Chapter Seven


If anyone had come across them at that moment, they'd probably think that they were two twins who had never met each other before. Which, knowing how weird the godly world was, might have actually been possible. The girl was studying him just as intently as he was her. It was like looking at a female version of his father—or, more accurately, himself. She, too, was taking in what he looked like.

"Who are you?" She finally asked. "Where am I?"

"Oh, man, this is going to be awkward," he muttered under his breath, "I'm Percy Jackson. I think I'm your brother. As for where we are…it's a place called the Wolf House, in California. We're just under a day away from San Francisco, if we move slow."

"You're my brother?" She blinked. "I don't…I don't think I have a brother. But, uh, I can't remember anything either. I know my name, and that's about it."

"Let's start with that, then," he offered gently, "maybe it can help us figure out how to help you?"

"My name is Andromeda," she told him, "I-I think I have a last name, but I can't remember it. I can't remember anything. You're…you said your name was Percy?"

"Percy Jackson," he nodded, "Son of Neptune."

It was a bit of a gambit, but there was a flash of recognition in her eyes at the name, before they became clouded over.

"Neptune…do you mean Poseidon?" She said after a while, and Percy fought very hard to not flinch. It seemed his guess was right. Juno's plan was starting to unfold in his mind, and while he couldn't help but disagree with it on a personal level, he mentally took a step back and re-ran everything he knew objectively—and found that he couldn't find much fault in the plan.

"That's what the Graeci called him," he explained carefully, "but he's gone by Neptune for millennia now."

"That doesn't sound right?" She murmured to herself, "we're siblings?"

"Half-siblings, I think," Percy couldn't help but feel pity for her. Jason hadn't known who he was, and that was more hurtful than anything a blade could have done to him. This girl probably had dozens of friends just as concerned for her as Jason had for him. "Considering we look exactly alike, and unless we share a mother, which I doubt, half-siblings is my guess."

"Do we know each other?"

"No, we've never met before today," it was one of the few things he could say truthfully, "honestly, I wasn't expecting to find anyone here. I kind of…ran off after having a tantrum, if we're being honest."

"Oh," Andy said, "do you want to…talk about it?"

"It's nothing to trouble yourself with, sis," he waved her off, "now, quick question, how fast of a learner are you?"

"I—I think I'm a quick study in some things, why?" She glanced at him curiously.

"You'll need to go to the Legion," he explained, "more on that later, but to join the legion, you have to be able to fight. Can you?"

"Honestly, I have a feeling it's one of the few things I'm good at," she admitted, rising to her feet and pulling a ball-point pen out of her pocket. He was about to ask why when she flicked the cap off, and the pen turned into a three-foot-long blade. Made of celestial bronze of all things.

"Oh, okay then, that's pretty cool," he admitted, drawing the pugio, "I don't have my sword with me, so this is going to be an interesting match."

But Andy wasn't looking at him. She was looking at the blade in his hand, and for a moment, he was worried she could feel the influence it had on people. But then she shook her head, eyes snapping to him.

"I think…I think I know someone who fights with a knife," she said slowly, "but I don't remember."

"Hey, we'll get your memory back," he promised her, "but first, we need to see how well you fight, okay? Baby steps."

"Baby steps," she nodded. "Thank you, Percy."

"We're family," he reminded her, "newly found or not, that's a sacred thing to Romans. It's not something to be forgotten lightly."

She smiled at him, the same crooked grin that he had. Gods, was he looking at a clone, or were there just some things that were universal among the children of Neptune, Greek or Roman? He returned it, regardless, and settled into a fighting stance. His left hand was placed so that it obscured his right, making it harder for Andy to predict where his strike would come from. His sister's stance was looser than he'd have liked, but his trepidation didn't last long. She attacked first, which he normally would've considered a rookie mistake, except for one thing.

She was really good. Percy had trained hard to become a duellist of unskilled parallel among the Romans. He had trained with three gods to make sure he was the best, and always sought out people who could improve his skills. Jason came closest to him in skill. Andromeda was did have the added bonus of using a sword while he was stuck with a dagger, but even then, Percy knew their fight wouldn't have been much different if he had his gladius.

Her attack was a whirlwind of movement, her bronze blade arcing towards him, forcing Percy to leap to the side to avoid the strike, but he didn't let her hold the advantage for much longer, his pugio striking out towards her in a rapid blow. Andy didn't even move, but her counter was perfect, a flick of the wrist that sent his blade six inches past her body, and left him dangerously over extended. At times like this, he could either try to bring a second strike back, or he could try to withdraw his blade back towards his body. She was quick, though, so he went for a third option, and instead threw a haymaker with his left hand, forcing Andy to duck under it, and that was when he struck. Rather than let her regain distance on him, he instead dropped the pugio, snatching it out of the air with his left hand, bringing it back in an ice-pick grip. Andy caught his wrist, but he had strength on her, and began pushing back. That was when she slipped a foot in between his legs and jerked it back. It was the same move that he had pulled on Zoe Nightshade several years prior. Fool me once, he thought, as he rolled with the takedown, throwing her over him, before pinning her down with his hips, his dagger pointed at her throat.

Kill kill KILL! the dagger screamed at him, and Percy could feel it's pull, dangerously close to having an effect, so he got off her and pulled back, dropping the blade into its sheath. Andy rose to her feet, breathing slightly more than usual, which was how he was. But the fact that she had kept pace with him told him enough. She was a warrior. Not a soldier, but definitely a fighter. He could teach her.

"You know how to fight," he grinned at her, "now I need to teach you how to be a Roman."


"So wait, you were raised by a wolf for six years?"

"Closer to seven, but yeah," he nodded, "Lupa. She's great. I'm sure you'll meet her once you get to New Rome, or maybe before. Honestly, I'm a little surprised she wasn't here to help you. Maybe the Parcae decided it needed to be a family reunion."

"Parcae," she echoed, "the Fates?"

"Yeah, the Fates."

"Okay, and can you run through the positions in the legion again? What I'll go through?"

"Alright, so we have five cohorts, right?" He began, and at Andy's nod, he continued, "the first is traditionally the best of the best, and only prospective legionaries with letters of recommendation from other members of the First get in. The First is commanded by the Primus Pilus, which means 'First File.' That's me. I'm the highest-ranking officer after the Praetors, and should they become incapacitated, I'd be in command. After the First is the Second, which isn't quite as good, but still only takes those with letters of recommendation from members of the Second. They're commanded by the Pilus Posterior, which is Larry Byrd. Good guy, but totally unambitious."

"Is that bad?" Andy frowned, "isn't ambition one of the less desirable traits?"

"Not for Romans," he explained, "a little bit of healthy ambition never hurt anyone. Larry's content to serve as a Centurion, and he's utterly loyal to Reyna, which is good."

"Okay. Continue?"

"After the Second, naturally, is the Third. This is where the standard drops a little. The Third will take people without letters of rec, but only if they know who their parent is, and normally they go for Olympians rather than minor gods. They're commanded by Hank Jones, the Princeps Prior. Then there's the Fourth, my original cohort. They'll take anyone, and there's a chance they may even take you. Their centurion is Leila Green, one of my best friends. She's the Princeps Posterior. Finally, there's the Fifth. They'll take anyone, so they earned a reputation as the least skilled cohort, which is not true. There's also a dark history there, but that's a story for another day. The Fifth was commanded by our cousin, Jason Grace, for about three years, but now they're led by Gwen Abernathy. She's the Hastatus Posterior."

Andy repeated each name and title quietly a few times.

"Jason…he's the missing one? The Son of Ze-Jupiter?" She was still slipping at times, but to his surprise, Andromeda had adjusted rather quickly to the Roman names.

"Yeah, he's great, you two will love each other," he smiled at her, "he's much nicer than I am."

"Percy, you've literally spent the past three hours telling me your life story and helping me learn about New Rome," Andy told him pointedly, "I think that you've more than proven that you're nice."

"You're family," he argued, "it's different."

"Are you saying that if I weren't your sister, you'd be mean to me?" She quirked an eyebrow at him.

"Well, no, but I wouldn't do this for just anyone, either." He admitted, "look, Andy, I'm…an easy person to get along with. But it's not because I'm a genuinely good person. Do you understand what I mean?"

"Honestly, you're making it sound like you're a politician, which is…I don't want to even think about politicians." She shook her head, but she was grinning. An optimist, but a bit naïve. "Look, Percy, I think, based on everything you've told me, that you're a really good person, but you've built this…this idea of who you need to be. I don't know who I am. I don't remember anything about myself, but I still feel like I'm who I'm meant to be. Can you say the same?"

"No," he admitted with a sigh, "I…I don't know who I'm supposed to be. I was raised to be more than a soldier. A leader. I've been taught military tactics, politics, anything that might help me lead New Rome to greatness, but I've consistently been told by the gods that it's not my place to lead. First, it was Jason, the Son of Jupiter, who was supposed to lead the legion. Now it's…well, I suppose it's you who I'm supposed to step aside from. I don't know why they keep doing it to me, either."

"The gods are assholes," Andy said as if it were the simplest thing in the world before pausing, "I…I don't know why I said that, but it felt natural."

He almost quirked an eyebrow at her, but managed to avoid doing so.

"Alright, let's look at it this way," she offered instead, "the gods are telling you not to lead the legion, right?"


"But what about New Rome?" She grinned at him again, "it's like you said, Percy. You've been trained to be more than just a soldier. You've been looking at it as if you're meant to be a general, but what if that's not the case? What's Rome most famous for?"

"The legions?"

"Which conquered…?" she pressed onwards, and realisation struck him.

"An empire," he finished, "what, you think I should make myself emperor?"

"Nah, you wouldn't be so obvious," Andy said, as if she had him pinned down, which, Percy slowly realised with some amazement, she actually did. "You'd have someone else do it, thinking it was their idea. Tell me I'm wrong."

"How are you a real person?" He breathed out, "No one, not one person, has ever marked me so quickly, and been right. How in Jupiter's Balls did you figure me out?"

"I don't know," she admitted shyly, "but I think it's because you and I are a lot alike, Percy. I don't remember anything from my past, but…well, listening to your story, listening to you describe yourself…it sounds…right."

"Maybe," he conceded, "but I don't have a badass silver streak in my hair like you do. It's not hair-dye, is it?"

"I dunno," she shrugged, smiling at him again. He liked his sister. She was a lot like Jason, he decided, and anyone like Jason was a good person. "So, what's next?"

"What's next is that we continue teaching you to be ready for New Rome," he told her, "the legion won't go easy on you, especially because you're a daughter of Neptune. There might be some respect that comes from being related to me, or depending on how my tantrum was taken, you might be looked at with even more suspicion than usual. So really, be ready for anythi—"

"Look out!" Andy cried out, shoving him aside. He watched in horror as an arrow caught her in the throat and—shattered? What? "I—I'm okay? How am I okay?"

"Well, well, well," a deep voice rumbled, and loud thumping indicated a new arrival. Andy moved to his side, helping him to his feet as she drew her sword, while he slipped his dagger from its sheath on his thigh. "Two children of Neptune. How promising."

A giant emerged from the forest, thirty feet tall and with legs that reminded Percy of a Komodo dragon. His upper body was human, and covered with a breastplate wrought with the faces of monsters. Green hair like that of a snake hung from his body. He carried a trident the size of a telephone pole, and Percy felt his blood run cold.

"Polybotes," he whispered, and the same feeling of dread he had felt when facing Porphyrion returned.

"So you know who I am, sea spawn!" The giant seemed delighted by that, "and not only that, you're scared of me. Wonderful. Capturing the two of you will make this war so much easier."

"Andy," Percy said slowly, "you need to head south, towards Caldecott Tunnel. There's an entrance in the side of the tunnel, which will lead you to New Rome. Find Reyna, and tell her what happened here, okay?"

"We can take him, Percy," his sister shook her head, "it's just one giant!"

"He's the bane of Neptune, not some joe-blow giant," he said, "we'd need a god to beat him. Andy, go to New Rome. I'll hold him off."


"Go!" He shouted at her, and she flinched, before nodding and running off.

"Euryale, Stheno, follow and kill her," Polybotes ordered, "I'll handle this upstart."

"This upstart has killed a Titan," he snarled, "and I was present for the ass kicking that your boss got from Juno, so I wouldn't count me out just yet, you slimy piece of roadkill."

He was aware of two figures darting around the clearing, going to follow Andy, but he didn't have time to focus on them, mostly because he was trying very hard to keep his attention on Polybotes, and not on his rapidly increasing heartbeat. Polybotes carried a massive trident, and Percy dove under it as he swung it like a baseball bat. He had no idea how he was going to prolong this, because he only had a dagger—a blood-thirsty dagger that wanted him to always be killing—and nothing else. Well, he had his powers, but he wasn't sure how useful they would be in this situation.

He slid under Polybotes' legs, his dagger scoring a thin cut along the flesh, which only seemed to infuriate the giant more than hurt him, because Percy then found himself flung backwards by a particularly fierce stomp. Thankfully, something caught him before he could slam into a tree. Unfortunately, it was an earthborn giant that caught him. He flailed for a moment, trying to find somewhere to ram his dagger, but then he was thrown again, and this time, a tree did catch him. And something broke. Several somethings.

Percy groaned loudly and rolled onto his back. If he had been wearing armour, it might not have been as bad, but unfortunately, he hadn't been, and now not only was he injured, but he was unarmed. He slowly pulled himself to his feet, and his eyes scanned for the Dagger of Brutus, before all hope left his body. It was ten feet to his right, but there were six cyclopes between him and it. Things were, admittedly, not looking good, and Percy was about to fall back on the one thing he hadn't particularly wanted to.

"Well, son of Neptune, are you going to give in now?" Polybotes taunted, "your father will be devastated when I kill you. It will take him out of this war, and without him, Olympus will fall. After I kill you, I'll hunt down that sister of yours, and I'll kill her too. Then, and only then, will I go after your father. Weakened, mourning, and utterly unprepared."

That was when Percy exploded. Thunder cracked in the air as the sky darkened and the winds began to pick up. And they got stronger, and stronger, and stronger. The cyclopes and giants around him began to be pushed back as the winds swirled, snatching debris and dirt from the ground. A prolonged crack ended with a beam from the Wolf House detaching from the structure, impaling two monsters, before breaking into smaller chunks as the wind tore it apart. It was raining hard now, and even here, miles and miles from the beach, he could feel the waves churning and slamming into the shore. Evacuations would start soon, but he had other things to focus on. Specifically, the little hurricane that he was creating around him, the one that was starting to pull the monsters upwards, forcing them to slam their spears and swords into the earth. Polybotes was unaffected, but he was watching Percy with far too much interest for his liking.

Percy let out a scream as lightning fell from the skies, striking erratically, sometimes hitting a monster, sometimes hitting a tree, but mostly hitting the ground uselessly. One hit Polybotes, but he just grunted slightly as it ran through him. It didn't matter, Percy knew he wasn't going to take him out, but if he could shred the hired help to pieces…

Eventually, Polybotes decided he had had enough. He took three lumbering steps towards Percy and flicked him backwards into another tree, one of the few that was still standing at this point. That was when his vision went black.


When he awoke, it was because he was being jostled up and down. It took Percy far longer than he would've liked to open his eyes, and when he finally did get them open, he found himself in a cell. There were two Cyclopes standing guard outside of it, and they knew the moment he was awake. It wasn't long before another twelve Cyclopes joined him in the room, which was…rocking? Percy blinked. The entire room was swaying back and forth, like the motion of a ship at sea. He tried to lift himself up, but his body refused to obey, and a jolt of pain shot through his leg. It was broken, again. At least he had made it nearly nine months. Or maybe more, depending on how long he had been unconscious.

"So you're awake," Polybotes' voice was like wet sandpaper, and it grated every nerve in Percy's body. "I'm surprised. You almost woke up a few times, but I had my servants here beat you back into a deep sleep."

" 'm I sup'sed t' than' you?" Percy mumbled out, the pain shooting to his jaw as he tried to speak. That was broken too, then.

"Well I never turn down adulation," the giant laughed, "but no, there's no need to thank me. I'm not sure you would if I asked, regardless."

"Smar' ma'," Percy spat, before deciding talking was too hard.

"I'm not a man, you ignorant cur," Polybotes growled, "I am one of the Gigantes, a superior race of immortal destined to take over the rulership of the world. My power is unparalleled. Your father can't stop me."

He has before, Percy wanted to say, but he bit his tongue—metaphorically, of course—and instead just stared defiantly at Polybotes, as if saying, I don't believe you. The goading worked, because Polybotes, hefted Percy to his feet, which sent yet another wave of pain through his body that made him see white. When his vision returned, it was because he was hit by a spray of sea mist. The salty air rejuvenated him slightly, and when his eyes returned to normal, he found himself on the deck of a yacht.

"My magic is so strong that Neptune has no idea you're even here," Polybotes taunted, "right in his domain, and he can't see you. How does that make you feel, sea-spawn?"

Percy's body was going into overdrive trying to heal him, so he just weakly lifted his hand, giving Polybotes an archaic salute to display displeasure. The giant growled at him, so he changed it to a thumbs up. He felt his jaw click back into place with a tug of pain, and he subtly gathered some more water from the air, letting it soak into his body. Neptune's Bane didn't seem to notice, or if he did he wasn't bothered by it. Percy knew his ability to heal could only take him so far, so he redirected the water to the most essential parts of his body—his legs, arm, and torso. Ribs reknitted themselves and bones healed rapidly, weak, but unbroken. Another few hours, and he'd be well enough to plot an escape.

It was just a matter of if he'd even be alive to. Polybotes was taking him somewhere, and his senses were muddled, but it seemed to be northwards. If that was the case, Percy had a sneaking suspicion he knew exactly where he was being taken, and if he were right, then he was positively screwed. The only thing waiting for him were ghosts.

But if he was going to die, then dying with the eagle in his sight would be a worthy one.


Andy was sick of running. The two Gorgons, Euryale and Stheno, had been following her for nearly a day, trying to sell her poisoned sausage-bites, and resurrecting almost immediately after she killed them. So far, she had slain the duo fifteen times, and she was really getting sick of them. The one bonus she had going for her was that somehow, her skin was impenetrable, so they couldn't really hurt her. Of course, that didn't really help when she was getting close to passing out from exhaustion.

She skidded along the path she was following as it ended with a cliff, overlooking a long highway. In the distance, to her left, she could just barely make out the beginning of a tunnel. She prayed to every god she could think of that it was Caldecott Tunnel, and then she began planning a way to get down there. She could…just throw herself, but that would still hurt. She could try to find a trail, but that might lead her away, or she could—

"Free sausage bites!" Euryale called out from behind her. Andy whirled around, coming face to face with the Gorgon, who held up the platter of poisoned meat.

Platter. She had a decently sized platter in her hands, that had survived the beatings throughout the day.

"Just kill her!" Stheno yelled as she caught up with them, but by then, Andy had made her decision, and her blade whipped out, decapitating the two as she snatched the platter with her free hand. Almost immediately, their bodies began reforming from the dust, but Andy had launched herself off the edge of the cliff, using the platter as a surf-board, or more accurately, as a sled, to zip down the mountain side. "After her!" She heard from above, but it was then that she slammed into the road, bouncing several feet before rolling into the divider on the ocean-side of the highway.

Even now, she could feel the sea calling to her, promising protection. She was tempted to take it. But she couldn't. Percy, her newly found and newly lost brother, had sacrificed his freedom, and maybe his life, to allow her to escape and reach New Rome. She owed it to him at the very least to make it there.

She rose to her feet, swearing as cars swerved around her, and then swearing again when she saw the two Gorgons making their way towards her at high speed. She took off towards the tunnel, dashing across to the opposite side of the highway before she continued her run towards safety.

She almost collided with an old lady standing by a side door in the tunnel, but almost immediately, she knew something was up with her.

"Hi, sorry, who are you?" She asked, earning a wide smile from the old lady.

"You can call me June, dear," the lady replied, "would you be a dear and carry me into the camp?"

"I don't really have a choice, do I?" Andy sighed, "would June happen to be a nickname for Juno? Percy told me about you."

"Clever girl," Juno chuckled, "just like your brother. Yes, Andromeda, I am Juno. Now, if you want to make it safely into New Rome, you'll put me on your back, and carry me through the tunnel. Do you want to waste more of our time, or is this acceptable to you?"

"Fine, let's do this," she sighed, and June hopped on her back, arms wrapped around her neck.

Andy began running down the tunnel, the taunts of the Gorgons behind her revealing they hadn't given up the hunt yet. She rounded a corner and found herself facing two armoured teens.

"Hi, I'm Andromeda, this is June, and we're being chased by two Gorgons," she said, "this is Camp Jupiter?"

"How did you find this place?" one of the two asked, a shorter girl with a long sword in her hand that seemed just a little too big.

"Percy Jackson told me about it," she said, "he's my brother, and he's in trouble, so can we please move before these Gorgons reach us?"

The girl hesitated a moment before nodding.

"Frank, fire a few arrows down the tunnel and hold off the Gorgons. I'll take Andromeda to Reyna."

"On it, Hazel," the second, larger boy answered, quickly firing off three around before advancing further down the tunnel.

Hazel led her through the dark, twisting path, before they emerged into the sunlight. There was a city ahead of them, and half-built walls ringing it. A few moments after they exited the tunnel, Frank came sprinting out, a cut on his cheek.

"They keep reforming!" He cried out, "I ran out of arrows pretty quick.

"The river," Juno whispered in her ear.

"We need to go to the river," she said, before taking off.

"You should know, girl, that if you cross the Little Tiber, you'll no longer be invulnerable," Juno told her, "it's a Greek curse, and it'll be washed away by the Roman magic."

"I don't have a choice," she snapped, running up to the river. Hazel and Frank reached her shortly after, and she could see Stheno and Euryale closing in on them.

Andy closed her eyes, and thrust her hands out.

"By the Black Stone," she heard Hazel whisper.

Her eyes snapped open, and she saw the two hands of water she had formed from the river. She used each one to grab the gorgons, before pulling them under the surface, crushing them and then dispersing their remains as far apart as she could. Juno was still a heavy presence on her back, and she nearly collapsed from the exhaustion of the past day.

"Frank, Hazel!" A new voice snapped, and the clattering of armour drew Andy's attention behind her, where an armoured girl her age was approaching. Her eyes narrowed when she saw Andy standing there.

Juno clambered down from her back, and suddenly the Romans gasped, dropping to their knees. Andy glanced at the old woman, who no longer was wearing the floral dress from before, but instead a long robe and a goatskin shawl.

"Romans," she said firmly, "I present to you Andromeda Jenkins, daughter of Neptune. She carried me over the Tiber. My word is her recommendation. I leave her in your care."

The armoured girl stepped forward once Juno was gone, studying Andy closely.

"Andromeda Jenkins," she tested the name, but there was a familiarity in her voice that Andy didn't miss.

"Do we…know each other?" She asked, "I'm sorry, I don't remember anything from before Percy woke me up."

"You've seen Percy?" The girl's gaze snapped back to her eyes, "where is he? Is he okay?"

"Uh, I don't know, and I don't know," she said, "we were ambushed by Polybotes, or something like that. Percy told me to come here while he held him off. He said I needed to find Reyna and tell her what happened. Are…are you Reyna?"

"I am," She nodded, "come with me. It seems we need to talk in private," she glanced over at Hazel and Frank. "Good job, you two. Return to your posts."

"Yes ma'am," they nodded. Reyna led her through the crowd, further into the city. The last thing Andy heard was the whispering from the crowd that had assembled.

"Did you see her pick up the river? I've never seen Percy do that!"

"You weren't at Orthys," Someone replied, "he almost blew up the mountain, and he used a hurricane to incapacitate a Titan. But yeah, that was impressive."


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