Summary: Sam Uley has been living a quiet, secluded, somewhat boring life as a mail carrier in Forks. His peace is interrupted when he is forced to attend Charlie Swan's wedding with his entire crazy pack. Read on to see how the alpha's life does a complete 180.

Pairing: Sam/Bella

Rating: M

Genre: Romance/Family/Comedy

Category: Alternate Universe/Out of Character/Extremely Over The Top/Non-Canon

The Challenge: A Sam and Bella pairing with everyone going on a vacation together in the style of the comedy film, 'Vacation.'

For the purpose of this story, Sam is the alpha and Jared is the beta. We are going to assume that there never was any sort of change in the chain of command even with Jacob phasing.

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author-mama4dukes. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.


Sam Uley placed his cell phone down on the dining table, reached for his mug of coffee, and took a big gulp. "Damn it," he muttered worriedly as he glanced around his house. The phone call he'd just received had unnerved him. He hadn't felt this way in a long time—not since... He shook his head and willed himself to not think about it. It had been years since he last phased. The events from five years ago were in the past. Then again, it appeared the past seemed determined to catch up to him. He really didn't want to take on the commitment again, but what choice did he have? He was made for this. It was in his blood—literally. As alpha of the Quileute Wolf Pack, he had a responsibility, and he'd be damned if he pushed it aside. So a determined Sam Uley stood up and walked out of his front door towards Billy Black's house, wondering what kind of trouble his reservation was facing now.

Five minutes later, he was in front of the tribal chief's house. "Come in!"

"You called a pack meeting?" he asked as he walked inside and took a look around. He was surprised at the atmosphere in the house. The elders and pack members were all relaxed and noshing on some appetizers along with wives and imprints. They were talking and laughing as if there were no threat to the reservation.

"Sammy, stop looking so glum and sit down. We've got a ton to discuss," Billy said. "Grab a beer and some food, then we can start."

"I'm not in the mood to eat or drink." Seriously, wasn't anyone else worried about the contents of the meeting that the chief was about to deliver? He wouldn't call a full-blown pack and elder meeting unless there was some sort of catastrophe looming. And where was Elder Clearwater? Why was she missing?


"Suit yourself." Billy shook his head. That boy, now man, was entirely too serious. He could never relax and simply enjoy life like everyone else. Granted, he did have a ton of responsibility thrust onto his shoulders at a young age, but that was five years ago. It was in the past. Sam Uley needed to stop being so uptight. He glanced around the room and took in the sight of the other pack members.

There was the formerly angry Paul Lahote, who was completely besotted with his imprint, Rachel Black Lahote, Billy's own daughter. There was Quil Ateara the Fifth, who was devoted to Claire Young Ateara, the former vixen (happy slut, according to Rachel) from the Makah Reservation who had turned his world upside down—after assisting several pack members with losing their virginity and ending with being imprinted on by the heir of the Ateara family. There were Jared and Kim Cameron who had been in love since they bumped heads in the classroom and he imprinted on her. And then there was Leah Clearwater Crowley, who had imprinted on Forks resident Taylor Crowley—older brother to Forks High football phenom Tyler. That particular imprinting was a muckfest and a half. Taylor had been engaged to Leah's cousin and best friend Emily Young when she imprinted on him. Although they tried to keep away from each other, they were unable to. Taylor ended up breaking up with Emily who simply could not understand what had happened. Emily ceased all communications with Leah who felt guilt beyond belief for the pain she'd caused her cousin. Well, at least Leah and Taylor were happily married now. Imprinted, but not present at the meeting was Leah's brother Seth. He was currently away at the police academy along with his imprint Jamie Cameron Clearwater, Jared's little sister.

There were also a few members of the pack who had not imprinted: Sam Uley, Embry Call, and his own son Jacob. On the one hand, Billy was happy that they didn't have to deal with the complexities which accompanied being in a committed relationship; on the other hand, he felt that those three could use someone to love who would love them with all their heart. Unfortunately, they couldn't become involved with anyone because there was always the risk they'd imprint. After the Leah debacle, none of them were willing to risk their hearts or anyone else's for that matter—even if it meant they'd be lonely for the rest of their lives.

"Should we start the meeting?" Old Quil asked.


Billy noticed immediately that Sam had a tense expression upon his face. "What has the boy on his hackles?" he thought about his stepson. Three years ago, Billy had married Sam's mother Allison. The couple had gone to great lengths to ensure a sense of togetherness for their combined families; they insisted on having a family dinner every Sunday night where they dined together with their grown, independent children so they could stay in the loop with their lives.

"Sammy, you look so tense. What's wrong?" Allison asked worriedly.

"Nothing. I'm fine. Can we get on with it?"

"Of course, but we'll be talking later about your attitude and your mood."

"Ooh... Sammy's in big trouble with Mommy," a voice teased from the side.

"Paul, be quiet or you'll be dealing with me, too!" Allison barked.

"Yes, Mom," Paul obediently replied to his step-mother-in-law. He was happy to have both her and Billy since his own parents were both in prison for life.

"Well, let me start the meeting then. I called you all here today because Elder Clearwater's wedding to Chief Swan is coming up in six weeks. The wedding is being held in Lake Tahoe, Nevada. As you're aware, Charlie's favorite sport is fishing."

"Ahem," Allison cleared her throat and glared at her husband.

"Alright, I admit it. It's my favorite sport as well. Like I said, the wedding is being held in Lake Tahoe, Nevada. Elder Clearwater and Chief Swan have both done a great deal for the pack. They've been with you every step of the way, making sure that you each had secure futures."

This was very true, Sue and Charlie had gone out of their way to make sure that everyone in the pack completed their schooling and received funding for furthering their educations. For those who chose not to further their educations, they made sure that they found secure jobs for them. All of the pack members had stable jobs and, while they weren't wealthy like the Cullens, they were all making comfortable livings. The couple was constantly checking in with members of the pack to make sure that they were doing okay and didn't need any help. In fact, Sue Clearwater and Charlie Swan were like a one couple community action council that operated solely for the pack. Each member had benefited from their generosity and was extremely grateful for their kind endeavors. They also felt a bit of guilt as well. Charlie Swan's daughter had been run out of town by the pack. Well, she wasn't exactly run out of town; she was simply told by Jacob that they couldn't be friends anymore, and that she was unwelcome on the reservation after he first phased. This was all done to ensure her safety since wolves could be volatile when young. From that day forth, Isabella Swan never set foot in La Push—not even to go to First Beach.

"We all know that Sue and Charlie are getting married. What does that have to do with this meeting?" Sam questioned.

Leah was the one who answered his question. "It has everything to do with this meeting. Charlie and my mom are planning on eloping in Lake Tahoe because they don't want to inconvenience anyone in the pack with a big La Push wedding. There's also the fact that Bella is still being stubborn and won't come near La Push. They would much rather get married elsewhere rather than risk one of us kids not coming to the wedding."

"Why are they getting married in Lake Tahoe rather than in Forks?"

"Part of the reason is that Charlie has always wanted to fish there. Mom does, too, even if she won't admit it. Plus they wanted a vacation, which I think they deserve."

"Where do we fit in?"

"Duh, Sam. They're getting married. They should do so in front of family and friends. They consider the pack to be part of their extended family, not to mention the fact that your mom is my mom's best friend and Billy is Charlie's best friend. They would want them to stand up for them at their wedding."

"So why can't Mom and Billy just go? Why do we all have to go?"

"Haven't you been listening to Leah, Samuel? You all need to go because they consider the pack to be their extended family. Regardless, it should be done out of respect. Charlie and Sue have done a great deal for each one of you," Allison explained.

"Hey, I'm not complaining, I think it's a good idea," Paul said. "Besides, I could use a little R & R." Everyone else voiced their agreement with the exception of Sam who simply couldn't understand why they should intrude on the small, private wedding that Charlie and Sue seemed to want to hold.

"Here's how it's going to go. Charlie and Sue's wedding is in six weeks. We are all going to go and spend a few days enjoying Lake Tahoe. Collectively, our gift to them is going to be our presence and a wedding reception. After making some calls, I convinced the resort to give us a group discount rate and we were able to secure use of a meeting space for a reception. Leah, Taylor, Seth, and Jamie will already be staying in the same hotel as Charlie and Sue."

"Sounds great!" everyone chimed in with approval of the plans along with Paul. It occurred to Sam that no one seemed to notice that he didn't voice his opinion in one way or another.

"Excuse me, how are we planning on getting down there? It's not as if Lake Tahoe is a few hours away."

"It's actually over eight hundred miles away. It'll be a two to three day drive from here. I was thinking that we could go in a group. Maybe we can take one of the tribal passenger vans so we don't put mileage on your personal vehicles. Old Quil will be flying in for the wedding with Molly because he has the store to run. Joy will run it in their absence."

Sam looked around the room. Quil and Claire were openly petting each other again while Jared and Kim were smooching. The thought of being stuck in a van with imprinted couples was just plain appalling to him.

"I'll think about it," Sam replied before standing up and making his way back home. He was relieved that there were no bloodsuckers in the area again like he imagined. At this point, he just wanted to go home and rest.

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