Author's Note:

Hey guys this isn't a Chapter Yet just an explanation.

First things first I want to thank BoredAndSleepy2000 for letting me use this idea. If you haven't checked out his MHA reacts to my stories you should and that is basically what this is. Again thank you for letting me use this idea man. (Heads up you'll be featured in this story if that's ok with you.)

So this will be a series where the cast of MHA will see my story ideas along with the occasional Izuku I pull from one of the univeses I create.

"Like me bitchs."

"Yeah like Dekupool here."

"You know you love me."

"And mute." *Loud muffled voice continues to talk*

Ok so I'll also take requests on what stories to make and which ones you want to see turned into a series but first I need to collect my guests and set up my moive room

Dante Out