Little sister of the Swat Kats

Chap 7 Jake confronts Miracle about her past and Jake and Miracle beocme a couple

Jake's Prov

I was watching Miracle at school in my disguise trying to figure out what Callista had said to Miracle and what Miracle had said to her I knew she wasn't in the normal school so I followed her to her class and to my shock it was E-class and then saw her teacher and knew at once what had happened one day In the forest someone had seen her killing in action and decided to enrol her in E-class to kill her teacher but I would ask her this when we are alone.

So I headed back to the junkyard and saw on the table a whole load of letters that we had totally had no idea we had so I had a look at them and I totally broke down Miracle was living with Callie suddenly a shock wave blasted from me and out into the city Miracle had felt as well as everyone else and Her friends nodded in response so Chance was sobbing so we headed to see Callie.

Callie's Prov

I was busy chatting to my husband Zalgo how he became my husband well that was a story to tell you

Flashback to when Miracle was 2 years old

I was sitting in the park with Miracle she was 2 years old at the time and living with me as I had found her all alone in the salvage with nothing to eat and filed a custody order but since Jake and Chance didn't turn up shocking everyone I got custody of Miracle in the underworld Zalgo had been watching us and was blushing when he saw me and decided to go to my world and introduce himself to me and for to be his mate but I would never get over the shock of him being Miracle's uncle and that he was Catherine Clawson brother.

So we were busy eating when Zalgo appeared and I blushed like a maiden he noticed Miracle and went white as a sheet then tears fell down his face like a frat train and pelted away I ran after him and found him on one of the park benches he looked up at me and asked " Is that little girl yours as she looks a lot like my little sister Catherine?."

I stood there shocked then I sat down beside him and explained to his horrified looks he said " I want to see her I want to be in her life I never knew Catherine had a baby girl but not a son as well so please may I be in Miracle's life as her Uncle?."

I nodded and I held his hand as we headed back but when we got back Miracle was being attacked by a demon but Zalgo jumped into the fray and beat the thing senseless and sent it packing he was livid with fury he speed over to Miracle who was lying on the ground breathing hard then one fake ear fell off shocking us all then she clapped her hand to the ear as a real one took it's place I hurried over and held her and sing a song that my mum had sing to her relaxing so a few days later she was fully relaxed and started to train with Zalgo I saw his muscles and blushed which he noticed and so a few years later he proposed to me and several months later I discovered I was pregnant with a little girl but I and Miracle and Zalgo sensed she was different but we were not caring.

so end of Flashback

I was busy chatting to Zalgo when Chance and Jake came into my office Chance saw Zalgo and me together with the wedding ring and ran out of the office sobbing again Jake was shocked so Zalgo said " So this is the son my sister had as well nice to meet you".

Jake's Prov

I was shocked when this black cat with red eyes said " So this is the son that my sister gave birth to nice to meet you?."

I said " You know my mum?."

He smiled and said " Yeah mate I am her brother we grew up together until our 17 years of age when she vanished one day and I have been looking for her ever since that day so where is my little sister may I ask?."

I went pale and explained to Zalgo howling in anger and misery with Callie hugging when another little kitten came running saying " Daddy are OK?."

He smiled and said " Yes I am fine Lazuri thank you for asking I just found out some things about my little sister OK?.

Just then the letterbox rattled and a box fell onto the floor which made Zalgo say " Another box of trainers for Miracle I will take it into the cupboard huh that smell on the trainers Callie those boxes of trainers were from sis".

end of prov

Miracle came home several hours later to see a shock Lazuri playing with Jake who looked up and came over and said " We have some things we need to talk about?."

she nodded and blushed which Jake had noticed she saw the box so Jake said " Those boxes were from mum so let's go OK?."

At the forest

Jake's Prov

I was walking in the forest Miracle was blushing hard and was fighting some instincts to pounce on me and I was fighting it as well until we talked so we found by the lakeside when some beautiful music flowed catching our attention and we saw Aqua who bowed and vanished into the water so I said " I saw all the let...i'm sorry I broke down and collapsed onto the ground with Miracle holding me I said " You bumped into me didn't you by accident?."

She nodded I whispered into her ear making her go red in the face I bumped into you too as well and I would kill for you my (growl).

I jumped her to her answering growl in response I kissed her so fiercely on the lips that made her mating side come awake and suddenly a pop sound sounded making us look down to see a bottle cork fall out of Miracle front end and suddenly out came first bile and loads of other stuff then when she was ready I went inside and oh the pleasure that awaited us as I moved in and out of her bringing us to the edge and back again our mating cries sounded like the wild animals of the forest which people thought.

I collapsed beside Miracle and pulled her close as she told me all about her time living with Callie and she even showed me her form well Alpha form shocking me completely so I asked " Have you shown this to anyone?."

she shook her head and also heaved stuff on me that I had never known so light enveloped her and when the light faded her eyes were shining bright and she said shocking me completely as her voice came out of her mouth " I am OK now Jackie?."

I went brick red in the face at her nickname for me but as we headed back to the others a fog enveloped us both.

So what will happen now for them both