ya later Kacchan."

Once Katsuki was out of sight Izuku felt a strong gust of wind behind him accompanied by a greeting of "I am here." All Might appeared he then proceeded to promptly deflate and spit up some blood.

"Why hello there my boy I was hoping I would get to talk to you could you answer a few questions I have. I was wondering you could tell me what was going through your mind when you ran in to save your friend?"

"W-well I wasn't really thinking anything at all all I knew is that he was in a lot of pain and he was scared and that I needed to save him."

"No two heroes have the same backstory but one common trait found in the majority is an event in their youth where 'thief body moved before they could think. I believe that's what happened to you."

"Earlier I told you you could be a hero but I'm more sure of it now than ever in fact I think you have what it takes to be the next symbol of peace and my successor."

"Th-this is such an honor but honestly sir what could you teach me our quirks are hardly similar I mean no offense of course."

"It's quite alright my boy, but in order to explain how I would be training you I'll first have to tell you about my quirk. Most people think it to be either superhuman capabilities or invincibility, but both are wrong in fact my quirk is known as OFA it is a quirk that stockpiles energy and can be passed along like the Olympic flames from one wielder to the next."

Before he could finish the explanation All Might was distracted by Izuku beginning to mutter again. "Iknowthatyourquirkhasbeenwidelydebatedonheroforumsbuttothinkthatitssomethinglikethatitgoesagainsteverythingweknowaboutquirkstheyarealldififferentandthusmakingallpeopleuniqueintheirownway."

"Enough my boy you're creeping me out a bit here, it doesn't matter how impossible it seems it's the truth. Now do you want the help of me and my quirk on your path to become a hero or not?"

With tears streaming down his face while also somehow also smiling uncontrollably Izuku answered with as much conviction as he could muster "YES!"

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