Little sister of the Swat Kats

Chap 1 - Dumped on them at 1 day old

I am the little sister of the Swat Kats I never knew who my mother is but I am happy as can be with my big brother's even if they are like dad's to me they named me Miracle but I had no idea that I was a assassin and knew how to kick butt when needed even kill so I become a Swat Kat to protect my big brothers.

So on with the story

end of Prov

A woman panted as she ran through the rain out of Mega Kat city she whispered to the baby she held in her arms which was a baby girl who look no older than one day old as she had been born only yesterday the woman's name was Rose Speed and the baby was a baby girl kitten with Ice-blue eyes light white skin with red strips on her arms Rose hadn't had the chance to name her daughter because her family's enemies were on her tail so she speed out of the hospital and out of the city she had left a false trail to fool her followers.

So she saw a Salvage Yard and saw the Swat Kats heading to the city to protect it from whatever crises had arisen so she thought " I am sorry my little one but I know who will look after you I hope my family's enemies will never find you here".

With they arrived at the Salvage yard and she went inside and found the couch and deposited her baby there then without a backward glance speed back out into the rain and vanished into the night her attackers ran past the Salvage yard without looking around and continued with their search

Meanwhile with the Swat Kats

Doctor Viper was trying to steal formula's from Bio tech chemical and he was succeeding when T-Bone and Razor came crashing through the wall knocking him into a wall he got back up and snarled " You will never stop me Swat Kats I will have my day of controlling this city".

Razor said while blasting some missiles from his Glovenix " We will never let that happen Doctor Viper we will protect this city and it's people from villains like you".

T-Bone agreed with his partner and said " We will not rest until this city is safe again from scum like you Doctor Viper now begone from this city and never come back".

And they sent Doctor Viper packing but there was some damage which made Commander Feral angry at the damage but the Swat Kats jumped into the Turbo Kat and speed off back to the Salvage Yard so Razor said " You know,bud when I was little I always wanted a little sister to spoil rotten and protect her from all the bad guy's that would try to hurt her what do you think buddy?."

T-Bone said " Yes I always wanted a little sister but I don't think I am worthy of one as I am vigintile ah home sweet home".

So they went down the ramp and got out of the TurboKat it was then they heard a baby crying in the garage making them speed up top to see what was making the crying sound and stopped dead there on the couch was a little bundle bawling it's eyes out Razor was shaking with tears running down his face he speed over and picked the bundle up and saw it was a baby girl from the looks of her she was shockingly only 1 day old he held the baby girl close and whispered stopping her crying " It's okay little sister big brother's are here nothing is going to hurt you".

T-Bone was also shaking with happy tears they had been given a miracle that's when T-Bone said " Hi Miracle".

The baby girl stopped crying and giggled at the name to T-Bone repeating the name to their little sister giggling at the name so once they had changed Jake filled the bath and both he and Chance gave Miracle her first ever bath but they would take her to the doctor tomorrow so they made up a make shirt cot which was actually a hammock and sang to her as she fell asleep with a full stomach after Jake had bottle feed her so they both whispered as they closed the door " Goodnight our little Miracle".

so what will the future be for Miracle be come and find out