Hinata POV

Its been 3 weeks since the day of the Chuunin finals, 3 weeks since our peaceful village life was interrupted by invaders from the hidden village of sound and hidden village of sand, 3 weeks since the death of the Hokage. All around us, people are beginning to ease back into their routine. For us Genins, it means more training, striving to be stronger still.

Our team usually gathers together at one to the training areas within the village. Easily accessible to most of the team, this is the most ideal place to gather together. The place is almost always unoccupied whenever we gather, but today someone else is waiting there as well, a fellow Genin, Sakura.

Sakura was a classmate of mine back when I was in the academy, but she was never someone I had even considered a friend. This is not due to differences that exist between us; rather we never really had the chance to know each other back then. We knew each other, I respect her as a fellow shinobi, I acknowledge her mental prowess, but interaction between us was scarce at best.

"Ohayo Sakura-san"

"Ohayo Hinata"

After dispensing with the pleasantries, I decided to sit on one of the logs adjacent to her, and wait for my teammates to arrive. We sit in silence for a while, neither of us knowing what to say to each other, or how to break the silence. We sit there together for a while, not speaking, after a while I notice her muttering to herself about tardy sensei's and teammates. This catches my attention, knowing Naruto-kun to be one of her teammates, I decided to ask her.

"Ano..." I silently utter, trying to get her attention.


"Ano... Are you waiting for someone, Sakura-san?"

"Hai. They're late. Well it's not surprising for Kakashi-sensei, but Sasuke- kun and Naruto are usually early."

"Oh..." I feel myself starting to blush upon hearing that Naruto-kun will be coming as well. I try to turn away to hide the redness on my cheeks, but she must have noticed, because she was staring at me with a curious expression on her face. She doesn't pry though, instead she asks:

"What about you? Waiting for someone as well?"

"Well... I'm supposed to meet Kiba-kun and Kurenai-Sensei... maybe Shino-kun as well, but they have not arrived yet."

"Ahhh..." she replies. Again we lapse into silence, either one not knowing what to say next. We were interrupted by three voices calling out.



"Ohayo Kurenai-sensei, Kiba-kun, Shino-kun."

"Kakashi hasn't arrived yet, huh?" Kerenai-sensei said, raising an eyebrow "...that baka. Still we should wait for Kakashi and your teammates, Sakura- san."

'Nani?!' I silently ask. 'Does this mean... me and Naruto-kun...?' I wanted to know more, thankfully, Sakura-san voices out my unasked question.

"Why? Will you be training us as well Kurenai-sensei?"

"Hai, but it will probably be better to explain everything once Kakashi gets here."

I tune out what Kurenai-sensei says after that, retreating to my own thoughts, as I try to come to terms with this situation.


I feel excitement, anticipation, awe, and just a touch of fear.

Since way back, when I was still in the academy, I had always been drawn to Naruto-kun. I never really understood why then. I certainly didn't know him well enough, and he really wasn't talented enough to make anyone notice. I know why now though, I was drawn to him, because I saw myself in him. I could relate to him in a way that I didn't understand back then, and I secretly admired his hidden strength, his indomitable spirit.

Back then I didn't understand things like these, I simply admired without knowing why.

Deep down inside I had hoped for a chance to get to know him. Now it seems... I would finally have a chance....


Kakashi-sensei and Sasuke-kun have finally arrived. Naruto-kun isn't with them though, but it looks like we are going to be starting soon. I see Kurenai-sensei beckon to me to come over, it seems like were going to be starting.

Kakashi-sensei looks expectantly at Kurenai-sensei, finally she speaks:

"Good morning everyone. Your probably wondering whats going on here, but as of now this will be your semi-permanent team. With me and Kakashi as your Jounin instructors. So as of now, team 7 and team 8 are now one team."

"This is a mixed team composed of Chuunins and Genins, usually; you aren't sorted into field teams until you reach the Chuunin rank. With the current situation now though, it seems like a good idea to give you as much experience as possible. Our team will be assigned class C missions most likely, with a few Class B missions. Kakashi and I are confident that you will be able to complete them easily."

I was shocked at hearing this, ever since I became a Genin, most of the missions I have done are class D missions, the only Class C mission I have ever done didn't turn into anything. I never really have had any actual battle experience yet. I don't know how I would fare in a B-class mission. Looking at my old and new teammates, I see Kiba-kun looking incredulously at the two sensei's. Shino-kun doesn't seem concerned. Sasuke-kun's expression doesn't change from his normal look, but his eyes are burning with resolve. Sakura-san's face is set with a determined expression.

Kurenai sensei must have noticed my worried look, because she eventually adds:

"Genins aren't usually assigned in groups with Chuunins, in any other year, all of you would have been Chuunins by now" she states, looking to the side at Kakashi-sensei, who nods in affirmation.

"It just so happens that there were a lot of very talented individuals last time, normally, I'm sure you would all have been Chuunins by now. In less then 4 months, there will be another test, consider this... additional training for that."

"Anyway now there were all here, let me explain this days exercises. Were—"

"Wait! What about Naruto?!" Sakura-san suddenly interrupts.

"He won't be joining us." This time it is Kakashi-sensei who replies.

"Why? Is he ok?"

"Jiraiya-sama will be taking care of him from now on."

Nothing more was said on that subject as Kurenai-sensei continued with her explanation on that days exercise. Little did I know then, that 4 years would pass before I would see Naruto again.


Hmm nothing much to say really. In the manga there were several mentions of a team consisting of 4 people, however I saw a 5 member ANBU team as well (the team that was gathered at the memorial, during the attack on the village.)

I dont know for sure if the Chuunin candidates on that final exam made it a Chuunin, I cant find anything after reading everything until chapter 165 on that matter. I'm assuming that everyone made it though, they all seemed extraordinary to me.

Feedback is welcome and very much appreciated.

Title is Crappy, I know.