Chapter 5: The Plan


"Maybe we can use these computers and turn the system around," Duke said, walking over to one and flicking the "on" button. "You think?" he asked everyone as they joined him.

"Maybe..." Yugi muttered, putting his hand up to his chin thoughtfully. "But we don't even know how the Kaibacorp system works to begin with. We'd need passwords and codes..."

"PLEASE ENTER PASSWORD:" The Computer said, coming up with a large black screen, behind which read the words "Kaibacorp Main Computer" in blue.

"Uh..." Triston muttered, thinking.


"Idiot, I didn't mean to put that as my choice!" Triston said angrily, shaking his fist as the computer.


Yugi made a cutting motion across his neck to indicate silence. Then, he pointed to his head.

"Think before speaking," he mouthed to the others.

"I'M WAITING," The computer snapped, making them all jump.

"Mokuba," Yugi guessed.


"Uh..." Triston muttered again.


"Blue Eyes White Dragon?" Duke tried.

"IF YOU DON'T KNOW THE PASSWORD THEN GET OUT OF HERE," The computer snapped back at him.

"Just what we need," Tea sighed. "A sassy computer."

The computer shut itself off.

"Yikes! It really didn't feel like talking," Duke muttered, shaking his head sadly.

Meanwhile, Mako, Rex, Weevil, and Espa were still having problems of their own with the cans.

"If they don't...OW...stop coming...OW!!...We'll drown!" Rex said as a few more soda hit his head.

"But what can we do?" Espa asked.

"Hmmm..." Mako thought, then he grinned. "Aha! Of course!"

He pulled out his fishing net.

"What are you going to fish for cans?" Weevil laughed.

"No!" Mako snapped, attaching a hook to all four corners of the net. "I'm going to stop the barrage. Observe."

Mako swung the net up and three of the four corners caught onto latches of the arena above them. Two of the latches were where the cans were rolling down at them, therefore preventing any further cans from getting in.

" what?" Espa asked sitting down on a pile of sodas. "No more cans, but we're still not out of this mess.

"I don't know," Mako said shrugging. "I only knew how to stop the cans."

"And you barely knew how to do that," Weevil muttered.
"Onicha!" Serenity cried, as she, Joey, and Bakura found themselves caged in.

At one end of the corridor, there was a chain-link blockade. At the other end, there was another blockade. They were completely boxed in.

"Don't worry, Serenity," he said, patting her arm. "I'm sure Yugi will help us out...somehow..."

"But Yugi is still trapped under the floor," Bakura pointed out.

"Shhh!" Joey hissed, raising his finger to his lips.

He obviously didn't want to scare his little sister any more than she already was.

"Look!" Bakura cried, running over to the side of a wall. "It's a vent!"

Joey looked up and saw the opening Bakura was referring to.

"But Bakura," he began. "It's five feet above us!"

"So?" Bakura said bravely, walking over to the link barrier. "We can climb this chain thing up there!"

He started to climb upwards and after a few minutes, found himself at the top. He panted for a moment.

"This is tough work," he moaned, but then turned to the vent. "Um...okay!"

"Are you sure you can do that, Bakura?" Joey called up as he knocked the cover off the vent, which fell to the floor with a clatter.

"I...think so..." he muttered, trying to let go of the chain-links and grab onto the ledge of the vent.

As he grabbed onto the vent, he let go of the link-fence and carefully placed his hands on the edge of the vent, his hands slipped under the slippery surface of the vent floor.

"Whoa!" he cried as he tried desperately to stay on the vent.

Serenity hid her eyes behind her hands.

"Watch it, Bakura!" Joey called up as Bakura managed to pull himself up and into the vent, which clunked under his weight.

"I'm okay!" Bakura called down to them. "But I don't think either of you should try doing that. In fact, I'm surprised I had the guts to do that!"

"Well, what do we do now?" Joey called up.

They heard a few clunks, meaning Bakura was moving away from them.

"Just wait there! I'll find the others and get help!"

"Right! Come back soon!" Joey yelled.

"Is he going to be okay, onicha?" Serenity asked, still huddling close to her brother.

"Yeah! We all know Bakura! He'll be fine..." he trailed off. "I hope." He added to himself.

Meanwhile, Kaiba and Mokuba were still sitting in the closet, thinking of a plan.

"So Yugi and four of his friends are under one floor, and Mako and some of the other duelists are under another," Kaiba thought out-loud. "That still leaves 3 people who weren't caught by anything yet...Bakura and Joey..."

"And..." Mokuba tried to think.

"Joey's sister," Kaiba finished. "She was still there before we went up here, remember?"

Mokuba nodded.

"So what's the plan, 'Ni-sama?" Mokuba asked.

Kaiba smiled.

"All right," he explained. "You are wearing your locket, right?"

Mokuba dangled his in the air to show that he was.

"I always wear it!"

"Good," Kaiba said, standing up. "There's a vent in here somewhere," he muttered, rummaging around in the closet. We can use that to escape this floor, and hopefully we can use out cards to get by the security doors."

Mokuba nodded, though Kaiba couldn't see him, as he was still searching for the "escape vent."

"What then?"

"Then we can try to use the main-computer system to shut off-line the security," Kaiba finished. "Here it!"

There was a sound of metal against metal as Kaiba pulled the grating off the wall and looked in the vent. It was a downhill slope.

Mokuba swallowed.

"Um...we have to slide down? Where does it lead?" he asked, nervously looking down the black tunnel.

"I'm trying to remember," Kaiba muttered, closing his eyes. "I never thought I'd be using the vents to escape my own computer, though."

"Right! It leads to the second floor!" He opened his eyes.

"Now, I'll go first, in case there's something down there," Kaiba said, climbing into the vent.

"But 'Ni-sama!" Mokuba protested, but Kaiba was already getting ready to slide.

"Come down after you hear me say it's okay!" Kaiba called as he pushed off and slid away.

"Ni-sama!" Mokuba cried.

A few minutes passed, in which Mokuba listened carefully for any sound of his brother, but nothing came.

"Ni-sama? Are you okay?" Mokuba called down.

"Yes..." Came a very small and distant voice. "I'm okay. Come down now, and I'll catch you!"

"Okay," Mokuba called, sliding down the vent himself.

A few minutes of sliding led to his brother, who was waiting at the bottom of the chute. He caught Mokuba, and then put him on the ground.

"Thanks...Ni-sama!" Mokuba cried, suddenly noticing a large red stain seeping through his jacket near his chest. "Are you...okay?"

"I'm fine...why?" he asked.

Mokuba pointed to the stain.

"What?" Kaiba asked reaching into his coat pocket.

He pulled out a long, red, sticky stick.

"My pen must have exploded when I hit the ground," he explained to Mokuba, who looked very relieved.

"Whew! Thank goodness!" he said, sighing.

Kaiba tossed the pen aside and looked around. The security wasn't affecting this side of the floor.

"Hmm," he said, as he and Mokuba walked across the hall. "Don't touch anything, it could set off the alarm again."

"Sure," Mokuba said, stuffing his hands in his pockets.

After a few minutes, Kaiba found the door he had been looking for.

"This is it!" he called to Mokuba, who was lingering in the middle of the hallway.

Kaiba unhooked his necklace and slid the pendant-card on the end through the card reader.

"APPROVED," The computer voice said, and the door opened.

The two walked into a large room with many computers.

"Okay!" Kaiba said, running directly over to a computer and flicking it on. "Let's get to work here."

"Okay!" Mokuba said, going to turn on another one.

Meanwhile, Joey and Serenity were sitting on the cool floor of Kaibacorp's hallways playing Duel Monsters, each using half of Joey's deck.

Mako, Weevil, Rex, and Espa were just comparing Rare Cards. Yugi and his friends were trying to find another exit to the room they were in, and Bakura was still trying to get to the end of the vent.

"Maybe this was a bad idea," he muttered to himself as he hit his head, for the second time, on the roof of the vent. "It's too small!"

Meanwhile, Kaiba and Mokuba had managed to find the problem.

"I've found it, Ni-sama!" Mokuba called. "Go to the file management program."

"Okay," Kaiba muttered as he double-clicked on an icon. "Great! So, it seems they tried to take it over by copying the username? Well, to can play at that game..."

Kaiba punched in his password (which was none of the ones Yugi had tried) and then entered a blockade.

"I'm shutting the whole thing down for a minute, then I'll restart it under my control."

Mokuba nodded as the whole room went black.

"What happened, Onicha?" Serenity cried in the dark hallway.

"Who turned off the lights?" Duke asked, from the computer room downstairs.

"Great," Bakura muttered, trying to keep going down the now pitch-black vent. "This place isn't even big enough to turn around in! Guess I'll just have to keep going..."

A few minutes later, Kaiba restarted the computer. The lights flicked back on and the whole security system was off. The chain-link barriers went back up into the ceiling. All the doors opened, and the adjustable room started adjusting again.

Mako, Rex, Weevil, and Espa were lifted on the floor back up into the room, and the arena Kaiba and Mokuba were in earlier came back down.

"Help!" Espa cried, and everyone realized that by going back up, they were now caught in Mako's fishing net.

"Any more brilliant ideas?" Weevil asked coldly.

"We did it!" Mokuba said happily, jumping over to his brother.


"Thank goodness!" Tea cried, as Yugi opened the door and she hurried out into the hallway.

"Let's go!" Yugi said, as he and the others ran up the stairs and to the correct room.

"Great!" Joey said, hugging Serenity as she stood up. "Let's go sis!"

A few minutes later, everyone except Bakura was back in the room, staring at the odd "Catch of the day" that was standing before them.

"Ah..." Joey said, putting on a fake French waiter's accent. "Ze catch of ze day! Losers and soda!"

"That's not funny!" Rex snapped. "Get us out of here!"

Kaiba and Yugi freed them from their "net-prison" and then stepped back, away from the sodas as they ran wild.

"Kaiba?" Yugi asked, pointing to him. "Are you okay?"

"It's ink," he replied quickly. "My pen exploded."

"Oh!" Yugi sighed. "That's a relief...but where's Bakura?"

"I don't know," Tea said.

"Onicha! Bakura is still in the vents!" Serenity cried suddenly, grabbing the end of her brother's shirt.

"Uh oh," Joey said, looking worried.

But at that moment, the grating fell off the vent on the wall, and Bakura waved down at them.

"Hi!" he called. "Can someone get a ladder or something? I can't jump that far!"

Everyone laughed.

"Well, I'm glad that whole thing is over," Yugi sighed, sitting down on the couch.

Kaiba nodded.

"After we get Bakura down, you two still need to duel, Joey," Kaiba reminded him.

"Oh...let's leave him up there for a while then!" Joey remarked, jumping away, still fearful of the occult deck.

"HEY!" Bakura cried.


* * * *

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